What is, in your opinion, the strongest non-Marxist socialism and/or critique of capitalism...

What is, in your opinion, the strongest non-Marxist socialism and/or critique of capitalism? What is the most interesting and compelling alternative to Marxism?

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this isn't a question. Marx didn't dictate what socialism should be like, he just took the preexisting definitions of Socialism (from Anarchists) and approached it using social science and economics.

but social science is a spook and marx was an absolute dogshit economist

There is no non-Marxist socialism. Not in 21st century.

Amish. The only alternative is to stay within pre-industrial economy.


He did critique nearly every other stream of anti-capitalist 'socialism.'

not so much an alternative than a complement, but Heidegger's ontology.

which part?
if its social science being a spook, it is the science of how humans interact with each other, but that of course can change literally on a whim so you should not rely on it because it is literally not real
if it is the other thing, read marx


It's almost like there was a certain 19th century writer who studied the changing of society and the things that drove said change

what exactly was wrong with marx's economics? name dropping isnt an explanation

Marx's account of money needs some work. In the Grundrisse he develops an account of money prompted by a critique of Darimon. It's interesting but flawed imo (both thinkers are flawed). It's too highly conceptual and feels like a cartoon cutout of Hegel.

And what exactly is it that needs work? Simply name-dropping Darimon and saying he wrote about money in Grundrisse doesn't actually explain anything.

There isn't one. Marxism is the only worthwhile form of socialism.

stop forcing the poor thing into rushed, desperate google searches

please read at least one book that outlines anthropology before you shitpost


It's not an alternative ideology orphilosophy or anything, but every gommie really should read Karl Polanyi's The Great Transformation.

I mean, as far as I'm aware, nobody else has even attempted to create a critique of capitalism in totality, which is basically what he tried to do in capital.

What do you mean by this? Do you mean in terms of a complete analysis of the system, or what it advocates as a replacement?

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While I am aware that marxist critiques of Distributism exist, I have yet to see a proper take down of Maurrasian Integralism that doesn't just mock his physical disabilities and ridicules his anti-semitism. I managed to track down the existence of an elusive Maurras-Mao comparative analysis by a '68 red guard and an AF member but finding a digital or physical copy has eluded me thus far.

literally both

What's unique to Maurras that's better than the Italian and German fascist forms?

I'm surprised they aren't more Technocracy critiques of Capitalism, in how it's an inherently inefficient system that puts profit over utility and allows random individuals to direct production instead of educated experts. Technocracy seems like it could be a genuine Third Way but almost no one advocates for it.

There are. They just tend to pretend to be Marxist - since they are doing critique of Capitalism and need dumb proles to put them in charge of everything.

There is no "genuine Third Way". Either you abolish exchange-based economy - or you do not. If you abolish it, you have to put absolute power in hands of Proletariat - and no excuses about proles being dumb. Otherwise your precious Planned Economy will get divided between clans of Technocrats (who know better) who will inevitably restore Capitalism - because it is more efficient to exchange favours that way. See USSR post-1956. That is how Socialism transitioning into Technocracy looks like.

Maurras wasn't critical of capitalism, he was critical of liberalism.

It exists, look up Neurath and a resource based or in kind economy

even if he wasnt a marxist per se his work heavily influence kantorovich and pic related

Yeah Paul and Allen expand on Neuraths ideas in 'Calculation in Natura'

Here is a lecture in leftforum where Paul discusses why in the long term using only labour as the underlying economic determinant is inneficient and would require a a transition to a total resource allocation method.




look, i did an ideology!