Why are europeans so apalled at the racism in America but whenever gypsies are mentioned...

Why are europeans so apalled at the racism in America but whenever gypsies are mentioned, they talk about them like irredeemable sewer rats?

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because they are irredeemable sewer rats.

Probably because they are. It's just less socially acceptable to be racist based on other factors.

Exhibit A: "It's okay because it's true".

This is just like retarded rednecks complaining about "criminal antiwhite BLM niggers"

funny that you mention
I actually played as a kid with a bunch of gypsies
got fleas from them, but it was fun otherwise
learned how to craft a nails shooting gun

they were just dirt poor and despised
I remember how my grandmother ordered me to never get near them again

but meh, I got parasites because some stray dog I palyed with always licked me all over the face and there was no shower except nearby river, so I must've been a pretty disgusting dirty littel shit too
such is life in a countryside


Because racists don't ever think they're racist, they always think racism is a dishonest leftist gotcha they need to use the right vocab to avoid. They don't understand BEING RACIST is the problem, they take that part for granted 100%

everyone was racist until the holocaust made it unacceptable, give it some time


Serious question: Is there systemic, institutionalized racism against gypsies in Europe or do people just not like them?

Because everyone is at a loss at how to deal with their extremely exploitive (of themselves) culture. They have taken up a role in society of traveling crime familys doing minor things, not really enough to deserve the subhuman label however. Usually these crimes involve fucking each other over rather than others. Most noticable is their professional begging that the higher ups in their society collect rent on but petty theft, scavening and prostitution is also common. As long as this shit is allowed to fly because it would be "too racist" to try and stop it hate for them will only grow, any shitty identity born out of capitalism needs to be stomped out.

again, attitudes don't go away in 50 years, racism will not disappear overnight

In most places there is

There is systemic racism against gypsies in Europe. They are pushed out or put into Ghetto's generally piss poor and often live in already poorer European nations like Romania, Bulgaria and Hungary on top of that.

On the Jews:

Everyone is at a loss for how to deal with their extremely exploitative (of others) culture. They have taken up a role in society of traveling families doing major things - more than enough to deserve the subhuman label. Most noticeable is their professional begging that the general population pay for Zionist wars against Arabs, but financial crimes and promotion of pornography are also common. As long as this shit is allowed to fly because it would be "too racist" to try and stop it, the hate for them will only grow, any shitty identity born out of Zionism needs to be stomped out.

Because they are fucking animals.
Seriously. Their culture is based on only idea that working for a white is worse than stealing. Fuck them. Plus you can't side american racism (a country without an identity) with europe. Fuck off

Except there is nothing about the gypse race or character that puts them into the position they're in just like jews are not actually born with a desire to destroy the white race. You should probably reread what i wrote since you miss the point entirely. They are a group of people exsiting outside of european society while in close enough proximity to affect it and more so than anything else be affected by it. Their material conditions has created a society for them entierly different from the rest of europe. The same would be true anywhere in the world, except of course if they went to the US they would all be arrested for loitering or squatting and put to work inside a private prison.

Literal idpol.

It's a meme, dude. Calm down.


Is it possible for Holla Forumsyps to not sound like fucking automatons?
It's hard to imagine people actually getting convinced by drivel like this.

Gypsy community is extremely enclosed and exclusive. They have some really backward, regressive traditions that somehow survive to this day. They view all non-gypsies as impure, lesser beings (they call them gadjo) that must be avoided at all cost. They believe gadji are both spiritually and physically impure, for example they won't touch things that were previously used by gadji. Some communities interpret this as an outright chauvinism against gadji, so they will sometimes believe that it's okay to cheat and steal from gadji whenever possible, It's tribalism galore.

I have nothing against gypsies per se, but i do against their community. Community is the main problem. Those who somehow manage to escape it usually become honest, determined workers.

Easy there hasbara

But even socialists in Bulgaria and Russia tried to reform gypsies and gave them the material incentives to do so: They just thrashed the places they were given and literally pissed and shat on the floor to sell the porcelain and copper on the black market.

Just for you Moishe I'll do another one, you all probably get paid by the reply:

Jewish community is extremely enclosed and inclusive. They have some really backward, regressive traditions that somehow survive to this day. They view all non-Jews as impure, lesser beings (they call them goyim) that must be exploited. They believe goyim are both spiritually and physically impure, for example, they will steal things previously used by goyim. Some communities interpret this as outright chauvinism against goyim, so they will sometimes believe it is okay to cheat and steal from goyim whenever possible. It's tribalism galore.

I have nothing against Jews per se, but I do against their community and against Zionism. Community is the main problem. Those who manage to escape it usually become honest, principled anti-imperialists.

KYS Spooked eurocuck

they're spooked
don't want to integrate
may beat the shit out of you if you try to marry one of their girls
also, there are some wealthy gypsies who do the whole extensive family business thing

Heh it's almost as if people earn the racist attitudes expressed towards them or something lol ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Right the profit for the societal elite went ahead the well-being of the group. but also their very culture is built on moving around and they're spooked as fucked about staying around because that would mean that the elite would have to forfeit their power.

there were several studies in my country showing that if you have roma accent or looks your chances at job interviews are ridiculously diminished. also, cops treat them like shit. (no shootings tho)

also, the regime change hurt the roma the most. when it came to privatization of state owned workplaces they were the first to be downsized. sociologists say that they needed 1 more generation under the soviet system to get the majority get schooled, diplomas, white colored jobs

If an abuela has a sandal in her hand is it racist to duck? If a cop pulls you over is it wrong to be nervous? you see someone with a swastika tattoo, why don't you hear them out?
If a roma woman suddenly wants your attention is it ignorant to check for your wallet?

Oh god no the flashbacks!

Fucking hell why did you have to remind me OP?

Because racists don't think that they're racist, they think that they're just aware of 'how things are' or whatever.

Also, jesus christ there are a lot of polyps in this thread.


"I'm not racist, but" I do realize the effect of material conditions on people and on culture.

That's pretty much the consensus leftypol actually has though, just replace "community" with israel. You can be disgusted by a certain community (or nation or what have you) without necessarily thinking the people within the community are lesser beings. Pretty much everyone on leftypol will tell you that america is pig disgusting, but we don't necessarily hate the white people who live there (although it's really fucking irritating trying to have a conversation with one and dealing with their ten thousand deeply ingrained, deeply treasured assorted spooks).

gypsies are the irl jew stereotype and "surprisingly" they don't run the show

Gypsies aren't irredeemable sewer rats.
t. Frog


And yet you have yet to reflect on why everyone outside of your online shitholes hates you. Makes you think

Because gypsies are nomads who always refused to integrate and not long a go if a non gypsie had sex with a gypsie lady…oh you better believe you're going to have to deal with her father, borthers, cousins, uncles and get a beating of a lifetime.

I think any genuine leftist should have no trouble distinguishing between "historical/material context has influenced their culture in a way that puts it at odds with surrounding cultures in X ways" and "their gypsy skull shapes cause them to act like subhumans"

kys barbarian american who wants to force "american logic" to the rest of the globe

Gypsies are disgusting and should be banned. In my quite little town they all lived in literal shacks for eyars, but the city hall built them nice apartments with electricity, water, for FREE! They just had to pay the water and electricity bills every month.
Can you believe those barbarians would put donkeys living in the balcony? They are nothing but barbarians.

This has to be a joke

My city had something very similar happen. Yet it's difficult to say that it's because there's something inherently wrong with gypsies genes, rathere they find themselves in a positive loop of cultural and economical decay.


underated post

Woah there Varg, take your anti-spook medicine

Smells like wishful thinking man.

Drink piss you blood and soil cunt in denial

Bigoted, not necessarily racist.

I wouldnt expect americans to expect that
Americans are rootless culture less disgusting people that fill holes in their souls with soulless consumerist neoliberalism and fake holidays

And europeans are the same, I know that since I am an european. Fuck your meaningless vain national identity.

There are good comrades, everywhere! We often have to keep our heads down, but there's almost always a counter-culture wherever you go, whether it's obvious or deep underground, or even just single people swimming in a sea of conformity.

Fuck off 🍔burger🍔

Nationalism/regionalism is IDPol, you know.



Same meaningless shit created by neoliberalism as mainstream american "culture"


Nope. Only an actual european like me can despise europe as much as I do. Can't wait to destroy all the disgusting vain european historic monuments.





Yeah, it does, in a similar way to reading.

You're literally under the spell of a Porky meme.

Are you the psychopharmacologist who hangs around here?

I definitely don't deserve that title, but I do promote a magickal/psychedelic revolutionary praxis. I am gnostikoi.

Yeah thank you, ive seen enough of my friends turn into vegetables thanks to drugs
All drug users and advocates deserve the bullet


Nigga I don't even use psychedelics anymore, but if you haven't tried lsd or mescaline or mushrooms at least once in your life then you have missed out (unless of course you have a mental illness or family history of mental illness, in that case don't)

DMT is the god-tier psychedelic doe.

Part of it is cultural. Depending on how "hardline" your group of Gypsy's are, sometimes they will follow their old traditions of finding building to squat in, breaking all of its windows, and throwing out all furniture, objects, decoration out the windows around the building. Other types are more nomadic and it's common knowledge across Europe that many will lie and cheat to your face in order to swindle you out of money or labor. It's common sense to have your guard up around them. Street smarts. There's a line between racism and being smart, avoiding them to avoid being cheated or robbed.

Pretty hard to be racist when its true
Just semi joking

Why do you want to push the drugs so much?
I cant trust a man who advocates for some mind altering substance so much.
You are probably brain damaged from all the drugs you used without even knowing it

Here in Sweden Romani Chib is a minority language. So schools must find a teacher to gypsie kids to teach them romani chib. Same with yiddisch, meänkieli, sami and finnish. And prolyl arabic in future ( ° ʖ °)

You clearly have an irrational fear of all drugs after seeing your retarded friends smoke meth and ruin their lives or something akin to that. Psychedelics are different. They only ruin your life if it was going to be ruined anyway

Because they are a powerful tool, perhaps the key to a successful revolution.

Lumping all drugs together like this is as silly as lumping all ideologies in together.

No, in fact I know that I am much more aware and intelligent because of my psychedelic use.

All I know about Gypsies is europeans saying racist things about them, and ten when americans point out it's racist they say "oh, you don't understand, they really are shitty".
Yeah, look up African American crime statistics. I bet your gypsies don't kill nearly as many people as these niggers, but we still have the courage and decency to look beyond race and treat black people as individuals.

You know what else is a powerfull tool? 7.62 bullet, i would much rater use it than some mind altering substances that make you into half-functioning zombie
Or at least you think so you think so.
Id rather kill myself than trust a junkie

Christ are you retarded.

At least not as retarded as a junkie


There's no such thing as a psychedelic junkie.

You know junkie is a term usually reserved for users of heroin or other debilitating and addictive drugs correct? Are you an American?

im not a native English speaker

Greetings my fellow European.

Please, comrade, saying things like this gives communists a bad name, and also the monuments are beautiful works of art, and should be preserved/repurposed. The Soviets didn't destroy Saint Basil's Cathedral, did they?

When they're people like Joe Rogan, David Icjke, and countless random cranks on the idiot saying DMT totally opens their mind bruh, pardon me for being a little skeptical of its enlightening capabilities

destroying monuments is isis-tier, but you're probably a Holla Forumsfalseflagger. saged for double post

What's so bad about Joe Rogan? Yes, he's bougie as hell, but overall he seems to be helping people learn how to think more critically. And one of his best friends and fellow podcaster, Duncan Trussell, is at least very sympathetic to communism.

Nothing personal, I just don't think he's very smart. He's also the most vocal DMT advocate

He's above average, but that's not saying much.

gysies are scary, because you dont know what they are gonna do(middle european perspective).
It also doesnt help that they steal children.

Because Europeans don't understand what gypises go through. And that is because Europeans lack basic empathy.

Kek, ive been to new york a couple of times now.
right back at you

Guys, there are psychopaths and empaths everywhere. But capitalism definitely does reward psychopathy, so the more capitalist the country the more likely psychopaths are to dominate that country's culture. Poverty also breeds psychopaths.

My mom works in a hospital, and every time gypsies come along they use a single insurance pass for the whole family. They stole from a hospital room with a patient lying in it (after their baby was born ofc) and stole computer monitors. The nurses don't want to be around them without security because they are demanding and intimidating.

Europeans dislike gypsies and gypsies dislike Europeans. It's a toxic cycle of hate: gypsies see us as oppressors you can steal from, I think, and therefore simply (often) behave themselves shameslessly.

That's fucking ridiculous. Read the above. Gypsies are treated horribly but some of them are a nuisance. There's no other way to put it without lying.

racism actually seems pretty reasonable provided you accept the logic of capitalism, which we should remember is ultimately profoundly illogical. That's why alt righters have an advantage over left liberals who spam dodgy studies about the contributions of 'diverse' boardrooms to stockholder value. That's what most of the debate amounts to, dodgy studies about 'race' and profit maximisation.

they're real chads you know, unlike the virgin pork they cheat, lie and steal their way around in open day and don't give a fuck

There certainly are significant biological differences between different ethnic/racial groups, but that doesn't mean any group is superior/inferior to any other.

I disagree. Europeans are probably a more empathic race than average. It seems more likely that Gypsies are just a particularly biologically unpleasant race, combining low-I.Q., low conscientiousness, and a uniquely subcontintental aversion to cleanliness.

the problem with liberal discourse around 'tolerance' it's how it tends to ignore material conditions and the broader structure of society for a fetishised notion of 'empathy'. 'I am a good, empathetic person who honestly truly cares about other people, things would be alright if everyone was as sensitive and understanding to the plight of others as I am' that's what much of liberal ideology amounts to, and also explains why liberalism is so ineffective.

What if the very way we understand difference is tainted by the imperatives of capitalism? Knowingly or not, 'race realists' classify people according to how useful they are to capital, while capital itself remains unquestioned.

This is certainly true, which is why the solution is socialism.

This statement is just a series of buzzwords. You need a much deeper understanding of Marxist theory and evolutionary biology in order to see the connections between race and capitalism.

Capitalism is the unequal distribution of the means of production. Productive capacity is largely determined by intellectual capacity. Intellectual capacity is largely determined by biological factors. Biology is largely determined by evolutionary laws. Divergent evolution necessarily leads to capitalism, as the genetic capital which is the basis for all material capital is never evenly distributed between populations and within populations. Race realism and Class realism are essential to fighting capitalism, as only a realistic assessment of the distributions of genetic capital can offer us a path towards redistributing the fundamental biological basis of the means of production.

Good post except for this bit. Had Christianity not devolved into a a caricature and a racket, it's quite possible that Europeans would have lifted the world up into a near utopia instead of enslaving and exploiting the world.

Are we being raided by Holla Forums? Nice subversion thread.

Depends on how you define "right wing". Remember that the political spectrum is not a simple line.
I'm nationäl socialïst and consider myself "center", not left nor right.
"the jëws" sounds like a cliche enemy at this point, but that doesn't exclude the simple fact that most subversive, anti nationalist, anti racist, pro degenerate, movements are created by ((_( thëm ))_) . They are guilty for their crimes against civilization.
On the other hand, we all know that even if low-level jews were to dissappear instantaneously, there will still be problems with our world. Which doesn't mean we shouldn't focus on jëws, they are the worst enemy right now, but they also aren't the only enemy.

I swear, board quality went to shit after we lost the flags

It is a fact that if one population undergoes stronger evolutionary selection of intelligence than another population, that the smarter population will be able to accumulate more resources and subjugate less intelligent populations. Evolutionary selection for industriousness and intelligence concentrates genetic capital within a population. This is a direct example of divergent evolution leading to capitalism.

Can you elaborate on this? I think that Europeans are more sincerely Christian now than at any point in history, if you classify liberal humanitarianism to be a branch of Christianity.

Both you niggers need to fucking read Marx

>using n**


What genes code for intelligence? Are you aware of something called "gene/environment" interaction?

I agree that they would have the capability, but they wouldn't necessarily have to do it.

I'm saying that if Europeans actually acted in a Christ like way, they could have used their power to help people instead of hurt people.

Maybe…. but they are still by and large far from proper Christians.

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impolite sage bitcj

It just proves that idpol is a huge part of human nature and we cant avoid it

More like idpol threads attract all the Holla Forumsacks and retards

basically this. happens to all ghetto-dwellers. not impossible to reverse, however – see the irish.

Marx didn't know about genetic capital, he thought that redistributing material resources would alleviate trans-generational inequality. We now know this to be false.

Thousands have already been classified.
duckduckgo.com/?q=genes for intellicence&t=lm&ia=web

Yes they would, as any healthy population will eventually reach a Malthusian limit within their habitat and will need to expand into new habitats.

Any population which sincerely followed Christianity would probably go extinct rather quickly. Christianity is somewhat similar to the Nunuku cult of the Moriori. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Moriori#Invasion_by_Taranaki_M.C4.81ori



You can read a book anytime, famalam

Why couldn't they choose to limit their population growth?


~Thus spoke Zarathustra by Friedrich Nietzsche

Do you really think capitalism is about inherently different types of people, rather than psychopaths exploiting others simply because they can?

Nope. Capitalism is specifically the use of the means of production by one group (capitalists) as a means of exploiting another group (proletarians) in order to obtain a portion of their work (production) without themselves doing anything useful (exploitation).

Capitalism is parasitism, period.

Even in an intellectually homogeneous society, it would continue to exist precisely because being a capitalist is beneficial to capitalists.

This is what happens when you get your education from Holla Forums infographics.

Because any population which voluntarily limits its own population growth will eventually be replaced by populations which don't. Existence is an eternal evolutionary war of all against all, populations with bad hardware (in terms of uncompetitive genetic characteristics) and bad software (in terms of maladaptive ideologies) are doomed to extinction and replacement.

Why is it OP thinks Roma are individuals but 🍔burger🍔s are a hivemind?

You realize the people in those pics aren't some sort of invading army who forced their way in over the broken armies of anglos, but near-slaves invited in specifically by the UK's native anglo capitalist class, after their homelands were burned to the ground to goad them here?

It isn't race war, it's class war.

I guess you are not a fan of simplistic nazi architecture then. Btw jews benefited the most from white supremacy. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Johann_von_Leers

The bolsheviks destroyed many cathedrals and palaces. If you don't want to destroy ugly bourgeoisie monuments with no aesthetic purpose besides the display of technical skill and wealth then you are not a social revolutionary.

Fuck off moron. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Iconoclasm

And nazis are anti-white. Your point?


My point is that nazis are anti-white. The Axis were heroes for destroying the British, French, Belgian and Dutch colonial empires and saving the Soviet Union from a war by the West by attacking it first, thus allying the Soviet Union with the West/Allies.

Number 5 is numberless on purpose, right?

You've got it ass-backwards. If humans don't learn how to unite, and limit their population, we will render this planet inhabitable through war and ecological destruction from unsustainable natural resource use.

I think we should keep the vast majority of them, either to repurpose them, or to serve as historical reminders of the past. Also, who are you to decide what's of "no aesthetic purpose".

Also, pollution and climate change.

I also agree that we should keep them, just so people in the future can see how ugly and vain they were.

I'm an art student, everyone who studies art knows that Renaissance art (especially Baroque) defining feature is too have as many detail and opulence as possible, that's it's aesthetic purpose: complexity for complexity's sake and vanity.

European here, can confirm, there's nothing racist in saying their culture is fucking shit. They take their kids out of (free and obligatory) educative system and they form small clans in the ourskirts of towns and cities, then they complain about why they live in poverty.

This is nor racism, this is not prejudice, it has nothing to do with race, this is actually their culture. They refuse to integrate and educate their children, some of them live a medieval-like lifestyle, still using horses and carts to work in agriculture related jobs.
It's just the facts, I've only met a couple educated gypsies that left their communities to pursue an education or become artists, breaking the cycle of ignorance. Their communities are highly backwards and rely on traditional and superstitious values.

I've been robbed by gypsies, my house was robbed, my dog disappeared because of them. They also stole my brother's bike when I was young. There are hundreds of stories about gypsies scamming people and robbing everything, specially copper wiring.

True, in Spain we're called "payos" a derogatory term for non-gypsies.

If you want to destroy all the Renaissance art you are not my comrade.

Derp, I realize that's not what you said, but still, I don't think they're "ugly". They are worthy works of art, even if of course I disagree with many of the themes.

so they are like the amish except they are fags that steal everything?

destroying monuments is Mao-tier.

They had already been attacked by a British and American invasion, it was Germany that allowed for a temporary alliance with these hated enemies.


Psychopathy is another irrelevant buzzword. All healthy animals exploit every available resource.

That is not capitalism, merely a description of waged labor.

In an intellectually homogeneous society, capitalism would not be possible, as no individual would have a greater capacity design, construct, operate, accumulate, manage and exploit the means of production.

I'm laughing at the closet racists in this thread

You realize Black people in America also do this, right?
Yet it isn't acceptable to call them "niggers" or make racist comments about how they all need to be sterilized and jailed

The key advantage people have over everything else is our ability to consciously restrict our own impulses based on long-term planning

A coop doesn't involve exploitation or private property, yet still involves wage labor (unless you believe some more radical Marxists who insist "self-exploitation" is somehow possible, but I'm more of a mutualist anarchist myself).

Your chart kind of puts the lie to that, since capitalism isn't astrophysicists and brain surgeons exploiting garbagemen and frycooks, it's multibillionaire investors exploiting everyone else.

Remember that capitalists don't even invest their own money, they use other peoples' money (through fractional reserve banking) and hire other people (investment managers) to invest it for them. Their "property rights" are literally the only reason they "earn" a penny.

Any population which voluntarily invites foreign colonists onto their soil is doomed to replacement and extinction. In terms of my formulation, it probably isn't bad hardware (a rapid dysgenic decline in the quality of the English race) but rather bad software (their fanatical adherence to the holocaust cult) which is causing the extinction of the English.

Nonsense. Humans will continue to compete, weak races will be exterminated, strong races will rise, there will be global population collapses and population booms, and a few thousand years from now, the global population will stabilize at a new Malthusian limit of about 500 billion, with most subsequent human population growth taking place on new worlds.

If you eat moldy bread and become sick, is it normal to eat more moldy bread and expect not to become sick? What if you run out into the road and get hit by a car? Do you take to the internet and tweet #notallcars? Lefties are right about people being born without prejudge. It's a cumulative learning experience. You are capable of discriminating against guns. Why is it wrong to discriminate against people?

[citation needed]

You are wrong, astrophysicists and brain surgeons utilize their higher genetic capital to exploit the labor of everyone beneath them, they can exchange one hour of their intellectual labor for tens of hours of service labor from the lower classes.

These people utilize their genetic capital and tribal connections to outmaneuver their competitors and accumulate resources. In an environment of uniform genetic capital, no individual would be able to accumulate significantly more resources than any other.

Abolishing property rights would not prevent the formation of a malevolent hereditary elite. The most valuable property that the elite possess is their genetic capital. We must nationalize the Genes of Production.

Yeah, I actually thought about this comparison before making my post.
They're like the amish, but just in the sense of being reclusive and having a strong oral tradition and culture. When it comes to morals, work culture, ethics… they're exactly the opposite, they're not prudish, or clean*, nor hard working, or behave in a good manner.
*They don't even use thrash containers, they dump all their trash into the river. Also they smell pretty badly.
They don't catch up with the latest technologies because they isolate themselves and their kids don't attend school, so nobody knows how to use a computer, for example. Their kids being illiterate means they have to resort to hard work or stealing in order to survive, with the latter option being preferred in many cases. Gypsies are overrepresented in the inmate population of my country because of how much they steal, it's not a topic, it's just the facts, as I mentioned, even I was robbed by them.

I can call gypsies' culture retarded all I want, because gypsy culture is objectively retarded and backwards. This doesn't makes me a racist.
I never did this. I criticized their culture, not them personally. I can also call gang-culture retarded, because it causes the majority of gun related murders in the US. I can say black fatherlessness is a problem to be addressed, just as gypsy illiteracy is a problem to be addressed. If I don't criticize their culture nothing is going to change.

Are Gypsies, Europeans or are they leftovers from the Mongolian empire that have closer relationships to the Mongolians.
I'm actually really curious about this since they remind me heavily of the Sapmi people in Scandinavia except much more poor and the Sapmi are leftover Mongolians (similar to the Finns)

It's amazing to my how racist Europeans are towards gypos. Even some of the most anti-racist people I know hates Roma. One chick I met in Hungary worked in a refugee center and she said that she wouldn't help Roma/gypsies because they'd just steal or back-stab you when you aren't looking. Honestly, I won't forget the conversation. It might have something to do with the fact that they're in extreme poverty

Gypsies are low-caste Indians.

Tbh shit table, should be:
Empirical vs philosophical
Vocational vs theoretical

They hate him because they are racist or hate his ethno-cultural stereotype.

Nowadays it is fascism..

ITT: 🍔burger🍔s who have never been around them.
They're basically hunter-gatherers in a society of settlers. They refuse to mingle with the locals on any level and the only occupations they conceive of are begging, stealing and cheating. More often than not having their children do it (also buying and selling those who are good at it)
Now, you could argue that it's because of poverty and centuries of discrimination, and I'm not even saying you don't have a point. Fact of the matter is, as of right now, they're absolutely undesirable in the west and I don't see any of them trying to break the cycle.

Every argument that you make also applies to other non-whites, most of whom are at least as shitty as gypsies. Eastern Europeans who have failed to integrate gypsies for over 1000 years and still consider them to be subhumans have no right to cast aspersions on other Europeans for their problems with non-European colonists.

No, fuck you Holla Forums, you're not dragging me down the racist rabbit hole.
Get the fuck out with your spooks.

read Bordiga

Oh fuck.

kneel to the african master race, pale body.

The depressing this is that you can bet your ass some Holla Forumstard will fall for this.

you are like just a class conscious shock imaginer

Until recently most Europeans didn't have to experience the "diversity" in America so they didn't learn to hate blacks, latinos, etc. But they did have gypsies so they learned to hate them. Give it a few more years and I'm sure Europeans will be hating even more than Americans due to the demographic situation.

Fuck off with this degenerate perverse bullshit