I'M CALLING THIS RIGHT NOWTHE MEDIA IS SLOWLY CHANGING THE NARRATIVE FOR THE INEVITABLE ACQUITTAL OF THE MCMICHAELSTHIS WILL GIVE THE LEFT WING LIBERALS A WIN, BECAUSE MANY WILL GET LOST IN THE NARRATIVE AND THE TRIAL'S CONCLUSION WILL BE BURIED. THOSE THAT WILL FOLLOW IT WILL PUT IT DOWN THE A FAILURE OF THE JUSTICE SYSTEM AND HOW THIS WAS ANOTHER YOUNG BLACK MAN THAT RESULTED FROM THE SYSTEM.Just watch. The first narrative was that these were racist hillbillies that hunted a black jogger, and killed him in cold blood.Now, the narrative is that, while he looked suspicious, he wasn't doing anything out of the ordinary (apparently trespassing on construction sites is normal for sjw beta cucks). He only defended himself against "attackers" because he feared for his life (again, this is completely ridiculous).Once the full construction site video releases, it will no doubt show him either damage something, or pocket something. This is when the narrative will change to: He was getting his life on track, he was very troubled from his past which led him to get involved in some bad stuff. These racist bigots went overboard trying to pursue someone they had no right to, blah blah blah.Soon after, when the trial happens, the McMichael's will be acquitted and the entire case will be buried. Those still arguing in Arbery's favor will blame the American justice system and the societal constructs that brainwash blacks into becoming thugs.

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>>257088977Mutts will make sure those guys go to jail

They could be attempting a Rodney K angle. Force charges that won't stick - carry is legal, citizens arrest is legal, fight back when attacked is legal = exonerated. Then we have the freak out and game on.

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>>257088977Assuming there is a trial.

They're realizing the goyim know and they're caught with their pants down, and that customers want to pay money to see and hear about Big-Media stories about cases of Jewish white-supremacy against defenseless black Palestinians in Israel, not more stories of Christian white supremacy in America against blacks who were ultimately abudcted and sold to slavery here by those same individuals over 130 years ago.

>>257089591Yep. Media doesnt care for justice. This arrest and eventual acquittal is all just stirring the pot.

>>257089722What makes you think there wont be a trial?

This is blown up to cover for the wind down of Corona. Gotta keep everyone on edge.

>>257088977Are you the guy that predicted that leftists would begin to claim they always check out construction sites? That was funny as fuck


>>257088977security camera footage was posted here recently of the "victim" carrying an object which strongly resembled a .38 magnum.

>>257088977Yes, everyone already knew this. This pattern started full swing with Obama and Trayvon. They only choose cases that will rile up the left, but don't actually have a chance of conviction. Then they blow it the fuck up on media.

>>257088977Jury's know this. Feelings>Facts. Their feelings will lock those two hillbillies up in jail. Facts are optional things to consider.

>>257090107AKA a drill. The dude wasn't armed.

>>257088977>trespassing on construction siteshe was just looking for a job!

>>257090228Even if he wasn’t armed, the McMichaels claimed that someone stole a gun from their vehicle, and it’s reasonable to assume that a neighborhood burglar would be the gun thief in question, thus justifying the citizens arrest approach with weapons drawnSay it with me: A C Q U I T T E D

I think that the white guys are going to get time. They were arrested two months later due to mob rule. What’s to say they won’t be sentenced because of this same mob rule? Happens all the time here. I feel bad for these guys, they do society a favor and get chimped on as a result.

>>257089976There were no laws broken

>>257090011No, but it doesnt surprise me someone predicted that. Leftists are cucks.

>>257090483>reasonable to assume that a neighborhood burglar would be the gun thief in questionlmfao ask me how I know you know nothing about law

>>257090546Then our justice system is sincerely fucked. But I feel that the justice system has usually favored people like the McMichaels, regardless of how they feel. Any lawyer worth his salt will be able defend these guys.>>257090566Not sure how acquittal works but I assume there will be a trial since they have been charged.

>>257090566They might be able to sue the city too

>>257088977I think the information is being dripped out like this in order to try to create outrage about the laws that will allow these defendants to be acquitted.What the media wants is for people to emotionally commit, up front, to the idea that these guys are guilty. When people do that, they often are unwilling to change their positions based on information that comes out later. When you get 1 million Twitter fuckfaces to publicly swear these guys are guilty, when new facts come out they won't admit they were wrong - they will, instead, demand that the "institutional racism" of people's right to defend property be changed.

>>257088977This isn't how they work. They don't "soften" anything. That would assume that they possess a capacity for shame.They'll build this up regardless of the facts, in anticipation of more Michael Brown bullshit rioting.

>>257091001>Then our justice system is sincerely fucked.>>257090546>I think that the white guys are going to get time.The evidence that this guy was trespassing will be suppressed, in order to secure a conviction from a hand-picked jury.


Trump just insured their demise. Let all niggers steal your fishing equipment so people like Cernovich and Matt Walsh can fuck leftist trannies.

Looks like the water company had to be called due to the place flooding as soon as the jogger left running.

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>>257088977It doesn't matterHe will always be "just a jogger" because that was the prevailing media story when it first went viral. THe vast majority of the people who signed on to that narrative have no interest in changing it, no matter what the evidence shows. 90% of people in this country still think Trayvon Martin was an angelic child who was murdered in cold blood, despite the fact that we had a very well publicized nationally-televised trial that showed this wasn't the case. It does not matter. Even if these guys get off, which I think they probably will, they will have a target on their backs everyday for the rest of their lives. And not just from blacks trying to shoot them (like what happened with Zimmerman when a black man took two shots at him in traffic one day) but they will also be brought into countless civil trials by vindictive civil rights attorneys who have nothing better to do. They will never be able to live a normal life again.

>>257088977lol this was animal behaviour of the highest form >need to find new water hole>find new watering hole>a pride of lions live by the water >fuck them>continue to use their water>get eaten by Lions

>>257091530>REQ JWS TO SHUT OFF WATERman they really can shut down everything


Has anyone started a go fund me thing for them ? Or similar.

>>257091530SHUT IT DOWN

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>>257090958Because you're a "Commiefornia black belt MMA lawyer who threw his guns away because they made him less safe"You literally have nothing to back up your statements.He was not detained.The weapons were not pointed at him.He had every opportunity to move away.He ran towards and then attacked an armed man.You are my enemy of whites.You are a Jogger lover and anti-white.How many threads have you made Jogger apologist posts in today?Just admit you hate white people.

>>257089591>Then we have the freak out and game on.That’s the point you retard. Get the dumb joggers to start killing whites (more than than already do)

>>257090566Grand jury will return a true bill because juries will indict anything because all the information they get is from the prosecution's perspective.Then it will die on the vine in court.

>>257090005More like to slide the Russia dumps my man.

what happens now doesnt matter that much.the first 24 hours entrenches everyone into their camps.they're slow trickling the real story out to soften the blow and make sure everyone stays entrenched.the time to educate and inform is over.

Even after Trayvon and Michael "the Gentle Giant" Brown were proven to be the aggressors who deserved what they got, there are people black and leftist white who still believe that they were victims of "white supremacy"

>>257088977If they are convicted their lawyers are losers...this is open and shut. Nog turned left and accelerated at redneck with a shot gun..... DEATH MY LOW IQ.Case!

>>257088977They don't want to soften the blow. They want to stick with the narrative so the acquittal looks like racism.

>>257090005This is to slide the Russia hoax transcripts and obamagate.

>>257091102This, the media knows perfectly well they were in their legal and constitutional rightsThe purpose of the outrage is to drum up demand to restrict your rights and freedom to protect yourself, your family, and your communityThey want whites unwilling and unable to protect themselvesThey are actively trying to tie your hands and disarm you so their pet niggers can rob, rape, torture and murder you and everyone you care about if you refuse to be a slave and bow to their pets

>>257096119"Hands up don't shoot" was a propaganda success. That's why it's so easy for them to claim everything is racism now.

>>257088977>>257089365They only arrested the father and son to prevent a nigger lynch mob and avoid riots.

>>257096794Why were they allowed too, like that was objectively a lie

>>257096606Shut up nigger we can focus on two things at once. Do you have the attention span of a fucking dog or something?

>>257096917You think the media and the elites care about the truth? How fucking new are you?

>>257097041No like the media and elites are blood sucking parasites and I really shouldn’t be surprised NPCs believed, but like with other media BS there’s usually like a small kernel of wishful thinking or something resembling truth. This was completely made up


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>>257096917>>257097041The whole point of Social Justice ideology is that the facts don't matter, only power matters. They view influencing the public to meet their goals to be justified, even if they're lying or destroying lives in the process.

>>257096952>f-forum sliding doesn't exist goyim>those patterns you notice don't existFuck off moshe

>>257096850this 100%

>>257092862We want that to happen retard. The boogaloo needs to happen NOW.

>>257097185They try to make their agenda match up with a carefully selected set of events that supports what they're pushing, but they would never let facts get in the way of their narrative and they know that if they admit they were wrong they lose credibilityThese people are not honest or good

>>257089591thispriming the chimp-out as a warning to not indict their king ape Obummer

>>257096850>avoid riotsWhy contain it?Corona has a 20% CFR against Joggers.

Jury's know this. Feelings>Facts.Their feelings will lock those two hillbillies up in jail. Facts are optional things to consider.White man bad. White man guilty.

>>257091756Oh my.

>>257097379This isn't some private think tank for you and your buddies to discuss only what you seem relevant and important you absolute faggot. The left is trying to use this to put more restrictions on whites protecting their families and communities, we're going to talk about it and you can jog on faggotGo jerk off in your Obamagate thread some people are capable of paying attention to two developing stories at once unlike you you god damn nigger loving retard

>>257091756TOP KEK

He wuz a good boy n sheeit

>>257098052What you *deem relevant

>>257088977i think he ran away and tried to wrestle the rifle away because he saw two rednecks with big guns coming for him who were not even cops. he probabl though they wanted to kill him.

>>257091653Even FOX radio news is calling him a "jogger."

>>257088977>(apparently trespassing on construction sites is normal for sjw beta cucks)Republicans too

>>257089591ah yes.. good ole Rodney Kangle

>>257088977>because he feared for his life (again, this is completely ridiculous).black, filled to the brim with white supremacy terrorists coming for blacks narrative, two white guys with weapons chase himI think it's possible that he was scared.

>>257088977One thing no one is talking about. If they wanted to just kill him... they had a two ton truck and could of just ran his ass over. Oops, I stepped on the gas instead of the brakes. Done.

>>257090958You can ask yourself that question when they get acquitted retard. Kys

>>257088977it doesn't matter what the nigger did before he was killed. Just the mere act of being suspicious and trespassing was enough for it to be legal for the white duo to citizens arrest him.Nigger isn't on trial here, the shooters are, and they're not guilty of fucking murder

>>257092432fucking underrated

>>257091530JWS? Not to often Jew are manual laborers like water

>>257091530Timberlands false flag


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>>257091396Wanting to stop a Russian asset is not treason!#takeyourmeds#notmywifesbofriend#biden2020

>>257096119liberals unironically believe that every person in the south is a member of the KKK and that they routinely go "HEY CLETUS IT'S A NIGGER LET'S SHOOT HIM" and gun thousands of black men down in the streets, this incident included

>>257098483Just wait until we throw Kurt Angle into the mix

>>257099207city fags think they're elite

>>257090958Neither do you but this black police officer

>>257089720That picture of a nigger in a tuxedo reminds me of the joke, "What do you call a nigger in a three-piece-suit?"A defendant.

>>257099586why does negro facial hair always look like pubes?

>>257088977>>257096119>>257096406>>257096743>>257098345>>257098603Check the info. Pic related. It's a very short read. More people need to see this.

Attached: arbery.png (1088x5424, 2.39M)

>>257089591Initiating an encounter that is brought to a lethal head by pursuing someone who posed no danger to you or others is not a legitimate defense. You don’t get to claim self defense when you initiate an an encounter that turns deadly.

>>257098483WE WAS RODNEY KANGZ!!!!

>>257099631More like guilty.

Can someone post the full video where it shows him dropping the item on the ground. I saw it earlier today, but it's hard to find it since most videos online cut that part out.

>>257096743No it’s not of that shit take your meds. It’s a story they didn’t fact check as usual that fit the narrative so they could distract from Flynn and FBI bullshit since corona is winding down.

>>257099836I’m phone posting and can’t read this any help?

>>257089365nope, they arrested them to sate the niggers that the likes of shaun king riled up with their false narrative, if they are convicted it will be false, these two men will be placed in a protective program like the witness protection program since they are innocent yet niggers want them to suffermost likely tho they will be acquitted and niggers will riot, shoot each other, and move on to the next false narrative just like theyve done every single time this sort of thing happens

>>257091530>Looks like the water company had to be called due to the place flooding as soon as the jogger left running.There's some real monkeyshines. I wonder if he top decked a toilet in there too?

>>257099873Go try to grab a loaded gun from someone and then claim self-defense from the morgue. I’ll wait.

>>257099873Are you blind or just stupid? It was the jogger that initiated physical conflict by attacking them. And once he tried to take the gun, it was a done deal. You can't allow a clearly aggressive attacker to take your weapon as that is likely to mean that he will use it to kill you, hence you're forced to fire.

>>257097185because it was what his friend said at his initial press conference, his lawyer came out and said i was a lie but no one wanted to make that headlines

>>257088977How many jigger threads do we need? OP is a glownigger

>>257100549TL;DR He deserved it

>>2571005494chan won't let me post a link to the image because they say it's "spam". Try saving the image to your phone and viewing it that way. It explains the legal aspects of the case and give further details of the situation as it played out.

>>257098569Also the guy in the back only pulled his handgun out once the fight started and was about midway through.

>>257091530I thought the construction site was 220 Satilla Drive and 219 Satilla Drive was the neighbor with an outdoor camera.

>>257101340It's not a long read. The main points are underlined in red so you can skim the entire thing in seconds.

>>257097288Built for KFC

>>257099836implying every citizen knows every law and what's technically legal.

>>257099836Yeah, more people need to see the letter that got GBI to indict them,and why they are rotting in jail right now.(inB4 rivers of salty tears and posts of whining cope)

>>257097288If those were ever pointed in my direction I would ventilate that retard and all of his friends shortly after. What a dumbass, bringing a firearm into an incredibly aggressive and volatile situation in a neighborhood that might actually shoot back. He must have a deathwish.

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>>257088977>AcquittalAnd subsequent lawsuit victories

We are living in a post-fact world. The only thing that matters now in politics is the fictional narrative that the kike media promotes 24/7. Those two men are political prisoners.


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>>257099631>>257102484I'm shocked the msm isn't using a pic when he was 8 years old. Bet they can't find one.

>>257098603>fucking murderNo>ManslaughterMay be

>>257099873Did you believe he was just a jogger?

Black Men Can't

Attached: Another jogger runs from white supremacist.png (874x638, 413.69K)

>>257099873>You don’t get to claim self defense when you initiate an an encounter that turns deadly.retard, if you initiate an encounter it doesnt mean that the person youre talking to has a right to attack you, if you attack someone physically they have the legal right to defend themselves

>>257098052Joggerloving kike, your bullshit tactics have been known for years. Gas yourself.

>>257098519Let's say he was truly scared, he would have probably ran away. The guy clearly had a big ego and was already likely an aggressive, short sighted person if his first idea was to charge directly at the rednecks. He's not a trained professional CQB expert, he's not going to get barrel control and wrestle the gun out of the guys hands and turn it around on them. This whole idea that he could do this in the first place should tell you a little bit about what kind of guy he was. He was the furthest thing from being scared, he was technically the aggressor in the situation. He was actually very brave, at the cost of his own life. I might genuinely try to reason with someone first if they didn't start shooting immediately upon seeing me. I'd put my hands up and ask them what they want, you might say it's too late to do anything once they get a clear shot on you, this is true, but that might have saved his life. If they were on a nigger hunting escapade, why didn't they shoot him immediately? Why was anyone recording anything? They seemed to be open to the idea of taking him alive if it genuinely was a citizens arrest.

>>257091653It's an understated fact that the first media report shapes a ton of a dialogue on Anything. People remember the first sensational report and then not so much the resulting progression.



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>>257097288$4-5k worth of gun with no optic or magnifier to bring out it's full potential. Dude probably bought that SCAR to take this fuckin picture with.

>>257088977US justice system can give those two guys life in prison too. You have too much faith in how the justice system works. It all depends on a judge. If the judge is a jogger, they will do time. US justice system is even worse than the Soviet justice system, you just never get to see the evidence of its failures. And you KNOW it works. Maybe it doesn't work, believing in something doesn't make it so.

>>257103765Picture looks like 100% photo op. Just look at his pose and everything else, pure posing.Speaking of his gun though.. Is it just me (not going to pretend to be some expert) or does it look like that forward grip is mounted so close to the magazine that he probably can't get his hand around it, making it useless?

>>257088977THey have already preempted it with the "previous mental health issues" bullshit

>>257100549Open the image in a new tab. Remove the m at the end of the url and refresh. If that doesn't work, try changing the file to a jpg

>>257104628Nah the grips for the outside, you'd just need to fit a thumb in and unless you had really fat fucking hands it'd fit.

>>257090228multiple security cameras in the neighborhood he robbed have him on camera going around peoples houses with crowbars, before he stole the timberland boots. this was over before it began.

>>257099836nice.. think about adding the part with the water company being called to the property right after the shooting to fix the plumbing the nigger broke and its a grand slam.

Attached: 1550201924989.gif (865x602, 3.94M)

>>257099836Not a hammer, he wasn't wearing boots.Try harder next time

>>257097379Quite, goy.

Attached: Pure Coincidence.jpg (296x314, 20.57K)

>>257099836That last murder sucks, but a properly prosecuted murder is different than the lack of prosecution that liberals believe in the case of trayboon, the gentle giant and our current timberland jogger.

>>257107240He wasn't wearing boots in the remodeled house's video. When he left the house, he was wearing boots. Hummm.

>>257094475This assumes the prosecution will want to persue the case

dude all these bozos need to to was observe him from a distance and call the cops. Surrounding him with guns drawn is just plain stupid.

Ok guys, the hammer and timbs were mainly a meme. We'll have to wait and see if he actually committed any serious offenses when they release the full video. But, he did trespass and the McMichaels knew about it. They also had reasonable suspicion that Arbery was linked to a string of past burglaries, since the neighbor who made the 911 call recounts seeing him in the area, and matching the description of the perpetrator.It also doesn't help Arbery's case that he completely ignored the McMichaels when they reached out to him before presenting any type of firearms. In fact, arbery supposedly turned around and tried to run the other way. This just adds further suspicion to him, and more reason to try a citizens arrest. Thing is, the cops were called on him and he was trying to flee the scene. Sounds guilty.Any lawyer worth his salt will point all of this out, and the McMichaels will be acquitted since they did nothing illegal. MSM won't cover the narrative in this way, they'll bury the case and life will go on as usual, another black man killed by racist white men and the racist justice system that let it slide.

>>257099791Because it is super curly and fuzzy.

Honest question, even if the nigger was stealing from a construction site, what gives these random rednecks right to just kill him, was it their construction site or what .

>>257109205He grabbed their gun

>>257109313Why did they point a gun at him in the first place? Shouldn't you call the police first? He didn't point a gun at them first did he.Is it okay in america for everyone to just point guns when they feel like it at each other?

>>257100607Ha ha. Michael Brown. Ha ha. Treyon Martin.

>>257088977i couldnt even find the video when googling it, had to switch to duckduckgo and it was the first result

>>257109205See this is the problem with the MSM's narrative. This is not what happened. They did not "hunt" him down. They were in the immediate vicinity of him committing a crime, after Arbery fled (911 was called), they gave chase to attempt to detain him until the cops arrived (this is called a citizen's arrest).Arbery didn't listen, kept fleeing, until the McMichael's stopped and got out. At this point, Arbery fought over Travis' shotgun (he ran right up to them).It didn't go down like "we got in our trucks and lynched that nigger in the street"They were legitimately trying to detain him since the cops were called on him. He didn't listen, and tried to fight them as soon as they showed resistance.

>>257109434I didn't realize Serbs were raging faggots, but you confirmed it.

>>257109434Jesus, read my other post but I'll explain a couple other things here. One of their neighbors called 911 well before they hopped in their truck to pursue him. He fled after trespassing and likely knew the cops were called.They did not point their guns at him. One of them was open carrying a shotgun (open carry is legal in Georgia). Arbery started fighting with him over the shotgun, so Travis shot him, point blank, as they were stuggling. Perfectly reasonable, Georgia has stand your ground laws.And yes, I would definitely should someone dead if they were trying to rip a gun out of my hands if I did not know their intent. I'd be willing to bet Arbery would have shot Travis if he got the gun.

>>257110095Well okay, that kinda explains it better, thanks user.>>257109899I'm sorry, these whole things are kinda funny to me, we don't have niggers here, i try to look at it from a perspective that they're regular humans, but everyone on pol seems to push that they're not.

>>257088977It's absolutely wonderful that we have people like you to do all the thinking for us.

>>257103765LMAO @ You thinking the ADL, SPLC, Tides Foundation, Or any other 50 NGO's that do this sort of subversive shit didn't have something to do with his purchase (if not outright purchasing it). You and this community at large are so far behind the curve it will be miracle if we are able to overcome these shortcomings. People need to wake up and follow the money and not race or stupid shit that the powers that be want you to be looking at. This is exactly why they don't teach critical thinking anymore. They want you to be confused and mystified as to how X happens. Just follow the chain of benefit. It's not that goddamn hard.

>>257110095I don't get why so many people don't understand that he needed to shoot him once the nigger started pulling on it. It's not like he was trying to rip a mobile phone out of his hand. It's the exact same thing as a nigger trying to steal a gun from a policeman. They will shoot straight away for safety.

>>257096952Maybe we do, but the general populace no.

>>257110790This isn't even about niggers. It's about the fine line between law and freedom in America. A lot of people are pushing this whole thing aside simply because citizens arrests are out of the norm. They hardly happen. So people are arguing even if it was legal, it was unnecessary. But they can't charge them for murder because of that. They'll likely spin it up as them not having reasonable suspicion and imply their racial biases led them to pursue him.We'll never know. But I think America's society is BLIND to what Arbery did. I bet if the same shit happened with a white guy, no one would blink.

>>257111001gedanke mein dutch bro that's exactly the thing we're fighting against here. Common sense vs stupidity from the clouds. All people have to do is use basic logic which isn't so basic anymore in this part of the world.

>>257088977Joggers gonna jog

>>257103334Fear can compel you to Run or Fight. Both are natural and instinctive responses to fear. His heart was probably going a mile a minute. Full of adrenaline

>>257100281You are missing the forest for the trees you nigger

>>257108802>observe him from a distance and call the copsYou know how I know you don't live near diversity?

>>257109070>they'll bury the caseThe media will double down and try to foment riots in the lead up to the election.

>>257111635And we'll never know if that fear was because of hill billies with guns, or because he knew he fucked up and the cops were OTW. That doesn't justify him attacking them for their guns.

>>257110790You guys have gypsies, i think? Niggers are more violent gypsies.

>>257088977Nice synopsis OPLast week: pic related.This week: What red-blooded "More power!" macho man doesn't like construction sites? (Let's not bicker & argue over who shot who.)Next week: Arbery who?You would think the MSM and left would get tired of always getting BTFO on their pets' behavior; it's a pattern now, so they don't get far with their BS before getting called early on.

Attached: heyboy.jpg (800x428, 29.28K)

>>257103313I'm not telling anyone to not focus on Obamagate tooYou're the only nigger trying to dictate what people think about so fuck offCall me kike all you want, I'm still gonna bump this thread

>>257111303That's the thing fren they're not that far out of the norm in my part of the southern us. shit happens around here all the time because police are not omniscient or all being all knowing. People around here still have an understanding of right and wrong and people will call it out which is why stuff like this happened. And as many other people already called out this is the kind of thing that happens when you do dumb shit like grab someones protection tool... to try to disarm them... you get shot in the fucking face. It's pretty simple... >>257111635you discount the amount of adrenaline that was present because he was doing or planning something nefarious 12 miles from home. Let me asking you this, if you're white, do you jog and do suspicious shit 12 miles from home in the black ghettos....? no you do not... >>257111825This is the point in all of its entirety... Divide and conquer. If americans regardless of color united against the real common enemy it would be game over... but because of these tactics it's literally a snowmans chance in hell. People have to wake up first.

>>257112046>Hey what's this distracting from>It's distracting from this>you: NOOOOOOOO DISTRACTIONS DON'T EXIST PLEASE BELIEVE ME GOYokyou're either a kike or dimwitted

>>257091530stealing copper pipe

>>257111635>his heart was going a mile a minuteWell his feet sure weren’t in those boots

>>257091102It’s much easier to lie to a man than convince him that he has been fooled. People who run think tanks that all mass media and popular journalists get their talking points from have the human mind and how to essentially program subconscious down to a science. And real libertarian would include 4th generation warfare (social and mass media) as an infraction on the NAP. Travistock with the advent of mass media and social media has essentially mastered the art of mind control. What you say is absolutely true. This is why muh free speech from media doesn’t apply anymore. Humans are not rational actors and are sculpted by their environment. When your environment is being bombarded by propaganda you aren’t really exercising “free will.”

>>257101286Yes. This is a red herring to distract from the real political news, an attempted coup upon the nation's executive branch.The FBI and Pete Strzok were the harbinger.The treason went all the way to the top and they had the brass effrontery to accuse their target of malfeasance as they did it.

>>257109434>even if he was burglarizing what give them the right to kill him>he grabbed their gun>why were they pointing the gun at them in the first place?>Because he was burglarizing>even if he was burglarizing what gives them the right to kill him>because he grabbed their gun>b-b-b-but what right did they have to confront him?Arguing with regards like you is a waste of timeFuck off to reddit nigger

>>257112028Dumber too

>>257088977Checked for race war

>>257090228so then he had committed felony trespass, and the men were completely within their rights to place him under citizen's arrestwhich means they were right to defend themselves from his chimpoutwhich means acquittalQED baby

>>257103765>$4-5k worth of gun$3.5k tops

>>257112117Why would I jog to a Black Ghetto?

>>257112695I'm not sure, Gypsies are more subtle a la try to pickpocket you instead of robbing you like a nigger would, but they are still fucking retarded.

>>257112257Not everything is a slide thread intentionally made to distract all of Holla Forums from what you and your influence group want us to talk about holy shit dude get over yourself. Go be a nigger elsewhere

>>257088977Why was this nigger not in jail to begin with? Tons of priors. More proof that we have a nigger loving justice system


>>25709165390% of people which are 100% of women and most men thanks to institutional brainwashing from kindergarten to university while mass media runs their lives and their peers reinforce it. Women should be given 0 political power as they mainly think with emotion which should have 0 place in politics.

>>257089365 Arresting two innocent men. At least this kills the joggers' "white privilege" argument from now on

>>257112840>I'm just being a helpful idiot keeping slide threads going because I'm a retard who can't control myself but you're the one who needs to get over yourself lmaodimwit

>>257109838this simple as daythey are innocent as can beto convict them of anything would be an act of e.v.i.l

I don’t think there’s any justice. Do not depend on anything that the corruption you call a state has any part in.

>>257112818Why would he jog in a white one? I'm not a troll or trying to get a rise out of people just asking real question realtime. It's a setup. it's a trap.

>>257097849This. We shouldn't try and speak reason or explain how he wasn't such a good boy, we should accelerate, we should push the narrative that these dirty old white men killed a black christian scholar. Get the joggers to meet up in large groups and just let nature deal with the rest.

Fiction is all that matters to the cuck at large. These are the pair that noosed Jussi in the public psyche.

>>257089976If there’s no enough sufficient evidence the prosecution might drop all or most charges

>>257089591>Priming the chimp outLmaaaaaao


Attached: B9AA04EA-7AD9-44E3-A0FD-BD167BE303A3.jpg (577x432, 47K)

The whole point of this is for them to get off, it then creates an excuse for riots. In the end whitey loses regardless of the out come

>>257113312You're really desperate to get us to stop talking about this aren't you? I'm starting to think you're a leftist shill who wants us to stop paying attention so you can quietly adjust the narrative to fit the newly released facts. See? Anyone can call anyone a shill. I'm bumping this thread every time I respond to you by the way, if you really wanted less people discussing the nigger you would jog on faggot

>>257110790They aren’t. You’d know this if you have studied real anthropology.

>>257113873Kinda want to be in a tower in downtown Atlanta when that happens.In Minecraft

Attached: 70267998-D6A3-47DF-8927-D9BEE9BFD475.jpg (828x1021, 258.08K)

>>257089764 sadly, most white conservatives on the internet fell for this hoax HARD.

>>257111303Uhhh hello? It wouldn’t even be on the news. You claim to be this super rational being but don’t understand that probably the only questionable (to normies) killing of a black by whites in years is all over the news while since that case 100x as many black people have just executed each other or whites in cold blood with no reason is on the news instead. It’s purely to sell a narrative of white people bad, racism is still fully alive and well etc. Look at the rate at which blacks kill compared to every other race including interracial. If the mass media covered all of those incidents it would be 24/7 non stop 85 iq animals executing each other for shoes.

>>257114027>Implying I don't think armed robbery deserved itYou are weak. Just like the fifty threads about this dumb nog.

>>257090107thats impressive, identifying the caliber w/ that shit webcam

>>257091756I cant stand Joggers and Bikes

Attached: image.png (400x300, 137.45K)

>>257090546I'm pretty sure they'll get off. Every single piece of evidence supports them.The Kike media will spin up the niggers against the whites. I can guarantee you that completely innocent Whites will die somewhere due to the nigger chimp out.I feel awful that this person (or people plural) are alive right now but won't be soon simply because of Jewish propaganda. I wish I could stop it right now.


>>257114675Idk how long you've been here but there's nothing we love more than a criminal nigger getting put down in self defense and the ensuing chimpouts when the heroes get vindicated. I understand you not being familiar with board culture, but don't keep trying to pretend we're excited about this only to distract from something you're excited about. Go bump the threads you think are important and stop contributing to what you believe are slide threads

jog outs coming

Media is tap dancing around this one. The obvious elephant in the room because we can't upset joggers risking riot. Lincoln said it at Gettysburg: Whites and Blacks cannot live in peace in the same country.

>>257112028This is a good analogy. I’ve dealt with both. Both belong to criminal organizations and are essentially subhuman empathy wise. However joggers are exceptionally violent and lack any sort of moral code. Even Gypsies have a thieves code of conduct of sorts. Blacks however will straight murder children then rat on their partners for 30 days off of a 10 year sentence

>>257117391The funny thing is that most chapotards don’t understand that if we just summoned the founding fathers and Marx back from the grave right now they would find massive problems with America. Wanna know what they are? Multiculturalism. Literally all of them would ask what in the fuck went wrong. Leftoids and conservitards project documents from 100s of years ago thinking they were talking about niggers and savages. Nope. Marx would be the first person to want to genocide and deport all browns before even trying communism. Nobody who has written literature before 1945 saw browns as human beings.

>>257116681"we""board culture"haha fuck you, groupthink robot motherfucker you make me sick

>>257088977Watch a trial date just in time for election


>>257119215Guess you can go backto reddit with your fellow freethinkers you fucking nigger

>>257089591No it's just going to go like Mike Brown when the video of him robbing the convenience store and grabbing for Wilson's gun came out. The liberal elites want docile blacks and not LA 1992 style riots so they'll just completely memory hole the entire thing.Furthermore I believe that we should deport all chinks.

>>257103334didn't he walk around the truck and the white guy followed him?>He's not a trained professional CQB expert, he's not going to get barrel control and wrestle the gunwhat if he thought the other would shoot him if he doesn't disarm him?

>>257088977getting in a vehicle guns blazing and yee-hawin' after someone who didn't set your kid on fire or raped your mother is nigger behavior. The only acceptable outcome would be if these two fat faggots were also put to the sword, then the world would be rid of three wastes of space.

>>257119490No it won't, you nigger. We all want it to happen, but this was a clear-cut case of self-defense against an aggressor. If vigilante justice against blacks became accepted their population would be cut by 25% in about a month.This is only going to make blacks bolder to attack whites, which is the exact reason the media is hyping it so much.

>>257114458Yeah IK thanks for that.

>>257119639>didn't he walk around the truck and the white guy follow him?No, he ran around the truck and charged the white guy and tried to take his shotgun.

>>257108536>He wasn't wearing boots in the remodeled house's video. When he left the house, he was wearing boots. Hummm.Lemme get this straight, street nigger sheds his $350 limited edition zips and decides instead to put on a pair of stolen musty boots that previously were worn by some stinky 3rd world mexican???

>>257122000What a waste of numbers. Also, what makes you think his shoes were $350. Baby Mama got his ass broke.


>>257088977>Once the full construction site video releases, it will no doubt show him either damage something, or pocket something.The communications log from one of the police documents has some stuff towards the end about getting the water shut off to the house Arbery sprints out of. Trying to steal copper pipes, perhaps?

>>257089976First county DA recused herself and kicked it to a neighboring county DA.Neighboring county DA recused himself and it kinda died there for a couple months.Video is release and the GBI get involved and make arrests within 48 hours to appease the hate mob.GI starts talking about how they're "reviewing additional video".Now you have the GA AG trying to kick the case to the Dept of Justice.NOBODY wants to be the one officially saying there is no case, so currently they're trying to spread it around as much as possible. Diffusion of responsibility, everybody's hands in the pie, everybody pointing fingers at each other when the media narrative collapses.

>>257089976Theyll force a plea bargain.Cant have a trial and take the chance they go free.

>>257125391Don't you know that normal people just wander into construction site and kick pipes until something breaks?

I made 2 OC's I want to share.

Attached: OC_hammer.jpg (1280x836, 91.6K)

Attached: fitbit.jpg (770x484, 70.55K)

>>257090107>.38 magnum

Attached: 1587667114702.jpg (500x500, 32.29K)

>>257108536Dude stop with this nonsense. I think the McMichael's were right so far and more evidence will come out.But let's stick with verifiable facts. We have seen evidence of the guy trespassing into someone's home in the neighborhood repeatedly. We don't know what he did while inside. We know that a couple of things in the neighborhood for the past few months were stolen. We know the guy was caught on security camera prior to those incidents. We don't know if he did it. We know he walked into the house and when people called the cops he ran out. We know that during the altercation the gunshots were fired as he came in to fight with the guy with the shotgun.Let's stick with the facts instead of spreading bogus memes of hammers and boots because of a low quality and low resolution video.

>>257119951This is why whites lose, now matter how in the wrong the nigger is blacks will stick up for him. If whites do something even morally justified people like you attack you own people. Your a kike and traitor and deserve to hang you nigger lover

>>257088977Either way the right wins.

>>257088977Yeah was thinking the same.Bubba may still get something. But the dad didn’t do shit.

Attached: 68A94714-66BF-4DFA-B9A6-7393996AB9B3.jpg (300x216, 13.57K)

>>257111635>Full of adrenalinemore like full of lead

>>257100281There's little to fact check. Any journalist who asked any attorney about the incident would get the same answer - lawful self defense, being conditioned on the McMichael's lawful carrying of the firearms.

>>257130649It's very clear from the video, he was running away when he was shot dead. So, no, not the shooting was not in self defense

>>257125976>Now you have the GA AG trying to kick the case to the Dept of Justice.To my knowledge, no grand jury has yet been convened. I suspect that the attempt to get the DoJ involved has to do with moving the jurisdiction to have a better chance of getting a grand jury to indict the McMichaels. As it stands now, it's entirely doubtful a Glynn County grand jury would indict them. And at the federal level, the kikes have much more influence in who ends up on said grand jury.

>>257128704What’s a better defense than a five point letter from the DA that it was justified?

>>257128382>thinking that post was from a white manYou need better Jewdar, son.

>>257131514No, they just don't want to have to be the ones to try the case.

>>257109434By your logic they should have let him take their guns away and trusted that he wouldn't instantly murder them with their own guns. That's retard logic. You're a retarded no-brain nigger monkey, just like the dead nogger jogger.


>>257091756my sides

>>257109434Both lawyers admit there was no evidence he ever pointed the gun at jogger nogger prior to the scuffle

>>257097288>we south africa now

>>257088977 right there with you. We got this jogga

Attached: key.jpg (315x160, 6.41K)

>>257108802> if we just ask this burglar nicely to stay there with his contraband until the cops arrive, surely he will understand and oblige


Attached: gimp.jpg (980x1471, 89.44K)

no video = fake

>>257090107>.38 Magnum

Attached: 1581990205077.jpg (916x1280, 270.54K)

The narrative is that he was just an innocent jogger and in a couple of days it was dismantled completely .Lmao

Attached: unnamed.png (300x300, 22.05K)


>>257136495maybe its an obscure gun like my .455

Attached: original_result (4).png (512x512, 331.31K)

>>257128382Whites lose because they get that 2A American "I used to be a cop" bullshit white people attitude. Then they forget they're jewish masters love the niggers more than they do


>>257136663He wasn't a "jogger", the only thing we know for sure is he was "jogging"

>>257131323Are you fucking braindead? Go watch the video and LISTEN

>>257112527Obviously the writer of this post is a woman, guys line up when they see coups in the middle of the night dozens of miles from home. It's a guy thing. I go to coups in the middle of the night all time when I am out jogging. I visited one yesterday about a 6 hour jog away at 3am and the harbinger caught me and just laughed then gave me a tour.

>>257113259>implying that narrative is dependent on the facts

Are there any actual sources for the boots, hammer, and 12 miles claim? Because those keep getting repeated but they seem to be disinfo. If we're gonna pill people on this we need to make sure we're sticking to facts here


Attached: 1589258777200.png (960x882, 536.59K)

>>257137916excellent khachapuri moj gruzinskij drug

Attached: otvali.jpg (1000x1500, 249.42K)

>>257138537watch the video, it's the same fucking shoes

>>257138630they are the most distinctive frames from the videos. Where is your actual evidence you faggot jogga?

Attached: 1589146035248.jpg (828x814, 371.02K)

Attached: 1589144751480m.jpg (1024x576, 80.93K)

Attached: 1589140097748.jpg (1024x776, 349.65K)

Attached: 1588983582405.png (721x679, 117.64K)

>>257090107>.38 magnum

Attached: 67EB6CDA-0244-4C17-B761-B295CB18B635.jpg (640x480, 25.93K)

Just a " jogger " and his fellow " jogger " group throwing up " jogger " hand signs. Tottaly wasn't associated with a gang at all.

Attached: 1589139135769.jpg (960x728, 326.41K)


>>257139350I stole them all from other anons but thank you none the less. Wish I had more. Post em if you got em boys!.

Attached: 1589139618902.png (1300x700, 287.79K)

>>257139297Where was this picture published?


>>257088977The white guys didn't do anything wrong.The dumb nigger was trespassing in a construction site, assaulted one of the guys, then tried to take one of their shotguns. The white guys were defending themselves & the video proves it.Also, for every one of these shill threads, post the fucking mugshot of the nigger so that way we can put an end to this case once & for all.I'm getting nigger fatigue just hearing about this story.

>>257139452Nowhere. It was taken from his Facebook page right before it was removed. His Instagram and Snapchat and all social media has been scrubbed. Nobody reported that picture at all thus far. Because it's not of him in a tie smiling.

Attached: 15888843671731442260840916795578.png (996x2048, 490.34K)

>>257088977The Georgia AG is asking the feds to investigate so you know he doesn't want to be the bearer of bad news.

>>257088977It’s the same narrative for every one of these good boy stories.

>>257139600Yup, he knows the local authorities made the right call originally when it was deemed self defense. This is his way of saying you can't blame the local sheriff's department and PD once they are acquitted or get mere 3rd degree manslaughter with simple felony probation and time served. Regardless there will be an epic chimp out that I'm sure will take years to come. We only have charges so far. No indictment or trial has even began. If they have a good attorney and the jury isn't biased ( Which it 100% will be if any blacks are on it which I KNOW they will have ) They should get off rather well.

>>257089841The white guys are going to get acquitted. Make no mistake. The gun was shot in self-defend. You can't criminalize someone for defending themselves.

>>257088977As a kid growing up in Alabama, I once ended up driving down a road in a tiny little town i wasn’t familiar with a couple of friends leaving a party. There was nothing around. "The sticks" is how we described areas like that. Late that night on a dark road we came up on a truck parked across the road with some guys with shotguns. As we slowed to a stop several dogs approached the car. Another truck pulled in behind us and blocked our exit. Also men with guns. One of the men approached the car and asked what we were doing there. We explained that we were lost and didn’t know where we were and didn’t mean any harm. The man demanded we turn around and go back the way we came and to be careful not to hit his dogs as I did so. The truck behind moved so we get turned around and we left. Moral of Story: We survived because I’m not fucking stupid enough to grab a man’s shotgun.

>>257114074It's because they are pussies. Virtue signaling, milquetoast panzies just enjoying the good life as the things they value circle the drain.

>>257139937It's almost like you were innocent and acted reasonably. Amazing what that will do for your situation. Also not lunging for the gun and punching someone who has one helps.