Is torrenting pirated movies and tv shows and buying counterfeit apparel revolutionary praxis?

Is torrenting pirated movies and tv shows and buying counterfeit apparel revolutionary praxis?

Is intellectual property legitimate?

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Absolutely is revolutionary. Art belongs to the people.

Yes. Piracy is literally communism


Why pay $500 for a $20 shirt? I wonder how is it that black kids started becoming obsessed with luxury brands in the first place, it's really bizarre.

Just lifestylism really. I do it whenever I can because fuck copyright and I don't like paying for shit though

Revolutionary? I guess but not really.
Do all the cool kids do it? Undoubtedly yes.
Intellectual property is literally for nerds that no one likes.
Where do you buy "counterfeit apparel"?

I think it's more revolutionary to stream them, to extend the original appropriation. The original appropriation does not valorize capital, so it's pretty great.

This is why intellectual property is not legitimate. The whole society, from the farmers to the distributors, has a part in bringing the artist's work into being. If the artist (who may do other """useful""" things for society besides art) is provided for by the community (without the mediation of money or the state), the artist should make their content free and distributable as a social-communal product in return. This is not a law of nature it's just sensible and communistic.

There's communities on reddit dedicated to buying replica clothing because they want to flex their $300 tees and $1000 shoes to their equally proletarian friends.

I have never bought a real Fender or Gibson guitar in my life. All of mine are Chinese counterfeits that are decent enough. Hell they will even make them exactly to your specs and needs and don't charge extra for it. Want a 7 string arch-top semi-hollow guitar? Well Gibson and Fender will tell you to fuck off. The Chinese happily do it. You get better service and the same quality for much cheaper.
I don't know if it is "revolutionary" to do so. I am just cheap and like being able to customize to my exact specs.

Are counterfeits not worse quality? I expect them to be but I've never looked into it, might just be propaganda.

Can you first worlders even torrent shit still?
Last I heard y'all were receiving mpaa letters with fines to pay whenever you tried to torrent stuff.
Well I guess you can use a VPN but if you have to pay to be able to torrent stuff then the very purpose gets defeated.

ISPs really don't give a shit if you pirate anything. They are just trying to get a monkey off their back when they send those letters.

It depends but the rep market has progressed a lot since the 90s. Of course, for expensive materials like leather jackets and $5k handbags there will be a difference, but a lot of products such as sneakers, glasses and tees are artificially priced to maximize profits. Hell, original nike shoes that sell for $200 are produced at a cost of $10, and eyeglasses are monopolized by Luxottica, there's documentaries on this. /r/FashionReps has a lot of discussion on this, they even have threads where they quality check new products.

Australia and South Korea are cucked to hell, it's insane how regulated that shit is.

Of course, you should have known this by now and community mods to video games and other free to download software are like the epitome of non compulsive voluntary effort and have frequently produced better results than any private financially incentivized efforts. Just think of the possibilities if it could be expanded from the digital world into other material applications.

Everybody on earth is the same person, so everything is yours. This is just a computer simulation that is going to get wiped eventually anyways, so do whatever the fuck you want. If you want to autistically screech over one bundle of matter for eternity, by all means, go ahead, but you are wasting your time. You are also wasting your time if you give up anything you own to somebody who is probably just a consciousless being.

Pirating software and media is cool, and if there's an artist you like and have the means, just support them directly. When it comes to apparel, try to use the clothes that are already in your community, getting them from thrift stores for instance.





Not revolutionary, maybe accelerationist. If you put counterfeit shit on the market you devalue the brand. If you pirate you devalue advertising (possibly) though piracy has been suggested to increase sales who that's not necessarily clear. Harming corporations isn't revolutionary in itself, it's more like winning a skirmish. Like, in terms of modern warfare bombing supply lines doesn't inherently advance the frontlines, but it helps indirectly.

It's private property extended to information so it's a bit less legitimate than private property, putting it somewhere in the negative.

That whole paragraph is spooky

I mostly buy these days. I really only pirate when I'm unemployed or when a publisher isn't selling a property anymore (either because it's gone out of business or its in a fight with another publisher). For anime and manga I also pirate if the official translation is so butchered I'm not actually buying the real product.

In the end I don't really care since I don't play games and prefer paper over e-readers

The spook is that "stealing" is unethical.

so fucking true here in Brazil btw

Hip hop has degenerated from being a genre that questions authority and capitalism to preaching consumerism.

Keep your torrent client seeding 24/7. If you ever have access to copyrighted material that isn't mirrored online, upload that shit boi

The same reason anyone does, to project status.

Kaiserreich mod comes to mind, its much better than the shit tier base game

I seed books and movies non stop, my gf complains about the internet speed but i have to share that shit

This is what i've been thinking about the last few days too
How the fuck did a genre that literally called for violence against authority turn into a narcisistic consurmerism fest?

torrenting, sure. buying counterfeit goods though just means you're supporting a different third world sweat shop.

At least you're not supporting the fashion industry that way. But indeed, the best thing to do is buy used clothes, and only clothes you actually need.



I was picturing a guy trying to get a monkey off his back and i just lost it. Lmao

What torrent sites are still left besides TPB?
Feels like they all are disappearing one by one.

While I'm at it, know any good streaming sites?

Might just as well tip you guys off about Doesn't seem to be that well known but it's good for downloading single mp3 files when you wanna avoid shitty youtube rips.

Inb4 liberals complaining about cultural appropiation of designer brands by the proles.

All rap songs nowadays drop brand names at least 5 times, they're all trying to one-up each other. And the effect is that the kids this generation know all about brands like Gucci, Balmain, etc. even though their shirts retail for $500 and their hoodies are over $1000… What's the strategy here? Why make the main demographic (black working class people) aspire to horrendously overpriced luxury goods?