Nicolae Ceaușescu

Can anybody redpill me on Nicolae Ceaușescu? Was he a "butcher" like the West described him (and virtually anybody else associated with the Eastern Bloc) or did he actually do some good for Romania and for socialism despite being a "national communist"?

Is National Communism just a precursor to NazBol GANG


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Read up on Ceaușescu's reproduction policies. Aside from that he wasn't terrible, but not great either.

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The dude was considered a revisionist among revisionists in his time. Even suspected of working with western countries.

Why though? Like can you give me a good source on him? I literally know nothing about the man and just find the whole Eastern Bloc interesting so have been trying to learn more


Because of him, Romania was considered in the 80's the North Korea of Europe. Because it had a border with Yugoslavia (which was still behind the Iron Curtain from Romania's view but a bit easier to get to than other western countries), so many romanians fled there, that their government enacted a policy of giving runaways free transport to any western country they wanted, only not to remain in Yugoslavia and cause animosities with the other socialist countries.

Want more? He borrowed heavily from the IMF in the 70s and then, to pay back in the 80s, directed all the produce for exportation to pay that debt. All the high quality food, cars, clothes were sent mainly to the West, while romanians had to stay hours in lines to get some skinny chickens or crappy powdered milk for their families. To survive, you had to make deals with people working at slaughterhouses, they would steal meat from there for you, and you had to steal something from your own job to give them in exchange or otherwise help them with something.

Nazbol my ass, he wasn't even that, just your standard dictator who doesn't give a shit about his own countries and cares more about his image at the United Nations.

The stories of massive breadlines, general hunger and poverty, people disappearing and never being seen again for making mild jokes in bar, and such, actually happened under him. He bulldozed thousands of homes to build a palace, and he tried to rehabilitate the image of Romanian Fascists and far right wingers like Ion Antenescu.


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People say this about Albania too.

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Reminder that he cucked himself. Ceasescu was so retarded and so out of touch that he thought it was a brilliant idea fro the television in Romania to broadcast the famous american series "Dallas" about some wealthy family in Texas because he wanted the people to see "how degenerate and corrupt capitalism was" what he forgot was that Romania unlike the other countries in the USSR couldn't even get the bare minimum to the people, so exposing them how people lived in capitalism made people in Romanai even more angrier.

The fact that people missed the safety of the Soviet bloc after shitty capitalism doesn't mean that Nicholas Ceausescu was a good leader nor a good communist. They are saying these things because they don't like capitalism. People overthrew the government for a reason even if they didn't think things through.

Except Ceaușescu only went batshit insane after he got inspired by his trip to North Korea in the early 70s.

He did nothing wrong


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Romania was left with a generation of orphans and runaways after their parents were gulag'd. They begged for money (and later on turned to prostitution) to sniff glue. The same thing happened all across the parts of South America that got hit with Bolivarian fever.

so ethnic cleansig is okay if the fascists who do it call themselves communists?


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He was probably the worst eastern block leader

I don't hate communsits, and people who hate Chacuhesku don't hate communists either.
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