Daily News Thread 12/11

New York Port Authority attack: Man held after Manhattan blast

A man is being held after an attempted terror attack at New York City's main bus terminal.

Times Square Subway Bomber Tells Police He's a Follower of Islamic State

A Brooklyn man wearing a pipe bomb attached with Velcro and zip ties set off an explosive in the Times Square subway station Monday morning, injuring himself and three others, sending ambulances racing and commuters fleeing as Christmas shoppers poured into New York City.

UN poverty official touring Alabama's Black Belt: 'I haven't seen this' in the First World

A United Nations official who tours the globe investigating extreme poverty said Thursday that areas of Alabama's Black Belt are suffering the most dire sewage disposal crisis of any place he has visited in a developed country.

Transgender People Can Enlist in Military Jan. 1, Pentagon Says

The Pentagon is allowing transgender people to enlist in the military beginning Jan. 1, despite President Donald Trump's opposition.

EU's Federica Mogherini rebuffs Netanyahu on Jerusalem

The EU's foreign policy chief says there is "full EU unity" in support of Jerusalem becoming the capital of both Israel and a future Palestinian state.

Hezbollah chief says fight for Jerusalem is now top priority

Lebanese Hezbollah will work with its allies to create a strategy “in the field” to confront Israel, the group’s leader, Hassan Nasrallah, said, calling again for a third Palestinian intifada (uprising), during a rally in Beirut on Monday.

How Steve Bannon Rescued Roy Moore’s Campaign Against All Odds

Polls show most Republicans now don’t believe Moore’s accusers.

Trump Super PAC Gets 12-Year-Old Girl To Interview Roy Moore

Alabama Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore recently sat down for an interview with a 12-year-old girl in a meeting arranged by a pro-Trump political action committee.

Syria service for British fighters Jac Holmes and Oliver Hall

A military ceremony has been held in Syria for two Britons killed with the Kurdish-led armed group the over a dozen US military bases in Syria.

Nearly half of Americans still oppose Republican tax bill: Reuters/Ipsos poll

As Republicans in the U.S. Congress rush to finish their tax plan, the legislation is not getting more popular with the public, with nearly half of Americans still opposed to it, according to a Reuters/Ipsos opinion poll released on Monday.

Monsanto offers cash to U.S. farmers who use controversial chemical

Monsanto Co will give cash back to U.S. farmers who buy a weed killer that has been linked to widespread crop damage, offering an incentive to apply its product even as regulators in several U.S. states weigh restrictions on its use.

Bulgaria discovers it has enough bitcoins to pay off fifth of its debt

Hundreds of thousands of bitcoins have been seized in an anti-corruption operation in Bulgaria, reports Zerohedge. They are currently worth $3.6 billion, which is enough to pay off a fifth of the country's national debt of $16.5 billion.

College Presidents Making $1 Million Rise With Tuition and Student Debt

A seven-figure salary to run a nonprofit college? You know what they say: Pro Humanitate.

Hundreds of HP laptop models found to have hidden keylogging software

A security researcher has revealed that some HP laptops have hidden software which can log everything typed on its keypads. More than 460 models have been affected, dating back to 2012, according to the list released by HP.

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Is it true that only progressive billionaires can save humanity? - Slavoj Žižek

Communism failed in the 20th century, but is allowing the super-rich to dictate to the rest of humanity the only alternative system? Perhaps we need to design a socialist system, which also recognizes achievement.

How the Radical Right Takeover in Brazil Has Parallels With Trumpism

The hard right is running the country without being elected after Dilma Rousseff’s impeachment last year. It has surprising support among the new lower-middle class.

Debt Comes for Us All



Hmmmmmmm. Really activating my almonds Zizek.


NewsAnon 2.0 does it again. thanks fam.

No one will listen if you don't pander to the burger stereotypes. C'est la vie.

Domestic Workers in Brazil are so malnourished and abused they're forced to eat dog food.
Thank you based capitalism for improving the standard of living /s

It's kind of a cookie-cutter statement at this point, and I'm pretty sure this is just a bastardized, truncated form of the article he wrote for 'In These Times' about the ecological crisis of capital being unsolvable within the logic of capital ("Lessons from the "Airpocalypse""). Anyways, opaque statement from a guy who never leaves things under-explained should prompt inquiry into just what he does mean, so no harm done except for a stupid tagline.

Welp this is going to fuck with the international credit market, perhaps bitcoin is /ourcurrency/ afterall.

This is the kind of shit that happens before a civil war or national crisis.

this is actually fucking hilarious

What about the transaction fees, though?

Zizek never changes.


> firstly, we no longer have any communes in which there is levelling, equalisation of requirements and personal, everyday life. Practice has shown that the communes would certainly have been doomed had they not abandoned equalisation and had they not in fact gone over to the position of artels. Consequently, there is no point in referring to what no longer exists.
> Secondly, every Leninist knows, if he is a real Leninist, that equalisation in the sphere of requirements and personal, everyday life is a reactionary petty-bourgeois absurdity worthy of some primitive sect of ascetics, but not of a socialist society organised on Marxist lines; for we cannot expect all people to have the same requirements and tastes, and all people to mould their personal, everyday life on the same model. And, finally, are not differences in requirements and in personal, everyday life still preserved among the workers? Does that mean that workers are more remote from socialism than members of agricultural communes?
> These people evidently think that socialism calls for equalisation, for levelling the requirements and personal, everyday life of the members of society. Needless to say, such an assumption has nothing in common with Marxism, with Leninism. By equality Marxism means, not equalisation of personal requirements and everyday life, but the abolition of classes, i.e.,
> Moreover, Marxism proceeds from the assumption that people's tastes and requirements are not, and cannot be, identical and equal in regard to quality or quantity, whether in the period of socialism or in the period of communism.


Butthurt in the comments

American private debt continues to skyrocket with Federal Reserve rate hikes looking to bury many


Never gets old.

Why would paying off debt fuck credit markets though.

I don't know a single person who isn't ready for it yet we all continue as is.

Well, at least she didn't eat the dog. breitbart.com/national-security/2017/09/05/venezuelans-eating-dogs-zoo-animals/

Seriously though, Brazilian Maiding would solve World Unemployment if it weren't for minimum wages.



That's way more expensive than cheap grains.

Hail Ronnie, full of Grace

Why are ancaps so fucking dumb?


Get over it, you tard. You make us look bad.

I live a few hours east of this in Georgia and there are places like this all over. The south is about 20 years from being straight up third world.

I'd like to imagine that that guy choked on his next glass of human shit.

His stone'll say "He died defending what he loved."



We have shit like this all over the midwest

But user, obviously we get the MILITARY power so we're allowed, god bless McDonalds and president Ronald Reagan! MAGA!
i know it's hard to tell these days but this is a shitpost

Inner cities are weird. Used to live there and I still live on the outskirts of a city (I don't live in the suburbs thankfully, but I live in what's called "the outer city"). The inner city conditions are like the second world in all honesty, it's been stuck in post-USSR collapse mode

large transactions = less fees

yo what's that omegle-like website where you get to debate your political agenda?

Conservative Christian Values™ trumps not drinking poop.

Crop destroying… never change, porky.

UN poverty official touring Alabama's Black Belt: 'I haven't seen this' in the First World

only in usa

HOLY SHIT. I'm from the Midwest and dicamba was the only thing farmers talked about this entire summer, since that shit opened them up to lawsuits.

I expect we'll be seeing these images plastered all over the internet if we get a Roy Moore victory today.

Wait so are you telling me that over half the country supports something that will objectively and clearly make them poorer? This isn’t even some obfuscated trickle down bullshit, does it not just openly call for the poor to pay more taxes? Jesus somebody email Kim and get an ETA on those nukes.

I know these people aren't bright but who really thought this would be a good idea. Then again they managed to make a sexual predator with pedophilic tendencies an almost sure winner for a senate seat so what do I know.

I knew it was bad but I didn't know it was this bad.
'Poo in the loo' was pure projection

I like how they made sure to get a pre-teen in order to avoid exciting Moore sexually.

"See See he isn't getting a boner guys! He's totally NOT a child rapist. Check and mate commies!"

Likely wishful thinking on their part, that.

It's actually a bit more:

53%~ actively disprove, 39~ approve, and the rest probably just don't know what the hell it's going to do.

most burgers will never hear about it until after it passes and even then they'll only hear surface level stuff

Nobody is passionate enough about anything in America to start a civil war, its complete anhedonia and nihilism

That 39% is exclusively the Republicans, but even they are disappointed with the bill. Their support for it is based on party not content.