You've read theory today, right, user?


No, I've been reading about over a dozen US military bases in Syria.

y-you too
Checking my lefty twitter feed counts as theory right?

I-ive been working on a Marxist games list, it's praxis!…

I try, but unlike most people here I have a job and I’m also in school studying a trade like an actual prole.


Yes and I feel like shit anyways because I read like 2 pages.

So like somebody who sells their labor power for a wage?

Just make sure its the right theory

no, like this super cool identity i found out reading wiki articles.

What's up with all these stupid ass posts? Are you people so thirsty that a girl asking you anything feels like an obligation?

Well, I have already listened to one hour of Yuval Noah Harari's audio book, which I have forced myself to do every day at work, in order to develop a book habit.

pls no bully pretty lady, I will get to theory too, once I advance forth from my brainlet status

What's up with all these stupid ass posts? Are you people so thirsty that a girl asking you anything feels like an obligation?

Sure does, Muke :^)

2 pages is better than nothing, my good man.

I have read too much CS theory in the last few day. Now my head hurt. I need to rest

You must be fun at parties, user.

Nigher if the girl in OP would ask me to jump off a bridge I'd ask "when?"

and she would be sorely disappointed that you didn't jump at once, you utter failure.



I have huge problems with focusing, everything is distracting me. Reading from computer makes my really tired, I am thinking of getting the paper version of Capital, otherwise I will never finish it

get it from the library, so you'll have to return it after a while and can't procrastinate.

Already tried it, didn't really work for me, probably because of university pressure and overall lack of energy due to medicine I take. But I may try again soon

Yes, most people here are in college.

Hey, I'm not a faggot!

Only if you follow Jehu.


The majority of college students are proles though.

Mark Fisher touches upon this in Capitalist Realism. Maybe try it in case you haven't. It's really good.

Haven't had time for it between all the selling of my labor I've been doing today

Fist as Tragedy, then as Farce is pretty great, Zizek admits he repeats himself in his books a lot of the time, I have Lenin 2017 too, anything else essential from him? I think I'll go back and read Hobbes, Rousseau, Lacan, and Hegel and see if my lizard brain picks what's there to keep in the subconscious.

Yeah, automation and control theory. Not your retarded commie shenanigans.

Read The Ignorant Schoolmaster already

Not him but what is it about?

wow you are all so much smarter than everyone else with all the theories and other things that are impossible outside your dreams

Yeah I read imperialism the highest stage of capitalism.


imagine if you read more than 2 pages and find out you've been posting bullshit for years

And yet it's still more accurate than what 90% of people keep writing about.

Half the people here still think the "contradictions of capitalism" are somehow between the bourgeoisie and the worker.

No, I'm way to busy with school stuff right now.

definetely read more than 2 pages m8.

Does philosophy count as theory, Holla Forums?

I mean I read Capital vol. 1 while doing my bachelor's examination project in automation and control this spring so I hardly think there's any conflict. Read more theory, you don't want to end up an engineering class-cuck I hope.


It's telling even still.

Don't use capitalist operating systems. They spy on you.