ITT: Meme Requests

Describe memes you once saw on the image boards, but were too shortsighted to save on the spot.

Example: I'm looking for your typical grinface computer screen meme, but instead of the gold guy beaming outta the monitor it's the ( ( (coincidence parentheses) ) ). Also, it would be sweet if somebody could edit the meme in a way that it incriminated The Eternal Burger.

Post your requests if you've got any, comrades.

Let me get some st. Max memes,especially miss stirner or catgirl stirner
I've presented an offering for anyone interested


Like these?

Also, did Roo really say that? The madman!

PS: Here's a rare Stirner meme for all you comrades tired of edgelords using Egoism to justify not doing shit…

Does anyone have the anarchist looking at the cop's ass?

Do anyone have the cap of the tanky saying "it's not about defeating capitalism"?

This is the best I can do for now.

No, now somebody find me my fucking echo grinface!

I got u fam

Real shit.

Thanks fam.

LOL This.

That egoist gf one was wonderful
And the roo probably did say that, though I'm not 100% certain
More memes for the meme lord

Googling Bookchin vs Googling Bob Avakian


To be honest, there couldn't have been a better target for a terrorist attack than The World Trade Center on 9/11. A fucktonne of the victims were bankers, CEOs and other scumbags that actually had it coming! Better them than preteens at an Ariana Grande concert…just saying.

Lol roo

My PC died, so I lost my Super Deluxe Porky (do not collectivize). I'd like it back.

He wants to fuck tha police

To siberia you little kulak motherfucker

there's a similar one, but with gorillas, does anybody have that?

i like it unironically

Anyone got that joke "antifa manual" that was just a couple lines scrawled on a napkin?

My good man
Your memes are here
Posted the original as well

does anyone have the antianglo gang anthem by batko :(

The FUCK is up with her waist?
And here are some more memes.