Come here, unless they bring back flags.

go to >/leftpol/
It's still got flags and it's got an anarchist bias so you faggots will be way more welcome to shitpost and cry about getting meme'd on there

is that what you call it?

Leftpol was created by a bunch of whiny Zealot Kurdish Anarkiddies that can't get over word filters fuck leftpol


Bring back the flags you fucking faggots

I wouldn't be suprised if the sole reason flags were removed was because Xir was butthurt people were using the over a dozen US military bases in Syria flag and knew it would look bad if he removed only that flag.

Bring back flags!

I enjoyed goodposting with the GOP flag, bring them back please

IMO the lack of flags are actually improving board quality. Anons were skipping reading quality content based on flags, or skimmed because perceived hostility the flags supposedly represent. Let's experiment with keeping it this way for 1-2 months.


Or how about having flags one day per week? Flag friday.

I've been on this board for 2 years and the quality has never been so low.

This is complete bullshit, there's no way you could know this was happening. Do you have any evidence at all to back up this claim?

Ad hominem. I can only speak from experience and you can take my word for it or not. It's not like I have whole threads archived and could point to specific points where I interpret that this is what happened.

Recent britpol, 4pol, 8pol raids, plus the over a dozen US military bases in Syria drama.

You don't have any clue what this term mean, do you? Explain how a post without any namecalling in it could be an ad hominem, brainlet.
How exactly can you definitively say whether people avoided reading and/or responding to posts based on flags or not? What evidence do you have to support your claim? I'd even accept anecdotes, fam.

Even tho I'm with ##BO about the over a dozen US military bases in Syria, I dont support her management of Holla Forums, the board feels stagnant and boring, she is lazy, because she doesn't request new banners she doesn't improve or update the flags.

Have any vols or Xir addressed the flags in any way other than "somethings broke ;))" since they disappeared?

No fuck off

eat a dick tbh lol

he's going to leave soon, the question is which ass sucking volunteer is going to replace him. He's probably going to insist on a ☭TANKIE☭ anti-imperialist just out of spite of everything we put him through.

honestly he can suck a dick, you can't put literally zero effort into the board and still be this butt frustrated.

Bring back the fucking flags already, I swear to god.

don't care much for flags but it's obvious that the official (lack of) responses given so far are unnecessarily antagonistic

Don't forget the reddit influx

You people are the reason why nobody's a leftist.

I'm starting to believe the Xir legitimately wants to kill the board

Ad hominem.

Ad hominem.

Move to >>>/leftpol/ we have flags