Vegas Active Shooter

10 minutes ago Someone shot up a country music festival injuring 28 people and killing 2.

removed retarded speculation to make it a suitable OP

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Probably just some white guy.

Just a psycho

if it was multiple shooters like the reports say its definitely a muslim isis sympathizer

theres no way some crazy guy would have multiple friends who would be down to shoot up a country music festival.

so for sure either isis sympathizer or identity politicers

vids of it happening:

It's uncommon, but not impossible. Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold and the Dnepropetrovsk Maniacs are good examples.

Just burgers being burgers I guess

I want out of this hell hole

eat shit

4d chess

Chill, his speculation about the target being a country music concert is somewhat reasonable. Left-wing terrorism isn't unheard of even recently, see the shooting of Scalise. We also had that BLM guy who shot up a bunch of cops last year.


Police have released photos of the shooter. He was heard on scene saying, "I give this concert a strong AK-47." Authorities say his motives are still unknown.

If the person is leftist and attacking a country music festival, he's a complete fucking retard.

But for real we all know it's gonna be some kid from r9k screaming REEEEEEEEEEEEEE

Not funny (funny)

Laffed tbh

I always knew famtamo was a gommie


So… any image of the suspect ?


Get burged of :DDDDDD



dude it happened at a country music festival

i'm not some secret right wing poltard in disguise trying to false flag. the fact it happened at a COUNTRY MUSIC FESTIVAL means it could have been some black guy idpoler or a lefty (though doubtful)

Dead Americans everywhere!

You could just as easily say that it means the shooter is the kind of person to be around a country music concert more often.

Cops have released a photo of the shooter

A lefty who shoots at a crowd of random innocents? No. Maybe a crazed Hillary liberal, but they hate guns. It's just not nearly likely.

It's probably another Salafist CIA asset who just happens to "drop" his passport or some shit like that.

Country music sucks!

The Dixie Chicks are finally having their revenge

What a bunch of litter bugs.

police confirm one shooter now

How do they "confirm" that so quickly?
Also cops said multiple shooters when they were getting hit by based Micah too. Basically anyone who knows how to move and shoot will disorient the pigs and get them screaming about multiple shooters.

not just dead americans, dead americans who would go to a country music festival.

ie pic related

a true tragedy

Idk I'm just saying what the police are, but of course they could be talking out their ass

20 dead?!

Early reports are always wrong.

Well the earliest reports said multiple and now for some reason they changed it

they were pretty much fish in a barrel, it wouldn't be a surprise. The big mitigating factor is probably the distance of the shooter.


aphroplasm finally snapped I guess


mass shootings are nazbol

Plot Twist : It was actually Stalinstache

Maybe wounded people died?

Witnesses in a panic type situation tend to report things like multiple gunmen or explosions when there where none. Par for the course.

It seems like a police source is reporting up to 20 killed, but the hospital has only confirmed 2.

A plot twist implies an element of surprise, though.


shit dudes what if it was one of those vegas magicians, they'd never catch him


fucking kek

It was state shootalism

Damn. Holla Forums got us.

Dude was dressed as an Elvis impersonator, he slipped away and was instantly lost in a crowd of his comrades

Also, official thread theme



The one black guy at a county music festival and he gets shot.

I knew it was a horror movie villain

this & many other things are why blacks can't rely on police to defend them from anything. they need to be personally armed or they need to be under the care of someone strong that really cares about the black individual i.e. the black panthers or a friend of his. Blacks can't go alone & unarmed or without armed friends to these things, it's unsafe.

r/The_Donald is on top of the news and has insightful commentary as always


Your post is actual fucking unnecessary idpol though, why should ANYONE rely on the police for their safety?

Is the suspect down yet? How many people died? Some sources say 2 were killed and over 20 injured, but others say over 20 killed and hundreds taken to hospital.
LVPD police scanner.

Nobody who died there had a chance after the gunner set up hth

its just stupid as shit

guy just opens up into a packed crowd and i expect there'd be hundreds injured

Per the police report, 20 dead and well in excess of 100 wounded at the time of the report

Suspect down - no other suspects. 20 or more dead is an unconfirmed number, 2 dead is the official number so far.

Only one shooter who has been taken down, 20+ dead and 100+ injured.

Honestly I'm surprised you can only kill 20 people with an auto, with the element of surprise, in such a crowd.

it's more.

For real. Dorner, Micah X and Gavin Long at least shot at targets that shot back.

Nothing of value lost.

imagine if Holla Forums false flags so hard they commit a massacre


Guess most of the 100 or so injured can be chalked up to being the victims of a stampede created after the gunman started shooting. What a horrible way to go if they end up dying at the local hospital…

20 or dead and over a hundred injured - now official.

Bullets go through people man, why are you making goofy theories

In Vegas? Nevada? The desert that only became a state *after* The Civil War?

Don't underestimate burgers

Cuz that's what happens when I crowd gets spooked. How's that a "goofy theory"?

Police looking for woman who was traveling with shooter apparently.

There are confederate flags in every northern state because it's never about "muh heritage"

Calling it now: guy was a casino dealer who finally snapped

For the most part, there wasn't a stampede or grand rush to escape - to suppose that such a volume of hospital reported injuries could be incurred would hinge on more assumptions than can be reasonably made at this time

Suspect is a Asian woman, Holla Forumsyps has digged through her facebook and found out her husband is actually a white guy.

stormfag yellow fever fags btfo

has happened before, in Italy. falseflag massacres are a way for right-wing terrorists to push for stronger military and police control over society.

I live in WA state and I've seen a ton of people flying confederate flags in the rural/redneck areas.

Link Facebook please. We need it archived all over stat, Facebook shut down the profile of the Charlottesville terrorist pretty quickly.

they have them in Canada.

from what i've gathered she's the roommate/girlfriend/whatever of a stephen charles paddock

might be the actual shooter

nigger the whites and blacks were all equally valid targets as far as the flying lead was concerned and concealed carry weapons wasn't going to help literally anyone because they didn't even know where theywere being shot from.

Sounds like Antifa to me. Some lefty seize the means of production bollocks with an Asian girl.

Oregon and cali outside the cities is rife with that shit too. The west is empty and good for deviant fucks. Also, people moved out west just like they moved into ohio or indiana

Holla Forums also found some guy in michigan and claimed he was the charlottesville guy so maybe don't go nuts with that bruh

let the damage control begin

Yeah he looks like one.

Her husband is (possibly was?) a liberal/socdem hybrid. However it's possible it wasn't him, police are looking for her "roommate".

damn, taking the incel son out of the spree killer equation

Holla Forumsyps will call him a jew in 3…2…1..

Outta respect I ain't gonna call Americans "burgers" in this thread, but I still think the Mojave and all it's cities should be annexed by their neighbours to the west.

they're literally already calling him a far left antifa member lmfao

Also there was that time they said Spencer was punched by a scatophiliac cuck dead months before.

lmao the russians

Bruh, you don't know shit about california if you think

They're actually scared of antifa lol

who follows

Actually disregard the "husband" part, I'm taking Holla Forums at their word that he is her husband, which is a mistake. Need proof.

How'd you find out?






california is nothing like what's in fallout.

Then fly the blue, white and green in retaliation.

Why would a Holla Forumsack shoot a county music festival? It would be full of righties. The damage control has already started and it is on the left.

you mean her aunt snapped


Yelow fever is a Holla Forums thing, stay bootyblasted

was listening to the police scanner earlier. they found marilou danley's credit card (?) on the suspect after they had him on custody. some autist on 4pol looked up the address they read off and he was listed as a resident along with marilou.

Well, duh, cuz it ain't a blasted out crater fulla super mutants, raiders and radiation.

Because most shootings aren't well thought out political messages but people snapping and shooting their own


and yet it's Holla Forumstards that consistently fall for the ruse

BULLSHIT! An Asian maybe, but not a woman.


full on poltard pissed that the rest of the rightists are neocon cucks.


ITS 2017



There have been female mass shooters before. . . .

Read, nigga! Read!

Absolute bullshit.

They can't aim for shit though.



Yeah, but they're mad far and few between and I can't name one off hand. If it *was* a woman it's definitely gonna be highlighted for weeks to come.


funny how you ran out of arguments

That will not make them shoot the right. What a way to bring people closer to the left and distance the right further from them.

Stop making fools of yourselves lefty/pol/.


So much for the tolerant left.

>>>Holla Forums10692352
*sniff* Ideology, not even once. *sniff*

I know you're trolling and prolly also false flagging, but I'm still 99% sure you're a bedwetting aspie out-of-character.

holy fuck my sides

Oh yeah everybody remember the Columbine's shooters pledging their support to the DPKR against US imperialism.





Looks like I have to use a tripcode now.
Timestamp of the russian anchor lady revealing the shooter's name

Damn afro this shit is just mean please stop poking the aspie

That poster is not me. I'm not nearly as retarded as that guy.



This again? #AfroplasmGang

You're triggered by "ain't"? You know it's not the 90s anymore, right?

Can you guys quit wrestling with that dumbass? Maybe just for a little while?







I bet you have to be reminded to wash your hands after using the toilet. Say no to vaccines, people!

At least you got the skin color right


Isn't there a white nationalist guy who livestreams with an asian gf?

Those look like indian boy arm/chest pubes imo

I don't think you understand what words mean

I can't stop laughing for the last three minutes


Didn't make it, but okay…


literally every aut-right celeb has a thing with asian women


We all Afroplasm gang.

Yes I did


ayy where da white women at?

No, I am the only and True Afroplasm. Ama

I am Afroplasm

Mup dah doo didda
Po dum mofugga
Bix nood moffuggen
Shlappa kappa Mo flappa

Well, i am someone who could be called "alt right" and i must admit, asian girls are pretty nice.
though i would never go with one because i think irrelevant shiting is wrong.

But I am European though

we wuz indo aryans n shiet!!


Damn I've never seen Afro bully someone into full retardation before

Yeah, there's even an online community dedicated solely to discussing the problems that come with being the half-Asian son of a white father and an Asian mother too.

It's called Holla Forums.

WHAT!!! I can't say R A C E M I X I N G on lefty/pol/ TOPKEK
Commie sensorship



You wanna know how I know you're a gigantic newfag?

hehe good sassenach keep fighting among yourselves!!



That was me.


Get a load of this roody-poo

I am not perplexed about it. It does not surprise me that they would wordfilter r a c e mixing.

Kill yourselves

We all are, but some of us are more Afroplasm than other plasms.


Please be patient, i am drunk



wordfilters have been part of chan culture since you were probably in grade school

We heard you snapped on a country music festival after losing all your strap-on money at a blackjack tables.

Gunman 'identified as 64-year-old white male'

Sup Hooch?

mayocide when?

Well naw! Ye don't say!
Thank you Captain Obvious!

The real Afroplasm has expressed that he thinks alcohol should be banned, heretic!

Get a load of this White Nationalist.

We "missed" you too

Did you just wake up to shitpost? Come on.


*Curses in Patois*

What more evidence do you need that irrelevant shiting is morally abhorrent?

>>>Holla Forums10692115
Scroll down. Expect massive damage control in real time.

Is this the famous power of nazi inductive reasoning?!

What happens when it is found that the attacker is an antifa member or a Communist?
Or if it is one of those liberals?

What then lefty/pol/? What then?


Feeling better yet?

So much for the tolerant left!

badass but nah

What did he mean by this?

I'm ready to rat on all you niggas.

Well, it wouldn't matter since you'll have your way, whether or not you are correct you'll claim you are

irrelevant shiting with asians leads to disastrous consequences

We comin for you.

Facebook just took down Marilou's profile entirely.

Will be forgotten about by the public in a month or so when something else happens as with all these things.


The kike cover-up begins.

I bet he was cashing soros cheques

Which one?

Well, we know you're safe from that - no need to worry

Nobody talks much about that old guy who went full tard on the politicians only a few months ago.

dang, hawaii btfo

How many Soros bucks do you get for one of these? Is it based on how well you do or what?


Georgina (he is secretly trans) Soros is paying me one thousand hebrew dollars to commit my crimes

Definitely more than for all those toppled trashcans

kek, based filter owns yet another Holla Forumsyp


This is the tagline for the modern white nationalist


It's a false flag.

It is literally all crisis actors.

Cuz he only managed to *injure* one Republican, brother.



She was harvesting LOOSH.

The wordfilter, you tard.

Thats pretty solid, especcially when they become they world currency after the takover.

But think of how many bins will be knocked oven in the hysteria.


Someone tell me what we know I don't want to read the Holla Forumssperging in the thread

Even the blonde weeb that runs the Murdoch Murdoch channel's got a thing for Asian women and especially "hapa waifus".

Thank you guys.

Holla Forums is triggered that the shooter is some yellow-fever fag like them

Hopes hashed yet again.

Are you jealous white people only want to irrelevant shit with honorary East Asian aryans?


The tl:dr is that Afroplasm has a thing for hapas

Two suspects - one white man, 63 and one asian woman, ?? - Man fired from thirty second floor into a crowd who had gathered for a concert. Initial reports of multiple shooters stemmed from the acoustic echo of the sounds of the gunfire. All casinos were secured and SWAT killed the guy in his room with an explosive charge. 20 dead and 100+ wounded as of the most recent reports


Nah, but I think it's pathetic how the so called saviours of western civilization can't even reproduce with their own women.

White girls are still getting and will continue to be on a daily basis though



Nice no flag, imposter.

spenny's gay my nigga, we all know it

You mean SHITTED

The one with the horns is a trap, I'm calling it.

Can you post more of the asian girls you have in your folder, friendo? I need more proof


LOL Didn't The Guardian do a story bout the long line of Asian girlfriends Richard Spencer's had before reaching white nationalist stardom?

Well i have some! :)

wtf I want to go on a shooting spree now

pol btfo

truly a shame

How small does your dick have to be to make let alone post this? #BlackedAgain




Seize the means of production comrade!

Told you lot it wasn't a woman.


You want to look for the optimal balance of Eurasianic features, pure mongoloids are well… mongoloids.

If it was politically motivated he's done a pretty shit job at getting his motivation across so far. At least with ISIS you have his lads back home taking responsibility for it quite quickly. Maybe he's left a note or some shit but you'd want to out there as soon as you do it so it's in all the early hyped news reports.


most likely this tbqh famalam

I want to operate on a level where all I post is Asian girls and scatological humor

t. Dugin

With the way ISIS works they'll probably try to take credit for this one anyway, I stubbed my toe last week and they declared it a victory against western infidels

burgers gonna burger, dis is da brice of freedudm, nothing to see here

Now all you've gotta do is take on the username! One of us! One of us! One of Afro! One Afro us! Plasm of us! One Afroplasm! Afroplasm! Afroplasm! Afroplasm!

DEMOCRATS are the real gun nuts.

If i want to look at European girls then i want a real european, not some mixed mongrel mutt


Don't you dare deny us this victory kuffar!

Will you accept an offering from the central asian steppe, perhaps? Their ability to accept aryan LOOSH is rather substantial.

To be honest I wouldn't blame them if they did

HA, jokes on you - I'm already from the Urals. Homogenized Eurasian ethnostate SOON

Post more pls

such is life in the caliphate I suppose


Come home tartar man

has anyone found out any more information about the shooter?

You a Tatar by any chance?

Is that you Smiley?


Yeah i suppose.
some Mongolian and Kazakhstan chicks.

Cascadia is pretty cool

I once spraypainted a swastika on Harold Covington's house

Why do pictures wooly horses come up when I web search search your ethnicity?

Dunno who that even is…

I guess there is a breed called bashkir, i never knew that


Wonder how much one of those costs…

I am found out

He's the northwest front dude who's trying to hijack Cascadia for a proposed white ethnostate. even uses a rotated cascadian flag

Archived version?

that guy is from new hampshire

Everyone in the Cascadia movement is a crypto white nationalist anyway. Lord knows coons and spics don't care about the environment. Deep ecology is an implicitly white movement.

They took down his page.


the sheriff just updated saying
over 50 dead

Fuck! Antifa is not messing around anymore!

Na that can't be him. It would just be too ridiculous if it was. If it was though dibs on his bike.

So much for the tolerant olds

So is homosexuality am I right tricky dick?

Not him. Pic related is him (according to 4/pol), he was with Marilou in a club.

Fuck poltards are so delusional

What a prick. Will Cascadia include parts of Canada too or just The Pacific Northwest?

Oh yes, Yes indeed, A communist for sure. Unmistakably Communist.

Farm the rice
Pay the price

wouldn't be surprised, environmentalism is whiter than jean shorts

This has to be some sort of record.

it's the deadliest mass shooting in american history

Master race confirmed

Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia. It's actually incredibly popular in Portland and Seattle. I've seen a lot of Cascadian support on the coast and among our local sports fans too.


He denied me (You)s I'm gonna strike.

So you're just gonna secede from both The United States and Canada if all goes well?


you get plenty of (you)s on your videos bat'ko

Thread theme? :



Syndicalism will rise again you wait.

Plasm master race

Fuck I noticed only a small handful of people use it and I was hoping when I call one of them bat'ko I would get lucky and be right since I know bat'ko is one of them and usually doesn't namefag

It was an acoustic version of this:

looks comfy


Bit late, but better laterplasm than neverplasm.

So is this an anti-imperialist act done by economically anxious individuals, or should we condemn this as mindless slaughter?


Yeah but it's mostly roleplaying at this point. Like the confederacy for the Left. But much much much smaller without the firepower the far right has.

it's also a good way to describe the region. cascadians just generally have a similar attitude and are generally environmentally conscious

We should understand the act as a necessary display of impotence, the perceived exertion of authority to cover the gap between ideological parameters and their interpellations, and the real. At least per Žižek, regarding the ontological nature of the modern terrorism (specifically about Breivik)

In this case, I'll make an exception.

Based Bat'ko.

The Eternal Plasm

Yo, fam when can we have you on a stream?

Plasm snakes rule.

As soon as my phone ain't my only access to the internet. That and when you acknowledge the immortal science of Anarcho-Plasmism.

What the fuck has this thread become


It turned into a dumpsterfire around the time people didn't just ignore the Holla Forumstard

Blame Holla Forums. They always sperg out in happenings and derail threads. Mods should ban them on sight tbh.


This is a beautiful thread, Anonplasm.

A better question would be why you haven't moved with the times and become Anonyplasm.

We are a collections of sentient orga-plasms.


Why is this shitty thread cyclical?

You're right

Why are we white males simply the best at everything we do? Non whites, are you even trying?🤔

Did you ever finish Kapital you fuckin cunt?

No one else wants the title of Number One Goyim

Well he seems to have been very efficient at killing shitloads of other white people if that's what you're getting at, much like Hitler come to think of it.


The true threat facing the white race is whites themselves.

Suspect ID confirmed!!!

I plasm, you plasm, he, she, him plasm…

We ALL plasm.

Hopefully this brave individual can soon be found and given his medal for service to his country.

I'm on volume 3 right now, bro. I read a chapter a day and even listen to The Ego And His Own on my way to work.

I'm more Holla Forums than you, newplasm.


You really read a chapter a day?

Good on ya, tell us about it so I can pretend I read more then the dumb manga of it.

And the national Autism Level probably rose today, ever so slightly. Maybe next time somebody could poison the garbge piss lager they drink, that'd be more effective


ahh mate….

Who's ready for the liberal anti-gun rhetoric and the bi-partisan increase on funding to law enforcement?
There goes all my hope of the russian gun ban being lifted

Hot damn my bad OP said 2 dead. That's crazy and worrry. Don't wanna give the liberals any ammunition for dumb as duck anti gun laws

Why are wh*te devils so violent?


Yeah. A chapter a day gets you through a volume in about 4 weeks. Like I said, I bought them for myself cuz I ended up hogging the library copies too much.

Reading The Communist Manifesto alone makes you better read than 50% of posters on this board. You'd be amazed at how many comrades who throw round names of obscure European Marxist scholars on Holla Forums ain't read fuck all.


Welp, time to go buy a gun before they're banned to proles.

No they made a manga out of Kapital vol 1

the suspense is actually killing me boys

Im with you comrade.

Paddock had no criminal record, had a pilot's license, an Alaska hunting license & was an accountant

Revenge for kUlTuRaL MaRxIsM

Those fucking people waving and shit in the background. That's so fucked.

ooohhh. fair enough.

Definitely not a triggered libtard.

Gun culture is too strong in the US to be effected by a measly 50 person mass shooting.

Whew that was a close one.

This isnt the first one though. Its more ammo for liberal gun law pendents.

Dems controlled the house and congress when Adam Lanza killed 20 6 year olds. No anti-gun laws were enacted.

supposed vid of people reacting to the shooting just given to the news

America in a nutshell

Now being reported that he had 8 guns, 2 shooting platforms and cameras set up to see police approaching his position.

Was he ex-military?

What the fuck?

post proofs nigga

Boomers beat the mass shooting high score on the first try and prove once again that millennials can't do anything right

It was on Fox, so who knows if it's actually true

Fucking larpers man, they need to get real jobs are something ffs.

then post fox faggot
This site says the same thing

Congress is actually voting on a bill this week to legalize silencers and it's expected to pass.

Good SUPPRESSORS are really only good for noise reduction



So? They're easy to get afaik and they're only good if you want to shoot without ear protection.

lmao burgers

Chill out, Holla Forums

Give up fam, it's over. They're called silencers now


Im not Holla Forums I just know that suppressors don't do much of a goddamn thing except allow you to shoot without ear protection.

somebody tell him

This is obviously a Holla Forumstard

being a gun fag is suffering.

Why isn't Holla Forums shitposting in their own thread on their own containment board? Are they that buttblasted that it was another crazy white male that did this?

You first.

I'm not against guns but the reactionary "REEEEEEE THEY ARE CALLED SUPPRESSORS NOT SILENCERS" sperging is definitely from Holla Forumsyps.

they so fanny flustered


LOL For real? I only knew that Roo made that Fallout inspired Marxist theory book.

exactly. Tho I'm pretty sure they're calling him "a jew" or "antifa" or some shit like that

Yes a legit manga made by a koren/jap manga studio or something

New number: 50+ dead, 400+ injured

Apparently the shooter sued a hotel in Vegas in 2012. Possible motive.

that's a pretty shit motive for killing 20 people,

press conference on right now

It's over 50 now, my dude. Keep up.


LOL As long as you learn something from it. Still I'd read as much dry Marxist theory as possible just for bragging rights in socialist circles. It's like the leftist version of a dick measuring contest.

Crazy people don't exactly need good motives to do crazy shit.

Of course stupid americucks would go postal for such a petty reason. Meanwhile shitskins actually die for something
We need a virgin burger/chad islamist now

I'd argue they need one at all. Suing a hotel just seems pretty irrelevant The guy lives in Nevada anyways and burgers like to sue shit left and right. I just thought it was probably irrelevant



Is the capitalist patriarchy being destroyed Holla Forums? Was this a prelude to Nov 4? Is this attack revenge for Drumpf? Lemme know when you start shooting bankers bros. The revolution is in our grasp.

Lemme know Holla Forums. Lemme know.


How do you do, Mr. Federal Agent

CNN reported 8 *firearms* just a few minutes ago


Like The Prophet Dornerplasm (PBUH) or Micah X (who did nothing wrong).

The shooter was an accountant …


kill yourself

Was a good thread until now.


I for one am glad I supported these amazing jounalists

At least leftist gunmen kill people cops that deserve it.

Micah X is an unironic hero


Death toll has apparently risen to 67+

So much for the tolerant left.

I bet it's exactly 69 right now and they just don't want to say it

Unlike the right whose "heroes" shoot up bible study groups…

Lol yeah okay

And kids on vacation on an island

The real question is how will the NFL respond?

So a republican mowed down a bunch of other repubs? LUL

piss on the flag because they are all CULTURAL MARXISTS

The Cowboys will "feed Zeke" so all the fans that wear cowboy hats will feel better that a bunch of them got blasted the week before.

Yeah but did he kneel while he shot?

It's just coming around to what I was thinking at the start. Good ol' psycho mowing down a crowd like the olden days of mass shootings.

Given the presence of Blacks amongst the victims, it must have been a case of "fucking Niggers culturally appropriating country REEEEEEEE"

he was merely watching the event until he spotted someone in the crowd kneeling

fugg :DDD

That's what you get for having shit taste

Accountants lean Republican a bit.

This is the best timeline


I saw like, one black person total among the casualties in all the videos and images.

I'm the face of tragedy you can either cry, or laugh.

So, uh, is it okay to be against America's gun industry without being deemed a liberal by lefties and reactionaries alike?

No way this dude isn't some FOX grandpa

There's nothing wrong with fence sitting

Gun industry? Yes
Gun culture? Yes
Guns? No

Yeah. The industry is shit, but guns are cool.

I filtered afroplasm out. Why is everyone putting plasm in their names now? What did he do?

I don't think I've ever known of an old white man with an Asian girlfriend/wife who also wasn't a reactionary of some sort.

Ah, yes, the meme that introduced me to the world of image board socialism…


Pedantic nonsense. If liberals are left then we aren't left; if we're left then liberals aren't. Pick whichever one works for you, I couldn't care less


>I want to violently export or ccommit ethnic genocide< claim you're going to throw us out of helicopters for two years, generally go about calling yourselves the real badasses

nope just a bit glad
once news breaks about this being an Alt-left terror attack the left will be even more discredited
have fun being on the wrong side of history

except i have eviidence to show it is him

and if all of the commies wish then all of you can also be deported to liberal to live in a multi-cult paradise




have fun being on the wrong side of history
*A Nazi dances on a pile of dead white people*

So then why did you post all that stupid shit?

When you're up against the wall next to hillary I hope you're still repeating this

Take your meds

"They are good people, I don't wanna hurt them!" – "God Emperor" Trump


Why'd you take your flag off, pussy?

Holy shit it's real.
He positions himself to be accepted as an emissary of atheism, and then smug-posts hours after a fucking massacre. Is he playing 3D-chess?

kek, they're totally not on the same side though amirite?

the delusional mind of a leftist everyone

the Alt-left everyone

i dont even like trump

Low-interest rates. Fuck you entitled millennials and Gen-Xers and your socialist FED for destroying our pensions and savings!




happy face, frog, gun

but it's not a leftist and you know it, you're just incredibly desperate jumping from one narrative to another

so the point remains, you were wrong about the muslim thing so why should anyone think you're right this time?

Absolutely incredible backpedal. Quality stuff.
We get it, you won. What more do you want, more dead white people?

rlly made me think

followed by
you're such a dumb cuck

Never change, lads.

What's stupid about it? They said that damage doesn't drop off with distance and that can't be true for sufficient distances. In retrospect I guess they meant that for short distances but whatever.

What happen to the emoji nazi?

This is literally the exact same logic as SJWs also. "When we say kill all the white/men/straights it's just bantz." Holla Forums confirmed for rightwing SJWs.


imagine if this shooter is a liberal though. shit why are these guys getting so radicalised. really makes you think. still let post a meme about how the right is better prepared for violence then a bunch of idpol sjw libtard snowflakes. maybe zizek was right. we all accelerationists now.

Dude, it isn't him and you know it isn't him. This is the shit-eating cuck all over again. You need to get your glasses checked or you need to stop lying this is just getting sad now

followed by

Well I didn't say suicide itself is the fault of capitalism, of course. It's capitalism's way of dealing with it that are particularly disturbing and inhumane. I mean frankly, a simple "people who kill themselves go to Hell" spook is better than this absurdity.

You laugh, but that's true in many, mostly poor countries. Even in the UK until 1961, "funnily" enough, tho the term and fine were much, much lower. But if the poor bastard succeeded, the government would sometimes prosecute the family instead. North Korea will sometimes purge or ostracize the family.


Oh, and even if it WAS him (it isn't) we're still not liberals, unlike you


The high suicide rates are definitely a consequence though. One of the major causes is economic hardship.

Lol sure thing buddy.

nowhere in there did i claim to like trump need to get your eyes checked

This thread just got progressively less comfy as it went on. I yearn for the days of the afroplasm gang.

Finally Holla Forums "found" a shooter outside of their cuck porn collection.

You were so well-behaved as Europlasm.

what u mean? A liberal just committed the biggest shooting against presumably a bunch of conservative Trump voters. That means the right hasn't done better than this and probably won't. They may have guns but they don't use them, even their whole slogan about guns "come and get them" is passive not active.

it's just one Holla Forums sperg jumping from one narrative to another and getting absolutely BTFO every time. He's already completely abandoned the muslim angle because he knows he's a total retard

Why are you responding to the wrong person, retard?

Fair point, tho I'll have to look into pre-Gorbachev commie suicide rates.



Hi. I was the one who is leaning towards the guy being a recent muslim convert. This other dude isn't me he's simply chucking bottom tier bait at you and you keep biting.

I responded to the person who responded to me, dumbass. How is that the "wrong" person?

More like one Holla Forums sperg and seven or so leftypol spergs. Stop shitting up the thread by responding to a complete fucking retard you equally complete fucking retards.

Kek I thought you were the Nazi but you're just one of the mongs obsessively replying to bait.

I get what your saying. i'm just saying if the guy is a liberal shooter that I don't know how common this type of thing is? liberal lone wolfs just seems a recent thing to me. like the guy who shot up the those congressmen, wasn't he like a democrat bernie supporter.

Lol so you actually did respond to the wrong person. I wonder if you still think that makes someone retarded

What guns did he use?

Wow, what an ultra-conservative Wahabist wife!
>>>Holla Forums

Participating in violent extremism is encouraged by salafist imams as a way for muslims who have been sinful to redeem themselves. The charlie hebdo guys were a good example of this.

Virgin millennial
Chad boomer

I mean you're the one talking about "le wall with gillary xD" when you live in the most classcucked nation on Earth, and you're responding to some Nazi who is going full reddit mode and responding to every single poster and yet you still feed him. Pretty much everyone in this thread for the last 100 replies has been a spastic of some variation.


Is it really true he used a legit machine gun? Source on this?

faggots like you are why the workingclass is so reactionary here

Modified ar most likely.


i heard he was using a anti-tank rifle
the only way to get real damage at that range

Making an auto-sear is pretty simple with basic milling/machining tools


is for

Genuinely curious, is there personal threshold for you when you may begin to entertain the clash of civilizations theory? Or are you just going to keep subscribing to class reductionism and the interchangeability of human labor right up until the point muslims are beheading you in a town square?

Newfags, give me attention. Look at my flag, give me the (You)s.

Now that I think about it, a lot of problems would be solved with left wing militias.

Just saw a video of the shooting and it was definitely full-auto at the very least. Could have been a modified AR but it seems a bit far for 5.56mm.

Nogunz detected. You wouldn't need a fucking Lahti to kill someone at that range; the sights on my 1893 Mauser go out to 2 miles. If you're just spraying into a crowd without regard to accuracy a 7.62 would work.

He's mocking the Holla Forums poster that didn't believe an AR could hurt at 300m

Join the triggerings:

went to a pawn shop to buy an AR and the dude started going off about occupied territory east of the missisippi or some delusional garbage. truly exhausting.

btw kill all fascists like the dogs they are

Quick, post your HP


if it was truly full auto then surely the cycle rate would hve been far more consistent. im guessing bumpfire stock, bipod and drum mags. someon suggested shoestring ak or crank too.

the close up audio doesnt sound like any AR i've heard though.


Lvl 30 Dialectical Monk here mines 1917


The 64-year-old, of Mesquite, Nevada, had a pilot's and hunting licence and no criminal record, said authorities.
One former neighbour said the suspect was a professional gambler and "weird".
There was reason to believe Paddock had a history of psychological problems, a US official told Reuters news agency.

Las Vegas Sheriff Joseph Lombardo said investigators found "in excess of 10 rifles" in the 32nd-floor hotel room that Paddock checked into on 28 September.
The FBI said its agents had established no connection between Paddock and any overseas terrorist group, despite a claim from so-called Islamic State.
The suspect's brother, Eric Paddock, told reporters their father was a bank robber who used to be on the FBI's most wanted list and once escaped from prison.
According to a 1969 poster issued by law enforcement for the fugitive, Patrick Benjamin Paddock was "diagnosed as psychopathic".

Eric Paddock told reporters outside his Orlando home that the family were stunned by his brother's alleged involvement in the Las Vegas massacre.
"There's absolutely no sense, no reason he did this," he said.
"He's just a guy who played video poker and took cruises and ate burritos at Taco Bell."
He told reporters his brother was "not an avid gun guy at all" and had no military background.

According to NBC News, Stephen Paddock recently made several gambling transactions in the tens of thousands of dollars.
The network, citing law enforcement officials, said it was unclear whether those bets were wins or losses.
Las Vegas police said Paddock's only previous known brush with the law was a routine traffic violation.
The suspect's other brother, Bruce Paddock, told NBC his brother had made money through apartment buildings, which he owned and managed with his mother, who lives in Florida.

He lived in the property in Babbling Brook Court with his girlfriend Marilou Danley, 62, records show.

They said the gunman had been "utilising some of her identification".
According to US media, the suspect had had a licence to fly small planes and had owned two aircraft.
Stephen Paddock's former neighbour, Diane McKay, 79, told the Washington Post the suspect and his girlfriend always kept the blinds closed at their home.
"He was weird," she said. "Kept to himself. It was like living next to nothing.

"You can at least be grumpy, something. He was just nothing, quiet."
In 2012, Paddock filed a negligence lawsuit against The Cosmopolitan hotel in Las Vegas, after a fall caused by an
"obstruction" on the floor, according to his brother.
The legal action was dropped by both parties in 2014.

Rolled 4, 3, 4, 4 + 3 = 18 (4d4)
I'm a 4th level Anarchoplasm Wizard, so let's roll and add my CON modifier…


B-but that doesn't fit Holla Forums's narrative

First one to find a conservative retard saying this wouldn't have happened if the festival people had guns gets a free upvote

That's close to the Portuguese and Spanish words for "mosque". ISIS link confirmed?

Oh wanna bet on which one it was?
Beta ISIS uprising after money loss confirmed.

He was petite bourgeois.


My HP is 19+17i.

Basically a fucking landlord with no life who plaid online poker and ate tacos 24/7.

You simply adopted the violent revolution, we were born into it, molded by it

the guy could've simply been out gambling whilst the gf was away hit up massive losses he knew he was never going to pay back, had a breakdown, brought some guns and took out some country and western fans who happened to be at some show down below his hotel room. I'm not saying that happened, don't care if I'm wrong, have no proof, but hey that didn't stop Holla Forums blaming muslims and antifa within the first fucking couple of hours. And shit at least my bullshit story is constructed from what we now know as opposed to what Holla Forums hoped to be the case.

Pensioned property owners with handsome streams of passive income do not premeditate a massive slaughter like this just because they're in the hole at the casino. Your narrative is paper thin.

Great, Here comes A.W.

God please no I don't like when my rootbeer yells at me.

schizo confirmed


you're such a knob

Schizophrenics die in prisons or on the street. They do not retire to a life of leisure of constant non stop gambling.

Depending on their rate of psychological decline they might.

This bit has potential.

Would it be okay if we said he was doing it for God Emperor Trump?

what the hell are you even talking about. I know people with schizophrenia. That don't take their medication. They can get by for years and hide their batshit behavior very well in public.

Schizophrenics are generally low functioning and generally are not successful enough in life to retire as a propertied rent seeker. Maybe that poster didn't know what a schizophrenic is and conflated it with sociopath.

Ah, so you just have zero experience with schizophrenics. Got it.

Well the schizos you know are outliers. What do they for a living? Do they have much success or are they living hand to mouth?

One once ruled an empire, called it the Third Reich. True story.

Lame Holla Forums, lame.

Why aren't the mods banning the Holla Forumsyps? They're shitting up the thread, and providing no evidence for contradicting claims.

BO gives allows us embassy here during major happenings. Tell xir I say hello.😘

its funny cause its true

They can't else they would be cultural imperialists and thus would have to ban themselves

Well retard the fact that the man who built up ISIS was a baathist, secular asshole who focused isis on islam in order to unite disparate ethnic groups in iraq should say something to your stupid ass. Then again i can tell you havent studied any history beyond crusader kings.
the only beheadings you should worry about are the people's guillotine friendo :)


Stop crying and create your own frivolous memes post-happenings

Trump didn't win on intellectualism

Are you referring to Al bagdhadi? He may have a lot of opportunistic baathists under his wing, but he himself was never secular. The man is an Islamic scholar.


what the fuck are you talking about, you utter retard?

It's not even the Holla Forumsyos that are enjoyable to talk to. It's always the underage memesters that can't spell, capslock their post, and think Hillary is in any way left-wing.

I GUARANTEE this was over lost money.


No doubt

Then ignore or outmeme them.

If anything, left wing could use this moment of blame to catalyze or coopt more publicity like Holla Forums is doing right now.

haji bakr ya fugging idiot

jesus christ

Is there any information or pictures about the guns he used?

Not yet

Tbh I'm looking forward to the body cam footage of them clearing Mandalay Bay in a year for that sweet R6V2 larping.

I think you mean a HARD WORKING JOB CREATOR.

Okay, Divan just claimed responsibility: they only issue statements approved by the IS leadership.




Not sure what to believe. ISIS seems very keen on claiming the guy while providing little evidence.

"al-amriki" just means "the american" FYI

i figured, thanks for upvoting my Autism Levels and activating my almonds

Wow what motive could an Islamic terrorist group have for gaslighting their enemy?

WoW they want evidence now? Now that's a first.

Here's the post. She just got fired apparently.

Didn't dems control congress during Sandy Hook?

And this is how trendy meme terms lose all meaning in months.

unironically this

Just 7 hours ago :^)

Nothing to see here just another alt-left extremist killing white people to deal with "muh ebil waycist drumpf"

stay triggered sjw snowflake

The usage was fine, actually. Sperg out elsewhere.

Why do you hasbara kikes come here?

I feel the same about anyone living in the hedonistic hellhole of LA.
Nothing of value was lost.

Here's your (You)s.


buddy, nobody's getting offended by that over here.

now, salt-right, that's an insult.

Recent muslim convert.

No he wasn't that was a lie spread by the left wing media to attempt to trick Americans into hating innocent Muslims while the real ruiners of America the radical left wing gets if Scot free

Dead rightists is always gopd news, dead american country fans too

If they access you Internet browsing history they'll be more than happy to do so. No doubt the rest of this website will fully cooperate.


Who would win?

60+ right wing fascists or one Stephen Paddock

Rightists are not human, killing them is okay tbqh

Seriously though, was the flag respected at the concert or not? And no, libshits, being shot is NOT an excuse to knee. Fucking degenerates.


To bad he's not a leftist, but rightists killing rightists is still good.

Is Stephen Paddock /ourguy/?


It makes absolutely no sense to me why Americans register to vote for a party before the elections.

Stephen,,,,,,,,welcome to the resistance


Holla Forums you aren't clever

t. literally assblasted country music fan

Ummm why is he preparing for a dick to cum on his face in the second pic???

If he's gay isn't that relevant information??? Why didn't they say anything???

When has U.S. Democrats ever been left since Reagan or Clinton?

Which ones? MSNBC? They are at best left of center.

You have to register to vote in primaries
The fact that he's a Dem primary voter means he was probably bootyblasted by trump, and decided to take it out on a right leaning crowd.

Do we have new USA high score?

I thought it was updated to 60.


Florida boy already beat vtec

Yellow Fever.
Not even once.

Yeah that pic is old, i forgot about Omar "Putting fags in body bags" Mateen

You nazis have low lQ

Even though Holla Forums is retarded for blaming this one muh antifas muh JOOs muh leftists we need to remember that this dosent get rid of the fact that liberals are basically waging an all out war on the working class in particular the white working class in both the Americas and Europe


Tom Petty died, fml

burgeristan is classcucked. I think at this point it should just be abandonned and every actual socialist american should just move to the uk,
and burn down Buckingham palace.

So what's the point of pistol silencers if it only works at great distances?


Its called suppressors and the point is to suppress the sound of gun to prevent deafening you while shooting and sometimes cover the exit flame from the barrel

reduces recoil and muzzle flash

Mostly the same point as other tacticool gear. Marketing.

If you're in a combat situation you have bigger priorities and slapping some shit on the end of your gun isn't helpful.
If you're at the range you will be wearing ear protection because not everyone would use a suppressor.

Gee its almost as if its called a suppressor and not a silencer for a reason, I wonder why?

That's not very relevant for pistols.


ISIS claims responsibility for hurricane Harvey saying it became Muslim days before hitting Houston. Death to the Kuffars!

Not really, believe it or not but in combat situation its pretty useful to not be deafened, to be able to for example hear the orders or your squadmates, not to mention that it can help to conceal your position since it also covers the flash of the weapon

Hurricane Harvey confirmed for /ourhurricane/




What kind of loud as fuck pistols are you firing? It takes more than firing a few shots even from something as big as a shotgun to permanently deafen you. In a combat situation your pistol is your sidearm. You shouldn't be using it if you have the drop on people, and if it comes out you are probably in the shit and some hearing damage is a minimal concern. And again this is a sidearm, which you will be drawing during combat, meaning that extra length on the barrel means extra time to draw it, which is also the point where loads of combat fumbles happen. A suppressor on a rifle makes a lot more sense, but asked about pistols specifically.

Dunno, when i was at shooting range 9mm and .38 was able to deafen me for a few sec, maybe im just a pussy when it comes to loud sounds but even .22LR was quite unpleasant

Maybe saying some "al-Amriki" dude did it is their version of the Sam Hyde meme.

Ban millionaires imo

Wow, so what happened was almost a microcosm of republicanism


Isis happy about a hurricane and claiming it to be the will of Allah is different from claiming paddock was a recent muslim convert who engaged in direct action on their behalf.

Damn if my asian mail order bride was so ugly i would have lashed out too

thats not siding with anyone just a fun meme

Didn't you get BTFO enough on twitter already, Laura?

Sorry Holla Forums but meme magic isn't real and you can't magically turn him into a Muslim just by repeating the lie

Fuck drumpf, and fuck wh*te "people"



user, welcome to the resistance.

Going deaf for a few seconds is very different from instant permanent deafness. It's still damaging, but a few seconds of nothing followed by a few seconds of EEEEEEEEEE and somewhat reduced ability to hear higher pitches is a small price to pay for a higher chance of drawing your sidearm if you get caught in close quarters in a situation where your primary weapon won't do the job. If your mission is stealth critical then that's another consideration and you'll want to take precautions but don't believe the movies where you can fire "silenced" shots behind someone without them noticing. Unless there's something louder going on that will drown out the noise, you can hear a suppressed gunshot from pretty far away, as in another building. It's more like the difference between your nearby neighbors hearing the gunshot vs. your nearby neighborhoods hearing the gunshot. Of course it's all relative and there are a lot of variables but suppressed gunfire is still quite a bit louder than most things you'll typically hear.

Here's a comparison with a pistol.

Here's a comparison with a rifle

I've seen Holla Forums pull some dumb shit out of their asses before but this might take the cake

it's only terrorism if he had some sort of political agenda

Nothing can be ruled out. All that is known is that he was loaded, his gf was from se Asia (she's currently out of the country) and that this was a carefully planned premeditated attack.

Isis doesn't have a history of lying with these things and the FBI declaring that there is no connection while the bodies are still warm is an empty pr stunt. Furthermore the FBI has said similar things immediately after isis connected attacks in the past only to later reneg and confirm isis claims to be true.

What other narrative makes sense? Disgruntled Democrat working with antifa shooting at a bunch of white drumpf supporters? Puh leez.

post hand pic

We live in a crazy world, i wouldn't say that this possibility is out of question.
Or maybe he just wanted to go out with the bang and wanted to stir up some controversy so he contacted IS


or maybe ISIS just wants autists to believe they can get people to do shit even though they're taking Ls left and right

post feet sweetie

Sociopathy is hereditary. Perhaps he really did just want to go out with a bang. For the lulz

Yep, textbook right winger

Isis takes credit for literally everything

Not really true. But in their current weakened and dying state they /may/ just be grasping at straws.

Oh my sweet Holla Forums child

Should I post the npr article again or what?

what color are your eyes?

They do though, go back and check the incidents they take credit for again. A ton of them only make sense if you believe radical islam = ISIS automatically. Hell, Mateen supposedly claimed association with a ton of conflicting groups that have nothing to do with each other and actually hate each other

Post your hand.

there some compilation of all footage from the concert yet? only see two vids here

Go ahead and I can pull the quote from it again where they describe "possibly inspired by" as close enough of an association

also if you grew up in post 9/11 america and believe everything our govt and media say about terrorism you're a fucking rube regardless of political leaning

Hazel green

Matin blatantly and clearly expressed support for ISIS in his phone call to the emt dispatch and talked about Syria.

Did you really misunderstand my post that badly?

>also if you grew up in post 9/11 america and believe everything anything our govt and media say about terrorism you're a fucking rube regardless of political leaning
The government lies all the time about everything, and if they say something true then that was selectively chosen out of a larger number of true things in order to push a certain narrative.

Fun fact : bananafag's(amazingatheist) dad was a con artist just like him.

and he said he like al nusra and shit which are all fighting each other

I don't understand how matin jumbling up Hezbollah and Hamas really makes a difference. He killed kuffar as an act of revenge for ZOG Occupied Government involvement in Syrian and explicitly pledged allegiance to isis.

Do YOU understand the difference between those and ISIS?

Also it doesn't sound like you even disagree with his motives lol

Brave men do dangerous things (to their butts).

TJ's not a con artist. He's just a failure.

it makes a difference because it shows that he didn't know shit all about syria, islam, the shit that he claimed he was killing people for. He was a self hating homo who was upset and needed a justification.. and he just spewed off the groups he'd heard of on the news

Matin getting lost in the weeds and simultaneously pledging allegiance to conflicting groups doesn't really matter. It's the thought that counts. Matin🙌was🙌an🙌islamic🙌terrorist

Lol that's what I thought, you couldn't begin to explain middle eastern politics, even the major shit, if you tried

Still believing the rumors he was on Grindr huh?

Whatever I'm out. Its like talking to a wall. Everyone is an atomized individual. This board is basically lolbertarians

Preach it, brother!

I'm not going to get lost in the weeds discussing the trivial difference between a thousand different sand nigger groups.

hahaha yeah Hezbollah and ISIS are actually exactly the same you've cracked the code lol. Honestly it's ok bro, you can admit you don't understand it because it's too hard

Hezbollah are Iranian proxies. Isis are Saudi proxies.

Wow. Much relevant. Much knowledgeable. This trivial information really helps with matin killing the kuffar and drinking the Islamic koolaid.

Sand niggers GO HOME

Guys, let's join hands for a moment and mourn the real victim of this tragedy.

so brown. I'm going to guess your hair is black too
post hand pic please


Furthermore if Matin DID not jumble Al nusra and Hezbollah and only pledged allegiance to isis, would this have made his attack more "isis"eee and legitimate?

brb getting the bombs

This is excellent satire on how Holla Forums & MSM reacts.
Every. Time.
Mhm that's right.
Christ, how does this never get old? I can't even stand the idiot but this ongoing meme is still funny.

I love you all.

TJ is my favorite dancing monkey, though. I fucking love DP, but then again that's mostly Ben's achievement. He's just entertaining to watch. Stupid monkeys are funny & he's not completely politically retarded like Crowder or Carl, for example


If there was a legit connection to ISIS Trump would know about it by now and he'd already be shitposting about it on Twitter


War today is a strange thing, in the past we wanted to the kill our opponents, now we want them to kill us.

Expect dozens of articles about how white men are the real danger and are called mentally ill instead of terrorist because racism and about how this guy posting something anti-trump on facebook makes this a left-wing terror attack.

Lol what do Holla Forumsyps even talk about in their news threads?


That actually is true even if this case turns out to not be terrorism. Shooting up black churches or running over protestors is terrorism, but the media basically never describes it as such.

I'm surprised his face reaction hasn't been made into a emoji yet.


you'd think they would be making him a hero since he's white and was killing "degenerate normies"

TJ's appeal is because he's not 100% a fake persona like those other guys and he's kind of woke.

The media basically describes all the time that the media never describes it as such.

He's white it isn't terrorism, grow the fuck up you deranged leftist idiotas.

Literally the opposite of /ourguy/.

Ikr? Him & Ben say some good stuff politically sometimes. Ben also voted for Stein(like me), which is cool. I'm always happy when they're right on the money with certain recent political events, because there's a lot of younger fans, as well. Proud of TJ & Ben for not just buying the Russian "hack" bullshit, too.
He says a lot of actually left things, yet then sometimes he'll down communism. So he's got some way to go, but for a YT skeptic, I'll take it. Someone will eventually educate him further.

Latest revelations or updates?
More videos of event?

Extremely relatable tbh


have to admit it's pretty funny how the media is calling him everything but a terrorist. psychopath, madman, crazy etc.

hrm 🤔

>fugg! tfw missed 3 hours of sluething and glorious banter

So like Trump University?



Same ;~;

It was nice.



Nah, you can only understand it if you've ever been convinced that your last moment had come. It's not feeling angsty because muh capitalism.


New-ish photo of the shooter.

Closer up. Image provided by his brother Eric.

Reminds me of the Zizek look.

Time for a classic.

he was no Micah X

YOU Could Be Suddenly Thrust Into Eternity!!!!

Are you right with God? Give your life to Jesus Christ now.

These people weren't at a Church service, they were partying in Vegas at a concert when the terrorist killed them.

REPENT NOW, or you too could be soon in Hell like these partying at the country music concert!!!!!!!


RT has live updates:

Thanks user

Support Con Artists in there fight against American imperialism.

Ok so I'm no conspiracy theorist, but:

Just don't add up fam, anyone more knowledgeable in guns and ballistics than I am to ease my paranoia?

False flag confirmed. The government is trying to take our guns away so they can instill the one-world government™.

It seemed to work pretty well.

thanks annon

Whats weird about it?

The crowd literally had like 10,000 people.

Oh wait, I was wrong, it had like *22,000* people.

I totally forgot how large the crowd was, thanks guys. Disregard previous post, saged because I'm retarded.

I want to go back to feeling bad about things again

You don't need to be the best aim, when you are shooting into a crowd.

w-what is my brain doing

Just an average day in murica.

god why do I bother reading chapo anymore.

Why? You dont know those people, and you never will, they have 0 impact on your life or life of your family? Why do you care? They are like NPC, its amusing to see them die

He makes me cringe with the whole 'rational sceptic' bullshit he pulls

I just laugh at this point.

Meme magic makes everything real


Because it could've been one of my friends, I mentioned Manchester, that was an Ariana Grande concert. I have some friends who like her and sometimes go to her concerts. Why shouldn't I be empathetic for random proles who just want to feel better? I guess the slightly amusing part is seeing people recognize that everything can change very quickly, or something. I don't know.

But they werent so whats the problem?
Because then you would have to feel sorry for humanity 24/7, there is always somebody that got fucked up by life, be it wars, starvation, sicknesses etc… If you feel sad for random people dying at concert in 1st world country why don you feel sad for random africans dying from starvation in africa? It just doesnt make any sense to bother with those issues because they will never get fixed, this is just how life is. The best thing you can do it to concentrate on well being of yourself and your community

This is why being a leftist is more depressing tbh

I mean it's a little different when I'm watching videos of it happening vs. just reading articles about the other stuff you're mentioning


They could have been my friends or family members too. So what? What can I do about it? What can you do about it? If you've got something you can do, by all means do it, and do it now. Otherwise? Just laugh at the dark humor that there is to get out of it.

Thanks to the wonders of the internet you can watch human suffering in 3rd world countries in any way you like, it is just that you are not exposed to it by media so you dont give a fuck
Horrible stuff happen everyday, everywhere. Thats the reality and always was, there is literally no point in caring about any of this emotionally.

Are those drug cartel guys?

>>>Holla Forums
The irony being that watching gore often is what makes you more desensitized to suffering. If you want to care about anything, stop watching constant suffering.
I had to stop watching that shit because I wanted to be able to feel, again. Most of us are leftists because we give a shit about people.

I can give a shit about people without getting pointlessly emotional every time I see something horrible happen.

>>>Holla Forums

Ok? Not what I was saying.

Who else?

I wasnt on Holla Forums since december 2014 and i dont intend on going back, that place is a intellectual graveyard..
Human life is constant suffering, so why i wouldn't get desensitzed to it? Its like when you see beggar on the street you care about him for the first time, but when you see 100 beggars every day you stop caring.
I do shit about people, but people in my proximity, my family, my friends, my city etc… People who have impact on my life and whom i can see.

So then why should I not want to become desensitized to it?


yes as a leftist i love that she supports free market neoliberal capitalism and supports the privatization of industry and commodification things that people literally need to be alive but nobody can afford.
how fucking stupid can you be dude you come on to this board sperging about leftists and you're so politically inunformed you think that a leftist/socialist/commie board has the same goals as hillary clinton? literally fucking kill yourself you stupid inbred faggot

I'm gonna start reporting your gore if you post more.
>>>Holla Forums
>>>Holla Forums

it's spoilered though, just don't click on it

I posted it only to illustrate my point, but whatever i dont really care


Suppressor + sub sonic ammunition = quite gun.

Why pile on more, then? There's enough to be exposed to, even without seeking out more online.
That's actually the point I was making…
That's good to know. I'm being serious, not sarcastic

It's stuff like that that give you a glimpse into the appeal of the reactionary mindset. It's just so tempting to classify those people as different enough from you that you never have to consider the idea of being in that position.

More like 3 gigs, and its pretty outdated too, but some executions can be pretty kino, showing extreme body reactions or just the process of dying with is pretty interesting in itself, or just human anatomy in itself
Also why do you care about my filenames?

This. Very likely he changed his social media to make it look like he was a liberal.

…To have a healthier mind? I was mainly talking about that first poster & who I replied to. The more desensitized you are, the more pointless life is & indifferent you are to others' suffering. Why even be leftist? If no one gives a shit, then we'll become extinct much quicker & the more we'll be exploited.

Quite gun, much bullets

It pretty much reflects what kind of person you really are. People gather collections of what they enjoy. You are trying to convince us that you only have this collection for neutral, "scientific purposes," to desensitize you, like some kind of therapy, but that's not how people work. That's not enough motivation to collect 3 gigs of anything. If you want to get fit, you have like a few hundred mega collection, a kind of guide, motivational shit. But we are talking about gore. A much safer bet is that you get a tingling in your dick when you watch people die and suffer and you try to portray it as something neutral.

Not healthy, man.

childhood spent on Holla Forums was a mistake tbh

Im not trying to convince anybdy, im just saying that its pretty interesting, and thats why i collect it, together with webms about history, webms about some random stuff etc… And i dont really fap to it, i tried once but it wasnt really satisfying, to be honest i dont really fap that much nowadays


No shit

I rest my case.

Why should I care about things which I cannot rectify or intervene in though? If it's something I can do something about, sure, I'll get into it. Other than that, what good is the emotional response?

No need to be aggressive, I feel the same way

Ikr? That's why I take a stance against it. It was not a good thing(especially when you have to interact with others at all) to become numb to it. I didn't think I'd feel much again, tbh, but after at least a year of not watching that stuff, I got better. I think we all have a curiosity about death, etc, but I had my fill.

Most people don't reason out or rationalize an emotional response ahead of time

Put another way, the earth is about to be hit by an extinction level asteroid and we can't do anything about it. Panicking and sobbing isn't going to do me any better than shrugging and popping open a bottle of alcohol, why extend my own suffering?

I think I already answered this, as best I can. If not for others' health, then for your own. Also this, my post I'd rather feel than not. Life already sucks, enough.

holy shit

Well, sure, dude. In that weird scenario, most of us would want to make the most of the little time we have, by having fun or something. That's another reason you should want to feel… Or another rare moment is wasted, lmao.
Main thing is, I'd rather feel than not.

What is it?

A guy stood up and yelled "kill me" at the shooter
Is he right?

Damn. He get shot?

If not he'll get probably interviewed.

Yes, allah (swt) sent the shooter as a message to the infidels, mashallah

I suppose. I just see it as pointlessly indulging in emotional suffering.

One tactic Americans had in Vietnam was firing the M60 directly onto the rice paddies knowing the rounds would ricochet off the ground and follow a terminal trajectory that bounced at about 4-5 ft through a village.


worst part is that everyone has to pretend like this is a big fucking deal, when in reality the chances of it happening are still extremely low.

oh, so they're only pretending to be retarded.

Don't think you'd need even that tactic when it's 20,000 people tightly packed together with zero cover. At that point you're going to have bullets that go through three people before hitting the ground.

because USA

What's so important about Sakhalin?
Why is it higher on the tragedy scale than the rest of Russia?

you can't make this stuff up…

I'm not even surprised by this shit anymore. I can hear the "Gun control!" rants from a thousand gaping maws. I can hear dems laughing at the slaughter of a monster they created. I can feel the gnashing teeth of this fucking cancer sinking into my side. This country needs bloodshed to fix its fucking problems at this point, there is no hope left for the republic.

yeah sure, that's why news make sure to show poor oppressed venezuela every day on tv

Turn it into a co-op.


Yep, that's the southwest for you.

yh, someone posted this.
They're trying their damnedest to shift the blame.

The good old guilt by association.
He shared a room with someone who is married to a liberal, that means he is totally antifa


I was going to post that here, too. The way it's so shitty put together, is uh.. a clue it's fake. Retards are going to share it en masse without giving a shit, too.

Holy shit, it was so sloppy I couldn't even tell it was just talking about the neighbor, not Paddock. Amazing how far this is trying to reach. But obviously you should never believe an unsourced jpeg, anyway.

We should just start making memes calling this guy an ancap hero and sharing them on all the largest right-wing meme facebook pages. He displayed incredibly ancap-ish behavior.



Why is Holla Forums trying so hard to turn this guy into a leftist again? Are they that bored of trying to defend their orange god?

Guyana and Suriname are made up countries

edgy and whatnot


Because when they die they win.

A lot liberals shedding crocodile tears so they can take the opportunity to muh privilege check.

Idpolers gonna idpol I guess.

can someone ban rebel already?

Assuming he was using an AR-15 (very easy to modify plus it was reported he was using .223 ammo) the effective range is 400-600 meters. He was 360 meters away. Given the sheer amount of people, he could have shot from the hip while blindfolded and still have a high kill count.

Full proof, I can't see how this could be seen as ineffective in anyway.

user I think you take the idea that you know how to phrase everything correctly for granite


Anyone got that quote of Marx saying that any attempt to disarm workers should be frustrated?

“… the workers must be armed and organized. The whole proletariat must be armed at once with muskets, rifles, cannon and ammunition… Under no pretext should arms and ammunition be surrendered; any attempt to disarm the workers must be frustrated, by force if necessary.”
– Karl Marx, Address of the Central Committee to the Communist League, 1850


Fucking socdems.

Christ, Jacobin has some unbearably limp-dicked liberals contributing for them. Really undeserving of the name.

Closest up photo of shooter.


what's the verdict?

The guy was a ghost.
Probably went crazy, and shot people.
Righties are trying to blame lefties,
and liberals are trying to blame white muh muh privilege.
Nothing really to see here. Move on.

Nut bag with a family history of mental disorders goes postal


not burger, explain please

Honestly this is how I imagine most incels look.

Gosh you guys it looks like Holla Forums was right again

Someone tweet this photoshop to Alex Jones. I want to see him report on it.

Socialist burger here. I agree I want off of this fucking terrible rock.

Youre not retarded user. You’re our comrade and we love you.

This world has ruined us.

this one?


the most burger quote today

what's this guy on about

You don't have a job and you're gonna be banned again

u wot m8?

I wish some would shoot up a Shining concert just to hear Niklas say edgy things to the press.

5 people understand this reference

A criminal that didn't follow the gun laws used illegal full auto weapons to kill unarmed people.

It's clear what we must do now.
We need more gun laws that criminals will not follow so we can make more people unarmed.


But this is how they figured out where he was.
Yeah that will be useful if I want a big pile of unhelpful shit.

Turns me off Holla Forums quite frankly. Feels like I'm on Holla Forums.
Marx wouldn't defend the right to have the weapons that are legal in the US when the government has access to fucking nukes
He's not fucking retarded.

What are you on nigga? Are you trying to say Marx would be against the Proles haveing guns or am I mistaken?

t. voted hillary a year ago

No one knows who he is or why the fuck he would shoot up a concert

Yeah man let's give the military and the even more reactionary police a monopoly on gun ownership. What's the worse that could happen?

Seriously I keep seeing memes about tankies but they seem really sensible. I’m like proto-Tankie at this point.

good soros' man


o yea…that's the sweet spot!!!





I mean at least bring the picture over man. You can post up to five images and copy an image and CTRL+V it into the "Comment" part of the reply and it will appear as clipboardimage.png or something, it also stores the clipboard image so you can do this five times in one post.


knock yourself out if this is your kind of thing.


Oh shit, more jpeg screencaps with zero evidence. People are trolling Holla Forums hard, huh.

Doesn't even look like the guy. Slave Ray 2.0? Have they found him in scat porn yet, too?

Since when did the US ever give a shit about following laws/amendments?

Kek, just checked 4pol and they still have brainlets crying about crisis actors. I swear crisis actors is a conspiracy from the state to make people look ridiculous.
This is your brain after a lifetime of liberalism.

I think I'll stick to MSM for now

fuck sake. why does fate protect people like him but forsake the innocent

fuck off then, coward

Sounds more like him playing up how close he actually was tbh

Alaska can into Eastern Europe.

I think you should think rethink your life,

I grew up with Columbine. National "tragedies" like this lost their effect on me long ago.

This thread was lit yesterday.

Trump just called the shooting a miracle. True gorilla mindset

Trump really is the chad president.

it's hard to have any sympathy for a country so brainwashed. i'm sure the NRA are gonna be on full defense mode after this.

Bruh we literally can't have automatic weapons. The government already banned that. There's some really convoluted way to get your hands on one but it takes years and according to the news this guy didn't do it. Also in order to own an automatic in the US you have to waive your 4th amendment rights forever. This means the government can arrest you or search your home whenever for no reason. It's a bad fucking deal man.

automatics are illegal and extremely regulated
they are, but they still exist

go back to reddit you noguns pussy

The funniest thing is they want to have their cake and eat it, they absolutely refuse to budge on either of the two issues feeding into this when one will do fine.
Pick one.

nice spook. there is no reason why a country can't have both functional healthcare and private gun ownership

Did you deliberately miss out my first sentence so you could show off your maymay?

we need more people like you, comrade

no that doesn't look like it's true

Doesn't look like it, see here:
Your forefathers didn't envision people to have assault rifles.
And finally you assumed I'm against all guns, which i'm not.

assault rifles are heavily regulated and cost tens of thousands of dollars or more. learn the facts or shut up
who gives a shit?

In the state of nevada there is no particular law on assault weapons.
And to say 'it costs more' isn't actually an assault weapons ban now is it?
Anyone that cares about gun rights does care.

Those are not "assault rifles", they're gas-cycled semi-automatics with a "bumpfire" (basically a rubber band that pulls the trigger when the stock recoils against it) accessory. Actual assault rifles are fully automatic select-fire weapons, and have been pretty much illegal since 1934. So-called "assault weapon" laws are meaningless technologically illiterage garbage concerned with aesthetic characteristics like barrel shrouds, black paint, and polycarbonate bodies.

Automatic rifles still exist and are legal to have with an NFA stamp (or if you legally owned them prior to 86 I think you're grandfathered in). They disallowed the sale of new automatic rifles, so all of the ones that existed prior to 1986 are still legal to transfer, which is why the ones that still exist in private hands are stupid expensive, but they do exist.

I originally thought that automatic rifle transfers were handled the same way most NFA items are (suppressors and SBR applications - basically a $200 tax stamp and a more comprehensive background check), but it actually looks a little more involved than that.

So while I don't think it's necessarily true that-

it does appear to be a pretty massive pain in the ass.

"assault weapons" don't exist. it's a literal made-up category; a total falsehood. way to expose yourself as totally ignorant on the subject
considering all automatic weapons are registered to and tracked by the state, requiring massive paperwork and red tape, and most people don't have $30,000+ to shell out on something that's basically a novelty, it is practically a ban
no, only retards care about what some dead capitalists and slaveowners think

Now you're playing semantics. Assault rifles do include semi-automatics (or just automatics like I said in my first post).

Thus the ">we NEED our automatics
automatics are illegal and extremely regulated" argument is false.

next line
nice reporting there

no they don't, retard
it's called nomenclature. you don't just get to call things whatever you want

Purely semi-automatic weapons are not assault rifles, period, as they are useless in an actual battlefield scenario. The term "assault rifle" was coined during the World Wars to denote new handheld weapons capable of automatic suppression fire and selectable 3-5-shot auto burstfire in addition to single-shot semi-auto.

Direct me to where I said I'm the authority on the subject of assault weapons? Oh you can't.
Still not a ban. The shooter in nevada proved that.
I was assuming I was responding to Holla Forums

Did you bother seeing a video of the event? Did you hear the gun fire?

OK mr. gun expert I don't give a shit. You're literally just arguing semantics sperg lord.

There's been a few semi-only rifles for somewhat modern battlefields. The L1A1 comes to mind, but that's a full battle rifle.
Also an important point of "assault rifles" is the intermediate caliber.

Reports say the shooter did not have any automatic weapons, and did not modify any of them for automatic fire, but was instead using bumpfire accessories. This is consistent with the irregular firing rate heard in videos.

Moreover, the extremely tiny number of legal automatic weapons are responsible for precisely ZERO murders in the decades since their restriction in the 1930s

then why are you mouthing off about it? shut up and fuck off

this is typical bullshit from cowards like you. a massacre happens, and before the bodies are even buried, you scumbags are trying to use peoples' deaths to push your retarded agenda. go fuck yourself

Because it has no relevance to my first point. The point you're trying to make is that I don't know much about guns, which is true because I don't. That doesn't make my opinion invalid you monkey.

If the shooter had some real skill and training along with a precision automatic rifle scoped up on a bipod etc with a spotter, he could have done the same amount of damage if not more, no? Shooting down at fish in a barrel pedestrians, late at night. Leads me to believe him having a machine gun is kind of a moot point. Then again I'm no guns, sadly.

You are literally asking for the illegalization of something that has been illegal for nearly a century, because you're too ignorant to understand what you think you want.

Jesus. What I am saying is I don't believe people should have the rights to own weapons that can mow down 100s of people.

That's just like, your opinion

then you shouldn't talk about things you don't understand
it makes your opinion worthless

but it's fine for them to own vehicles that can do the same, right?

I understand them enough to have a decent opinion on them. What you are doing has nothing to do with my original point.
And to your second point you assume I'm talking about all guns (again). Which I'm not.

every post you've made so far indicates otherwise

What if he'd planted fertilizer bombs (which reports indicate he'd been gathering the materials for, but apparently decided not to bother)? What if he'd driven a truck through the crowd? What about a poison gas attack?

The guy was a millionaire who spent at least a week planning out a mass murder, there is nothing any imaginable set of laws in any nation possibly could've done to prevent this.

The accessory he installed, bumpfire stocks, are literally no more sophisticated than a rubber band. In addition, I very much doubt the tiny reduction in rate of fire between (nearly uncontrollable) bumpfire and rapid semi-auto fire contributed greatly to the death toll.

This is one time this meme is valid. Laws are spooks. They aren’t gonna stop criminals doing shit.

I'm not the person you're arguing with, but to be fair, those are the weapons wars are fought with. The US manufactures and sells weapons that do this to basically anyone who wants to buy them. The perspective of the gun owners in this thread - and where this animosity might be coming from - is that you don't appear to want US civilians (the others posting) to have those weapons, but you may be alright with police and military forces having them and using them for their intended purposes. If we understand that technology isn't going to go backwards then it would seem as if automatic weapons will always exist. I think the people in this thread might be arguing for something closer to equality of arms with what is available to others. This may well indeed be motivated by fear, however the world can be a pretty spooky place.

I'm really not sure what even could be done about all of the firearms in the US. There are so many, they're so culturally ingrained, there's the whole 2nd amendment to contend with, and massive lobbies for furthering the proliferation of weapon sales domestic and abroad, and people are legitimately afraid of being defenseless in such a dangerous time and place as modern America (fear culture). I'm not sure what kind of a restriction one could even put in place to try to keep semi-automatic rifles from being modified. If you've ever seen the component-structure differences between an AR-15 and an M16A2 you'll recognize how, while not trivial, the physics of creating an auto-firing weapon are essentially all already in place. And as others in the thread have pointed out creating a bump-fire system isn't really rocket science. Heck I even saw some people speculating that the guy was using a 'gat-crank' - which if you look at it is not a complicated project for someone with a small degree of experience in metal-working. At that point its just a matter of creating a magazine capable of holding a lot of ammunition, which is essentially an even more simple project.

What could even be done to disarm a population which is resistant to disarming? I'm not saying I support the idea in concept, I just don't even know how one might proceed in a way that doesn't create black markets, spur more lobbying, create a more underground gun culture that's already skirting laws to get around silly legal provisions (CA's magazine release law comes to mind) all of this increasing the overall cost and violence associated with gun culture.

I'd love to hear anyone's thoughts on how the US could even logically proceed with gun laws at this point.

the u.s. already has enough gun laws

I don't disagree - but the question is more posed towards those that think differently or have solutions that they think would be effective. There's always this debate that comes up after the larger shootings, but I haven't heard or seen a solid legislative proposal that would actually work towards reducing gun violence and not massively backfire politically.

Wanting a reduction in violence in your society isn't a bad goal, but can that end really be achieved through gun legislation in the US? That's kinda' the question I'm trying to get out there.

Since 99.999% of gun crime (and justified self-defense) has always been done with cheap pistols, I don't think gun control is a valid angle on crime, legally speaking. Moreso since there is basically zero correlation between gun control and crime.

This focus on shocking but statistically meaningless crimes like mass shootings is, of course, even dumber than attempts to control crime by controlling guns. I am opposed to censorship, but if some kind of quasi-voluntary arrangement with the media to STFU about lone-wolf crimes and other tiny catastrophes were put in place, that would be easily the biggest improvement possible.

So far as crime, the answer is obvious: Fix the economy, stamp out the worst ghettos where the most extreme crime festers, and fix our insane "justice" system so that courts have enough judges to see trials instead of "plea-bargains" and we aren't incarcerating or paroling whole-digit percentages of our population.

gun violence in the u.s. is due to the illegal handgun trade, and it's mostly localised in urban areas like the larger cities, and overwhelming committed by ethnic minorities

the solution is thus:
1. do something about the amount of illegal handguns in circulation
2. address the cause of the gun crime, i.e. poverty

as usual, the solution is to reduce wealth inequality and class stratification

Agreed - poverty is the massive factor with regard to the health of a society that is almost entirely overlooked in the American gun-law discussion. I think it's sort of a knee-jerk reaction at this point for people from the US to support the passing of legislature that criminalizes behavior born out of poverty instead of addressing the poverty itself. Acknowledging that the nation indeed suffers from poverty and that poverty has terribly consequences for a society is in some sense an indictment of the larger systems (governmental, economic) that govern daily life. It is easier to shout and be upset about the proliferation of a tangible (and to some, scary) item like a firearm than it is to question the system that births so many desperate people.

Literally everyone I see is trying to use this shooting as a way to blame whatever group of people they don't like. Republicans, Democrats, White people, Muslims, Commies, Jews, etc etc. Nobody even actually cares it's just an opportunity to try to fuck over your enemies. I want off this ride.

Welcome to realpolitik, newfriend.

Hate the game not the player I always say.

Even eliminating poverty isn't strictly necessary. There are poorer countries than the US, but without our mix of nonexistant social aid and berserk yet poorly-integrated law enforcement, their crime and violence are far better.

Its like most things in the US. Take the abortion debate for instance, a majority of abortions are done for financial reasons by poor mothers and families who can't afford another kid. Now you could drastically reduce the number of abortions by addressing the leading cause that makes having a kid a burden (poverty and lack of accessible services), but its far easier to either 1) Tell poor people that they'll be less poor if they have less kids/abort early pregnancies or 2) Ban abortion completely and pretend the problem is now solved. Things like crime, abandonment, abuse, family disfunction, psycological and mental health issues, drug usage, obesity and a whole slew of other problems also follow the same trend where no one wants to actually solve the issues at hand by addressing the conditions that create them opting instead to remain either willfully ignorant, apologetic but unhelpful to those involved, or "hard" on those forced into them by circumstances.


Fuck off. Workers need automatic weapons to remove Porky.


literally what has always been done
people will politicize what type of sandwich another person eats for lunch if they can

ham and swiss cuck detected

Cuba actually has a lower murder rate than the US, which is especially impressive since the Latin American average is like four times the US murder rate

Although you might kidding, just want to point out: if you think republican proles deserve death because they're victims of ideology, you're probably just a liberal with teeth.

That's because the violence in Latin America is extremely related to the drug trade.

I know it's pretty damn sad how shallow these people are that they will use any tragedy to just use the victims as tools in order to get what they want for personal gain. Honestly, it really does show how cruel us humans are.

What's the matter Holla Forums?

Did you stop caring already?

Holla Forums confirmed once again to be 2 steps back and thinking it's on to some huge conspiracy.

Yes. ~60 burgers being murdered is sexy and dramatic but 21,000 people die of starvation every day under global capital. There are more important things than Holla Forums-tier conspiracies.

Conspiracy really is just theory for brainlets

bunch of real detectives right there.

Wow. You're /that/ guy.

Cringey af tbh

Press conference live turn on msm

omg so like the good guy cops have super secret info and are fighting against the bad guy meanie cops from the fed who hate freedom and america and are probably commies - all in a more autistic version of a plot from a shitty normiecore action movie. Also I need random events to tell me that the FBI is bad (but they'd be good if you took out the 2 or 3 meanies corrupting it from the inside)

Honestly, I wonder what it would be like to go through life this dimwitted. I can't tell if it would be relaxing or if I'd just constantly feel buttfrustrated.

You're a moron. Your post is meaningless.

Literally meaningless.

I didn't even use big words. I had the lowest standards for you and you still didn't meet them

The first half of his post was making fun of your theory, and the second half was calling you dumb. Glad I could help

It's not even a good conspiracy like MKUltra to push gun control or cook up a reichstag. It's just boring "everyone hates Trump and trying to make him look bad" stichk. And stop throwing around 'Deep Sate' you idiots have no idea what that word means. Here's a hint; the 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧DEEP STATE🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧 owns the white house and Trump kisses that ring.

You didn't say anything at all really.

That post was nothing but a bad strawman summary and insults.

This board is literally brainlets incapable of critical thought.

Has this been posted yet?


No but I did see a bunch of articles alluding to it without sharing. Thanks for the link user

This board is full of even bigger brainlets then I thought.

The projection is unreal. Be honest, when's the last time you read a (non-fantasy) book?

It's the name of an ATF operation retard.

Yeah the amount of them telling people to read a book that fold when confronted in various threads is ridiculous.

Lol shut up dipshit. Only in your retard colony could someone namefag as a cop to get both recognition and respect, and be completely believed unquestioningly because he's "against the feds". People tell you to "read books" because conspiracies only have this much weight on someone if they're so devoid of theory and consistent ideology that they have to turn to theorizing about aberrant actions within an otherwise functioning system to understand and process when bad things happen. It's not even creative or interesting, it's beneath Alex Jones level and all in the service of vindicating the establishment.

Sort yourself out.

the only other post of mine on this is , who called me a retard?

This is fucking amazing a paragraph of literally loosely connected buzzwords. Top pseud. Please name drop Foucault next.

There isn't a single buzzword

Apparently nobody but you just made it clear you were one.

The entire history of Holla Forums summarized everybody

Waht means?


False flag is meant to raise tensions between antifa and WN, Jews hoping to get civil war going then Marshall law and put both sides in FEMA death camps

See now at least this theory is entertaining

Hasbara GLP schizophrenia kikes have arrived.

Honestly if they really wanted to false flag us into police state shit they should have went with a muslim guy. People would eat that shit up.


no shit

Anyone who is so gullible to believe in crisis actors instead of the government killing a fuckload of people indiscriminately immediately gives themselves away as having less than 100IQ.


False flag is meant to raise tensions between antifa and WN, Jews hoping to get civil war going then Marshall law and put both sides in FEMA death camps

They planted antifa books on him (if he was the shooter why the fuck he would have the books so dumb)

/Pol already knows plently about the November 4th rally, as did the Jews,so Jews are just feeding the fire, this makes the biggest fire… /Pol to blinded by hate to see though, I am concerned.

You can call me names and deny the evidence, there's plenty more with 2 shooters, just the entire story seems weird. I'm not trying to cause a stir just hope some people will look into it on their own.

I understand you're retarded but if that is the case I have absolutely no idea why you're talking to me since that post only has you as someone replying, you complete spaz.

Picture of the REAL vegas shooter! Beware this man! Government protection!

I'm talking to you because you responded to . I quoted the other post to say it was my only other one at the time when you said people called me retarded, which obviously didn't happen except for you getting offended I called you a dipshit.

Trips don't lie

Wait wait, the shooter was a genuine porky? And from real estate, no less?

I'm guessing Porky decided proles weren't dying fast enough and ditched the objective violence.

I knew hyde was just another false flag


You believe the government is willing to do falseflags and attempt to instigate violence to crack down on whatever group it is you're worried for, but you don't think they'll just gun down civvies to do it?

In that case you should feel equally retarded.

I'm not the one who can't even follow 4 posts in a row without losing the plot. I told you directly it wasn't me and it took you all of one post to acknowledge and then immediately forget that info

I believe they need to have support of the country to put antifa and WN in the camps. Depopulation is the agenda. Now they have two "terroist" events they can scare the public about both groups for 1 month, and start rounding up in November.

Antifa (named terroist org)and stormfags(blew up website) both made examples of recently as well so they can paint both sides as terroists.

If depopulation is the agenda I don't think rounding up WN and antifa is the way to do it. Vast majority of people aren't either.

The "depopulation agenda" is well under way and has been for decades, it just doesn't involve countries full of wealth and wealthy lawyers.


The real truth is their is no "agenda", we are just ruled by scared men, scared stupid men who's claims to fame and wealth are largely hereditary, are stupid, and have the entire state apparatus functioning to support them and the whims of themselves and their offspring.

Just like Feudalism, it's not smart tyranny, its stupid tyranny. And just like feudalism, the feudal lords are easily scared by even the shadows of the trees in the rooms of their McMansions at nice

I don't think these conspiracy theories have an ounce of truth because it makes the affluent seem competent or energetic enough to have long lasting master plans besides fuck you I got mine, that just doesn't exist. But death is a consequence of it. So there is truth to it.

But a deliberate well laid plan besides what you see the government doing currently, it just doesn't exist.

Lol top pseud again from the same retard who thought "Fast and Furious" was a film franchise and not an ATF operation

Less proof of a well-orchestrated plan and more proof that something set them into a panic and they're prepared to say "fuck everyone else" when something inevitably blows up in their faces

I'm a different user entirely who posted Adam Friedland a bit ago

You have to accept that the truth is that we are living under the insecurity and irrationality of the fact that all of our lives are in the hands of horned up senior citizens who hate their grandkids, their liberal parents, their selfish sons; and a whole lot of money bent towards their own desires.

Every singular problem large and small, sudden or long, national and international, can be traced back to the fact we exist as a society to defend this way of life.

The conspiracy exists plain as day for all who want to see it.

Nice try but your posting style and retarded use of buzzwords gave it away

What the fuck is this purple prose bullshit it reads like shit you'd be find on an early noughts MySpace profile of a "precocious" teenage girl in honors high school lit class.

lmfao this board🤗

Completely different user to the previously mentioned user and the one who you are replying to here.

The baby boomers should not be given armistice for simply being born at the right place at the right time, and damn to hell anyone else born elsewhere.

The people of today need to take back the world from the people of yesteryear.

Don't be so easily fooled.

All that shit you say is fucked up and retarded.

You use halfchan on purpose


The liberals are no different than us are they? There smug belief in solutions through intellectual discourse is all bullshit. They are just wolves with no clothing anymore. This shooting has broken liberals and conservatives alike.

And as usual the nazi flaggots have nothing of value to contribute to the thread beyond dumb conspiracy theories, not even good ones, without evidence, all the while repeating the whole "the shooter was totally antifa, guys" schtick and then hyberbolically claiming antifa is an organized terrorist group planning some violent insurection on november 4th.

But there r-reach is everywhere. Not a thing is that is a thing they cannot reach.


Everything they can reach is a thing that they cant not reach. And everything is within their reach.

Did you guys see this interview with the shooter's brother? It's fucking bizarre and also funny to watch.