New Spectre Rouge Article - Childlike Reaction

Wew this one sure took a long time to edit, I don't think this submission was written by someone who had English as their first language but I think the ideas they had were important.

Also, some updated graphics for Dr. Bone's article by Catgirl Drawfriend.

I have two more articles to post for this edition, which i'll hopefully manage today, and then I'll put together a pdf.

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I hate to bring this up now but /words like this/ are supposed to be italics

lol don't worry it's an easy fi

Second Article for today

An article debunking fetishes of the gold standard as a fix for capitalism.


Z man on the gold standard:

I'll ask the author about that sorry

The writing isn't great, and both articles have a few minor errors that should be caught by a half decent line editor. But it's a starting point.

I'll get to reading right way!

Its working for me

Breddy gud stuff

Dear lord, is there a shortage of commas and dots?

Did you write this or was it someone else? It just says "By Editor".

You won't survive a Samuel Beckett novel

Oh shit, Bat'ko drew the image to the right?

Who knew that Aussie autist could draw?

This is pretty bad. No real insights or anything, just a show of leftism.

If I write you an actual good article do I get an awesome skeleton cat girl picture too?

Sorry, I thought I had fixed that. Should be fixed now.

I felt the same way, I'll try to get more like the first three articles for the next issue.

You just might user, you just might.

You’re doing JEHOVA’s work user

Man, I really need to write articles for ya'll.

This thing is kinda mediocre imo.

We appreciate anything you can pass our way

Are there specific due dates/issues anymore or are you uploading whenever?

Also it'd be cool if you could do some sort of print-on-demand magazine, maybe request longer articles and get a 30-40 page thing going it might get some real traction.

There are distinct issues, I have one more article for this issue, and then I'll put together a PDF and maybe try to get it to print. I think the next issue will be fore February and aim for a 3 issue a year publication cycle.

Certainly, I want to aim for the longer articles, and in all of this I've found a couple people I can trust to produce good content, although I'm always looking for more, and will probably need more to get what I'm looking for in a mag. I should also personally write more articles for each issue. For the next issue I think I'll aim for two articles, I've already got a rather long one halfway done about democracy, and critiquing anti-democratic theories on the left.

I've got something I want to put together on the Rohingya/myanmar proxy battle between China and the US/Gulf states and its roots in China's one belt one road plan. Where should I send it if I get it finished? Also I insist some sort of cat girl be put on it.

That sounds awesome!
email me at [email protected]

I'll see what I can do about the catgirls, it'll be up to rachel in the end unless you want me to slap together some horribly mangled photoshop creature.

Sounds good senpai, I will draw you my very best mspaint catgirl to go with it and drawfags can behold it and decide if they will take pity on me.

First sentence:
Shouldn't it be
? Or am I missing something?

No, you're not. The piece is riddled with errors.

i tried reading it, but honestly your writing isn't very good, your arguments weak and not well thought out

t. Holla Forumsyp

If you could produce some counter arguments and stir discussion I'd appreciate it. I want to know what you think is wrong with it.

Bat'ko did really know libertarians in australian schools? I went to public and we never discussed politics, although i went before 9\11

I would love to contribute to this..I wonder though, is idpol allowed? my field of work is in language and I would like to write about the imperialistic way in which English is spread throughout the world.

But great job so far. Never underestimate the cool factor, many people would love to have a physical journal covering with that skeleton cat as the cover. I would follow the model that other journals do and release physical copies to subscribers and update the web edition sometime later.

Other results of the survey included that 53 percent of millennials believe America’s economic system works against them.

To contrast this, 66 percent of Generation Z said America’s economic system works for them.


Gen Z is 18 at the oldest, let's wait until their unsecured, undefaultable, and thank's to the new tax bill not even tax creditable student loans finally start to loom over them.

Purely anecdotal but most American high schoolers are either apolitical or liberal and libertarian. The former is of course mostly based on social issues that high schoolers can understand, with little thought given to economic ones that they have never dealt with, the latter is popular for the same reason.
Being a socialist is not cool in high school and the concepts and theory make little sense to someone who's not actually lived in the real world yet.
I agree, give them some time. I bet millenials weren't very affable towards socialism during high school either. It was coming up during the housing crisis and the financial bailouts with a free-market healthcare solution that completely failed to meet anyone's needs, all of this in addition to the grim reality that we'll have to grovel and scrimp to pay off our student loans while living worse than our parents coming out of university. This is what turned people on to the callousness and unsustainability of capitalism. All of these issues will only accelerate as time goes on.

I want to read this, even if you can't get it published there.

I think the labelling of any issue that doesn't pertain to hard classical Marxist economics as "idpol" has been stifling. Obviously it's up to the editor but this seems to be a topic of value.

Oh you read Holla Forums?

I sort of liked your article on loneliness, incels, and the left.

Will keep up with your website.


I would prefer not to deal with idpol, but I would be interested in something that shows how imperialism and capitalism has spread English as a "linqua franca" ironically enough, as something out of necessity for the growth of global capitalism.


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