Which country has the worst politics

Here in Burgerland, we have a doomsday cult as a significant political faction.

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The US
The classcuckery is unmatched

Australia, Israel, and Brazil all have worse leftist politics

Was listening to some American lefty talking on Late Night Live about left culture here and she said something like 'I was amazed, people here in Australia know The Internationale and Solidarity Forever, and you have such a strong union movement, the award system, and so on' and it made me really happy about Ausleft culture tbh.

Let's just count the entirety of the American continent as one, and the worst in the world, Latin America is literally Nazi Germany.

Unions are more of a Northern and Midwestern thing, but they have declined relevance. The American labor movement has been dead since the 60s. Plus manufacturing is being outsourced so industrial workers aren't even a big thing anymore. We're better off unionizing truck drivers and service workers

I should clarify, as an Australian when I said 'here' I meant 'Australia'.

In America people at least don't have to pretend they love their job. To see true classcuckery look at Japan.

Did Australia ever have a strong union movement?

Australia's union movement was legitimately based back in the day, and the Labor party was originally a group of radical SocDems, but as time went on the unions and Labor cucked the workers and now unions are little more than an extension of government bureaucracy.

that's just christo-accelerationism

lmao what do you think islam and judaism are?

Most Jews are secular at this point.

Judaism is kind of too small to be relevant tbh. It's the zionists with political power who matter. And most Muslims and Christians are not doomsday cultists. Evangelicals are, and they make up a large portion of burger christfags.

many zionists are secular.



Chassidic Jewish sects are basically doomsday cults, even the anti-Zionist ones like the Satmar.

slave society ended with violence, feudalism ended with violence, what's preventing capitalism from ending with violence.

Ever heard of the Teamsters? Anyways, I think if that were to really happen en masse then the capitalists would run to the right-to-work states and create a boom in the industrial labor force that hasn't been seen in generations.

Not outsourced, automated. FFS listen to ZeroBooks.

It truly does suck in Burgerland but I think we'd have to be a close second to Saudi Arabia. The only thing worse than that could be Hell or being white in North Korea.

Doomsday cults aren't just people who believe in some kind of end times (even scientists agree that there will be an eventual end to the earth and perhaps even the universe as we know it), it's having a whole fanatical sect based around this endtime event and especially around trying to bring it about.

I think it's just a way of trying to have an impact on the world. They're aware nothing they do will survive the end of days or even expand the deadline. But maybe if they can bring it closer they'll feel as if they made a difference. I could see myself getting behind the idea if I hadn't already embraced nihilism with open arms.

It's a load of nonsense even by the standards of Christian theology. Revelations isn't a spell book, you can't force the hand of God by trying to reenact the events of some ancient prophecy. The Christian God is a living, omnipotent being with his own agency, and he'll bring about the end times when he wants to bring about the end times and not a second sooner. You're supposed to live your life on the example of Christ and the laws of the new covenant.

My point being that not only do these people have a loose grasp on reality, they don't even have a particularly tight grip on their own professed religion. They're essentially in Christianity-inspired doomsday cults.

in america people actually love their jobs and worship their employers as "job creators"

It's still not as bad as it is in Japan. Look up Japanese work culture sometime, it's insane.

i know about the work culture but i don't hear about average japanese people worshipping capitalism like a religion and flying gasden flags

the japanese are obedient, even if they don't like it, because their culture and society demands it of them. whereas americans actually celebrate the way things are and demand it to be even worse

They do practically worship muh tradition and muh ancestors, though, which has lead them to be almost unconditional classcucks. At least Americans demand something in return for their obedience.

That's precisely the point, it goes much deeper than that. When Americans talk of the wonders of capitalism, they're at least recognizing it as capitalism, instead of a given set of norms rooted in time immemorial.

Australian had Great Union movement up until the early Nineties that's when the Queers took over…Now they do not care about workers unless they are Non white ,Immigrants, Homosexuals, retards.

i suppose you're right. whatever the case it's a lot less annoying than the american version

America's domestic political culture is terrible because of the foreign policy it enables, not because one group or another has beliefs that are crazy on paper.

Crazy people being allowed to control positions of power are a lot more dangerous than sane ones.

Ultimately the terrible shit we do on a daily basis is carried out by the people who run our military machine. They are highly credentialed and thoroughly mainstream. Military worship is the real danger to the other 95% of humanity.

It's a danger to Americans as well.

The American military protects the empire of capital, not Americans. Ultimately, if makes Americans more likely to be attacked by the many enemies the military makes for itself, or, without putting the tinfoil hat on too firmly, getting attacked by the American state itself, Operation Northwoods showed that the US state is more than willing to murder Americans to create a pretext for war.

America but Italy is second close.

Too many people have been made soft by it for violence to be viable (at least among first world countries).

Accurate. This is the worst kind of identity politics, identifying with the capitalist.

Do you think on some, maybe unconscious level they know they're classcucks, but they just don't have any other choice because unions etc are dead? In my case I've gotten very good at pretending to love my job, its the only way to keep it and fit in with everyone else. But I'm not sure if my coworkers are also pretending or if they really are spooked.

All of them.

Proofs? I wanna see what data that Twitter user's referencing to make the claim that all 80% of Evangelical Christians who supported Trump want him to annex Jerusalem to declare it the capital.

To be fair, in my personal experience 100% of Evangelicals I know are obsessed with Israel and apocalyptic prophecy.


Although the question I have is, why do American Jews lean left the vast majority of the time while in the U.K. The exact opposite is true.


honestly i don't know. my gut tells me that they actually do believe all the stuff they say, that they actually believe that work ethic bullshit; like people aren't entitled to a decent quality of life if they don't spend 40+hr/week slaving for a wage; that the poor and the homeless deserve their suffering because they just didn't try hard enough

i mean these are people who oppose a national healthcare service because they don't believe their taxes should pay for the wellbeing of others; "can't afford a doctor? tough shit. should've worked harder." whereas, to make another comparison to japan, i think even japan has some sort of state healthcare system, although i don't know the specifics

i could be completely wrong though. maybe it is some sort of psychological phenomenon, like a coping mechanism or something. frankly it distresses me to think too much on it

The working class british jewish population mostly moved to Israel (because if you lived in the UK you got around the Palestinian settlement quotas set by the british government since intraempire movement was unrestricted) while working class jewish communities in America remained there.

Ukraine is really bad. At least in Western countries like the US, leftists can legally meet up, have demonstrations, etc.




Tbh this, people got arrested for adorning "communist symbolism" during the 100 years celebrations.

However, watching a load of бабушки и дадушки beat off fash is quite entertaining.

I think the issue is their reflexive defense of inequality is to justify it based on a completely imaginary system of distribution in which people are given a fair return on their efforts in relation to food, housing, medical care etc. They may as well be talking about sorcerers cursing the unworthy for all the relation it has to reality. The relentless procapitalist media (particularly since the USSR was dissolved) in the west must bear some blame, as well as the total capture of both major political parties by businesses.

yes and yes

the whole of Latin America's left is either reformism or idpol crap


"Briefly: the chain of the imperialist front must, as a rule, break where the links are weaker and, at all events, not necessarily where capitalism is more developed (…)"


To build on what said:

The premise behind historical development in Marxism isn't mere especulation as an eschatological argument would suggest, but the conclusion of the rigorous study of societies before capitalism, all of which were - broadly speaking -, characterized by the existence of dominant and dominated classes, with qualitative changes ocurring only with the proper development of the means of production, and with the will of the "dominated" to rise in arms and rebuild society in their own image.

The fall of capitalism is not a doomsday argument but the logical conclusion of a contradictory system.


Japan is very weird, in that its society and how it functions is contradictionary as fuck. It's a very collectivist culture, yet alienation runs high among most people, yet they're very happy. Kind of the same with their education system; primary education puts emphasis on cooperation and individual responsibility (the good kind [e.g. egoism]), while secondary education is FAR more competitive and plagued with extremely rugged individualism (the bad kind [e.g. objectivism]). And reactionaries think that this is an ideal homogeneous, nationalistic society

I do.
Automation and outsourcing have contributed to the decline of the American industrial worker. Better?

My local Demsucc chapter is reading the Teamster Rebellion, I need to read more into the CLA. I live in a right to work state and all the industry here is oil and refineries. The right to work laws destroy any chance of unions down in the south but people here are waking up to the stench of wage theft (plus not being paid a liveable wage while rents skyrocket).

Same thing happened to the US

We're reaching levels of American exceptionslism that shouldn't even be possible!

let's not forget about how it's very traditionalist in some ways yet many children grow up with single parents or absent parents, girls routinely prostitute themselves for pocket money, and the entire country has become synonymous for "sexual deviancy"

I thought I was the only one who remembered dispensationalism.

Yeah American fundies want to herd as many jews as possible into Israel, build the third temple and bring about the 2nd coming. Oh, the process also involves a globalist army shoahing Israel. Fuck, maybe Holla Forums was right when they thought Trump would fight the jews.

As the ever-quotable Uncle Joe said, "all of them are the worst".

Shining Path are idpol reformists? What about the FARC?

Even though a lot of countries like Hungary or Romania are in a political situation as bad or worse than the USA, it is still the worst by the virtue of two things :
1) Most people there has been brainwashed by Cold War propaganda, and see the left as "neoliberal capitalism but with more female Muslim CEOs". They totally forgot economic concerns until Sanders came to the spotlight last year, and even then, a lot of people still believe a single-payer healthcare system is full communism. Americans don't know the history of their pre-WWII left-wing movements at all.
2) Their cultural influence is far-reaching, making people from all over world (mainly in Europe and Latin America) adhere or at least think within the American political framework, while they have historically different views of politics which are traditionally more accepting of the left-wing.

what the fuck is that

Power is like a stew…

Diabeetes Casserole

yes we do


Mods please ban this poster. webm is on par with cp.

The problem with Americans is that they have been so buttraped by capitalist propaganda that they are only capable of understanding things in terms of individualism (individuals and personalities) instead of systems, so if something is wrong it's always the result of a conspiracy theory amongst high-ranking individuals in business and politics rather than structural problems in capitalism itself. It's also why antisemitism still refuses to die in America and is actually resurgent.

they have among the highest suicide rates in the world

Not to mention all that ultra-escapist media like anime.


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never forget the pilot's strike tbh