So what's the deal with gen z? Findings say they're culturally very progressive, but fiscally conservative...

so what's the deal with gen z? Findings say they're culturally very progressive, but fiscally conservative. Do you think that could change? Gen Z being pro-porky is pretty worrying.

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I mean gen Z is literal children, I don't know if it's really worth asking this kind of question. They believe whatever's on Youtube (moreso than adults even I mean)

Holla Forums was saying it was the opposite.

It's worth asking if the left wants to plan for the future. These people are just starting college.


Holla Forums also says that antifa have literal supersoldiers, so I'd ignore them.


Generation Zizek aren't pro-porky.

Only the very tail end of them.

Also this, 'gen XYZ' in the modern era is stupid as fuck to begin with, even if people all born in the same year are the same most of these psuedo definitions encompass like two decades.


Even worst. Naming generation is a dictotomy exclusive to americans, literally cultural americanism

Most of this "generations" shit is astrology-tier hokum anyway.

The fact is that the standard of living in the West is declining, young people will be coming into a job market slated heavily against them, many of them with mounds of student loan debt and dick to show for it. Like the rest of the people this decaying system leaves behind, most will find themselves pushed further and further into either the far right or the far left.

I do t have a crystal ball so I can't predict which one it will be, but I have a feeling that with the far-right's boy in office and the alt-right making ever greater asses of themselves in public, the far-left will begin to seem the more attractive of the two for the newest batches of young people entering the workforce.

Gen-Z here (legal), I'm a reactionary. Know plenty of people my age who are too, plenty of liberals but not as cancerous as millenials. Good thing I haven't met any commies my age ;^) only commies I've met are boomers.

"Reactionary" is an insult. It implies that you don't have any real ideas of your own and you merely react to progress.

boomers,,,,,,, welcome to leftcom gang

different person, but "reactionary" would imply outright rejection of Progress as actually being progress in the first place

Not really an insult tbh. Especially if we define it as
In reality I'm probably some sort of paleo-conservative. I have friends who are full on fascists tho.

Exactly, you only "react" to progress, you have no real ideas on how to improve society of your own, at best jerking off to some romanticized past that never was.

I know man. Remember the good old days when we were illiterate peasants who died at the age of 30? Fucking Enlightenment, it ruined everything! ;_;

Reactionaries would suggest that society would be improved by throwing out much of the last 400 years of Progress.

For example, liberal democracy is often seen as an integral part of Progress. An actual reactionary would argue that this was not really an improvement, because a democracy inevitably leads to a society at war with itself, public opinion is mostly manipulated by elites creating a sort of crypto-monarchy where power petitions itself for Change, etc.

I think this is a bit disingenuous. One can do science without notions of "liberte, egalite, fraternite". I mean, no Marxist would seriously suggest that liberty, equality, or fraternity exist under capitalism and rule of the bourgeois state.

"society" has gone to shit in my lifetime i can see why one would oppose "progress"

30 is a bit much but people should be killed around age 40. old people are mostly shit and too many of them end up ruining society.

Gen Z'er here, just graduated and entering uni next year. I'm a syndicalist myself, my friend is a commie and another one is a centrist. Outside of that I don't know the exact politics of too many of my (former) classmates but in general I think they were either liberal or simple conservatives - I don't think any of them werea aut-righters.

And the solution to this is to institute an actual monarchy? What goes through these peoples' heads?

That's all class society my dude. Read actual history sometime instead of fantasy novels.

Without certain philosophical traditions with their roots in the Enlightenment, scientific progress would be much slower at the very least.

And, progress is much more than just scientific advance. To have the society of the modern day, we needed industrialization, which couldn't have happened under feudalism and required the ascendency of capitalism as the dominant mode of production, which coincides with the capitalists leaders, the bourgeoisie, also ascending to the post of ruling class, and so too we see the preferred form of bourgeois government, liberal democracy, also coming to the forefront as the "default" state.

That would make sense if you were under the impression that the progression of history only started roughly half a century ago.


If neoreactionaries are to be believed, yes. From a Marxist PoV the crypto-monarchy also has a class interest against you that a traditional monarch would not, so this argument may not be totally out there.

I was mostly focusing on things that reactionaries typically disliked about e.g. the French Revolution.

Correct, I was just paraphrasing reactionaries.

It's possible eople's opposition to progress may well be based on their life experiences, not an autistic drive to undo all progress ever. Strange, I know.

Read Spectre Rouge, faggots:

"Progress" is a very vague, abstract term. What do you mean by progress? Political democracy hasn't exactly appeared all of a sudden over the course of the last half century, unless your gripe is with the expansion of black voting rights.

I can't read this trash. Please have someone else look over articles before publication.

The writing in this is very bad. Needs more punctuation.

I think I'm one of the first generations to count as "gen Z" (1996),here are my 2 cents.
1. I've been a bit curious about this American "generation" thing so I searched through some studies on the habit of gen Z - most are completely garbage studies done on about 100 individuals from the same high schools, mostly middle class whites from the East Coast. They're statistical trash and mostly don't mean anything. That's not to mention most available marketing research (the normovores study to name an infamois one). It doesn't even have the decency to pretend to be backed by studies, most of it is just straight up fantasmed by "generational experts" from marketing firms, it's honestly pretty disgusting and reading those studies is unironically what pushed me to read Society of Spectacle.
2. Muh gen zyklon clain isnt as baseless as some here might think but it's not something to actually worry about. Me and quite a few others people I knew both irl and online were cringy "remove kebab xd" kids around 2010-12 when we were still young teens. This is mainly because nationalism and social questions like gay rights are easy to understand and fascists definitely have an aesthetic going which is essentially the only thing you care about when you're a dumb kid listening to bass boosted Erika.
This sentiment largely dissipates by the time you start going out and socializing with people, realising girls are actually human beans instead of some icky foreign monsters.
The biggest redpill for stupid belief in muh free markets (never actually had this but knew several people) is when you get your first non-unionized retail job, which is an experience, surprise, surprise, dipshits like "capitalistkid" haven't gone through yet.
I'm still not a leftist (centrist ChrisDem/SocDem gang - just prefer leftypol because it has better discussion) but proper socialization and job experience is what transforms today's edgy kids into tomorrow's well adjusted humans.

Btw sorry for any grave spelling mistakes in this post, my touchscreen is dying

That's why I put progress in quotations first time around. I'm not a reactionary, but I can see why people would look at the world changing and not be terribly impressed by "progress", I mean it's in a bit of a shit state right now.

we're fucking doomed


We have to go full acclerationism so Gen Z will be a generation of commies. Keep the Right in power til the economic/big time ecological collapse and you have a whole generation growing up with nobody to blame for their awful conditions but lolberts, neocons, and neofascists. Then we have an entire generation hating the Right the same way we do now hating the Left because of the Red Scare and 50 years of failed keynesianism and social liberalism

read cockshott
it will transform you from socdem to socialist