Coronavirus has 0.1% death rate or even less.Previous thread:>>257036450>>256937146>FACTS ABOUT COVID-19:swprs.org/a-swiss-doctor-on-covid-19/--- RESEARCH --->Death rate 28-55 times LOWER than previously thoughtarchive.vn/mCG5y>Infection rate 50x higher; making CFR much, much lowerarchive.vn/ALcOL>ALL Human coronaviruses are seasonal>Common cold is a Coronavirusen.wikipedia.org/wiki/Coronavirus>ICELAND shows CFR on par with seasonal fluarchive.vn/JkkAS--- VIDEOS --->Doctor destroys Coronavirus narrative [REMOVED BY YOUTUBE]bitchute.com/video/pv21BUMi06K3/https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3f0VRtY9oTs>NYC NURSE BLOWS WHISTLE ABOUT CORONA VIRUS HOSPITAL PATIENT TREATMENTyoutube.com/watch?v=yyj0dMfFqOIhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CvhTQV5FNUE>Corona BTFO by USC"SO IT'S A HOAX?" WHITE HOUSE FOX NEWS HOT MIC CLAIMS FATALITY RATE IS "1/10TH" OF WHAT REPORTED!youtube.com/watch?v=Dx5SiS0lVf8>Illinois gov. confirms that ANYONE who dies while infected is considered a COVID deathyoutube.com/watch?v=KpGpoGuQtF8>Italian leader slams false covid numbersyoutube.com/watch?v=bUCWcft6kao>Dr. Redpill (Erickson) is back with a new dose and debates mainstream viewsyoutube.com/watch?v=k-x934In-Ao--- REMINDER ---Sweden: No lockdown, No collapse!>208K Dead from Coronavirus after 5 months>The world is ending!!! Society will collapse!!! We can't sustain this!!! Panic!!!Friendly reminder:• 151,600 people die every day• 50,900,000 people die every year• 360,000 people born every day• 130,000,000 people born every yearEasiest way to change people's minds: pastebin.com/eR4yEtBzPastebin: pastebin.com/WDyxECJi/nbg/ APPROVED LISTENING:tkelly6785757.podomatic.com/

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Daily reminder: the obsessed pirateniggerino memeflaggerino has confirmed our suspicions and was recently outed as a gross leftist tranny faggotbtw we haven't seen him since, anyone knows why? lmfaothese are the kind of people who are against us but unironically

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Post more videos against this lunacy:youtu.be/EFWa0RRKBvAhttps://youtu.be/s7s9rM5swGghttps://youtu.be/RkJELpndAOshttps://youtu.be/9xlluxI-vGQhttps://youtu.be/c4Aps2NPe54https://youtu.be/PtOP3vWvReshttps://youtu.be/Xs2dsUQcMA0

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Thanks Greek BakerBro

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A threadly reminder that masks are reddit, and so is /cvg/

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braindamaged coronaniggers unironically still believe in the two-more-weeks memeit's fucking May retards

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For all our caved head neo-nazi friends, the only people benefitting from this “lockdown” are jews. No major chains are closed, or multi-national corps are closed. Everything else is.

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Threadly pity bump before I go to sleep

>>257094240Good job, though next time update>>208K Dead from Coronavirus after 5 months

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>9wSDd6uYs e e t h i n g

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>about half the states in the country have now detected cases in january>people still think this is the "first wave"

>>257094240Reminder that this "Obama gate" shit and Jogger threads are meant to distract the public from realizing just how bullshit this whole Corona stuff is. Those threads are meant to slide /nbg/ and threads like it off the board. Those "happenings" are nothing compared to the massive orchestrated Corona panic effort.

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Good documentary but a little /x/bitchute.com/video/MXyKqZ201Dj5/

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>>257095246>next time update>>>208K Dead from Coronavirus after 5 monthsoops you've got a point there sven

>>257094240>t. Based af greekbro

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/nbg/ unloading on italian parliamentyoutube.com/watch?v=bUCWcft6kaoBASED /nbg/ documentary:bitchute.com/video/jSak7uNt7NZ4/Deep State absolutely BTFO by Dr. Erickson at every turn:youtube.com/watch?v=k-x934In-Ao [Open]Dr. Erickson new videoyoutube.com/watch?v=3f0VRtY9oTs [Open] EXTRA FULL LENGTH COPY of Dr. Erickson destroying the pandemic hoaxbitchute.com/video/NkiM9fo1Ba0h/documentary on how the covid numbers are faked, Dr. Ngozi E., Dr. Birx, Dr. Erickson etc. bitchute.com/video/9QV8ekh2F18/

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>>257096305/nbg/ gang assemble

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>>257094240>Total deaths from all causes in 2020 are still 5% lower than was predicted for year to date. >Dude, this totally isn't overblown.>Dude, this totally isn't hospitals relabeling other deaths as Covfefe-19 to get free money. Wake up sheeple.

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Seriously frens. We're heading into depression. I'm about to lose my job because of a meme virus. What can we do to wake up the sheeple?

>>257096524you are in better position than most sven

>>257096076I really doubt anyone connected to the plandemic would bait Holla Forums with Obamagate threads though, given that he's like the MLK of the globalist corporatists and his ass is in a crack right now for perfectly obvious reasons and deeply connected with these medifucks.So there's that

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>yfw even the alt-lite are smarter than /cvg/ niggers

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>>257096076Don't you guys think the timing of the Obama gate and jogger shit is just a little suspect? Just as normies were starting to get angry and question the lock down we get some 24/7 news bullshit to distract us from asking questions. Don't participate in jogger or obama gate threads.>>257096998But no one can actually say what Obama gate actually is. No one knows what that shit is and are just pointing to old shit years ago that everyone already talked about. Literally nothing new. Stop buying into the bullshit. The shit is timed too perfectly. Reminder that the mass effort to lock people inside of their homes is the real issue right now.

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>>257094373The faggot in question is back. Kinda. But he's still a bit shy. I think he's too committed now. Kek.

>>257097270>But no one can actually say what Obama gate actually isTreason and sedition committed from the highest office in the land of America.


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>>257096967Marginally. It's a globalized economy. The fact that our worthless government accidentally did the right thing by not doing anything is amusing but ultimately not very helpful.

>>257097417And there you go parroting the same thing everyone else is parroting. Without saying a single thing of what it actually entails. Either you got tricked by the Jews that are trying to distract you from the corona hoax or you're just a shill yourself.>>257096998Also I 100% believe that the corona hoax is a lot bigger than Obama and think they'd easily throw him under the bus to generate enough buzz to get people looking away from the corona hoax.

>>257097574you're right we are all fucked, stay tuned for the second lockdown when we'll be completely fucked

>>257094240Don't you guys get tired telling people nothing happens all day?

>>257094240>This virus ain't a shit>That's nothing burger love

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>>257097695>And there you go parroting the same thing everyone else is parroting.actually it's something we've been aware of here for years, nothing new to us, to normies yes.

>>257095233Threadly pity reply to our new autist.

>>257097270The more heat Obama's administration is getting the better. Maybe things pushed aside for 3+ years will be looked at again by the normies in their proper perspective

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>>257097609>newi was the first nothingburgerer on this board

>>257098156now we are talking, lets get this shit rolling

>/cvg/ drawfags making corona chan OC even though it's a shill hoax virusWhat a waste of effort.Also why aren't people dying in record numbers in the streets like in china?

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>>257097695So you're saying Obama wasn't a total criminal who committed treason from the highest office? Look at the states that are still not phasing in reopening. All blue. You're a retarded faggot.

>>257097270The jogger shit is extremely suspect. The shooting happened in Feb. All of a sudden, it's national news the week Georgia reopens fully and the doom/gloom doesn't occur. Both /cvg/ and /nbg/ took a hit from the jogger shit. Pure kike distraction at it's finest.

>>257098244You don't understand the writing tone Discord trannies use. Lurk more.

>>257098090There you go, trying to distract from CoronaHoax. End your sad shitty life you fucking shill.

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>>257097695You guys believe that the whole coronavirus is blown way out of proportion with governments such as China, South Korea, Singapore, Iran, all of Europe and America being involved in, if true, the biggest conspiracy the world has ever seen.


>>257098512New York, California, Michigan and Oregon, all states with high instances of Obama faggots are still on indefinite lockdown. You are a shill and you have a shitty life.

>>257094240>how dem swedes doin better than usIt’s complicated but I understand how and so would you shitty chinese if you cared to read the science. You should follow /cvg.Absolute asshattery ITT

>>257094592>There is no decent study to be done as jews would never allow it in the first place as they would then be forced to relinquish complete control. At this point, everyone is a serf. You are more beholden to rich kikes than ever before and they’re only getting richer.Yeah, you're just forgetting is for a couple of months. Why are you guys so ridiculous about it? You're not getting people to side with you, but to cringe for you.

>>257098512weak, Valerie.

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>>257098434It happened in Feb? Even I didn't know that. That's waaaaaaaaay too suspect.

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>>257098632Welcome to Holla Forums. Jews run the world. Enjoy your stay. Bear in mind, even Coronavirus believers on Holla Forums believe it's going to harm the jews in the long run and that's why they support it. You are in the minority.

Covid 19 is a Live Mass Casualty Exercise Drill passed off as real, in order to justify real devastation resulting from new draconian laws passed in response.live exercise simulation passed off as realyoutube.com/watch?v=4tD0w86MTuA?t=417 TWO HOUR video in front Elmhurst AFTER WARZONE declared literally NOTHING!!!youtube.com/watch?v=_qupPF9wBhYhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pqS-mconfQc&feature=youtu.beDr. Smith" is a self-proclaimed, Medical Simulation Specialist, Smith is involved in medical simulation, and was part of this paper, published May 2019:A Simulated Mass Casualty Incident Triage Exercise: SimWarsmededportal.org/publication/10823/"A mass casualty incident (MCI) is an event that overwhelms the local health care systemshills are pushing the nytimes video of Dr. Smith video as proof, its really drill acting at Elmhurstyoutube.com/watch?v=bE68xVXf8Kwhttps://sinaiem.org/people/colleen-smith/https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0hui7y06dWY&feature=youtu.be&t=16more proof Elmhurst hospital is empty except when mass media is therebitchute.com/video/Livwo2XDBoHZ/

>>257098880China literally stopped testing and stopped caring. The rest of the world destroyed itself because of tik tok videos showing chinese people acting chinese. Good job.

>>257099098Never trust a single word coming out of kike controlled media.

>>257098885most people don't want to beaten by badge niggers for not "Social Distancing". Most people don't like badge niggers.

>>257099098youtube.com/watch?v=NeoLbbP5UYQCovid-19 is in fact not a pandemic, but a simulated virus within an international MCE (Mass Casualty Exercise) Drill. The test is positive for asymptomatic carriers, so its a purposefully meaningless test for any strain of coronavirus, see test kit insert. CDC policy says mere assumption of having Covid counts as Covid death. Dr. Birx labels anyone who dies with the virus as dying from the virus, the spread of the labeling procedure simulates the spread of a real virus.For the drill they empty the major hospitals, like NY’s Elmhurst hospital. They send home all non essential patients, resulting in a mostly empty hospital. The hospital is mostly empty because the number of people sick with flu/pneumonia/”Covid-19” like symptoms is still within the yearly variance for the flu (+/-40k deaths per year in the US on top of an average of 30K). Since, there is no extra patients, the hospital is mostly empty, and sits like an empty movie set, with empty tents, ERs, halls etc, awaiting the MCE drill.In the drill, the participants including the MSM, doctors, nurses, media relations etc., sign Non Disclosure Agreements(NDAs), with large fines and jail time if the NDA is broken.The secret that there is no pandemic is kept from the participants by compartmentalizing the drill groups. Each group believes the drill is done in preparation for the real surge of patients. They are told that the other group got the real surge while their own group drills in preparation. Stock footage from the drills is put on to MSM. The media is known to use any footage that looks convincing and to use the same footage for multiple events. Each group believes the other group must have got the real surge of patients, but they are restricted from disclosing information by signing NDAs. Neither group knows there is never a real surge of patients, and neither group has enough information to prove it anyway.

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>>257098244>>257097574seriously how are things in your country? i've seen a norwegian faggot screeching about how you totally had a lockdown like everyone else

>>257098632Yes, because our governments always have our best interests in mind and never do anything shady or make mistakes.

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Fuqen bunp

>>257098632Pic related. They got away with faking the holocaust so why wouldn't they be able to get away with this one?

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>>257098997It's amazing. Most people don't. It happened all the way in February and was originally ruled justified. There was a couple of local news reports but, nothing special. The week Georgia opened is the week the video showed up randomly.

>>257098885>the patriot act and NSA were temporaryZoomer detected.

>>257099653Go easy on him. He's like 15. It's amazing the type of garbage coronavirus brought here.

>>257098632LEADERSHIP COMPARTMENTALIZATIONTHE WORLD IS RUN BY NEGRAZI keep saying this everytime this point is brought up. It turns out people leading us are morons who are devoid of critical thought, and some are spineless dbags who do shit coz they thing theyre doing the most good, go figure

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>>257095228Economy was already collapsing, this was a convenient excuse to pump.

>>257099544Do you have something I can link people that proves it happened in Feb?

>>257098632>implying there's no shadow government operating everything on this planet behind the curtainsanon....

>>257094240>By May 15th, 2018, roughly 1.1 million people had died in the United States from all causes. >By May 11th, 2020, only around 800k people have died in the U.S so far this year from all causes.>So basically, 300k less people died have died so far this year, yet this is supposed to be a deadly pandemic?I used 2018 because the CDC has not yet finished compiling 2019 numbers yet. Doesn't change anything, though.

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>>257100088Not only did it happen in Feb but, the local DA refused to prosecute.

>>257099800>It's amazing the type of garbage coronavirus brought here.I'm prerty sure I have even spotted some Facebook tier shills on Holla Forums right now. It's annoying.

>>257099404We have the small businesses open. Just closed some ski resorts and cinemas. But the government passed laws making it so that only 50 people can gather in the same place. Pretty draconian. And stores have stickers on the floor telling you to socially distance every 2 meters. But you can still go outside whenever you want.

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>>257094936why minus points on the last comment?

>>257099653>>257099800>>257100455How the fuck is that even comparable? how are they going to make the pandemic perpetual? Stop overreacting, you look like fucking retards who just want to be worked to death. It's fucking disgusting.

>>257098885>governments giving up emergency powers

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>>257095024Does anybody actually like bill gates? He looks like another creepy software nerd like Zucc or Moot.

>>257095583Damn. I hadn’t thought of it like that before. If it was here in December (it was) is this the second wave?

>>257100657How much resistance/skepticism is there? In my area most people aren't really taking it seriously. What do you think of the Boomer protests in America with the riles?

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>>257100933>Muh institutions.Democracy has always been a fucking fake, why would you defend so adamantly something so shitty?

>>257100874Because it mentions the government not being able to track you because of masks. That poster failed the purity test reasoning for wearing a mask.

>>257101081>thinking i'm defending anythingi'm proving you wrong, there's no fucking way the government is going to give up their emergency powers from the pandemic, it has nothing to do with how long it actually lasts.anything brought into effect now will stay in effect forever.

>>257099404All norwegians are NPCs. I've filtered posts with norway IP. They just made my head hurt.

>>257100925Take your meds Facebook.

>>257101097he still probably runs around with his phone, cameras can record a look alike, phone will give location and time,maybe even photo from front camera, so if they wanted to track him, there would be no problem with doing so

>>257100995The Nordic Resistance Movement still believes it's real. But most people are happy with the no lockdown approach. /nbg/ skepticism is the same as anywhere else only a small percentage. And haven't seen the vids.

Someone give me the rundown on the Bill Gates world domination meme

>>257100657here we had to sign a shitty certificate every time we wanted to get out of our fucking home until recently, it was pretty fucked up for my taste>>257101296B A S E D

>>257101998bitchute david icke

>>257101296What about Danes? They got cucked hard by their government.>>257101998Pic slightly related.

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>>257101998its a meme pushed by falseflaggers, if he wanted to dominate the world he wouldnt be so obvious about ithe does what they want him to do, probably an aspie used by people from his parents social circles he grew up with

>>257101296>youtube.com/watch?v=sZXrK3f4zbk>>257101936It was pretty cringey, but it's good people in America are starting to see through the bullshit.

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>>257102690They're not dude. Most people are genuinely afraid still

>>257100995There's not much for the sheeps to be skeptic about. It's all quite clever really. The politicians and mainstream media brought out the big flags and there's a mass hysteria like "we're the best country in the world". This is usually what happens before a big political shift. The virus is a nothingburger but it will accelerate the economic problems that existed anyway.

>>257095146I've been hearing the two weeks shit since January. Now it's "muh second wave"

>>257102862Well /some/ people are. Most people are NPCs, I've accepted that. I'm doing my part, I've told everyone I know that it's a nothingburger. >>257103236Do you think there's a silver lining? Maybe the economy going down the shitter will wake more people up?

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>>257103601npc niggers everywhere lmao

>>257103694Yeah I'm in a group chat with my friends and they all spazzed out on me today. I just threw my hands up and said forget it

>>257096510Add the push for mail in voting, and Bill Gates vaccine chip bullshit and it starts to become clear this was never about the virus.

>>257103886You need better friends.

Attached: aramajapan.com-mariya-takeuchi-is-the-oldest-singer-to-hit-1-on-oricon-mariya-takeuchi-is-the-oldest-singer-to-hit-1-on-oricon.jpg (650x487, 197.95K)

>>257097144It's amazing really.>the jews lie about everything, except this!

>>257104265It's not surprising. Just look at garbage like TRS, etc. Their owners are literally feds and ex-fed informants. They're retarded.

>>257098948daddy like!

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The biggest lockdownie cope right now is thinking that the jobs will be back when this is over. The second biggest cope is thinking the lockdown will end in a few weeks if we let the government handle it.The purpose of the lockdown shifted from "flatten the curve" to "eradicate the virus until there are no new deaths or infections." But even in the best case scenario, a vaccine isn't coming before 2022, and in the worst case there will never be a vaccine or effective treatment because it's a flu virus that will mutate and rebound.

>>257097695Have you missed the last 4 years of "muh Russia" bullshit? Everything from the Mueller bullshit to the Ukraine phonecall impeachment is related to that. You think they would throw Obama, Clinton, Clapper, Comey, Brennan and the rest of that cast of characters under the bus for the corona stuff? You think only one hoax or "conspiracy" can take place at a time? If anything the corona virus is just an extension of the earlier attempts to remove Trump. This whole lockdown wrecked the economy, taking away the most visible thing Trump can point to in an election as his achievement.

newsweek.com/south-korea-hailed-pandemic-response-backtracks-reopening-after-covid-19-cases-jump-1502864South Korea is already going back on their decision to reopen because of a few dozen new cases.The lockdown will NEVER END if we don't do something about it.

MEXICO CITY'S JEW MAYOR + NY TIMES = WE NEED TO INFLATE THESE COVID DEATHS TO SHOAH LEVELS!!!!! SURELY THERE HAVE BEEN AT LEAST ONE GORILLION BY NOW!!!!The Mexican government has underreported COVID-19 deaths tallied by local authorities, particularly in Mexico City, distorting the gravity of the pandemic in the country, according to The New York Times.Uncounted coronavirus deaths in Mexico City alone could rise to 2,500, almost as many as the 3,000 nationwide deaths the federal government has attributed to the virus, according to the analysis. The López Obrador administration says only about 700 people have died of COVID-19 in the nation's capital.President Andrés Manuel López Obrador's response to the global pandemic has come under intense domestic and international criticism. He initially refused to acknowledge the extent of the crisis, and has continued to minimize its potential economic impact.López Obrador, who controls a comfortable majority in both houses of Congress and entered the crisis with a soaring approval rating, has called the crisis a "godsend" and moved to grant himself emergency powers to amend the country's budget without legislative consent.But the disconnect between the capital and the central government presents a challenge for López Obrador's 17-month-old presidency, pitting him against one of his most powerful allies, Mexico City Mayor (((((Claudia Sheinbaum))))).While (((((Sheinbaum))))) has not publicly criticized the federal response to the crisis, the Times reported that city officials have been ordered to place calls to local public hospitals to get a credible tally on contagion and deaths.

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>>257104909Try explaining that to normies

>>257104909There's already a vaccine. Cope

>>257100992It’s easily been widely global since mid-late December. It only took one transatlantic flight through a densely packed airport into a plane that does nothing but recirculate air for 10+ hours to do it....which is basically any major airport ever

>>257105256France will soon follow them. I believe France reopened today but, they stated if the disease jumped up, which it obviously will, they'll close again. They'll be closed again by the end of the week. "Flattening the curve" has gone out the window, now it's "No reopening unless corona is completely gone", which will never happen. You can't get rid of coronaviruses.

>>257105762There is no vaccine and never will be. There has never been a vaccine for a noval coronavirus.

>>257105762The first vaccines to come out will be poorly tested. The public will only realize this when women start popping out retarded babies en masse.

>>257106087*novelBut yeah

>>257102690>>257102862american people are the only ones protesting to a large scale which is exactly why all the europoor pledditor coofers of pol are seething over you

>>257103601Whenever a state starts to open up it's "two weeks". If it goes away it's "wait for the second wave". I don't know what they'll try if it doesn't come back in the fall.

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>Stacy's pussy will never tingle as she follows me due to my superior prepping skillsHappening over, guys

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>>257106087>>257106302>t-they will take more months to take a vaccine out2 have already been made successfully >y-yes but they will failHoly shit keep dooming you happooner

>>257106461People will have forgottenRemember the election is coming

>>257106461>If it doesn’t come back by fall>3 more months until the second wave!

>>257106087There's never been a reason to make a vaccine for the common cold because it isn't dangerous. Coronaviruses mutate very slowly so vaccines can easily be made. Getting immunity to stick is the hard part.

>>257106431Feels good man. How are things in greece? Locked down? How extreme is it?

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>>257106515at least he will smell nice

>>257106650Not a doomer. These vaccines haven’t gone through any trials of merit. Being made doesn’t mean it’s effective. It’s bullshit anyway, they’re literally trying to cure the cold because they dug a hole too deep for them to get out of and say they were wrong

>>257101998Our Interesting Times podcast has like 4 episodes specifically about that piece of shit Gates and all his fuckery. If you are genuinely interested in learning the truth about Gates, start listening:tkelly6785757.podomatic.com/

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>>257106650You can't just make a vaccine and release it to the market. Usually it takes up to 10 years of testing to get approval. The fast tracked vaccines will only be tested for about a year and a half.

>>257094240Thanks to this based greek man I realized covid 19 was a hoax and invested my life savings in buying the dips. I’ve already made 18,000 dollars by buying oil stocks when it crashed. Thank you bro I will come to Greece and buy you a beer someday.

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>>257106714Vaccines for novel coronavirus has been under development for decades. None of them have ever worked or passed stage 2 testing. There is no way there is a going to be a useable vaccine for covid-19 for years, if ever.

>>257106809see here >>257102019we're slowly opening up now, cafes and restaurants are still closed except for take away. i'm sure there will be a second lockdown later on

>>257107355based burgerbro I will buy you some ouzo

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>>257107064Not what happened with the swine flu in 2009. Also, t. Rodrigo Basacao top tier epidiomologist


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dlive.tv/hardbastard now preshow

Have you had discussions with your relatives/friends about the issue? Especially ones where you successfully managed to convince them in /nbg/ facts? What is the most successful tactics?

now live

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>>257109216What is this? And is there a way to watch it later?I'm watching Tucker then Trunews

>>257110639HB is on the right side of fairly normie politics, although is very entertaining. Chat is very smart (though too gify on dlive) I think podbean does reruns and also he's on twitter which posts shows afterwardstwitter.com/Hard_Bastard

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Hail to the king.

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Serious question anonsWhich countries are using hydroxychloroquine?I heard something about Italy.

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What is it like being schizophrenic?

>>257112982The USAyoutu.be/Pmpvh97B8_k

Sweden is getting fucked in the arse by its irresponsability on handling the coronavirus situation. Compared to its nordic neighbors, they are not well and- OH, I forgot this was just a LARP thread and not a serious one. Good grief, I almost took this thread seriously. Sage.


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Can someone explain why all the news websites are saying 80k US deaths, but the CDC only says 49k?

Attached: deaths.jpg (1860x890, 638.03K)

>>257097270 I find the timing is suspicious especially considering the jogging thing happened in February

Fellow nothingburgerinos!When do you think they will finally let us back to our joberino, to earn zogbuckos to buy producterinos and capeshiterino action figurinos?I really hope they open up soon, I really need to get my g*sh d*ng H*CKing haircuterino.

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>>257114906Bro you were exposed one post in

NO MEASURABLE PANDEMIC FOR USA 2020 CDC RECORDS THAT in the US, 2,813,503 deaths occurred in 2017, and 240k deaths on avg per month for 2017(SEE PIC), and 60k+/-20k on avg per week, note how the CDC shows we are in that range for April 2020 (61k total deaths per week for April 2020) SHOWING NO MEASURABLE PANDEMICcdc.gov/nchs/products/databriefs/db328.htmhttps://www.cdc.gov/nchs/nvss/vsrr/covid19/index.htmThe CDC records NO EXCESS PANDEMIC LEVEL OF DEATHS for the end of March and April. the Covid-19 pandemic is a hoax, a real pandemic would increase total deathsEven with a two week reporting lag that doesn’t explain the lack of a pandemic level of death for late March AND APRIL.cdc.gov/nchs/nvss/vsrr/covid19/index.htmCDC Policy:cdc.gov/nchs/data/nvss/coronavirus/Alert-2-New-ICD-code-introduced-for-COVID-19-deaths.pdf“COVID-19 should be reported on the death certificate for all decedents where the disease caused or isASSUMED to have caused or contributed to death.”“Certifiers should include as much detail as possible basedon their knowledge of the case, medical records, laboratory TESTING, etc. "the testing is positive for asymptomatic carriersso that is part of Dr. Birx's definition of "with Covid"youtube.com/watch?v=BEmTq0zH6C0How the CDC faked the pandemic: White House CV Task Force Dr. Birx: "If someone dies with Covid-19 we’re counting that as a Covid-19 death”the padding of the numbers in two ways:This allows the CDC to count ASYMPTOMATIC CARRIERS since they can test positive and have no symptoms yet can be considered “With Covid”, and count ASSUMED Carriers which are based on assumptions that prove nothing yet are also counted “With Covid", so they can count deaths ASYMPTOMATIC/ASSUMED WITH Covid19 rather than only deaths proven OF Covid19, the fraud is thus enforced by CDC policy.

Attached: hnoincreasediseasedeathscdc10.png (1340x1448, 325.13K)


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>>257115417Nurse on beach vs covid cops, “I am a district manager RN and I know this is all fake” “the ER/ICU has been empty the whole time”youtube.com/watch?v=eWct1jz8km8

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>>257115558>minibrain covidist'haha glad you haven't died of fistingbutttpirate meme flag(YOU) accidentally posted one of his homo webms then he(YOU) outed himself as gay, he thinks all small business is jewish-he is a literal gay communistarchive.4plebs.org/pol/thread/256557140/#q256562188 guy tells a post office the covid-19 hoax is fake and gay-wierd guy but its technically trueyoutube.com/watch?v=CnBddPd5NXE

>>257094936Im not buyin this virus but i have no real issue wearing a mask to keep attention off me at grocery stores... sometiems forget it at 711s or liquor stores and nbd really.

>>257094240My country is so fucking retarded as people are bashing and want to imprison anyone who doesnt wear a mask. Anyways, how is the situation in greece.


en.wikipedia.org/wiki/COVID-19_pandemic_on_USS_Theodore_Roosevelt>5 thousands people>1 thousand infected>1 diedTruly an apocalypse.

>>257094240I’m curious what you guys make of the immigration suspension brought about by the lockdown. I too fear the economic damage, but if you ask me it is undeniable that this whole situation has struck a huge blow to the globalist project. Possibly the largest we could have realistically hoped for. In that respect there are actually some silver linings associated with the lockdown and all the rest, no?

>>257116286>almost every country simultaneously close everything and follow the centralized covid guidelines>a huge blow to the globalist project

Hello fellow nothingburgerinosI can't wait to heckin go back to wagecuckerino and consumerino producterinos for my wiferions sonerino

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>>257094240Aye Tone your fucking meme is low IQ and your statistics are shit.

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>>257116613Fuck you memeflag niggerino. I have a life I need to start living again.

Attached: Japanese History X.jpg (480x465, 18.53K)

>>257117046> I have a life I need to start living again.

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>>257116286Don't forget where you areThis is Holla ForumsEvery time I've spoken about this with normies I've been almost yelled at People are cheering on their own imprisonment

>>257094240Based Hellas

>>257100946Don't lump gates with moot

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/nbg/=/no brain general/

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>>257114906The virus is fakety dakety

Attached: faketydakety.jpg (640x360, 62.18K)

This article was convincing.. how to debunk this? nytimes.com/interactive/2020/05/05/us/coronavirus-death-toll-us.html

>>257094482covid vaccine will be taken by gullible goys who will then get sick, not understanding why the unvaxxed people are healthy spanish flu began from a rockefeller vaccine at fort rileyvaccineimpact.com/2019/did-a-military-experimental-vaccine-in-1918-kill-50-100-million-people-blamed-as-spanish-flu-part-2/

>>257119012This shows "excess deaths" in NY. How is that determined?


>>257119630Stop talking to yourself.

We shut down society just to prevent hospitals from being overwhelmed, but nurses are being laid off, and hospitals are closing floors down. So why do covidists still insist on the “new normal” of covid laws like contact tracing, social distancing etc? Covidists are statists that don’t care that the pandemic was a hoax, they believe anything the state says(false claim of a pandemic) is true because the state says so, and support anything the state does(covid laws) as justice since they think power is justice. Statists think the state is the self, and they hate the non self, we must convince them that the more selfish thing to do is abandoning covidism. Healthcare Workers Furloughed From Empty Hospitalsyoutube.com/watch?v=A-VvtMaH7oA nurses make highly complex dance routines-during a pandemic OF EMPTY HOSPITALS?youtube.com/watch?v=XBoWI0UbvNAnurse layoff protestyoutube.com/watch?v=4jjmiOxSXMo nurses dance with joke covid19 patient while your economy is destroyed-youtube.com/watch?v=j1y-t1uSBak?t=48 more proof Elmhurst hospital is empty except when mass media is therebitchute.com/video/Livwo2XDBoHZ/ ‘real nurses pro freedom vs fake nurses pro lockdown in amazon scrubsRALIEGH NC PROTEST---REAL NURSE SPEAKS ON PANDEMIC HOAX"the media is lying to you" "our hospital is empty" "entire floors shut down" “THE MEDIA IS LYING TO YOU” "you gotta go out, build your immunity, don't believe the lies"youtube.com/watch?v=Gld3d9xoeJYREAL NURSE PROTESTING AGAINST FAKING THE COVID DEATH COUNT IN MINNESOTAREAL NURSE HAS A ID LAYNARD youtube.com/watch?v=O6PwlozohmI?t=16fake nurses without ID laynards in amazon scrubs calling to extend lockdown(also using newspeak like: “in this together” pro lockdown propaganda protest signs)youtube.com/watch?v=mQUsNdD80AY?t=128

Attached: HREALNURSE.png (2168x1324, 1.78M)

>>257119034I'm glad someone else read this convincing and logical explanation of the "spanish flu """virus"""". Fascinating what can be achieved with medical classification and naming. Plebs are happy as soon as there is a name and statistic for it and blame everyone doubting it for "not believing in science", when its as easy to manipulate as pic related. >india has been polio free for a year now>It only cost $8billion and there is now a huge epidemic of a "new" disease with identical symptoms to polio that is also more deadly.Wow, thanks bill gates, the hero philantropist!!!

Attached: Polio vaccine India side effects are more deadly, clinically indistinguishable Non-Polio-Acute-Flaccid-Paralysis (NPAFP) and $8b bill - low image quality.png (496x421, 271.78K)

Attached: Get ready for 1 world currency boid.jpg (420x579, 35.65K)

>>257120578It’s sad and scary at the same time. The whole world showed itself as a bunch of commies at the flick of a switch, except for fucking Sweden

>>257105080Anon...Trump is controlled by kikes just like Clinton and the rest, its all jewish theatre

>>257098632>governments such as China, South Korea, Singapore, Iran, all of Europe and America being involved in,You realize they are all done having panic retard time now except zog europe and zog america, right? are all your businesses shut down over there?

>>257121144Didn't Indiana refuse to lockdown as well?

>>257098632Friendly reminder that ignorant children frequent this site, my friend.

>>257116061>Anyways, how is the situation in greece.They are all enjoying their massive debt and having gay sex, as they've been doing for centuries.

>>257121653Indiana? If they didn’t initially, they were shamed into doing it

>>257121671Is that what you call the jews on here? How very antisemitic of you!

>>257121294There is no difference at all goy

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>>257108616Shaddap Lopez, remember 1979 influenza vaccine fiasco.

Attached: Bands.jpg (1005x1530, 178.79K)

>>257117892So, what do you have to say about the info posted by swiss Doctor. Don't think with your feelings, read it with cold mind and get back to us with an opinion.

>>257116061it's all orchestrated to implement one world government and total tyranny

obamagate is a nothingburger


Attached: plan of demic.jpg (1242x1728, 1.27M)

Elon “tesla has 7000 people in china, zero people died”youtube.com/watch?v=L3Tgn6sjae?t=495 Elon-if somebody tests postive and gets eaten by a shark, the CDC policy(see Dr. Ngozi Ezike) is to record that as a covid deathyoutube.com/watch?v=eKvCdmfCOoY?t=62 Elon-the stimulus bill created a financial incentive to record to something as covid, especially since hospitals are laying off nurses and are low on money since the pandemic surge never happenedyoutube.com/watch?v=eKvCdmfCOoY?t=104

COVID19 TEST IS JUST COMMON COLD TEST!hopkinsguides.com/hopkins/view/Johns_Hopkins_ABX_Guide/540747/all/Coronavirus_COVID_19__SARS_CoV_2_ .antibody tests come with this notice:>Positive results may be due to past or present infection with non-SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus strains, such as coronavirus HKU1, NL63, OC43, or 229E.229E and OC43 are the coronaviruses responsible for the common cold. A positive antibody test could simply mean the patient has antibodies for the common cold. Pic Related.PCR test are also inconclusive, since they test also positive for asymptomatic carriers, and the Nobel Prize-winner inventor of PCR Kary Mullis said the tests cannot be used to connect positive tests to diseaseMullis found that the HIV/AIDS connection had no scientific basis and was based on a single unsourced (((NYtimes))) article. THE NOBEL PRIZE INVENTOR OF PCR IN THE COVID-19 TEST SAID THAT THE TEST IS A HOAXyoutube.com/watch?v=IifgAvXU3ts&feature=emb_title?t=520Dr. Ioannidis-serology tests have shown Covid19 to not be a major threat-medrxiv.org/content/10.1101/2020.04.14.20062463v2 medrxiv.org/content/10.1101/2020.04.05.20054361v2 Dr. Ioannidis-“Sweden did nothing wrong”youtube.com/watch?v=T-saAuXaPok

Attached: htest.jpg (1412x1038, 382.14K)

>>257124948Minnesota Senator Dr. Scott Jensen admits Covid-19 is used for non Covid DeathsEnd of video, hospitals get kickbacks for relabeling with Covid-19“if your hospital has a Covid-19 admission, its 13,000 dollars”youtube.com/watch?v=_qWmiWf81zI?t=195 politico.com/news/2020/03/19/hospitals-coronavirus-funding-138383 Hospitals bracing for a flood of coronavirus cases are demanding a federal bailout.They want $100 billion in the next relief package along with targeted changes to tax laws they say are needed to free up the money before the first surge of cases sweeps in.kff.org/uninsured/issue-brief/estimated-cost-of-treating-the-uninsured-hospitalized-with-covid-19/ , President Trump has stated his intention to reimburse hospitals for treating the uninsured by tapping a new $100 billion in funding for hospitals and other health care entities included in the third stimulus, the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act. youtube.com/watch?v=mZhxFqc7Qs0&feature=youtu.be&t=269

Attached: hcovidmoney.png (705x805, 69.56K)

>>257098632the figures don't lie Jackie Chan. The only epidemiologists that are pushing this hoax are connected to the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation and China. WHO and the Imperial college where the bogus models originate are heavily funded by the Gates foundation. All independent research is calling this a fraud.

>>257095228wrong, jews are kvetching

Attached: hollywoodbtfo.png (504x202, 15.79K)

>>257096076Whats bullshit about corona?

>>257096510Try reading the top of the page in bold retard>Note: Provisional death counts are based on death certificate data received and coded by the National Center for Health Statistics as of May 11, 2020. Death counts are delayed and may differ from other published sources (see Technical Notes). Counts will be updated periodically. Additional information will be added to this site as available. Try looking at cdc.gov/nchs/nvss/vsrr/covid19/excess_deaths.htmAnd keep in mind thats with 50% less traffic accidents latimes.com/environment/story/2020-04-01/coronavirus-stay-at-home-orders-have-reduced-traffic-accidents-by-half

>>257098632nbg is just scared schizos that dont want to accept changing reality

>>257099861Read the top of the page in bold retard>Note: Provisional death counts are based on death certificate data received and coded by the National Center for Health Statistics as of May 11, 2020. Death counts are delayed and may differ from other published sources (see Technical Notes). Counts will be updated periodically. Additional information will be added to this site as available.

>>257124948Yes antibody tests are useless and show positives for antibodies from the common cold, funny how antibody tests are 80% of OP's links

I hate how idiots argue it must be totally genuine or a huge conspiracy with nothing in between. We all know people have been made docile and obedient to authority from years of that style education, diets, medical treatments and psychological manipulation from excessive media consumption. Now these people are all acting on the "advice" from a very small, select group of "experts", with barely any of them able to reflect or critically question. Why would these idiotic henchmen of the new world order need to be "in" on anything? They have been psychologically, phyisically and emotionally manipulated to the point that they feel massive discomfort (cognitive dissonance) and are unable to go against the narrative that is being given to them by a very small group that could easily be acting together in a so called "conspiracy" (or rather just acting in their own best interest). What do you think would happen when wealth is consolidated in the hands of very few, who are clearly sociopaths, otherwise they would never accept such a disproportionate amount of personal wealth while so many are going hungry and dying from lack of it?Its not a conspiracy, its basic cause and effect of a sick system of materialism and unspiritiuality.

>>257125468That was in March, before trolls 2 released on TV only and raked in the shekels for 100% profit with no distribution costs. All the theaters themselves are owned by Mom/Pop and the big chains are owned by China. Oops. ONLY MONEY FOR DAS JUDEN, yet again. Keep trying tho.

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>>257094240>vaccine dodgerkeknice one dude

>>257125851>The Eternal LeafNobody wants to accept being beaten by badge niggers for not “social distancing”. You just lost all your guns and all your rights. Really now?

>>257126424Wow this one movie did good on demand that means hollywood didnt lose billions!

>>257126668What guns and what rights?The right to be raped by mohammed and charged for a hate crime for saying no?Fuck you we had nothing before it was clown world, things are changing now and we can take advantage of it. I will not go back to clown world, anything is better

>>257126793>one thing claimed>two pieces of clear evidence presented to the opposite>that doesn’t count because twitter postLeafs are a disease.

>>257127069That doesnt count because its one movie, its like me pointing out that niggers do 53% of murders and you find one white murderer and go "no see!". Hollywood already lost billions, nothing you post will change that.

>>257126917What advantage? You can still get charged for being raped by mohammed, only now you get to do it in a bread line while jews laugh at you more. Georgia let out it’s murderous niggers and locked up two white guys who murdered a nigger in self defense. What advantage? This is clown world already.

>>257127191That doesn’t count because it’s one tweet. There is nothing saying that kikewood lost money. A sequal to a not even popular moved earned more in 3 weeks than the original did in 5 months. Scoob was also a massive success. Im sorry your dreams of kikes being destroyed by the lockdown they are enforcing is dashed.

>>257127294No immigration or refugees atm is an advantage. Roasties not clubbing, jews losing money, etc. The general aura of hatred for china and globalization. Theres a great deal of good coming out of this

>>257127553hollywoodreporter.com/news/film-industry-facing-5-billion-loss-coronavirus-outbreak-1282038https://www.forbes.com/sites/maddieberg/2020/03/20/coronavirus-is-killing-the-box-office-hollywood-may-never-be-the-same/#7e2af6943553Yes there is plenty of evidence hollywood is losing massively, just because one movie did good on demand doesnt mean they are not losing money

>>257114906Man, you redditniggers always got some unmatchable level of cringe going.

>>257127554You would have to deport for that to matter. No race can continue with “social distancing”. Jews aren’t losing money and they are still shipping niggers from Africa into Europe. As for hatred for China, who cares? Jews want a war with China anyway. It’s the only way they’re gonna be able to get out of the economic destruction they have caused to the oridinary man.

>>257127690Both of those articles talk about the destruction of the box office form of hollywood. It has already adapted.

>>257127887see >>257127690 hollywood jews are losing moneyNobody is being shipped into america, no refugees or immigrants for you guys, thats most certainly a bright side. I would give up a great many rights to end immigration.

>>257128105And they talk bout them losing billions

how to be a tyrant-applies to (((terrorism))) and to (((covid19)))youtube.com/watch?time_continue=98&v=Z4LtEciQUF8&feature=emb_title

>>257128110How is the race going to be continued with forced social distancing?

>>257128328Same way it does now. Find some whore online and go over and fuck her.

>>257128264democrats were upset with trump for being a tyrant, now that they have been convinced that tyranny is good for them, they are upset with trump for not being enough of a tyrant

>>ALL Human coronaviruses are seasonal>>Common cold is a Coronavirusno

>>257128417That system is not sustainable. Otherwise, the white race would not be having the problems it’s having now. You think it’s bad before? All white money is still going to go to niggers and garbage, only now, it’s gonna make everyone else homeless. You’re not gonna have time to fuck someone from the internet when you have no food or home.

>>257100874Because people are so hell bent being fucked by the governmentThey legitimately dont see the irony

>>257128848I think less money will go to foreign aid after this, people will be more nationalistic, anti globalist, and want factories/manufacturing at home with. You have less niggers and non-whites now because of covid (both because it killed more of them and because it ended immigration and refugee claims)

>>257097270>Obama gateIts been happening for 3 yearsAre you fucking retarded/pol/ called king nigger out years ago for the fake russian hoax

>>257129247Wut factories? Wut manufacturing? They’re closing more of those everyday due to “outbreaks” of a disease that barely kills anyone. Factories/manufacturing aren’t coming back and the excuse will be “social distancing”/coronavirus. The jews will just continue to move everything to Thailand, where they won’t have to obey “social distancing” laws.

>>257119012>>257119176Basically there is an average amount of deaths per week in the US, it generally floats around 60,000. When the deaths are overrepresented, and the Covid deaths do not explain the gap, they take that difference and call it "excess deaths." They admit that these deaths are obviously not directly attributable to covid, but their logic is if they aren't, then why are all cause deaths being overrepresented? Furthermore, they argue certain regular factors in the "all cause deaths" figure like traffic accidents should be underrepresented now, given there are less people on the road and less people commuting.You don't really have to debunk it, as the burden of proof is on the researcher to show that excess deaths are attributable to covid, and not some phenomenon of the current situation. You could also argue the figure of confirmed deaths itself is suspect, because of the loose CDC guidelines for what a Covid death is. Even if all these excess deaths are attributable to covid, all they can do is point at new York, which is a bit of a statistical anomaly because it's the only place where the mortality figure hovers around .5-.8% depending on how many excess deaths are actually attributable to covid


>>257128766Explain yourself..

Why is it so hard for most people to conceive that a bunch of billionaire elites might not have their best interests at heart? Is it so shocking that someone who lives a vastly different lifestyle than 99.9999% of the public might have different values than them?

Attached: 80A5E50F-3677-417E-9928-CB4F1F349C00.jpg (2500x2154, 850.41K)

Why are we so few?

Attached: 1F6C6796-4F8D-43F8-98AE-82C3645E81F0.jpg (1036x1271, 546.3K)


Attached: 26849244.gif (245x200, 955.83K)

>>256933114This was a great post. I will continue linking this post to the all /nbg/ threads until when I decide to stop linking this to all /nbg/ threads. Thank you based user who wrote this. You are eternally appreciated.Also,>>256416000>dem digits>dat time stamp/nbg/ pleas be advised. Kek has spoken.

Attached: 0A5107B0-4707-4D05-9E33-81FA0B8AEDFC.gif (590x633, 1.86M)


>>257136878>1 post by this id>actually makes a based posthero

Attached: 51900B51-DE7A-4360-82B1-B9B7CD2270AB.jpg (1242x2671, 1.41M)

>>257125468Who needs box office returns when you have the world under your boot?

>>257094482“your standing in the hot zone” reporter wonders where the patients areyoutube.com/watch?v=v5P3iW51eVA?t=262 a week later still no patients in central parkyoutube.com/watch?v=5-OBByC9xmA tents close down after weeks without seeing anything but bored staff, skeptic filming accused of believing conspiracy theories just for filming fake hospitalyoutube.com/watch?v=L3PANg8Usbo?t=222

>>257094936I just wear the mask ironically. I talk a little like Bane when I go out also. Its the most Larping I have ever done and I enjoy it so come at me

>>257136428that was a great post, thanks for the reminderGEMMA O’DOHERTY EMERGES FROM THE HIGH COURTFree people in Ireland swear to fight the covidists to the death!youtube.com/watch?v=ETmdVe-XcR4?t=375

Attached: hocto10.jpg (854x502, 137.73K)

>>257137550I wear it around my crotch like a cup

>>257135660Lets be honest generals are for fags. We just do it because we have to

>>257135660What happened to ALL CAPS ALL THE TIME bro?

>>257138008Fuck you’re right I should have added him. Next time. There always next time.

>>257094240Sweden is doing worst outta all the Nordic Countries.. ffs user Souvlaki, look shit up instead of making shit up.

>>257137797/nbg/ actually has a legit purpose of spreading truth. The only time I do not attend to this General is when I’m sleeping or when I’m banging my gf or when the gf I’ve finished banging is fed up with me posting on /nbg/ and forces me off. For the most part tho, I’m trying to contribute and keep us in the catalog bc we stand for something worth standing for.

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>>257138205It’s longevity, they’re a good experiment. If they yielded the same results without destroying the fabric of society, the cucks made the rest of the world look like super cucks

>>257138467Fuck it I’m drunk

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Am I the only one here who supports ending lockdowns but also doesnt buy into 5g/bill gates conspiracies?

Attached: screen-shot-2016-10-12-at-8-59-32-pm.png (312x285, 108.66K)

>>257138643that made no sense

>>257137615>>257124688>>257123009>>257122322>>257110111>>257106809>>257102467>>257102367you anti-vaxx faggots know that Trump is pro-vaccine, right?

>>257138921I'm pretty sure you've described most people with jobs and responsibilities.

>>257138921Why would you trust that 5g is safe? Post a source that justifies why we should be launching 20,000 5g satellites to cover every inch of the globe in 5g radiation rn..youtu.be/vZ5soLrvXFg

Attached: 99D85CB3-05D4-4B90-A0F3-66A6A86F8F4D.jpg (910x647, 378.38K)

Gates wants us all dead. Literally giggling in his purple sweater talking about shooting people up with mercury

>>257138921logically the lockdowns don't even make sense, you can regularly take the bus for hours a day yet you can't pick up a drink at a bar any day of the weekdon't get me started with wal-mart

>>257129787Hospitals are also almost empty for anything not Coronavirus related. People are dying because they either can't get life-saving but elective procedures like angioplasty or they're simply too afraid to go to the hospital.The article also focuses only on states where deaths are up. There are quite a few, including Texas and California, where deaths are down. Deaths are down overall for the US as a whole.The Jew York Times doesn't mention this because they want an enormous death toll because they worship power and hope DJT dies in his sleep, but they'll settle for a depression so he can lose the next election.

>>257138953How? If the results of Sweden are the same as everyone else per capita, then all we did was destroy our respective nations to yield the same results over the longest period of time possible. You don’t gradually take the bandage off, you rip it off