Gee! Don't you love socialist commodity production, socialists private property, socialist money and socialists markets?

Gee! Don't you love socialist commodity production, socialists private property, socialist money and socialists markets?

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Were the people happy though


Why do leftcoms make threads without a flag, and then reply this?

The Finland has the highest living standard in the wolrd.


made by the tito gang

Living standard is not happiness or well-being


Workers self management that is all.

Literally had netherlands as this meme, deleted it and re did the comment as finland after googling which country actually had the highest standard of living. Low energy. Sad!

Yeah! We control this workplace! Oh hey demand for our product just fell so we have to lay all of you off sorry.

They suck their own cocks so much and think we don't notice, putting on other flags etc posting "why are leftcoms the only ones to have read Marx"

Yeh!we control this workplace, it's lorded over by a borderline technocratic "organic centralist" party leadership who might sometimes vote between themselves but generally just so as they see fit, even Maoists have more community control than the leftcom, as they base their theory in interpreting the people's will, not just interpreting some abstract notion of "correct theory"

I'm not a bordigist. Everyone would directly control the economy without any sort of market or party.

Alt-Stalinism. That is all:

Also read this instead


damn that was nice

makes me think


But without a market, how could I, for example, set up a small store for artisanal sweets? Not something to get rich from, just doing and sharing something you love. These kinds of superfluous but harmless consumer goods are better dealt with currency and a market.

Preventing ethnic cleansing and violence was a massive achievement in Yugoslavia

Step 1: Take sweet manifacturing machines from the community stockpile.
Step 2: Make sweets.

Get the local community to support this initiative and vote to allocate resources to this sweets producing endeavor. If they won't support it, the facility isn't necessary anyway.

Money will never go away. Utopians need to stop shilling this bullshit.

Wtf I hate Marx now

When demand for an item dies down even in a moneyless Communist society the people producing it will no longer be desired you idiot.

Marxism should not be a dogma. It is a guide to action.

But it's not necessary anywhere. That's why I mentioned it's just a superfluous consumer good. One of these small pleasures of life.

Would I have to shop around various neightborhoods/cities/etc. until I found one who wanted my sweets? It seems like a matter too small to be at the mercy of people at large, something closer to personal property than private or collective property.

Well that assumes the economy is already at post-scarcity if I can just get the goods like that. Still, there would be the matter of location. Would it be like I said above, and my location would be completely at the mercy of the locals?

Direct exchange is a quite ordinary bourgeois construct after all.

glad you're an anti-revisionist then, and those non-existent arguments against marx of yours are also very convincing.


How so? You can also buy your manifacturing machine with food stamps.

It's 2017. Why would it matter where you produce things?


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But now these people are unemployed and have to find a new job.

So from each according to their ability to each according to their need will never happen.

Market Socialism is the only form of Socialism that isn't utopian bullshit.

market socialism isn't socialism.

the absolute state of leftypol

Uphold balkanism-unemployism


Yep. Private property, markets and money are all 100% socialist uphold dengism-titoism.


ask society: hey do you guys want artisanal sweets? Get the stuff to make sweets then make sweets.

you don't deserve that flag

It's not as if the USSR didn't have money, it was just used for rationing purpuses rather than market exchanges.

How's that mutual bank going, Pierre?

How are you dealing with that famine Joseph?

You said "just take a machine", this implies scarcity isn't a worry and will always be avaulable, and also that currency doesn't exist (tho I suppose vouchers are okay).

I was thinking of producing and selling at the same spot. The selling part is very dependent on location.

The issue isn't really about demand, but how to manage the scarcity of goods without a market. Equipment, ingredients and location, basically. My capacity to acquire these things is at the mercy of something, and if there's no makret or currency, then in the solutions proposed here, I'd be at the mercy of neighborhood associations, or kitchenware manufacturer's unions or such. Simply opening my sweets shop seems to rest entirely on the caprice of groups of strangers. A market, for all its faults, simplifies this process using currency as a medium, putting the caprices of far fewer people on my way.

With a market you are controlled by impersonal market forces.


You're right, of course. I was just mentioning one of its few appreciable features, it makes commodity production straightforward.

A collectivized method is what we want, but every time I ask about starting a tiny business in a socialist/marketless/currencyless society, like I did in this thread, the proposals always seem to always go back to "try to convince a million different committees". It's extremely impractical to say the least and might be a considerable obstacle in small endeavors that represent personal or artistic expression, like say, if you want to start an arts and crafts shop. Not to mention it seems to me it opens the gates to those infamous favor market that existed in the commie countries.

If it seems I'm begging the question too much, I'm sorry. It's just that I hope one day we might figure out an alternative to this "committee carousel" method.