/leftyv/: Marxist Videogames List Finished!

Hello all, I know some of you are enjoying Wolfenstein or Tooth and Tail, but I thought you'd all like to see this Marxist Videogames list that I finished. Might give you some ideas for what to play next! Like I say always open to feedback.

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Solid list buuuuut

Tropico series!
You can be a nice sucdem and form allience with USSR

For what pvrpose? I thought it was just an afterlife bureaucracy or something not Marxist.

got it


Well there's a theme of class conflict throughout which isn't necessarily explicit but at one point you radicalize a bunch of worker bees by giving them a copy of the Memeifesto which prompts them to go on a general strike and drop some Marx quotes.

The solution is to develop your own army my man, gives jobs and it's not /that/ hard to beat an invasion if you're prepared.

That's cool, thanks, I'll include it in the next version then.

Transhumanism is not marxist in any way

I would have put 'left transhumanism' if there was space but I interpret the ending as socialist, so idk

Play any Tropico before 5 and the USSR stays intact even when reaching 1991 and beyond.

Also I'm pretty sure you can't get invaded by the superpowers after 91' in 5 anyway.




You should be ashamed.

I think you're projecting a little too hard into that game m8
also Bethesda RPGs are easy 0/10s

are you implying that the player attempting to install themselves as an autocrat is a marxist ending to new vegas?

morrowind and new vegas are fantastic. new vegas mostly because obsidian didn't make any of the fuck ups bethesda made on fallout 3.

That's not what happens with Yes Man.

haven't played it in awhile but isn't it basically the player think he's installing an AI that will do whatever he says and can't say no to him, then the player kills house takes the dam, after which Yes Man stages a coup d'etat, killing the player and becoming an immortal AI dictator?

I mean it's pretty open to interpretation but it certainly seems like that's all the game implies, that you do whatever you want… Or possibly that Yes Man just takes control himself.

Wasn't it more like Yes Man reprogramming himself to take orders only from you instead of just anyone?

Trust no one, not even yourself.

Does he have a default picture as well?

All things considered, that probably means that Paradox has a weirdly positive opinion of Hoxha.

Well that's what he says yeah but he found it in House's data stores so it's just as possible it'll make him a clone of House or just totally independent so he'll just betray you at the right moment. The ending doesn't make it clear whether the Courier actually gets to rule the Mojave or not.

What, no Bioshock or Bioshock Infinite?

No thanks.


Hmm I was gonna refer you to the upper right but you have a point that Infinite does include explicit Marxism. I was just thinking of Bioshock 1.

you're posting on a pc connected to the internet using electricity etc etc.

Oh, I didn't read that. Bioshock is good for demonstrating the flaws in ayncrapism

night in the woods is demsoc/anarchist

I've heard others tell me it's succdem so I wasn't sure (granted some people say that about everything)

in the game most of the cast are what is probably demsoc (and one character asks the main character to join what i think is probably Democratic Cops of America?) but they mention anarchism in a good light and depending on how you look at it one character is an anarchist/illegalist, sort of

they don't discuss it a whole lot and the leftist themes are more just sort of self evident in how the characters live

sooo lifestylism? :P Nah I get what you mean. Maybe I'll just put Demsoc then.

Has anyone played Red faction?
Will they give me Red revolution boners?

Krisis in Kremlin is shit but HOI4 or VC2 makes up to it.

It literally starts with a miners rebellion. Not sure about the rest of it though. About a third or halfway through you become james bond fighting X-Men bad guys and having giant robot fights. And it's awesome.

Yep, it will, I recommend it. In my next version I may add 'staff picks' (hey it sounds better than 'my picks') and that would definitely be one of them.

Yup it's great. Your first kill is beating a guard to death for killing one of your comrades (IIRC)

Eh I disagree, it kinda sucks when it gets to the late game but it does have a surprising amount of depth and an interesting visual style. Haven't played the remake yet but I look forward to it.

What about number 2 is that any good?

No the sequels are garbage.

Haven't played it but I have heard so yeah. And before you ask, Guerilla is also a lot of fun but the worker's revolt stuff seems a bit watered down.

Oh well maybe not idk.

Listen to this soundtract and say davai toverish.

Where do I recognise this. Crisis remake right? I think it was in the trailer haha.

You cant say the soundtrack was bad.

no i mean they DO discuss their material condition but there are only a couple scenes where it's framed in a way that leftism is brought up

like video related

Hah! I've cut down so many poor russian farmers in that game… Good times

Its easy to play with superior weapons but in real life Soviets and raped your mom and made you.



I'd like to stress how amasing is the Hammer and Sickle game (as well as Silent Storm and SS: Sentinels, which is the same series also focusing on WWII, IDK those parents games not included). The game can be compared to XCOM, except amazing spying plot and Characters, very hardcore economy and systems, many in-depth and realistic mechanics.


Literally unplayable.
Not even joking. Vanilla HoI4 is trash.

It's anti-fascist/anarchist.

Someone think they could get me a link to a pirated version of CoD: WaW. All the piracy sites I use are garbage which require download systems that died with Windows XP

I was playing Tropico 3.
I know that the USSR doesn't ever fall but still.

I thought the USSR could fall though?


Any GPL licensed game is more fit for the list than most of what you've got on there, simply because it's communist in practice and uses a license written by a communist.
OpenArena would be a good example.

wtf fam

user you disappoint

While Infinite does demonstrate at least some familiarity with dialectical materialism playing from Ken Levine's radical centrist philosophy loses some of it's weight

Also OP why no Wolfesntein The New Order or even better The New Colossus?

He put up games you can realistically pirate. Wait a few months till you can pirate these games.

Ah word. I've played TNC and Ill just tell y'all Horton does not disappoint.

I heard about the remake on this board but I can see why you wouldn't have seen it since I at least lurk all the gaming topics. Ladykiller seems to involve a Marxist revolutionary group, judging from a few screens, no idea how seriously that's portrayed but it was suggested to me some time ago.

Also, from what i have heard the remake seems more commie friendly than the original where it's basically impossible to save the USSR, but I could be wrong.

Well more to the point it was over worries about the game just being liberal, however having seem that there's commies in it I'm more in board. I do still think the corporate pushing of psuedo antifa is a little worrying though.

Can someone get me a pirated version of Hoi4 with mods or instructions to get mods preferably Kaiserreich since i can't seem to find anything and I'm not paying Paradox shit because they make way too much off shitty DLCs as is

Make an account on this website, go to the main forum and look for the HOI4 topic and the HOI4 mod topic.

Thanks user

Not strictly related but I thought this could be a general topic too, I'm feeling a silly amount of joy from playing Splatoon. Well, I only just won my first match but regardless. The Splat songs are so fun.

Brigador is really fun, it's an isometric shooter with full environmental destruction and some light stealth elements. The two together make for a pretty good time as you can back off without enemies always knowing where you are, so can flank to blitz them from behind, or eliminate them bit by bit even while using a small fragile vehicle. This also interfaces really well with the destruction aspect, you can quickly smash through a Favela or something and start blowing shit up, but at the same time if you destroy too much cover you'll have a hard time escaping if you draw a lot of aggro. There's a fair amount of variety to potential builds due to different vehicle characteristics, there's a pool of weapons split into 5 classes, with each vehicle only having two weapon mounts, so not all vehicles can sport all weapon combinations. You can play anything from a gigantic tank that just blows everything up, to a tiny stealthy power-suit using gamma ray emitters to fry unsuspecting opponents through walls. There are a lot of cool weapons as well such as the aforementioned gamma ray emitter which is silent and can fire through walls, and what is essentially an explosive jousting lance with really high damage but short range that you can use in strafing runs on a fast vehicle.

The anarcho-syndicalist faction uses junkers made from old cars and stuff, the ML faction have a militaristic functional style, and there's the futuristic vehicles which belong to a bunch of psychopathic weirdos who live in space who are basically the descendants of the bourgeoisie who isolated themselves in space colonies and developed a hedonistic warrior culture.

You can find a torrent easily, but I'd suggest buying the game as it's criminally underappreciated and didn't sell terribly well. On top of that the devs are still supporting and updating it, and since it's such a small game most torrents won't be up to date.

It's fucking CoD so it's not like it's some huge loss but it still makes my skin crawl. They've been doing money-grubbing shit like this for ages but this is taking it to a scary extreme.

Spoilers: this is actually the topic of my latest video in production. I'm in contact with Stellar Jockeys over Twitter to talk about the game, thus far they're being a little cagey about influences/their own politics ('it's so much fun to watch people speculate') but it's interesting regardless. I completed the game a few months back when it was in Humble Monthly, I'm now getting through the audiobook to get a little extra context.

Inspired by the alien time capsule topic:

I wish so bad there was like a Star Trek game, but, you know, like actual (good) Star Trek where the goal is to make friends with everyone and tackle difficult moral decisions while growing the safety of the Federation green zone.

Actually that reminds me of one of my most wanted game ideas, if you guys have ever played Fate of the World it would be kinda like that, a simulator where you take various actions around the world, except instead of climate change you're playing as an alien race that has traveled to near Earth in secret, your goal is to establish peaceful contact and a positive relationship as you get closer and eventually orbit/land, you can choose to favour certain governments/organisations, what to offer to the Earthlings, and so on. But you need to balance the needs of the various groups in Earth and your own race to avoid a devastating outcome (IE give super power generation tech to one country and it uses it to create ultrabombs to invade a hated neighbor). Games would be different through random change and choices you make at the start ie. Play as a sexy space babes race (easy) or a horrific flesh blob alien (hard). And so on.

Fucks sake my computer died before I could finish downloading the pirated HOI4. God damn it

They have a Discord channel you know.

you should been downloading Darkest Hour or HOI3 instead

Darkest Hour is well-designed but it it's littered with spaghetti code that make the game buggy as hell in my experience.

Link? Couldn't find anything on Google.

Also, hue.

You don't even have a mum you have been pooped by me

Did you see my post in the last thread?

Yeah! I did see that, thanks. Sorry, thought I replied/put it on my list but I didn't. Thanks for the shout out, I'll add that to the next list.

So a bunch of Soviet-themed shooting and strategy games. Grand.
There exist no Marxist video games, apart maybe from a few fringe obscurities at best. You really need to stop, this is childish.

You need to stop, this is childish

You can have fun all the while being relevant, it doesn't require displaying the intellectual mediocrity of a 14 year-old.

If something being produced under the system of wage labour makes it anti-Marxist, the communist manifesto is not Marxist.

That was not my point. Remarkable left-wing novels or films do exist, the fact that they were produced under capitalism doesn't make them invalid. It's just that you would be hard-pressed to find one single major video game that can be seriously considered even remotely "socialist".

Ok. If you didn't play any of these games (especially the ones at 6+ T) then you don't really get to have an opinion. Thanks.

I did. I'm in fact a huge fan of Deus Ex. But that you would consider this game "Marxist" in any shape or form says a lot about the selection.

yeah there's some rightist conspiracy shit and aliens thrown in for good measure but overall I think it's obvious that the game is more leftist than right libertarian

Edgy liberals or neo-fascists say nothing different. This is lowest-common-denominator anti-corporate rhetoric.
Alex Jones make similar claim about AIDS or vaccines on a daily basis.
The NSF is a secessionist militia. They have nothing to do with socialism or anything even remotely left-wing.
Arguably the game's most interesting commentary, but hardly anything "Marxist" by itself.
No, it's not. It's made pretty clear that the Helios-JC merge is supposed to rule as a "benevolent" technocratic despot. In fact, it's pretty much the final step in ensuring society is entirely ruled by algorithms.
Essentially just anti-technology rhetoric as often spouted by deep greens or Unabomber fanboys.

I think you're mistaking "Marxist" for "woke". Read a book, buddy.

Just playing Tooth and Tail. I had my doubts about the gameplay but the story is wonderful.

This is from DX2 but I consider it to be canon, and yeah the NSF is secessionist but nothing much is said about their ideology beyond that IIRC other than that they're generally all for 'power to the people' and so on. And yeah you can interpret that in a right wing way but I don't think it really makes sense when combined with the rest of the game. I don't support the dark ages ending but it fits with anprim and sort of with ancom ideology (it didn't say all technology would be destroyed, only the internet/satellite communications/etc).

Ultimately yes the game is partly open to interpretation but it clearly synthesises Marxist resistance as well as right libertarianism.

I think it's pretty fun and definitely worth a look, shame that I personally suck at it.


Anyone have a link to where I can download the software to get games from these people? I can't seem to find it anywhere

Also who the fuck put ladykiller in a bind there? Fuck you OP.

What's wrong with it?

Close to kill zone

Thanks friend.

What you lads playing?

What about Victoria II though? It's the closest thing that actually deals with production.

I'm playing Steamworld: Heist

Are you the guy that keeps shilling it? :P

I'm gonna play Brigador in a bit.


Why dwarf fortress? I cant find any communist themes in it at all, apart from maybe "central planning", but isn't that the same with nearly all city-building sims and RTS's? Also remove the anti-communist propaganda from the list (company of heroes, soviet city)

Reclaim the glorious heritage of Russian cosmism.

lol faggots still butthurt about the campaign while ignoring how OP is the Soviet army.

🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧They🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧 are making fun of you OP
>>>Holla Forums13773579

Yes keep playng video games, revolution can come later.

someone told me this game is communism


Revolution is not happening any time soon and even if it happens I'm likely to be simply one of the victims. So yeah fuck it, I'm going ot play vidya.

It's a fun game. It criticizes a totalitarian bureaucratic state, with a soviet/eastern european style, implying it is indeed a critique of the soviet block.
That said outside of aestetics there is no other direct reference to communism.

Good, this shit is absolutely pathetic. To top it off, it clearly hasn't been researched at all.

It's currently a palace economy, like Ancient Egypt, or to be more accurate, the Incan Empire, since it has no currency and all production is ordered by the absolute ruler and his nobles. The economy is intended to be like an oligarchy when it is fleshed out.

And the totalitarian hellhole appears to be one of the few countries with its shit together in the region, and people keep trying to get in.

Made me smile, thanks.

I haven't played every game on the list, it was a community effort, and I put a priority on including stuff over not including it.

Imagine western propaganda and your general persons idea on Stalin era Russia as well as Communism in general is all 120% true. It's actually a pretty fun game but it's dystopian for a reason. It's a shitty place you wouldn't wanna live where half your family freezes to death or gets sick and dies.




OpenArena, OpenRA, SpringRTS, Zonotic, FreeCiv, Vegas Strike, Planescape…

If you want to make an open source games list I'm not stopping you, but other than that those games have nothing in common and no thematic connection. They're certainly not inherently interesting to a Marxist.

What would be comfy country to play as totalists in Kaiserreich?

Georgia starts out as a totalist country led by Beria with Stalin as his inteligence minister.

Ha they deleted all my replies, they got really upset. Oh well I guess they need their safe space. I still kinda believe left gamergate is possible.

Anyways been playing some Brigador, hopefully I'll have the video out within this month. Hopefully, anyway.

Any screenshots of your reaction?



wew lads we just got btfo

wew /vpol/ resorting to falseflagging after deleting post in their circlejerk

nah I basically just said hello thanks for the feedback, yknow kill them with kindness, and bantzed them a bit for doing the same things they criticised me for (how can you be a commie playing video games - well how can you be a gamergator playing video games made by the SJW ZOG Occupied Government corporations etc). Nothing that remarkable. Though it was funny how they had an issue with the same things some people on this board did (USSR, Deus Ex, etc).

pretty sure he was joking lad easy now

Followers of the Apocalypse are the real /ourguys/ in that game aren't they


OpenRA is a Red Alert remake. Given the terms of the list in OPs post, that certainly qualifies. Lick my Tesla coil.


The former would have been better put as "using a commodity as an instrument to communication"*

They also show how pretty much every socialist rebellion that doesn't have much support falls apart pretty fast, even if they have amazing intentions. Their closest irl counterpart are the Zapatistas in Mexico


Spoiler alert: you give all of your money to capitalism either way.

I think Liberal Crime Squad belongs to the list. It's a text based game by the makers of Dwarf Fortress, its sort of a parody what typical american redneck imagines leftists to be like. You go around the city punching nazis, kidnapping people and brainwashing them to be leftists, and rob banks to lobby the political issues you want. It has references to communism and marxist theory all throughout the game, and you can even make a communist revolution.

It's not. It was a parody about liberal fantasies as well as conservative paranoia. Back when it was purely a satire game, you'd have to massacre hundreds with guns to get gun control up and one of the end laws was "Terrorism ends as the USA apologizes to the middle east". Nowadays it's much less satire and much more guerrilla, but the underlying elements still remain.
You don't.
You certainly don't do this.
Does it? I've been playing it for years and not noticed it at all.
You absolutely can't do this, the entire crux of the game is that the end society is the same as you started, just with added liberalism. As a matter of fact, the only reference to communism in game.

You've also linked to the massively old version, which I suggest playing anyway to get a good idea of what features you like.


never mind LCS seems to be in the list already, bumped the thread for absolutely no reason

I mean LCS is pretty awesome so there's nothing wrong with that.

Fuck I just now saw that I have 500gb of EDF videos on my hard drive. I need to make a video on that soon to get rid of this shit. Unfortunately I can only record Brigador with OBS in a weird low CPU usage preset so an hour of that is coming in at like 50gb.

Anyone else playing Tooth & tail? I'm stuck on the mission the moose pope gives to you

Night in the Woods is one of the worst games I've ever played and I'm disgusted of just seeing it on this list.

I pirated wolfenstein2 on release day

git gud

It is definitely a hard game, the heroic objectives are just downright unfair and I completely gave up on them. That said, just stay the course and you'll eventually get through it.

To talk about something new, how does everyone feel about the growing furore over lootboxes?

Is it really so hard for people to not buy these shitty games? I was pretty interested in R6 Seige and it looks fun to me but you know what, when I heard about the bullshit paid Freemium model I just didn't buy it. It's not like there aren't other shooters out there I could play. Just don't buy it! Play something else!

Do people have no impulse control at all?

Good, the more discontent over blatant money-grubbing schemes the better.

Is Cookie Clicker anti-capitalist? You basically screw over the entire world by awaking evil lovecraftian gods via technological research for the sake of gaining a little more profit. The entire game is like a portrayal of the inherent nihilism in capitalism: there is no real point in anything for those who produce except for constant accumulation of capital and expansion and research for the sake of the former. Little Inferno gets the point across better, but you know.

I had a friend who was addicted to manual lotteries, 'policy racket' or 'numbers game' is what they called it in yankland.
He used to say "lottery is the fool's tax", that is truth and you just need to remember that most people are fools, that is why they fall for foolish things like lootboxes.

Stalin vs Martians should have been on the list

So I know it's not really leftist, but anyone else here a fan of the Xcom series? The new one was kind of a disappointment and Xenonauts is a boring slog.
I miss Long War.

The fortress has no money and no social classes. But that is only true at the beginning : eventually, as the fortress grows, it attracts aristocrats who do nothing but consume the production and give orders to other dwarves.

I feel like I might take it off in the next version, idk. I haven't seen a strong case presented for it.

That game looks like warm shit but I guess it qualifies…

The devs promised Stalin vs Martians GOTY "soon" in 2009. Anyway, the game became abandonware just last month: myabandonware.com/game/stalin-vs-martians-bas

Incidentally, there was a Kickstarter for Stalin vs Martians 3. It didn't fare well: kickstarter.com/projects/895349342/stalin-vs-martians-3

And no, there never was a Stalin vs Martians 2

I always liked those gifs so if that game's where they come from I guess that's points in favour.

I'm surprised that Kickstarter looks relatively okay, but I'm not surprised there wasn't 125k of goodwill out there.

As long as they don't give players competitive advantages then I'm fine with it. Personally I think they ruin the fun of grinding for loot, but I have a friend with a very addictive personality who buys those stupid loot boxes in every game he plays. Imo there should be a legal limit of how much one can spend on content for each game to discourage gambling addiction (which it basically is)

that's not his point.
communism isn't some retarded identity and no amount of tanky/anarkiddie larping will change that

I have a friend who has spent £1400 on League skins. It's terrible. He doesn't even have like money problems or anything but it's just bad (I mean he lives with his parents but then so do I so yeah).

If it was only skins I guess it's not a huge issue but the problem is they fuck up progression for non-paying players (who still bought the fucking game) by artificially extending the time it takes to unlock anything.

Tbh I'd buy that piece of shit game for more dank gifs

Just go back to confabulating about red Harry Potter fighting the evil monarchist-clerico-fascist Voldemort while porky counts his change in the background

Holy shit, no wonder you are pissed off.

Don't forget to torrent everything.

this topic is an official fun zone, no fun zone posters are not allowed, please leave

I'm thinking of getting drawn thumbnails like these (just an example of the general TGWTG style) done for my future videos. Relating to the game obviously.

Good or bad idea? I'd like to pay leftypol drawfags to do them. Can't afford that much but it shouldn't be too bad.

I'm retarded, here's the example (and my sona I'd use)

I could take this but you will be better off asking someone in FA

Maybe, I'd really like to give back to leftypol if I can though. Or at least leftists. Are you Paps?

Beyond Good & Evil is one I really enjoyed.
From Wikipedia:

You don't have to give something back to Holla Forums, I'm an artist but I've never wanted to contribute my own art here due to fears of persecution, I'm very paranoid about that stuff.
You simply want to make video related to video games, right? I can do those thumbnails but still some one on FA may do them more to your liking
Who the fuck or what the fuck is paps?

Very interesting question, sadly the only answer so far is shit, wish we could help that guy

First don't go to the political side of Reddit.
Second that's actually one of the few "leftist" subreddits I have not been banned from.

Well I'd be interested to see your work first obviously, I promise not to fursecute you lol. I meant Papadripopoulos, no idea how he expects people to remember that haha. Maybe it's a dumb idea, I don't know, but yeah I'd be interested to see your work and/or what pricing youd ask for.

Hmm… I'm unsure how could I show you my stuff, or what stuff to show anyway.

DM me on Twitter (@Marxist_Media)

No tweeter either

just post your work here jeez nobodys gonna care

I hate when the thumbnail is not actually from the video.

Christ man, I barely game, and even I know that one.

it's not exactly a glowing recommendation of marxism

fair enough i guess but that does drive clicks

Yes I do mind, persecution is a big fear for me.

Come on dude. What kind of persecution can be that bad, I'm a furry Youtuber, it's not like hate actually hurts you.

Followers are /ourguys/, Benny is Stirner, House is an ancap/technocrat, and Caesar is basically the post-apocalyptic equivalent of an ML, complete with lecturing you about dialectics and getting Hegel completely wrong.

The official website had a shitload of songs videos and a trailer to download which should have more material, but all the links to the files seem to be broken.

I'm from a country were right wing dead squads are not a meme and political genocide is a recent fact from little more than 20 years ago and still today anything left of Hitler faces persecution.

Okay okay, but still surely if you feel safe enough accessing this site it can't be that dangerous to upload your work anonymously. People only get doxxed if they get stupid or sloppy. Make a new email account completely unrelated to anything and use a basic proxy to hide your IP, and voila you have a completely new identity.

That's about right.

You start in a village that has no concept of money and literally gets ruined by porky