"degenerate behavior"

What is Holla Forums take on "degenerate" habits?

I don't mean BDSM or heroin addiction, not even NEETdom, but like smoking cigarettes, sometimes eating junk food, stuggling with anxiety/depression and being a high-functional alcoholic? Make no mistake, I am young, and I wouldn't call myself fat, but I feel terribly guilty that the side that I present to all my prospective clients, my employer, clients and most of my family and friends is not who I feel I actually am, with all my flaws and mistakes. Can any of you guys give me a well-rounded (possibly leftist?) perspective on my "degenerate" behavior? I want to add I don't want to be like this forever, but it's this temporary place where I feel I can handle world around me and even my own personal flaws - take away the "degeneracy" and I legit might just commit suicide or whatever.

Feel free to call me an imbecile, but also to give me a good framework on how to cope with imperfections in my character. Perhaps someone can also relate? Really, I'm not complaining, I think I am even quite OK, but I need some perspective, because I feel like going mad.

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Smoking should be illegal.

Of course Holla Forums would consider brain problems degenerate, but I don't. That shit is crippling when your brain won't work right and if you have a shitty environment that stops you from doing something about it.

Alcoholism sucks. Recovering alch here and I can attest to that. Once the physical/mental dependency kicks in your life becomes hell.

Expunge bourgeois puritanism from yourself. Read Stirner.

Your feelings are not surprising tbh. We do all kinds of things to cope with alienation, and we're constantly pressured to present ourselves as something we're not. We live in a world were everything has become commodified, including people, and if we don't market ourselves then we're beaten out by the competition. Who wouldn't feel mad in such place? What sane person wouldn't feel depressed and anxious? Why not resort to unhealthy habits to cope with the stress of all of this? There's nothing wrong with you m8, it's the world that's wrong. It's the world that's a sick, disgusting place where sociopathy is encouraged and humanity is considered a weakness. I know this doesn't really help you, but honestly I don't want you to be happy in this place. I want you to be angry, I want you to be so angry you might actually be willing to do something to change things. But then again, I'm not doing anything to change anything either so fuck me

good point

I wish you good luck m8, thanks for your input

I appreciate your heartfelt post, I really do. Sometimes I feel that people who think like you don't even exist and everyone around me is this perfect robot that they all present themselves to be on social media.

Smokers rights tbh

Wrong as hell.

Come back when you're a tweaker and maybe then we can talk about fun. Until then, take your whining back to tumblr, facebook, reddit, or a large number of sites where normal people congregate.
I'm lying, there are meth addicts on tumblr

Smoking and drinking should both be banned tbh. Don't really see why not.

It's not easy to score meth in eastern europe unless you hang out with career criminals tbh

It should be tempered with fitness and education. There is nothing wrong with a cheat meal or spending a day playing vidya, the problem is when this is everyday and you end up a fat fuckwit. I went from about 75 pounds overweight pothead to fit and well read chad, sometimes I still eat bad stuff and on Sunday I played Fire Emblem in bed most of the day, but I understand this isn't something to do everyday. Also bdsm is great and a sub qt leftist is the perfect gf.

Then you're not degenerate, now are you?

The world is all going to shit, I mean by the time we're 70 none of us are going to be able to retire, and some of you are scared of smoking still?

Literally fuck it, I want to die faster. Do not let me die of old age in some hellscape in the 2080's, get me the fuck out of town, I don't care if its lung cancer or not. Too chicken shit to kill yourself to avoid the financial pain of the future? Just go out going easy.

i fap to the genre 8 porn and smoke weed daily and not even feel sorry about it fam. Parents and other people may be subjected to very different material conditions from yours, it's normal to have problems with them. I can't say what's better, to become what they expect from you or not (and facing the consequences) but I can say fuck, you are employed, you are a proletariat with real problems, alcoholism is cruel. Of course you should try to stop your alcoholism/do mental health etc but I wouldn't blame you for not doing it since the absolute shit state of capitalist mental health/rehab centers everywhere.
Also cigs also are part of culture and a clear campaign about its effects should be made since it's easy for people to smoke a lot.

I've never really ever tried to market myself, and it's left me pretty lonely for most of my life. I'm lucky enough to have a few people who I can related to at least, without any false pretenses. I'm trying to get a business up with them actually, so hopefully that goes well enough. If you can find just a couple of people like that then life becomes a lot easier

what's that?

I have nothing against BDSM folks, I just brought an example that I don't mean sexual deviant kind of "degenerate" I hate this stupid Holla Forumsspeak but I don't know better word to describe this concept

so only hard drugs is degenerate in your book?

I am reluctantly actually going to admit there is nothing wrong with your post, and I have to agree.

I try to cut down on alcoholism, but it takes time. I mostly just drink to punish myself when I've had a shit day, can't remember last time I drunk to party. You make a good point about the pervasive petit-bourgeois puritarian culture surrounding us which encourages us to be at our best while it's clear that world around us cannot be sustainable, especially with climate change creeping at the corners.

Good luck to you, user. I feel terribly lonely too. I have more acquaintances than I can count, but very few friends.

These things are most likely caused by unfulfillment and frustration caused by the conditions of a bourgeoisie system. Unhealthy behaviors and indulgment are fed and amplified by the system, its bourgeoisie decadence if anything.

Your problem is taking "degeneräcy" theory seriously.

I smoke, and think that indoor smoking should be legalized, and wish that more people smoked tbh. Exercise, healthy eating, sleep, and other positive habits are also extremely important though, and I cannot stress enough how much of a transformative effect a healthy lifestyle can have on ones mood and general outlook on life. I used to be a depressed as fuck not so functioning alcoholic and drug addict but have done a complete 180 in the last two years. I attribute most of it to committing myself to long distance running, backpacking and lifting weights.

All this said, so called "degenerate" behavior is a perfectly reasonable response to alienation from labor and other aspects of nature that occurs under capitalism. We cannot expect to be fully fulfilled as humans until the value form is abolished.

Yes, I don't subscribe to Holla Forums's definition of fun because those guys are fags and I refuse to give them the satisfaction. If your fun lines up with theirs, you should seriously reconsider what you're doing with your life.

There are two evils in this world, smoking and pedophilia. And I don't smoke.

None of that is degenerate.
Justifying the status quo is degenerate.

trap porn what else?

I feel you fam. I drank when working office job, now studying and I don't drink anymore but I fear that it would end up bad when I worked. It's really hard to try and tackle it yourself, Ironically I had better chances to talk about it on internet forums, at least the cheap fake identities can be easily thrown away. The good thing about anonimity even if just superficial is that you can go away from not supportive communities easily, differently from family and work/study that are obligatory (either family supports you or you yourself). Dunno what to do though everyone has different options in life.
And climate change is so fucking scary. I don't get how people arond me can say shit like "lel the ecksperts are gonna do something abboud id capitalism dindu xd" when we are gonna fry thanks to MERRIGA and chi$na

Am I a pretentious fuck for smoking parliaments

I think if I had a mentor, personal trainer, or even a fucking girlfriend, I think I could quite easily do a 180 degree like you describe, but to do one just for myself? I would like to attempt this one day. Good for you though. The pressures of modern world are really fucking bad. I know certain people who are the exact opposite of "degenerate" and I think that they are just lucky.

What are you studying? I really like your post, I think you'd be a good influence on me if I know you from real life, mainly because you sound like you've gone past where I'm at right now (high functioning alcholism + office job)

kys m8

lol. Czech republic is germany tier when it comes to ice dude.

No. All drugs are gulag worthy.

don't be a pussy

Yes. And gulag worthy.

stacheposters GTFO pls

Why? I'm gonna drink and smoke all the fuck I want you stupid shit. If the world's going to hell, here's to feeling good all time.

Might as well fucking ban coffee and caffeine too.


Yes. You have good ideas. Too bad you would need to go to gulag.

I was in no way alcoholic tbh. Drank heavy on saturdays and like a random day of shit drunkness but not had real addiction. I study history, feels good to not be burger and go to state uni. My office job was chimp brain tier, how s yours?

lad, what the fuck? You would gulag billions of fucking people. Also cigarettes and alchol don't hurt no one besides the user

How about I take my stub and burn the ash on your shirt

Nobody answered my question.

And they would be rehabilitated through hard work. Not sure if they keep doing it though. Maybe shoot whoever is selling it still?

Immediate execution.


There will be no straight edge noodle armed dorks in communism. Sorry.

Dude there is nothing wrong in cigarettes and alchol.




As we speak I have gone through two cigarettes inside. I will smoke them faster.

I just finished loading my first bowl of the morning, too.

One cigarette? Two cigarette? Gulag all the same.


Btw I smoke 2 packs a day and I'm high functioning alcoholic, how hard work gonna make me stop?

We will try our best.

Smoking is extremely cool. I wish I didn't hate tobacco. I've puked from smoking too many cigarettes while drunk so many times that just the smell makes me feel sick now. I can still smoke weed though.


You ruin threads about substance abuse, you deserve to be thrown head first into a trash can


Also these people are from times before we knew the full health risks involved with smoking fyi. Would gulag them all the same though.

You deserve to be thrown head first into a gulag.


Why do the mods let reactionaries like you shit up every thread

this thread was legit good before stache showed up

Either mods aren't doing their jobs on these short thread derailing spam like posts, or they're just absent at the moment. I don't think they're absent.

>""degeneracy"" is caused by alienation under capitalism and in a socialist society it would disappear completely
Why are you guys so idealistic?

They're doing all of us the favor of flagging all of their posts for us, so really half the work is done and we jut need to not respond

I feel like you too. We live in shit times, for example take a look at what other people did, in shit times aztecs literally massacred and ripped peoples beating hearts out when they had doom and gloom feelings. Its okay to be upset.

I'd like to point out that there is more than one stache poster on this board, there 3 posters on this thread with this flag. Don't treat us like a single poster

Degenewacy simply means people is having fun without my permission, nobody who uses d'egeneracy as a form of criticism should be taken seriously or be seen as anything besides a bitter dweeb.

I wish I could live with an indian tribe

is this it? have we reached peak tank?

"Degeneracy" is one of these morphing terms like "terrorism", whose basic definition depends on who says it.

Some degenerate behavior is inevitable, since life has got to be enjoyable after all. So long as the person isn't a dissolute who disappears up his own ass, no problem. Oh, also so long as it doesn't harm anyone else, obviously.

Moralists think that anyone involved in degenerate behavior is causing harm, no matter how actually tepid or common the taboo activity is. Needless to say, it's usually pure spookery. Worrying yourself about the morality of something that harms no one but the fully-informed actor is pointless.

as long as it´s between consenting adult it´s ok
in the case of drugs i think that not being a functioning member of society doesn´t matter in a shit society adn being a functioning member would mean being a better wageslave for porky




This is what Holla Forums wants for everyone to look like.

To break the echochamber obviously.

I feel the same way user.
I work two jobs to get by. Not well off but to damn get by with people who fell for the family meme working two too three jobs a parent and some households I know through friends has everybody in the house working.

I don't want to see this world in another twenty years but since 48 is my chosen cut off date its inevitable too see how the world can get worst. We will be calling these the good old days.

Degeneracy is a meaning of life. It's the best thing we can have.

D.egeneracy is a symxptom of the system we live in OP, it's not something I advocate personally, I don't encourage people to live unhappy lives. I myself went through heroin addiction.
To me d.egeneracy is the result of a perversion of the way society use to operate, we used to value our families and our communities. We fostered what we call mutual aid. Instead we now are pitted against one another in a race to acquire the biggest pile of material bullshit the rich peddle to us, we compete with one another for jobs or for money, instead of working together on mutual goals and projects. We seeks drugs, sex whatever your vice is as a relationship for various things, such as meaningful relationships that aren't based soley on getting ahead (what we refer to as "connections"), or replacement for purpose. Purpose is lost when you take on a wage slave job making somebody else rich. We also try to numb ourselves from the horrible shit that transpires in society, the mindless death maintaining the capitalist system, high taxes that fund pointless wars, the feeling you can never g t ahead and the system is rigged against you, the feeling that politics is a sham, your vote/voice doesn't matter. We leftists believe by overthrowing the system we can install a govt or organized society in which we run things for our own benefit, we seek to abolish the rule of the rich and powerful and return our fate back into our own hands.


This post really makes me believe that another financial crisis is just around the corner.

A lot of lefties like to blame some superstitious properties of capitalism for all their woes instead of being self-critical. Even now you want a nice napkin theory that will explain why aren't responsible for your actions. You are even trying to bargain with God that if you can't have unlimited pleasure you will kill yourself.

That's not what anyone is saying at all.

what did he mean by this then?

Who are you quoting

I don't see anyone who said this, do you?

the OP


In the thread. You butted in and spoke for everyone who wasn't the op.

Oh boohoo ;'(

Fuck off. Let me smoke

Tobacco smoking is not degen. Any idiot who wants to outlaw my smokes can suck a dick. Nicotine is literally the only drug that has had a significant beneficial effect on my mood, even though I wouldn't recommend it due to the whole addiction thing.

It's all a matter of degree. If you do these things to the point of making you useless to society, you should adjust yourself to a healthier lifestyle. I do my best to be healthy and responsible about my body, given my limitations. I explicitly avoid anything I think could be dependence-forming *for me*. My family is full of examples of what I should avoid, so that much is easy: I don't do coke, I don't drink excessively or in bad moods, I avoid meth like the plague, and I eat junk food sparingly, although the latter is because I could feel my body starting to crave health after a while.

I do think you can indulge in things which are bad for you, but there's a limit you should bear in mind. I could rationalize smoking cigarettes to myself philosophically if I wanted to, and I've considered it (I think having a sort of grip on a mortality signifier is sexy), but the moment it became a dependence, I would do my best to rid myself of them. That's what I did with self-injury. I did it a few times to alleviate my dissociation, but the moment I felt the need to do it, I made myself quit. My point is that it's all about the relationship you maintain with these habits and how debilitating you allow them to become. Mental illness is tricky because finding a balance could mean anything from adopting a more suitable outlook or self-image to getting therapy to taking drugs to even getting surgery. I haven't needed medication yet for my illnesses, but I have considered it. The problem is one I have with seeing those as dependencies in themselves.

normal as fuck. who gives a fuck. fuck off fucker.

I wouldn't call any of that "Degenerate". Nearly everyone eats junk food and drinks, smoking is common. Those things are all bad for you, (mainly smoking and drinking a lot more so than junk food) but none of that is really looked down upon by society as a whole.

Mental illness is definitely a struggle, and it seems like it affects more people every day. None of these things are really your fault. I would say to try to quit drinking and smoking if you can, or at least make small steps towards that. Simply for health reasons, not because they make you a bad person.

It is normal to have a different persona for the different people in your life. Try to open up to your friends and family about your true feelings, typically they will be understanding. Never feel guilty for putting on airs around your employer and clients though, that's just how you survive in this world.

They tried to ban drinking. Just like they currently have marijuana banned. In both cases, it was a complete failure. Now it just serves as another excuse to imprison people for doing something that harms no one but themselves.

This tbh

Degenerate is a meme word, in reality the West has always been obsessed with its own going off the rails. Really the West is nothing else.

You are worried not only about habits bit integrity. You can forget about integrity its a total false concept. If you don't wanna smoke then dont.. Thing is youre acting out, just find another way to do that. As far as ideas just look into Pyrrhonism and realize nothing can be proven then go from there. Probably you think you exist or something which is a classic mistake

"Degenerate" behavior has existed since the dawn of civilization, and was arguably made worse by capitalism. (See opium epidemics, alcoholism, etc.)
Of course Holla Forumsyps - who most of the time have no background in anthropology - fail to understand this. Instead they blame it all on the conniving "juice". People generally engage in this sort of behavior because they want to escape soul-crushing alienation and poverty.

OP here again. I want to thank all effortposters ITT. This has been a genuinely great thread. Thanks :ˇ)

Why? As far as I know, you're a massive loser who posts on left wing LARP forums all day. Why should I take your recommendation?

ban, jail distributors, not users

ban, jail distributors, not users


no problem

no problem

ban, jail distributors, not users


disgusting, ban in dress codes, small earrings are okay but nothing is better

disgusting on women, sometimes okay on men

ban in dress codes

tricky one, it's disgusting but very difficult to handle in policy, widely available sexbots should hopefully end hookup culture and reverse the hatred of women and objectification brought on by feminism/capitalism

free and mandatory rehab

Is this the power of social centrism?

Sexbots are just a temporary and instrumental measure. Feminism (which is just an extension/facet of capitalism) broke down the family unit and expected women to pursue meaningful lives in their newly granted freedom and instead they chose to obey the utmost gutters of capitalism and become promiscuous, reducing themselves to sex objects. Now they have to compete with sexbots, which they can't, since sexbots are far better sex objects than a human being. I hope for all promiscuous men to abandon women and turn to sexbots or whatever vice they need so that women have to develop meaningful skills and personality in order to be attractive. That would be tremendously beneficial to the fibers of society as men would become more interested in meaningful relationships if there were women fit for them, and there wouldn't be any need for sexbots after that moment.

To me fun has always meant something like not being handle your own responsibilities and behave like functioning human being when needed. That is the single constant in trashy subhumans, not what they do. Druggies, furries, neckbeards, hypersexuals, fatfucks, alcoholics, people who lack any parental instincts, etc. etc. are degenerates, but not because taking drugs or fapping to foxes is degenerate but because those things basically take control of their lives and turn them into slaves. Maybe this is what Stirner meant when he said people can be spooked by their own desires. And everyone else has to suffer the consequences because they can't handle their own lives.

As far as I'm concerned if you don't bother (and yes that includes wearing your disgusting issues on your sleeve) everyone around you, you're not an actual degenerate, even if you do any of the named things.

Really wondering how many comrades here are actually in the shit. Not necessarily from some famous slum in America but just in the struggle.
Any violent offenders? Drug users and abusers?

I was sentenced for 2 years in prison for attempted murder in 3rd degree in 2012.

Tell the story. "Worst" thing I've done is assault with a deadly weapon.

I have started to smoke cigarettes only in the weekends when i meet my friends.

Should be legal except the last two
I agree
Ban pride parades
Ban pride parades
I agree
Eliminate the material conditions that create them in the first place
Don't encurage it, don't ban it
Agree except the sex bots part and when I do it

What do you think I think?

Why ban tattoos, they're essential to a fuck ton of cultures

You got some problems

I'm just talking about in the west. I don't care enough to ban them either, I just dislike them on women.

I think they're creepy but they should be normalized in order to make feminism fulfill its intended purpose.


only private property is degenerate

I'm against sexbots, I said I agree with him on that part except for sex bots.

Umm..Right. Still on woman are digusting. But I guess you are right too, so I take back my statment

Eight Fucking Bears should be a 16/16.
A standard bear has always been 2/2.

On a more relevant note, I'm glad you were able to get away from the drinking that office jobs induce. I've struggled with that for years. Spending all day working in front of a computer only to come home so burnt out, tired and alienated, knowing that you have to go back tomorrow, and the next day - it's a nasty thing. Glad you're studying. Try to stay sober. Gonna' make it.

Stalin stache is one illegal parade away from being the USA.

Your failure to interact with other people is a bit more degenerate than someone wearing a skimpy outfit or getting a tattoo. Most tattoos are shitty, but cmon man. Half the things you listed were bs

Relevant TED talk.

Smoking and alcohol are hard drugs you fucking idiot. They are on par with shit liker cocain or heroin regarding addictiveness and destructiveness.

Party drugs like weed or X are harmless unless you do them in already somewhat dangerous situations (e.g. around manipulative/sadistic people).

Hallucinogens appear to have vast untapped potential for psychological healing, and can be highly important as personality-shaping experiences by inescapably demonstrating the fragility and fallibility of perception.

No fuck that, I don't support those parades but they NEED a freedom of speech and freedom of assembly.

Sasuga stalin-sama.

when u can apprehend and form the natural world without being dominated by another self-conciousness u wont need junk food or bdsm. Within capitalism these escapist behaviors are only symptomatic, while any """"degenerecy""""" that continues after the end of class society is a form of legitimate self-expression.


When I think of slutty outfits I mean Prostitute tier outfits, those are not ok
Tattoo are ok too to a certain extent, just don't become david lynch tier.

No excuse for this tho.
While weed is not dangerous, and even that's debatable, X is. There are X related deaths, and it could damage you permanently.
Hallucinogens too are fucking dangerous, Smokes and alcohol are both damaging but the first a novelty and the second is integral to certain cultures and the only activity that lets you meet people, obviously excess is bad in every case

No, it's not okay to act like this in front of people, both for gay and ethero. If they want to parade with the rainbow flag without gropping one another in daylight in front of children is totally ok. That said the don't "NEED" freedom of speech and assembly, no one NEEDS that, othervise you are supporting the right of the nazi to do it

I think that adding the sex-orgy flare of a pride parade to a nazi parade would make it much better than the standard nazi parade, what with the tiki torches and ethno-state chants and anger.

After all, one of those parades is a celebration of openness, fun (if you're into that sort of thing), and freedom, and the other is essentially a complete rejection of those things. You might think gay sex is gross (and pride parades are kinda'… messy, in that regard) but I think what they're ultimately celebrating is solidarity and the freedom to be the fags that they are, is it not?

I think you've still got some spooks to sort out, Stalin stache.


That's so stupid and hypocritical that I'm pretty sure you're trolling now.


The only good thing about your posts is that they make obvious just how shitty you are.

Degenerate is a term used by moralists and reactionaries to brand people who don't fit their worldview as the untermensch and dehumanize them

The concept of "degeneracy" is capitalist bullshit. Everyone has to cope with this horrifyingly alienating world somehow. At least none of that shit you mentioned affects anyone else (so long as you don't drink and drive). Good for you if you want to quit it anyway, but make sure you're doing it for *you* and not people who would prefer you become a soulless cog.

It's pretty inconsisten now that I think about it. Truth is that I don't use nor weed or X, but I'm an avid consumer or both cigarettes and booze at the point where I couldn't think of a life without them. So I justify the use of both in my mind but repell the other things. X tho, could be dangerous. I mean, one smoke and one hangover could make you change your mind be, X could kill you.
While there is truth in this to think of freedom in such a feticistic way is bad imho. Not that there is something bad in freedom, but absolute freedom from every standard of decency or whatever it's not always good. By this I mean that freedom should be always limited by something in a certain sense. Mild Spooks are good for this. The idea that I can't for certain reasons act and do whatever the fuck I want in public keeps things clean and undercontrol. Now think if we where to add sexual flare to everything? I personaly think it would be excessive, vulgar and hedonistic too the extent that could detroy societal norms and throw us in a modern day sodom and gomorrah.

I didn't say that, but yeah. It's not like it's 100% good either. Read what lenin had to say about it
Culture is not a meme.
Lol. Where did I say that? freedom of speech is a double edged sword, Imho opinion you should allow everyone to talk, even fucking nazis, not because "it's a right" but because so no one can act like the underdog who's got the world against him and use this as a weapon against you. The solution is not silence, but debate and destroy intellectualy speaking the opponent so that his idea will be considerated stupid.

Here btw marxists.org/archive/zetkin/1920/lenin/zetkin1.htm

Dude, you're still trying to justify the potentially harmful activities you enjoy within the same sentence that you condemn something else potentially harmful.

A lot more people are harmed by cigarettes than are harmed by any other drug. Period. The same is true of alcohol (with the exception of cigarettes - the consummate number 2 in the 1-2 punch of easy and socially available and accepted addictions). I think the larger point that humanity should have recognized 100 years or so ago is that trying to stop people from doing things that humans have always liked doing (drugs, sex - we'll get to that later) is fundamentally not viable. Prohibitions create black markets, gangs, strife, shittier product for whomever is doing the drugs - it's basically all negative side effects when you try to prevent someone from taking any kind of drug. The best way to handle drugs that humanity has so far encountered is to offer support to the people whose lives it affects negatively. That costs less in total, is more compassionate, and doesn't create drug cartels or private prison industries. Come on user, if you're smoking and drinking you should know this by now. Look at what happened in the US when alcohol was illegal. We got a gang-culture that exists to this day. Can you imagine what the US would look like if cigarettes were made illegal? Not pretty, but very expensive and harmful to poor people - because lets be honest, rich people don't go to jail for drugs, they go to rehab.

That's not every standard of decency, user - it's YOUR standard of decency. Men have been buttfucking since before language came into being - you're going to have to deal with the fact that some people like to buttfuck.

Consent of all partners and and age requirement is already the applied standard. What more do you want? Written contracts? Lawyers and notaries to stamp the consent forms? Buttfucking petitions?

It is. That's the way they like it - and unless you stumble upon a pride rally or go there intentionally you don't have to interact with it. Seriously though, look at any kind of modern parade, protest or rally - the entire event is literally set up to be excessive and hedonistic - the vulgar part I'd say is subjective. Cases in point - New Years Eve - it's a festival of excess. Christmas? Same story. Thanksgiving? Eat and drink till' you're sick. St. Patricks? Wasted on green beers. The list goes on - but that's basically how human holidays work.

Again, you're finishing these posts off in a way that almost makes me think you're trolling. Being so reactionary that you think gay pride parades will destroy society is some seriously peak conservative thinking considering everything else that impacts society.

Dude, user, we're collectively 11 years past peak oil on this planet, we've got close to 8 billion people, humans are 97% of the biomass that's larger than say a squirrel, and global warming is going to make conventional agriculture basically impossible within like 80 years. You and I have MUCH bigger things to worry about than gay people having gay parties doing gay stuff -parties which by the way have been happening since long before whatever culture you're dependently clinging to ever came into existence.

Kill your fucking spooks, user. They are holding you back from being upset about the things that actually matter.

It doesn't matter who is doing it. EVERYONE, regardless of beliefs or borders deserves a right to free speech backed by the promise that millions would die to defend it if need be.

If there's no grace or beauty in the world, it isn't worth defending. Aesthetics must be revitalized and upheld if you want me to care about material crises like oil.

I can't argue here because I pointed out myself how hypocritical my thinking was in this case. I just want to that I get scared only thinking of a world without cigs. Seriously I need a smoke.
I'm not reffering only to homosexuality, I referring to everything that is an unwritten rule by society, If it was a straight pride day were people but fucked eachother in the streets it would be equally bad.
Again not talking about homosexuality but hypersexuality and all the more "instinctive" parts of the human character.
That's why I don't personally
True dat
I'd argue that except for the last one everyone of those is pretty universal. yeah, every festival is a scapegoat, but it's not exclusive to a group. Especially a group that is looked in a bad way. It's acceptable to get wasted on san patrick because everybody is doing it, because everybody can do it. Gay parades are there as a protest, In your face kind of stuff. They want to be seen, they want to be heard. I don't agree with this, I think it's really reactionary.
I wasn't talking about homsexuality, but spooks in general. Or better, mild spooks. Unwritten rules and moral standard should exist for a society to function. Total freedom people tend to forget is that inside of us lies an animal. You don't know what's in people mind. You know what's in yours and it's everything. Without those norms we will succomb to our most animalistic insinct, to the scariest of our thoughts. I don't want the world to go full ape shit or mad max. If you delete those norms you delete everything we build as a society
Mild spooks are needed imho.

Your contention comes down to that.

feels > energy.

You might feel different if you ever went a day without eating, or every time you had to pump your own water. You ever do that, user? Ever pump water out of a well?

Do you think the people in Puerto Rico are more interested in cultural aesthetics right now than they are with food, water and electricity - all of which are normally made possible because of a 'material crises like oil'?

I'm sure the people of Flint, Michigan are pumped as fuck about the 'grace and beauty in the world' right now too.

You and others have become addicted to these "degenerate" behaviors. You feel like killing yourself because that's literally how addiction works. It's being reliant on the certain stimulant that makes something 'addictive'. These addictions are seen as counterproductive or "degenerate" because you're using quick and easy dopamine-boosters to feel a sense of accomplishment without actually accomplishing anything.

We are addicted to most things and we don't even realize it. We're addicted to music, TV shows, internet, videogames, and even sex. Some of these addictions are more accepted than others because things are accepted in different age-groups, and some of these addictions can also even be productive. Music can help us focus, the internet can let us learn and share ideas, and procreation is necessary for our species to exist. What makes porn, drugs or alcohol counterproductive and taboo is that there's no positive outcomes besides cheating the feeling of accomplishment. These things are also age-restricted which makes them even less desirable.
Usually counterproductive traits are called "wrong" or "immoral" not because it makes you a bad person for doing such things, but because they subtly decrease productivity in humans, while also making people dependent on these things too.
I don't know why, but from my observations, it seems like the more unproductive the addiction is, the more addictive it can be. Maybe because the unproductive addictions like drugs and porn require the least effort, and also boost the most dopamine. Question is why do some feel the least satisfied after people jerk off or smoke, unlike exercising, riding your bike or reading, could it be that people subconsciously don't feel accomplished/satisfied afterwards because they actually didn't accomplish anything in reality?