Is there any inheirit flaw to thirdworldism...

Is there any inheirit flaw to thirdworldism? Sure the arguement can be made against who the real proletariat is or isn't, but the fact remains that the best chance of success we've got for global socialism starts in the developing ocuntries who are being exploited by imperialism

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We need 3rd worldism without the retarded ☭TANKIE☭s.

Global socialism can only happen when the largest capitalist countries secede to socialism and from that point onwards spread to the rest of the world.

Imo, an isolated vanguard in the third world country is a sure-fire way of turning into yet an another Cuba.

Its fundementally anti-marxist. By rejecting marxs basic claim that class antagonisms are unresolvable they essentially say class collaborationism works and can solve the problems of capitalism.

The West is more revolutionary than anywhere else on earth due to our legacy of Christianity and the Enlightenment.

When 3rd World people revolt, it's always out of nationalism or religion. When western people revolt, it's always out of saving Enlightenment values (justice, egalitarianism, truth hope) from betraying themselves.

The United States has far more revolutionary potential than anywhere in Asia, including India or Palestine.


The only chance of success for socialism lies in a truly international communist organisation.


I think nowadays it makes more sense because most of them have pretty developed capitalism. Turd worldism is dead though.

So why are the only people fighting capitalism from the 3rd World?

The Maoists in the Philippines are negotiating peace and the Naxalites are less and less relevant every day, sad to say

So… NazBol?

Look up Immanuel Wallerstein. His World System Analysis is a big improvement on Mao's theory of the three worlds

Cool, thanks.
I feel maoism to be an important factor in modern day marxism, yet hardly applicable due to the vast amount of economic and social changes that has been happening since the 60s
I also feel like the western world has become seriously numb when it comes to economic changes and is now almost eniterly focused on social changes (such as sjw and aut-right)
But that doesn't mean that the economic struggles isn't a thing, poverty is still very real, but mostly forgotten by the neoliberalist world we live in

Turd Worldism is just an inversion of the Theory of Productive Forces. Instead of holding to the notion that socialism can only come out of the most developed countries, it takes the opposite view where nations that are deemed "backwards" and "closer to primitive communism" are the only ones capable of conducting a socialist revolution. This entire idea holds no weight. Yes, it's true that Russia was ass-backwards by 1917, but the Russian Revolution wasn't waged by Russia's tribal people. It was waged by the urban proles. In fact, the revolution was heavily resisted by several of Russia's tribal peoples, especially those in Central Asia (look up the Basmachi movement). China may have been done by peasants but Mao was highly educated. Same with Ho Chi Minh. Same with Castro. It's hardly PC to say, but nearly every single left-wing revolution in the 3rd World was lead by western-educated individuals (hence why they were able to study Marx) who were leaps above their host nations' general populations.

The problem with turd-worldism is that it's un-Marxist idealist red liberal garbage that has a lot more to do with the romanticist idea of the "noble savage" than it has to do with anything approaching Marxist theory.

It's all fusing and always was fused. Wallerstein (I'm not the other person who rec'd him btw) has an article about how the academy is set up to where culture, politics, and economics are different areas of study yet in reality they're all the same. So a real science of man would not make a hard and fast distinction between the economic and the cultural.

What I'm trying to say is that the meme warfare we are seeing is economic

Mao contributed nothing worthwhile to Marxism and Maoism always descends into idpol. He's better left in the trashbin of history.

Third worldism and Mao's three worlds theory are two different things.

That's retarded and it will never happen. If you think you're going to invade countries like Iran to give them socialism you're no better than 🍔burger🍔s who want to invade countries to give them capitalism and liberal democracy.
Communism is a western thing and can only be achieved in Europe, North America, Australia, Mexico and it's central american neighboors Chile, Argentina and Brazil. Everyone else should reject western notions of organization of society and follow their own path.

You forgot the rest of South America

Fuck off. Enlightenment was the product of colonialism and western supremacy.

Marxism is Enlightenment philosophy you retard

So, dosent change the fact that it was deveolped thanks to those two trends

No, Marx was heavily critical of the liberals of his day.