What are you doing to me?

Before I attacked and shat on all communists and even virtue signaled writing "fuck communism" on Fascist videos but now I see the working class struggle, I despise these billionaires and those who defend them.

Now I feel obligated to help the working class and give power to them, I wanna stay true to my centrist thought and individualism/social liberty.

What type of socialism or Leftist thought allows this with a caring government? Is this an impossible dream? A weaker government that still cares for people and instructs protectionism and only profitable free trade that is what I'm drifting to.

Welcome to Gommunism Gomrade.
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If serious you're using meme words. Individualism is entirely bs

How it bullshit? I pride my self on individualist thought and liberty.

The government will become progressively less necessary the more the working class dominates the class struggle.


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Duh I don't think that's special, what I am cautious of is an oppressive/authoritarian government suppressing that you stupid sperg faggot.

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define oppressive and/or authoritarian.
I would argue that what we're living in right now is authoritariane

Stalin, Mao, Hitler, Mussolini, Ante Pavelic.

Places where freedom of speech and parties are dissolved and illegal.

you can't have a government that serves the people's interest when it is designed and run exclusively by the bourgeoisie. centrism is dedication to your own demise the same as draining your gangrenous arm of puss but refusing to have it treated.

yes, this is impossible. a weak government that functions on money is in no way able to care for or protect anyone in the face of a gigantic multinational that controls the creation and access to all the fucking money.

you want capitalism with a human face like wheat wants a thresher with a flower on it. by design the capitalist system exists only to extract value from everyone that relies on it to survive. a system of inherent exploitation is incapable of producing any other outcome by emiseration for the many to the benefit of the few.

you don't have any liberty. you have only money and a selection of narrowly approved behaviors and activities to spend it on for a limited period of time, after which you must submit to exploitation or be imprisoned or murdered outright.
welcome to capitalism, idiot. you do what you're told when you're told unless you personally own the things that everyone else needs to survive and can afford either the personal army or the government enforcers to keep everyone else from killing you and taking it.

individualism and liberty are impossible under capitalism and your cowardly centrism denies you the assumption of the very things you claim to cherish. your only real liberty you as worker possess under capitalism is that between barbarism or communism and by clinging to your petty bourgeois thought-comforts you deny the latter and embrace the former.

if you don't want to be a slave your whole life, the only option is to embrace communism and build rebellion so that you and the rest of this enslaved planet can communally cast off your fetters before your owners realize that they don't need you any more and either leave you to the carnage of a hollowed-out world run amok, or they simply decide to kill you themselves.

Sorry man, us communists believe in suppressing all creative thoughts (not directed towards the State, our God).
We'd like you to return the Che shirt.

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You have a lot of contradictions in your post.

I'm allowed to many things buddeh. The only thing here that is really enforced is actual criminal things such as murder,stealing,fraud and such. I don't get what you're trying to say buddeh.

Why not advocate for radical self-management if you care so much about the workers? Governments as we understand them today are entirely unnecessary in modernized countries, and so you should consider bypassing them altogether. The workers' struggle should be led by the workers themselves all the way up to governance. Councilize workplaces and none of these questions about ruling class ethics need be necessary. Work and you will have power. Simple as that.

Also, Lenin's framework was very compassionate; you burgers have just been spooked to death about him, especially because of his succession by Stalin. I don't necessarily care for Leninism, but just read the books from some of these guys before you take the American propaganda as truth.


Can I keep the Fidel Castro headband at least? He at least stood against Imperialism.

Why is slavery the idée fixe of every political edgelord?

No but you can keep one of those star hats. You're being funny so I'll respond.
We can't spoonfeed you a political ideology. It's not a good idea for you to allow this, and it would be a waste of time. You 100% have some ideas about communism that are false that would have to be dispelled before you could approach the idea of position with enough (sic) nuance to have a good one.

Socialism gives the individual the ability and resources to pursue his dreams and express himself through his hard work. But the class struggle will no doubt result in the proletariat require the suppression of the bourgeoisie and their collaborators to achieve absolute victory. At that point a repressive apparatus is no longer necessary, the life you speak of will emerge. It IS the nature of class struggle to fight dissidence of the opposing class, but honestly it has been a while since our last one so we'll see how extreme it gets.

Libertarian socialism?

the induvidualism/collectivism split is a meme

it doesn't exist in real life



Well the central issue is, we need a State in order to make the revolution, but we have to get rid of the State after the battle is won and power structures tend to not like being dismantled. If you can crack that nut, you'll have a special seat at the victory parade.