Is this your doing leftypol?

Is this anti semetic meme the doing of Holla Forums or Holla Forums? Holla Forums seems to hate it so it kinda narrows it down.

Id rather Israel simply not even exist and for all land to go to the Palestinians tbh

Israel ? never heard of that country ?

Great flyer.

Holla Forums doesnt hate it you imbecile.

They all whine that it promotes multiculturalism you gigantic twit.

You can't just kick out 5.8 million people. Not to mention most Palestinian refugees are probably never returning.

"Open borders for Israel" is an alt-right meme

"Open Borders for Israel" is a well-known neo-Nazi meme, it probably originates from Stormfront, the Daily Stormer or something.

It’s one of the few Alt-Right memes that is actually good.

It's shit, actually. Much like this thread

Sionista get the fuck out of here

I unironically support this message

What do you mean that cant? They did and got a free pass by the media

Kick out the Jews from all 48 Palestine and the Palestinian economy would immediately crash, and not in a good way either. You'd see serious brain-drain given that Israelis are some of the most educated people on earth.

So you are saying its anti semetic thus invalid? Seems like another way to shut down criticism of israel.
But lets get real, all of the right in America overwhelmingly supports isreal.

Why kick out the jews? Just let the 5.7 million refuges have a right to return home on their lands and have isreal stop building illegal settlements on top of their land.

You'd have to as part of a land reform. Not to mention there are close to 800,000 settlers in the West Bank (many settlements are small cities). So either way, you'd need to remove bodies.

The only land reform we need is the complete collectivization of it.

And who runs the collectivization process?

This meme needs to die. The far-right is obsessed with shit like the ZOG Occupied Government and the global Zionist conspiracy

The proletariat

If a settlement home is of a new generation who has liver there their whole life they should have a right to remain. But those who chose to move there and are still alive can be removed to make room.
At the very least they should just stop expanding them.

The far-right in America are mainly fundamentalist Christian republicans. They're firmly in the mainstream.

There's also less mainstream far-right like literal neo-Nazis who do believe in shit like ZOG Occupied Government but they aren't the far-right that actually matters.

Isn't bourgeoisie manipulation and the 1% theory kind of the same way though? Everyone agrees, someone at the top fucks over everyone else. Not to mention, every single idpol faggot i've ever met supported Israel.

No, not even close. The left adheres to a structural criticism of capitalism, whereas the far-right personifies social ills. The problem isn't capitalists, the problem is capitalism.

Pic related would not be a fact if that was true.
The far right is a meme movement of neckbeards that have no sway over the greater scheme of things.
The majority and the right wingers who actually matter overwhelmingly support Israel along with the left in the US. These flash mobs the far left and right create are irrelevant.

Explain this one, anti-imperialists.

It is, because it's a dog whistle. The idea is that Jews supposedly support open borders in Europe and the US to promote whïte genocide, which is why they wouldn't allow it in Israel — it's an "ironic" slogan.

Fam, pretty much everyone on Holla Forums from anarkiddies to turbotankies vehemently oppose Israeli foreign policy.

There it is: the most retarded thing I'll read today.

And that's the problem: most of the settlers are religious Jews who have bucketloads of kids. A settlement like Beithar Illit has a population which is 60% under age 18.

Nonetheless its an issue disregarded by mainstream media. Even it if is created by internet trolls whats stopping the left from hijacking it into a real non ironic thing? That wouldn't be a bad thing, good causes need publicity either way.
But what do they do about it? On the rare occasion the topic is mentioned its a "shit thread disregard it".

Its one hell of a prominent issue to ignore. Its not like its a key to peace in the middle east or anything or the continues fuel for the wars


If a new settler has dependents they can take the kids with them along with their wealth that got them there. Kids whom lived there all their lives and are on their own can stay.

Not going to happen. What happens when most of the 800,000 settlers fight back? Jews aren't stupid and if they knew they were going to be forcefully removed from their homes they'd fight back in an instant.

anarkiddies, everybody

Complete and utter nonsense. They will obey their government if faced against the IDF. Its has been done in Gaza in 05

There was heavy resistance to the removal of settlers from Gaza. Plus the settler population was tiny compared to what it currently is in the WB.

Most antideutsch are MLs that draw heavily on the Frankfurt School, tbh



It did nothing to stop it, many of them complied with the military. Times have also changed in israel as the left is more prominent than before.

Fuck off liberal. No border shit is the biggest meme in history

Mods are such zionist cunts

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