Who will regress to liberalism first?

The results are in, Badmouse is drifting away from anarchism and liberal praxis whereas Muke is continuing his lifestylist liberal trash. Badmouse has renounced anarchism for leftism without labels (an improvement)

Muke will continue taking photos of books he doesn't read until he graduates and go full socdem. Instead of participating in critique, he whines to his internet clique about TANKIES

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I was really hoping that Bad Mouse would embrace Bookchin. It's kind of disappointing, given that they seemed sort of enthusiastic about him before.

Who cares? Attention whores are shit and youtube is garbage outside of music and lectures.

Muke is going farther left towards left communism and may start actually reading soon. He has allready read more than badmouse who litterally can't read.

Badmouse is becoming a tankie if anything. Screencap this post.

Badmouse is becoming a tankie if anything. Screencap this post.

My money is on BadMouse.

He has a bunch of reddit posts defending the Scandinavian model.

If he becomes a Tankie I will literally shit a tank from laughter.

Badmouse is becoming a table if anything. Screencap this post.

Muke has read more theory than most people here.

He has all the making of one, notably a passion for social democracy and inability to read. Better prepare your butthole bucko.

No he hasn't. He has literally lost every debate he was ever in.

hi muke, no you haven't.

I smoked salvia and that happened once

They both need to have some sense smacked into them.


Roo will.

"Iran and Hezbollah are socialist guize."

What does muke have to do to convince leftypol he reads? Besides go tankie

get fucked muke

Roo will.

"Iran and Hezbollah are socialist guize."

read a book?

He needs to read books

Not a full on tank yet

He needs to start citing more texts aside from Wage Labour and Capital, Critique of the Gotha Programme, and State and Revolution.

Perhaps he should consider reading Lacanian theory, then he can master the ways of the ego Objet petit a relationship and sound like a 170 Autism Level uberleftist?

He needs to be to Marx what that fucking incel AW is to Hegel.


A fraud and a liar who doesn't read what he claims? Muke is ALREADY that, mang.


true tbqh

At least AW has a better vocabulary and more sophisicated tone. When I first saw Muke's vids I assumed he was 15 at the oldest. AW could pass for a grad student.

Bad mouse has a right wing past. Any rightist who goes Left does do not because to be right but to find what is right and what is the right way to do it. What BadMouse says feels genuine in wanting to do good. Muke on the other hand has always been leftist and is out to prove himself right.

Doesn’t do so to be right*>>2123893

We don't need another Rebel Absurdity like situation again

Most people here have read zero theory

wew anarchism really does belong in the trash

"People who are liberals look upon the principles of Marxism as abstract dogma. They approve of Marxism, but are not prepared to practice it or to practice it in full; they are not prepared to replace their liberalism by Marxism. These people have their Marxism, but they have their liberalism as well–they talk Marxism but practice liberalism; they apply Marxism to others but liberalism to themselves. They keep both kinds of goods in stock and find a use for each. This is how the mind of Xexizy works." (Mao Zedong. Combat Liberalism, 1937)

Badmouse stopped being an anarchist because he couldn't read. You're getting called a tankie because they call everything they don't like liberalism.

Muke is a vain lifestylist. When he's not doing literally nothing, he's taking photos of books and hanging out with rightists. He serves as a punching bag for the right because he likes the attention. If he actually gave a shit about communism, he'd learn what the fuck he's talking about instead of whining when real communists critique him.

He's much more a Sargonite than a leftist.

As for Badmouse, it's clear that while he is unable to read, he supplements this with other forms of media. He doesn't just sit around talking out of his ass and getting into debates to make himself look like a jackass. It's clear that he's been doing research lately and can actually hold an argument. Obviously he's either learned to read or stuck to videos/audiobooks. Muke relies solely on memes and whatever his clique is circle-jerking about this week.

holy shit I just noticed that.

Literally who gives a fuck

better than in pol tbqh at least leftypol encourages reading since leftypol has his origins in 4chan's lit

i just need him supporting antifa idc what he is, he was never a reader thats more the speed of muke & AW, etc

As an Anarchist, Badmouse is disappointing to me. Muke though, I don't really get what all the hate is about. Why don't you guys just stop with the "Muke doesn't read" meme.

I've read more theory than Muke and I'm a fucking brainlet

The problem with Badmouse I think. Is that he is not ballsy to even stand up for himself.
He is the kind of wigga who wouldn't defend himself if he received a punch in the face.

Pu$$y tbqh

That's the case with most male SJWs.

hi Holla Forums

isn't there a thread to contain the e-celeb cancer?

A socdem and a larper is a tough bet, but around soc dems, never relax

no, not at all. I really think he doesn't knows better rn or how power works, etc, etc.

yes leftytrash


Muke shittalking Holla Forums, thinks we are all ex-Holla Forumsyps, hurrdurr sexism

He also seems to think that Holla Forums underwent a gradual quality decline which is obvious bullshit considering that's just him not liking a direction. Holla Forums started off with the Hohxa meme, and mostly LibSocs, then you had a surge of "read Bordiga", followed by "google Bookchin", then you ultralefts by the type of Dauve dominating for a good amount of months, then you get the Cockshot meme which drove people away from Leftcoms and now we are seeing a little bit of a resurgence of Leninism/MLs. I imagine that to also wear off in a couple of months. But Muke is fucking triggered about this, everybody who disagrees is a tankie/NazBol, this was really annoying to listen to.

A girl he was into started dating a nazbol, now he thinks it's all Holla Forums's fault.

muke acts like a liberal in every way except vocabulary.

/ l e f t y p o l /

As a ML I'm super annoyed right now that Muke lumps me in with Nazis who think women should stay in the kitchen; holy shit, I've never met a ML/tankie who didn't advocate for liberation of women, I've met TERFs but none of that shit, and to be frankly I've never seen anybody on Holla Forums even with NazBol frag saying that. The fact that he gets his stuff from Eden Sauvage who have a collection of works subsumed under the bullet point of "anti-feminism" on their page but blames tankies for reactionary social views because some of us don't think you need to talk about people with gender dysphoria all the fucking time (also in this video) when they make up less than 0,5% of the population or something.

I snapped when he called Holla Forums "Sargonites with red flags" - coming from a guy WHO WENT OUT DRINKING with Sargon.

He's mad at that one stalin stache and all the Nazbols.

When did anti-anarchists start using the red and black flag?

I'm not even ML but that shit's really dumb.

and nothing productive happened yet again

The only NazBol flag I see posting here regularly that hasn't been banned yet constantly posts traps and shit. Doesn't sound like a social reactionary to me. Unironic National Bolshevism/Strasserism has been a ban reason from day one on this board, it's in the FAQ.

That Stalinstache is a shitposter who already said he doesn't have anything against trans people he just thought we shouldn't have this trap/fuccboi aesthetic

Am trans and get irked when people like Muke try to promote the shit I go through as their aesthetic, notably for internet points from liberals.

It borders on fetishism and is really creepy.

he'd rather lie about leftypol on twitter so he can ignore valid criticism and lefty-twitter (more like liberal-twitter) lets him scoot by

It's hypocritical as fuck when Muke says (literally in this video) that he fucking hates Holla Forums users because of the memes and the shitposting but pretty much all he does, and also where he got all his political stances from, were memes, aesthetics and fetishism. You can't complain about memes when you have a vaporwave Žižek as your Twitter coverphoto. This is exactly why people think he's gonna turn liberal after college, because he's extremly susceptible to memes and hot issues within his in-group.

Real talk: we need eclebs that aren't literally children.

Real talk: ecelebs shouldn't exist.

I recant, you are correct.

Nigga I’m trans too and I’m getting tired of Muke. I’m so fucking tired of liberals using my life as a political power play. I wish Muke would stop treating trans people like children who can’t handle a joke.

Roo has been a liberal ever since he became a third worldist.

I hope we can radicalize contrapoints, they seem to desperately want to be more hard left, what we need is an ice cold motherfucker to convert them

Why the fuck does he have to make videos and tweets shitting on Holla Forums? ffs normalfags are a mistake.

Because shitting on an obscure chan board gives him more views and attention than reading a book would. He hasn't read Capital yet, which even Afroplasm has read and he's been here 6 months and doesn't have a youtube channel dedicated to communism.

Will you be my gf

I'll do it if they dress up as a catgirl for me

Underrated post.

Polite sage.

Isn't contra already a gommie?

wasn't muke already on that


contrapoints is a social democrat from what I understand, they have high degrees of radical left sympathy however

ironically I think contrapoints is actually more well read on the subject then both badmouse and muke, as they were a former philosophy major, I am pretty sure they just straight up read Kapital

I didn't know she was a socdem. that explains a lot, like how that new video was so off the mark.

Clearly OP doesn't want BadMouse to be associated with his ideology, which is only reasonable.

Go back to discord

tbh my dream gf is a reverse trap because I am biscum.

She's is more well read than well…literally every leftist youtuber as well as anyone on any leftist forum.

isn't finnbol pretty well read? if he isn't he comes off more like he knows his shit at least

My good man can I get some discord links??

Worst of the bunch is Mexie. she is absolute cancer. can't go one sentence without a vague,

He's read Capital, but has zero understanding of Hegel (as shown here youtube.com/watch?v=KYKHq34r6Bg) which in turn limits his understanding of Capital, especially in comparison to contra.

I guess he's also read a bunch of Lenin and Stalin but idk how useful that is today.

Finbol is definitely more on the side of historian than theorist.


The focus wasn't on the transphobia at all, it was the fact a 'communist' was saying it.


trans folk shouldn't fucking cry about being trans all day and splinter the left based on trans rights

I wish Rebel Absurdity was still around to slap some sense into badmouse

Agree. Even though he is a bad historian, because of his historical revisionism. He is a some kind of a Sovjet-Holocaust-Denier-Historian.

However FinBols stances unrelated to the USSR are usually correct and free from faggotery. He hit the nail on its head in his IdPol rant recently, for example. He isn't a bad communist although I do agree he focuses way too much on the historical stuff compared to modern issues. But that's just his channel theme and I'm fine with that.

He isn't a historical revisionist either, he has spoken out against the purges of Yehzov, he just doesn't think that Stalin is personally responsible for all that considering how little direct administrative control he really had during the collectivization.

I'd slap something into Rebel alright.

I thinks she's more of a demsoc or at least a leftist socdem

friendly reminder to anyone who thinks e-celebs are useless :^)

She used to be an "academic Marxist" when doing her philsophy PHD. She regressed into a social liberal and apparently voted for Hilldog in the primaries because she for whatever reason thought that Hillary would do better than Bernie in the general election. She was pretty strongly against all "political violence" following the J20 riots, but was willing to have a conversation with leftists (mainly anarchists) and seems to have moved significantly to the left. She recently said that the centrists will choose Nazis over leftists when push comes to shove.


Lamo, what is this from?

That's legit criticism, but on the other hand there are no any leftist YouTubers who have a similar knowledge about modern political economy. She uses almost always modern, academic sources which is something a whole lot of communists never do - which makes her more acceptable for normies, STEMfags or the whole muh rational data crowd.

I think she comes over as an annoying idealist teacher fresh out of uni, the virtue signalling is shitty, but I think she's still somewhat a contribution within the shithole that is the modern radical left.

Honestly Contrapoints has high production value and obviously loves making videos which are almost cinematic for YouTube, and is also quite eloquent (when he writes his script, at least, in streams he isn't nearly as witty). That together with the artsy style of his videos makes the audience believe he is some sort of philosophy wizard, which I really don't think he is. He is smart and creative, sure, but when it comes to actual hard content one could take out of his videos he is kind of a lackluster, at least for me. The only video which was really good was the race video.

fuck off Holla Forums reject

stop trying to stir shit

It's a guy no?

Contra spewed pretty standard anti-communist Democratic Cops of America talking points last video and still it was promoted all over leftypol and reddit. Need to stop propping up these socdem patreon grifters.

which one was that>>2126213

She's transitioning, so no.

Not everyone who misgenders someone does so to be an asshole, maybe it was an honest mistake.

She's transgender, MtF.

Well, regardless of what you think of her videos, she's still read the actual philosophy. You can only really argue how well she's understood it but it's not like Hegel is relevant to rape culture in the US.

we tumblr nao

Fuck off

why the fuck does she look so good in a nazi uniform?

Mistreating a minority of workers will do no good for our movement. Suck my dick.

I think most people look better in a nazi uniform. idk why tho.

Daily reminder that no group of people, however marginalized, have an exclusive right to form a narrative about their actions and social position, and that claiming otherwise is a deeply reactionary idea.

Daily reminder that you can be 100% cool and non-bigoted towards trans people even if you don't buy into the idea that you can medically alter your sexuality or identity.

Daily reminder that gender-theory has no theoretical monopoly on human sexuality, just an immense liberal tailwind. Claiming otherwise is to shut down legit discussion and playing into the right-wing's falsely perceived victimhood.

so no, why don't you fuck off?

Daily reminder that communism is about the emancipation of everyone and not about protecting your fragile feelings from """the evil SJWs."""

It really isn't. This issue didn't even exist when the theory was developed, so it played zero part in its aims.

Your brain is made to think, try using it sometimes.

Daily reminder that radical homosexuals of the 60's and 70's wanted to transcend the male/female, hetero/homo, etc. distinctions since these have their roots in the family unit (class societies), and that today's "gender activists" are conservatives compared to them.

Well, what's his/her/its/their preferred muh pronoun? How am I supposed to know?

She is on the binary gender spectrum just as he.

Well you most certainly are bigoted and critically uncool

Hillary called.

How do you know? My argument was that he/she/goddamnit didn't the show the hard content of any philosophy in her videos.
What is this? Yuropoor here.


A non-Marxist conspiracy theory of the post-patriarchal age.

You can just use "they" if you don't know

She or they. Use 'they' if your not sure. Pretty sure 'it' is kinda rude.
You can't, a lot of the times. Just ask them.


Also, why the fuck must every single thread where Contra gets mentioned get derailed into a discussion about gender?

Contrapoints never talked about it in general didn't come over as somebody who would give a damn. Since I'm not a native English speaker, isn't "they" kinda ridicolous? It's like talking about a schizophrenic person, since it's plural.

Well pretty clearly because shitheads go out of their way to misgender her in order to show… something.

Its pretty shit

I hate these rounds as well (hence consistent saging), but newfriends need to get their bubble's popped.

What did you mean to communicate by this?

Duh, some anarkiddie said I'm from Holla Forums because I used the wrong muh pronoun. Considering how ban-happy the mods are these days I thought I better correct that.

MLs are on a mission to become universally despised on the left.

I don't intentionally misgender people. When somebody has a cock I use "he", when somebody has a cunt I use "she" UNTIL I hear it otherwise from the exact same person (which Contra never said). Does that already make me a bigot?

If by "left" you mean "the section of vaguely defined political groups that have nothing to do with communism" I'd say they have a world to win.

So it's my fault now even though I didn't even start the discussion? Fuck off dude, you are probably from Holla Forums yourself

Right, but now you know. You weren't being an asshole about it, so idk why that guy sperged out instantly.



If it was a mistake then fair enough but tankies and tashes have been derailing threads doing this shit on purpose for a week at least.

We have a new mod who has itchy fingers around people who s/he (fuck off) views as transphobes. Also: a lot of languages have no gendered pronouns, so this shitstorm is mostly a 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧liberal🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧 trigger contest.

I didn't know about that, but I know phrases like "somebody left their umbrella". Makes sense to me. There is none of that in my native language though, so I guess I continue being a bigot in German.

Except the bans only get placed when they're done to deliberately derail threads so your thinly veiled concern trolling has failed.

I'm Dutch myself, so it's kinda weird for me as well.

"I am a revolutionary and got my feelings hurt when they misgendered me online so somebody better do something about this!"


And nothing was lost.

It was one stash and AFAIK he was talking about the whole trap aesthetic as a vanguard of the left which he said may be a bad idea. He said he isn't a transphobe.

I mean, after all, it's Holla Forums. I liked this place because you could say everything that you that is on your mind without being afraid to get banned as long as you don't violate the FAQ. A little bit of banter should be normal. When you want language police etc. you can always go to reddit. But as long as Marx called Lasalle a Jewish Nigger I feel entitled to the same level of banter. I never mistreated or discriminated against marginalized groups in my life.

That's dumb, you don't need to ask someone what they prefer if they will likely never read what you write.
This is all a whole lot of useless language policing to protect the imagined feelings of someone who isn't here.

It's mostly an American thing. I'm sure we have some people with gender dyshoria in the closet here in Europe as well, but the entire pronoun game and also that hormone therapy thing is something that is quite unknown in Europe. I know one person with gender dysphoria and the doctors never recommended that to him, he is in a normal therapy now.

No it isn't. Well perhaps if you live in some Eastern shithole

Well she studied philosophy at a PhD level, for a start..

That's because most European countries don't allow pharma/private surgeons to court doctors to make lucrative agreements (you diagnose people with X and you recommend them my product/service so then you get a cut).

I've made numerous outright racist, homophobic and transphobic jokes recently and not been banned, and even called Contra he by mistake earlier and haven't been banned. The bans seem to be for deliberately derailing threads.
The only reason people are acting annoyed with you is because it's devolving into the realms of COINTELPRO tier wedge issue trolling at this point, because pretty much every thread recently with Contra/Manning in has been derailed this way. But if you've missed that and genuinely didn't know it's not your fault because as I've said I didn't even realise they were transitioning up until around a week ago and still referred to them as a he.

You can't misgender contrapoints, in fact she likes it when you alrernate pronouns when referring to him. You pcfags got so hung up you didn't even bother looking into the genderqueer pervert you were whiteknighting for.

She was a lecturer for a while as well.

Kind of a weird move to drop out at that level and then drive uber and end up doing youtube for a living.

I've never seen or heard about any of this in my entire life. Only in an American context. Why would I? How many people objectively suffer from that? And no, I'm not.

Didn't they quit though?

I agree that, in the end, it's kinda useless. But if someone doesn't want to be an asshole to trannies, they need to be thought how to, right?

You probably see it as an American thing, because both left and right blow the problem out of proportion (we're talking below 1% of the population here) on the internet. Americans irl probably know just as many trannies as you and I do.

They are a transperson. I believe the elementary courtesy is to not employ pronouns that they don't want you to use, regardless of what you think of their production or of "transgenderism" in general.

She was genderqueer for a while but is now trans and prefers she/they

Instant gulag 2bh along with the homos, Stalin did nothing wrong

Yea, not due to lack of ability though - she has a video that explained it, actually: youtube.com/watch?v=JNAAAfLi0pM

Also dude is it really that hard to just say she?

fuck off

I've got a better proposal. Why don't anglo fags learn a second language and stop conquering the world so we can discuss this non-issue in a language that has no gendered pronouns?

I thought it was "they" now? I said that I believed "she" was on the binary gender spectrum and therefore just as inapropriate, but nobody answered that. People ITT then told me to use "they" and I did yet somehow I'm still a bigot?

I distrust those who would style themselves teachers. You don't have to teach people to be nice, it makes me think you're doing this for your own sake rather than his. I'd rather you trust on his own good judgement as a leftist, that he would behave as he should should he ever meet a trans person in real life, maybe make a mistake, be corrected, and so on. Absent clear intent of malice, no need to appoint yourself as speech police.


no is ok bb

I never called you a bigot. People said to use they if you're unsure. You are not unsure - at the same time people told you this, other people told you contra goes by her/she.

Misgendering contrapoints by accident is pretty understandable since I'm pretty sure she only called herself "genderqueer" (not trans) a few months ago, and didn't give a fuck if people called her she, he, they or whatever.

They is a polite way to refer to Contrapoints, no ?

"They" wouldn't be wrong, but why would you say that instead of just "she", now that that's her preference?

Here's what annoys me most about this issue: Ten years ago before this was even really a thing I met someone and realised they were deliberately dressed in a way that left their gender ambiguous, not wanting to commit a social faux pas it took me around five seconds to realise the safe bet is referring them as "they". I was 16 at the time. Why do people nowadays insist on behaving like they have less emotional intelligence than a child?

Is she a FtM or does she identify as a non-binary genderqueer who goes by "she" ?
Because I don't believe in non-binary genders

She's FtM

Go back to Holla Forums

MtF, rather.

Contra recently came out as fully transgender. On a stream she said she has mixed feelings about her non-binary video where she calls herself genderqueer because at the time she was in denial about being a tranny.

Since gender roles are a social construct I think there really aren't non-binary gender roles unless you make one up for yourself or live in medieval Japan, where they had a third gender.

Oh, ok
I'll remember that

it's like this

I see it the other way around. To me it was clear he wasn't trying to be an asshole on purpose, so I corrected him.

She didn't identify for genderqueer before the genderqueer-video, she said that she was just an old-fashioned cross-dressing pervert. Her GQ phase was pretty shrot before she came out as trans.

More like:
And more importantly:

Suck. My. Duck.

Contra says gender is a social construct too, and if anything gender having no concrete basis makes it's existence on a spectrum even more legitimate.

I'm not calling you priviIeged though. I'm calling you RUDE.

And I'm calling you ignorant. That's settled then. Ever read Marx, Engels, Lenin, Makhno, etc.? They were the rudest sons of bitches around. Just saying.

Not trying to be an asshole but isn't this inconsistent?
Seems like an either/or to me.


I don't see how. Where do you identify non-binary gender roles within the history of western culture or many other cultures on the planet? Sure it's varying how men and women were recognized during the times, but social construct implies some correspondence to culture as a superstructure, and I fail to see it with all the non-binary genders which are, to put it simply, made-up, neither anthrpologists nor psychoanalysts agree with an infinite spectrum. I think that it's bollocks.

Sure, you can make a tabula rasa like the Stirnerists do, and call all genders a spook - but that doesn't make your statement more correct, quite the opposite.

I know they are not the same. So it follows that she thinks she can modify her sex?

I mean… that's a hard pill to swallow.

I can't cite any sources right now, this isn't exactly my area of expertise, but I'm fairly sure there have existed several societies throughout history that didn't see gender as a binary.

If sex is the physical, and gender is the social, how do hormones and surgery not go towards changing sex?

I already mentioned medieval Japan as a society that had a third gender. The question however is whether or not you can infinitely expand the gender spectrum, and, more importantly, aren't the instances in history where non-binary genders existed insignificant compared with the entire history of mankind, which is, to a large majorty, a history of two genders?

This is correct. Not just non-binary, but non-fixed. Young adult men in ancient Greece, for instance, had homosexual relationship with adolescent boys until 28, then they were allowed to marry and have heterosexual relationships. This was a form of population control.

Let me refer back to

And the majority of history is classless society, yet today we live in a class one.

The original argument here is can individuals feel like neither the male or female gender, and when we look in history to see that there have been societies that accept they can, why can't our one today?

Gender isn't totally detached from sexuality. At least the way I understand it. Gender sex is a false dichotomy, it's more like reciprocal influence that goes back and forth.

She is changing the physical attributes that contribute to our society's conception of gender in order to match it with her gender. This isn't really that complicated.

We are entering the world of semantics here. For me a legit "sex change" would imply non-cosmetic and functional (that is to say: complete) transformation, which can not be ruled out in the future, but currently non-achievable.

On another note: there are several horror stories of people who realized they made a mistake when transitioning under what is currently understood as such. On a third note: there's evidence to show that the prevalence of sex-change operations/hormone therapy in US/UK are due to medical lobbying, ref.:

I have no problem with that, but I'm entitled to say it is fetishized identity politics with no basis in authenticity. When you accept gender roles as a social contruct, but you desire to take on a different gender role, should you not measure it in correspondence to society by your own standard?


Ofc it's not, but that doesn't counter the argument.

I'm in no position to stop people, not that I'd want to, just to point out that it is driven by the profit motive and the gender and generally superstructural standards of class societies.

more like: "actually what it really says"

wow i had no idea

Talk about obtuse!

What did he mean by this?

No, but seriously, he's either (1) a megalomaniac from hanging out with the kool kids from youtube and twitter, (2) he's suffering from selection bias since becoming "woke" or whatever's happened to him or (3) he's annoyed that people make fun of him, and his illiteracy, be it actual or not, has become a meme, since he, as I presume, want's to be taken seriously.

Whatever it is, he's too emotional about all of it, and for all I know, he want's to impress Contra or someone with his non-materialist arguments about people "falling for nazbol, because someone told them so".

He's read one book and two pamphlets so he's pissed at the false accusation of not reading any books. Holla Forums could stand to read more, but muke is a youtuber making videos about Marxism so there is a different standard between that and some user here in what you expect them to read. For anons that haven't read, here is a Holla Forumscore list that will make you better read than muke in both volume and breadth. Capital is here twice as abridged and Vol 1, read abridged first then do some of Marx's other works before starting capital.

he's right though - most people on Holla Forums have literally read nothing. Muke never claimed to be on the level of some academic, if anything he was pointing out just how little Holla Forums reads instead of trying to show how much he's read.

t. muke

He says as he retweets another IDpoler on Twitter. The regression is well underway.

Muke isn't a real person. He's actually an embodiment of Holla Forums's collective retardation.
For example

I beleive I have actually read more than Xexizy and bad mouse combined. Here is what I have read:

Communist manfesto

State and Rev

Foundations of Leninism

Some Abridged version of Capital volume 1 (500 some pages)

A couple chapters about price of production from Capital volume 3

Critique of the Gotha Programme

Wage labor and capital.

Value price and profit.

I noticed that to. He sort of gos with the flow of leftypol.

Nigga that aint shit. I read the entire Harry Potter series four times.

As points out

It's just the phrasing "I've read more than most of Holla Forums combined", not on average that really surprised me. I'm not going to deny that a lot of people still have learning to do - who hasn't after all - others just some here for fun, but he's trying a different category, not being anonymous and all. He got himself into this "mess" of having to defend himself, in the end.

"Capital: An Abridged Edition (Oxford World's Classics)" it was the only copy at my library.

what an ego

Don't stop, keep it up!


What should I read next.

Why not read the stuff on the internet? PDFs are good introductions, link related is a study guide, Capital itself is on marxists.org
Also read German ideology while you're at it.

Muke here, if it's really gonna come down to a pissing match we can do this. You've read around the same amount as me I'd say but different books:

State and Revolution

Wage Labour and Capital

Value Price and Profit

Critique of the Gotha Program

Communist Mannifesto

^I've read all of these more than once if that means anything

Revolution at the Gates

Half of Terrorism and Communism (honestly I got bored with it but that's still around 100 pages)

Capitalist Realism

And then I've read various essays and articles that I won't be petty enough to list off.

I'm also currently reading Anti-Duhring and A Discourse on the Method.

I get how faggoty it is to actually list off every indivisual book I've read but it's not like it's uncalled for.


Something more modern, something that will boost your enthusiasm for studying?


I'm currently getting through (although admittedly slowly) basic philosophy, so I can read the essential parts of Hegel's Logic, so I can then read Capital. In the mean time, I intend for Anti-Duhring to give me enough understanding on the same subjects for arguments with right wingers and stuff.

My advice is to skip hegel for now. Capital volume 1 isn't actually hard to undestand. I read it in the 9th grade.

Contra is full idpol, he is okay. But i could see the trans stuff getting to her head.

Muke, don't get an ego. Makes you look like a brainlet.

Saying I've read more than the average leftypol user is hardly cultivating an ego.

that's not what you said, tho

Muke when will you make a new video.

I'm gonna guess at around 2 weeks. I started on a new script yesturday

Stop making videos and read you jewish nigger.

Nice. Also seriously forget about hegel for now. Capital volume 1 isn't very hard at all.

Don't bully him


I'm tempted to do that, but not only has Lenin said the whole of Hegel's Logic is a requirment (obvious exageration but still) but I'm also using this as an excuse and incentive to get into philo more in general, which is something I've wanted to do for a while. Like I said, anti-duhring will give me enough to deal with anyone but other actual leftists in the mean time.

If you're going to make videos about Marxism, you should have a firmer grasp than four of Marxists pamphlets and State and Revolution. This shouldn't be controversial. Here is something you should read before making anymore videos.

So let me get this striaght - you literally want the whole of Capital to be a requirment for people before they can try and spread Marxist ideas?

And you expect the revolution to start how exactly?

You might need hegel to undestand Capital 2 and 3 ( I don't know I haven't read either of those fully only the chapters on price of production) but you certainly don't need it to understand Capital volume 1. Its fairly simple and the only trouble you will have reading it is that it feels bloated at times. You can read hegel later. I think that as a marxist youtuber you should read Capital soon.

See that's funny because Lenin specifies that it's chapter 1 of vol 1 espeically that requires Hegel

Muke I support your channel and applaud you for dealing with the insecurity-fueled bullying of the more autistic elements of this board


Maybe you can better understand it with hegel but It doesn't really go over much except he basics of value, use value and exchange value and some basic stuff about how a commodity can only express its value in comparison to another commdotity.

That's only volume 1 and yes, I expect someone who wants to talk about Marxism with any authority to have read Marx's magnum opus.
A crisis of capitalism causing rising resource inequality or shortage among the non-bourgeois thus leading to a revolt.

Just when you think Muke couldn't ascend to higher plane of faggotry. We need to gulag all ultras just for good measure.

Muke, I support you cultivating your ego.

pls enforce Lenninist-Stirnerist thought.

ily, my property

Because Hugo Boss made a pact with Satan.

Muke you still here?


Muke will never read Lacan. Too difficult and too anti-Marxist/anti-materialist.

holy shit its working

Get him watching AW's Hegel vids so he gets an understanding as to what fucking dialectics really are.

Doesn't credit leftypol though :^)

you don't need that to read capital volume 1.

On the brightside we can't be blamed when he can't finish it,

I think he might actually do it.

You're right, he'll blame us anyways when he can't finish the book.

I just want Mexie to go away.
Why won't she go away?

whats wrong with mexie?

Why does she look at that balding pudgy hairball that way when I can't get a gf!!


She's a vegan.

too idpol and really pushes intersectionality.
I think she means well, she's just really annoying.

She's pretentious as fuck.

JFC Why do women do this?


The same thing that's wrong with every fucking internet personality. They start with a blog/channel/tumblr page documenting their underdeveloped and inane thoughts, followed by their "intellectual journey" which is mostly reactions to memes, reflections on hot topics, generating in the process a following that gives them uncritical positive feedback (today's socialized platforms are effective exactly because they offer you ways for constructing your own support bubble and safe-spaces that obstructs criticism) and more sewage to regurgitate.

What comrades like about this is beyond me. I wish one (1) leftist personality had the balls to stop their channel with a simple vid explaining that they need to read more before they can honestly start again, if they start again, because it hinders not just their own progress, but the followers' as well.

Rebel came closest to this, though in reality he just disappeared when he started going mental.

Has their ever been a leftist youtuber who knew what he was talking about? kapitalism101 is the only one I can think of.

Well Muke is a really young guy. If you're taking your political theory from someone who just graduated high school, you're probably doing something wrong.

But I think badmouse has always been honest, at least about how much he knew. He's said he doesn't read much because of his dyslexia and he had been an ancap, so becoming an ancom was a natural development.

in the case of mexie is the rack

meant for

Mexie actually does know what she is taking about somewhat. She has a background in academia and she has actually read capital.

If you actually wanna read, I dare you to read the entire work of Kim Il Sung. It's about 100k pages.


Him and Shaun and Jen (this is god-tier as far as youtube goes: youtube.com/watch?v=WqCCx4wj79o ). The key words here are: effort, research, skill, discipline.

"Our" e-celebs in question are in a pyramid building game, similarly to alt-right fucktards (Sargon). When they reach 10-100k subscribers their egos inevitably goes whack (since they amassed the following with their personality and not with their content) and move on to producing shit reflecting opinions that satisfies their new and larger follower base. Have you noticed how when Sargon sees a 20-30% dislike ratio on his vid he in a few weeks adopts to the "market signs"?

And it's not about the content creators personally, their personal qualities. It's about the medium they are using, the directions these mediums are pushing you towards, and how consciously you go against these or flow with them.


what about hbomberguy? He seems to research fairly well.

He's entertainment oriented. Nothing wrong with that in itself, but he builds on the same resources (twitter, facebook, patreon, youtube) and suffers from the same problems (idpol, mentions theory only to make a joke, slurps the asses of his fanbase). Still, you could be based af like Shaun who consciously avoids showing his fucking face, consciously avoids the content being about his personality, consciously avoids hot takes, etc.

In both cases: the blind leading the blind. These people thematize topics and influence opinions without having the capacity to bear the responsibility of intellectuals. They do good and bad simultaneously – it's usually hit and miss –, and then the usual (even more harmful) backpedalling follows.

(bumping this time because 8ch won't refresh)

Is his book on movies good? It's the only thing I'm interested in.

Or was that Gaddafi who wrote a book on movies? I forget

Do you have a PDF of it? I'm actually really interested in it this.


Oops. So it wasn't even Kim il Sung who wrote it. I was wrong both times.

Never got he impression that Cooney or any other of the TSS"I" guys had the head for rigorous thinking.

Yes, it was his son Kim Jong-il, you know the one who kidnapped a film-maker Shin Sang-ok to create godzilla knockoff Pulgasari. I normally don't give recommendations about books I haven't read myself, but I guess you can skip that one.

I sleep


either you're okay with the language or not, stop trying to get laid on twitter, faggot

It's not an achievement and doesn't make you an authority. It especially doesn't make you exempt from criticism by other youtubers who have read WAY more than you, actively participate in revolutionary parties, and do more than buy aesthetic shit and circlejerk on stream

you their leftcom. what do you think of the TSSI?




meant for

I've read 0 hegel and understand capital vol 1. As long as you get the general idea of materalism and dialectics, it's not difficult. Those two subjects in themselves are not very difficult to get a working understanding of.

Obviously for further research it's good to have a more in-depth understanding, but for your first read it's going to be fine. It also doesn't hurt to ask questions when you run into something you don't get. Just be sure you don't load them with bullshit and get mad when people respond.

people who rely on these for money will inevitably cave into liberalism.

The whole read "Hegel to understand Marx" meme is so unbelievably stupid.

It causes all sorts of problems if you're just trying to understand Marxism.

1. Hegel is significantly harder to understand than Marx is. If your worry is that you won't "get" Marx, then starting with Hegel is an even worse idea.

2. If you extend this line of thinking: to really understand Hegel, you need to understand Kant, Fichte and Schelling. And to understand those guys, you need to understand Descartes and the rationalism/empiricism divide and so on.

3. And not only that, but Kant and the other German Idealists can be as difficult to understand as Hegel is.

Let's say you did all of that. Look at all the work you just did… and you still don't know shit about Marx.

Just read Marx if that's all you're interested in. It's really not worth it doing this extra stuff unless you were already interested in it of course.

I don't get this reference.

Shaun made a video trying to debunk the XY Einzelfall Map by claiming the arsons it shows aren't actually arsons because some were accidents even though in German law a fire caused by negligence can still be considered arson.


Some of his videos are pretty good, like his one responding to Lauren on 'the great replacement', but other times he can be pretty disingenuous or act like an expert on matters he knows nothing about.

I remember him debunking much of the "immigrants did it" claim pointing out how the list didn't differentiate between first-second-third generation people, it's assumed that someone who doesn't speak German is an immigrant (while it could be a worker from Poland), or if someone has brown skin is a fresh migrant from Syria. There's a difference b/w fires caused intentionally or by accident, even if German law doesn't acknowledge it.

I fail to see how this is disingenuous.

No one cares about the law you statist cuck. The point was that toaster fires are no great tragedies and not morally comparable to burning down a church or shelter, no matter the law.

Kraut addresses that point at around 29 minutes in his video.

The point of the map is to mark crimes. They aren't going to not list crimes just because you don't think they should be considered ones. Also just because some of them are accidental doesn't mean people don't end up getting hurt because of them.

>The point of the map is to mark crimes that are claimed to be done by immigrants while it is shown by Shaun that it doesn't actually do this and it inflates the numbers on purpose to spread fear
Fixed for ya, sweetie.

oh yeah.


the fact that Badmouse thinks he can pick choose and change ideology (he said he isn't comfortable "identifying as a anarchist" lmao) proves he is a consumer liberal.

Brand loyalty is consumerism.

Something doesn't add up here


It's just a question of politeness my dude

Isn't using the plural to refer to a single person kind of de-classing for me? I mean why it gets 2 and I poor cis male 1?

This poster is right. Let's also stop using "you," the plural is pr''''oblematic.

Wouldn't also this be pr""oblematic? I mean you just referred to me like you refer an object
I could go on all day long, stop this sjw tier bullshit about genders

All three of you are retards.

"This" signifies proximity, I referred to you with "poster." I tried making fun of you but you are not paying attention.

Read the spoiler faggot. I was proving a point. If we have to act tumblr when it comes to trannies, I'll act tumblr with everything


wtf i love capitalism now

read Luxemburg

… yeah? Unless you intend to spread them on a factory floor or something. But if you're actually trying to make (half) hour long mass (new) media videoes, it seems like a good idea.


Firstly, I find it quite insulting that being social conservative = being reactionary.

Secondly, He`s fucking 19! At that age I was still serving my mandatory military service! He`s going to drop hard left so fucking fast. What does brat like that even know about life, or politics in general? Its the fucking same as equating someone form the party`s youth organization to those who currently sit in leadership positions.

Fucking lol. Get out.

Never happened.

Group pressure. Well anyway, did you know that reddit sucks, and it sucks hard and I know what I'm talking about here and I also never go there, ahem.

He's right and you're wrong.

I've been here since the beginning and I can tell you that the quality didn't drop. The ratio between literate contributors and shitposters is about the same. In fact, Holla Forums subversion has significantly decreased. In Holla Forumss early days almost a third of the catalog was /pol.

You are mistaken.

The tankie is right. The daily arguments with megyn was worse than the bait we get now.

Let these jokers go on their own Left journey. Need to radicalize the Youtube ex-dems who were burned by the democrats and don't know what to do with themselves. They have way bigger audiences.

If mike figueredo went full commie, holy shit.

If any of those people started going left they'd be where these two are, and then you'd just hate them for being "fake left"

I feel he's 100% right. This place is great for shitposting but if it once had a somewhat theoretical and discursive core, that's slowly become smaller and smaller over time, both on the whole and relatively. All the good oldfags also left like Yui and Ginjeet, or they very rarely post. This place is, quite simply put, /r/socialism but without PC language.

What? I think you misunderstand me. I don't have a problem with bad mouse etc. I'm saying let them figure their own stuff out and stop nit-picking.