Remember that white guy joining Japanese marches against immigrants? He's still at it

Remember that white guy joining Japanese marches against immigrants? He's still at it.

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So black Holla Forumses want to be white and white Holla Forumses want to be japanese.
This is fucking painful

He doesn't want the jews to repeat their bullshit in Japan. Can't blame him.(USER WAS BANNED FOR REPEATING BULLSHIT)

Most of the elates in the West aren’t Jews.

Is it even possible for a non-jap to become a citizen there?

Oh really. What'd they do?



Just marry a Japanese person and hope they don't want to move to your country which they almost certainly will because Japan is kind of shit tbh.

Are there more jews like the barbara spectre?

For many japs marrying a foreigner is a road to release the fantasy of marrying for love because in japan arranged marriage is still the norm and all marriages are loveless.

Is that really true? Honestly asking.

I'm not surprised at all.
All weebs are mentally ill. And this includes the resident weebs from this board with their animus and obsession for le beautiful (only in their minds) azn grills

No. Japan is not India.

stop saying mean things about trans-nationalists you transphobe


This makes japanese people cringe

Typical american dog attitude.
I say that as soon as revolution happen americans will get the same threatment they did with the Norks, soviets ecc. We travel ban them.
This also remind me of another dog on youtube talking about eastern europe:

kek have a (you) mod san

The right wing worship of Poland is gross.

Wtf is this timeline?

The dude is Spanish.

Poland is so shitty mainly because it's potitical playground for American right-winger propaganda. I'm not surprised they like our country, they created it's modern look.
Poland is American conservative right-wing heaven.

Waito piggu go home!

So? Russia isn't red anymore.


The Japanese far-right is edgy as shit though. Listen to this gal publicly calling for the genocide of Korean people.

They've hated each other forever though so that's not even surprising.

That type of mentality is literally common everywhere, though. Look at Burgerland, for example.

Lurk more newfag