Baked Alaska harasses 3 women on the street and one breaks his phone

Fucking kek. Original vid if this one is too small:

Aut right cringe thread I guess.

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What a fucking nerd.

Isn't he supposed to be blind?

The guys should have raped him instead of spraying that shit in his eyes tbh

so this is the power of the red pill? …whoa

Maybe one day these guys will learn what agitation is.

kek what a fuckin nerd

In the full video the club owner comes out and tells him to fuck off and then the cop that shows up drives away from BakedAlaska mid sentence. Lol.

Baked Alaska is our generation's Larry David.

I'm a kv and not even I'm that much of a nerd.

Isn't this guy supposed to be blind? Does he still need milk?

Just reinforces my belief that the aut right is the result of a generation of white nerds who grew up without being properly bullied.



yeah, "white" mutts with no true ethnic identity pretty much.


Here's where the club manager comes out to fuck with him and a cop drives away when he asks for help

but the right are supposed to be all chads and alpha males


I can't believe I actually met this dude in real life once. I knew he was a bitch but I didn't think he'd be this much of a crybaby
I swear this is exact reason I left the alt right because they were too busy sucking cop dick




I feel bad for western women having to deal with this whole generation of autistic manchildren.

I wonder how uggo this dude is without his fuckin stupid looking beard

What a terrible, pathetic faggot. I mean I've seen my share of pathetic faggots on the internet but this guy takes the cake

God the autotune of his voice is so fucking good

imagine being an unironic Nazi and liking rap music, even Varg disavowed his metal past 'cause it was too black kek

Pretty much. The cognitive dissonance on the right is palpable.

There's a golden rule on the internet. If you bitch about women the most, the scaling factor for how often you get humiliated by women regularly increases with the amount you take political problem with them.

It is a self perpetuating death spiral that creates men with unwarranted self importance like Baked Alaska who basically chastise women but are incapable of actually doing anything when there's consequences for their actions. Ala a broken phone. The default becomes, fuck dude I gotta call the police.

The police come, they call him a bitch, he leaves further emasculated.

People should get video of this phenomenon more often.


I think it's also the internet attitude of, say, someone disagreeing with a law, then someone writing a tl;dr reply about how the law works, when nobody was in doubt about how it works, or someone being overly petty and pedantic for the entirety of a conversation because nothing can happen to them. When these people take this sort of attitude out into the real world, people just don't appreciate it, and they find out that actually, a lot of people don't have such a litigious and autistic mindset that every single crime witnessed has to go reported, enforced, etc.
This is what has happened to Baked. Nobody cared about his phone because he was being a dick about it and harassing people on the street, probably for views, then when he called the police, they might have recognized him as the guy always being a dick with his camera, whining about the annoying as fuck camera being broke. So of course, they don't give a shit and drive away, and then people continue to bully him over it.

Definitely. Its an evolution of internet outrage that manifests itself in the stupidest possible ways in public.

He makes Anthony Burch look like a chad.


what am i watching

Does this chump ever learn?

G o l d

It's easier to say that everybody on the right is mentally ill, than admitting that there are people with different opinions on the matter. mentioned Varg, who is a good example of someone on the right that hates cops.

People like Baked Alaska, and people who like Baked Alaska, have to have had something gone horribly wrong down their path in development.

I'm the same person who mentioned Varg and I'd say plenty on the right have ridiculous views on police, not all. Varg is a pretty unique example and often pisses off his own viewer base like that one time he said leftists were his comrades.

Baked Alaska is absolutely retarded though.

Varg is more nazbol than anything but most people on the right (not all) I think are seriously misinformed about the world. They hate the symptoms of the system but not the causes. I say this as someone who was pretty right wing and worked with alt right type groups

On the bright side they are making it much easier for lefties to pick up women

Most women are leftists.


In the past I've never had much luck with women after telling them I'm a Marxist. That has changed over the past year.

Put on your glasses to see.

I mean now, they're getting far more left. It depends on where you are I guess.

is it that unfair to say the american right suffers from some sort of at least quasi-mental illness?

i mean really, take a step outside the bubble we've been in since Tr*mp, and objectively assess the psychobabble of the american right. much of it is insane, totally delusional, and never had any basis in reality to begin with.

fucking kek

how does a right winger make it all go together in his head? how does he deal with the contradictions and the deluded view of the world that doesn't exist when he goes outside?


almost all of the far-right libertarian stuff has a basis in Henry Ford printing out copies of the Protocols. Alex Jones to Sovereign Citizens spew that stuff, even if they don't realize it. i remember it being a big deal during Ron Paul's 2012 shit. Heimbach and whatnot.

i think plenty of leftists are batshit too don't get me wrong.

There was a christfag called Bonhoeffer who wrote some essays while awaiting execution by the Nazis, I think you might recognize the behaviour observed in this paragraph:

Compartmentalization. They never think about their opinions and beliefs except when they come up, so they never notice the contradictions. If they somehow are forced to notice these contradictions it causes a lot of cognitive dissonance, and they tend to go even crazier trying to justify things, but very rarely something snaps and they realize how stupid they're acting and manage to deprogram themselves.

it's insane. i moved to the US a couple of years ago from northern europe and i cannot believe my fucking ears. and people treat it like it is normal when it has zero basis in reality. totally deluded and delusional. i thought tr*mps performance at the first debate would get him laughed out the room because he was hilariously terrible. in a non-political or "non-partisan" way, the performance was objectively garbage. i remember a CNN anchor saying his performance was good this time and i swear i could feel my jaw dropping to the floor.

but yeah, some of the most batshit people i've met wete lefties. maoists for some reason, maoism seems to attract crazies.

Stop arguing we should be talking about Baked Alaska being fucking pathetic

Mao was good at communicating his ideas in simple form. You don't need to be too mentally capable to understand maoism.

That's how populism works, the American people were tired of BushClintonBushObama and didn't want another Clinton. They became enamored by someone who would just say shit without the typical calculation of a politician, it felt real to them. I've struggled with not being a reactionary too, so I can empathize with them somewhat.

Also green-anarchists are the worst, they turn to fascists whenever someone chops down a tree or doesn't starve to death thanks to evolved plants.

Blame right wing populism


They were being generous, but this is what should happen to Baked Alaska every time he leaves his house

You mace people you think are threatening, fam

I wonder if he carries milk with him at all times now.

Even if he doesn't he probably smells like warm spoiled milk anyways.

Like nobody with a beard like that actually doesn't smell like absolute fuck

In this day and age when even a microagression's enough to trigger somebody's PTSD you'd think a literal neo-nazi would be enough to get people's bloodlust up and running.


Everyone was surrounding him and mocking him. Then the police came, and left in two seconds.

Baked Alaska isn't worth giving a punch, its sometimes better to bleed his spaghetti out slowly.

Everyone thinks he's a joke, rightly so.

His palms are sweaty, knees weak, arms are heavy
There's vomit on his sweater already, mom's spaghetti
He's nervous, but on the surface he looks calm and ready
To drop bombs, but he keeps on forgettin'
What he wrote down, the whole crowd goes so loud
He opens his mouth, but the words won't come out
He's chokin', how, everybody's jokin' now
The clocks run out, times up, over, blaow!
Snap back to reality, oh there goes gravity

This is the most beta thing I've ever fucking seen

truly a paragon of white male masculinity and rugged western independence

Online: Women are bitches and whores, I fucking hate them, I'm so good
Offline: "You have to live with consequences of your actions" No no no, that's not how it works. You would smash my phone? Why? "You look uncomfortable" This is weird this is weird this is weird alright alright alright that was awkward, alright

Every single fucking day these mongs get wedgied and every single day the keep trying. Why the fuck.

The right wants a culture war they're not actually prepared to give because nobody gives a fuck about their ideas or respects them

I have only ever heard a couple of posters here use the phrase soyboy, does anyone but Baked actually use it? If not, then I've probably personally called him a fag like half a dozen times.

Their entire ideology is about how they're strong and powerful and they spend their time online in their torture chamberes psyching each other up about how strong and manly they are, and so long as they don't meet cold hard reality they continue to maintain this belief.

For someone who calls people soyboys he definitely is one smooth mother fucker.

Probably the best part of that video.

He got his balls cut off by a blonde bimbo and a black man at once. That's got to sting.

I honestly don't think you could do a better parody of the alt-right if you wanted to. BlindAlaska is a living meme.

The only bimbo I see in that video is Baked Alaska

One of them is going to snap or bait someone else into doing so, and it's probably going to be 'Baked.' He's addicted to getting btfo and as people get desensitized toward his antics he's going to one day take it too far. No one takes this shit as seriously as them irl and it's a major cause of frustration for them and feeds the desire to become increasingly ridiculous to be taken seriously.

Baked Alaska is a living unironic Ali-G character

This made me laugh so hard for some reason

This video is gayer than actual gay sex


But wait! There's more!
A couple of highlights in this one.

One sentence, women are hypocrites and wouldn't ever be in my position right now.

Next sentence, please buy me a new phone, please chip in to help me buy a new phone, please I need a new phone

is it bad that I fapped to this?

Oh god how pathetic haha.

Look. If I knew personally this girls I would legit kill this pussy ass bitch in the nastiest way possible. This shit is prison worthy. Holy shit this is dangerous. Some crazy neckbeard idiot could hurt them or ruin their life for good

Baked Alaska's fans have to be less competent then baked alaska so I wouldn't worry.


I'm pretty sure that pos has more money than most of his fans, too.

Calm down Stalin, have a coffee to take the edge off.

It's the part where he has clearly left out two newspapers he featured in from almost half a decade ago to show off to the stream that cracked me up. Put them away man!

Cop saw his worst enemy the camera and hauled ass. Epic lol.

Counterpoint: it's impossible to watch the video in and not feel a little bit tankie after

what kind of person would pay $700 for a phone?

is based alaska a millionaire?

The next logical step should be someone robbing him tbh

Yep. I'm looking at his videos now

A bit of stretch there m8

From the look of his place, it doesn't look like it.

didn't he cause a shitstorm recently by saying he denounced Nazis on twitter?

So he's talking about doxxing a woman who humiliated him

Does anyone have any information on where Baked lives? Someone needs to egg his place for the rest of his life

Apple shills please go
iPhones are legit for poorfags

That woman was fucking BASED.

Well and why do you need a Rolex for, fam?
Are YOU a millionaire?

I wish he would have actually been blinded, what a reprehensible piece of shit. >Breaking the phone of somebody who is harassing you on the street is morally worse than calling on legions of neckbeards to stalk and harass the woman you harassed

Like every other e-celeb he milks (ha) money from his dipshit fans.

Based comrade apple

buying a dollar store phone is a revolutionary act

I almost felt a little bad for him when his voice cracked. I'm pretty sure if the camera panned down at his hands he'd be >literally shaking

What a pathetic fucking performance.

Smug levels are reaching maximum rn

The fact he both demanded to doxx this woman he got in the face of, and then beg and beg and beg for a new phone (he could already afford), complain about how women have it better than him, then show newspapers from like, fucking years ago

It's all too much. I'm not even sure this isn't performance art at this point

This guy promotes himself as the smooth operator who dominates women who can't handle him, but it turns out women actually can't handle him.

I wonder if that lady who said they dated five years ago was telling the truth.

Someone send this to Chapo

they're the best when they talk shit about alt-right e-celebs tbh

The guy chicken out when the black dudes arrived.

I can't see the video. Says "Unfortunately, license restrictions prevent video viewing in your location." Is BakedAlaska doing DMCA takedowns of videos of him getting owned? Lmao.

He did a DMCA takedown of a video that he himself recorded and uploaded. Holy fucking SHIT hahahahahahahaha

Ladies and gentlemen, the alt-right!

Someone please tell me they saved that shit

If only it was limited to the Right…

Baked Alaska and his crowd are particularly accidentally masochist. That being said, the right spills more spaghetti because they always portray themselves as more than they are. When confronted in real life scenarios they fear, the spaghetti begins to bleed.

How many times do I have to say: Always save before spreading something!


Had to make this.

It's like Holla Forums's worst nightmare.

lol that club manager is based af

I would let her invade my space any time.

Some based mad man created a site specifically for Mike's antics called Milk leaks.


I find it fucking hilarious whenever someone acts like the law is some mystical shield that will descend from the heavens and intercept any and all wrong-doings before they occur. Laws don't exist to protect victims, only to punish assailants. The legal system as it stands is simply a market where you exchange some of your time or money for the opportunity to engage in socially-unacceptable behavior - No law anywhere in the world can keep me from punching someone I dislike, or smashing their shitty slave-labor-made Apple iToy.

"Talk shit, get hit" is wisdom.

kek, nice

This special little princess should have been punched in the face like any man would have rightfully been. Only a literal cuckold would find it amusing to watch a bimbo so blatantly abuse such disgusting, lopsided social standards. If it was me, immediately I would have back-handed her. If you let a woman get away with attacking you, then you're clearly the same kind of man who's let a woman sleep around on you.

Go to bed BA.

Am I supposed to know what that means?

If you're being a cunt and invading people's privacy and someone smacks you idgaf what gender you are you deserve that shit

You have no "privacy" in a public space.



Live with the consequences, snowflake.

And you have no reason to believe you won't get your shit kicked in if you honestly believe that. Laws only matter when you're dealing with the authorities, until then they're less than meaningless. You can throw a bitchfit over this all you like but $10 says you won't go over to your nearest ghetto and exercise your 1st amendment rights to scream "Nigger" at the first guy wearing gang colors you come across.

But she didn't get punched and neither you or BA would have the balls to do that.
You're such an emasculated little loser that you aren't even capable of understanding how you are the cuckold. You are the beta coward.

Here's the thing. He has the right to film in a public space, and no one has the right to attack him. Once attacked, he has the right to defend himself and he should have. He'd be in the right. You're never in the right if you attack first. There's zero justification for attacking someone based on rhetoric or being filmed, or anything similar.
Then you deserve to be killed the moment you attack someone, because any attack, in any form, is a threat against someone's life. You're entirely at fault. A camera in your face is not justification for an attack. Your attack is justification for shooting you. You deserve to be killed.
"Attack strangers, get shot" is wisdom.

Internet tough talk makes you look like the bitch.

And if you attack me for my speech or for filming something, then you have no reason to believe you shouldn't get shot.

Yikes, is there more ink than skin at that point?

The only internet tough guy here is you. What I'm asking is for you to put your money where your mouth is. Go put a thot in her place, dude. Be the man you think you are.

Your headed is haunted.
Go forth and live with the consequences

lmao you're just as much of a fucking cuck as Alaska

I don't live in a shit-hole concrete jungle, like you, pavement ape. Women don't act like rabid street filth around here. There's no such thing as a "thot" where I live.


I'm not the one playing internet tough guy, keyboard warrior.

Oh wow how very convenient for the internet bad ass

I wouldn't because I know how to live with the consequences, bb

I don't hate women and women don't hate me.

Exactly. Consequences. If you think attacking someone is a just consequence for being filmed, then you must agree that escalation to shooting someone is a just consequence for being attacked. You believe in consequences, right? So you should agree that she should have been, at minimum, back-handed. A minor, but just consequence for her actions.

Yeah, how convenient that someone who doesn't follow feminist social ideals doesn't live in a shit-hole urban slum.

Allowing women to abuse you is pathetic. You're either a cuckold, or a cuckold in the making.

Dude let's be honest. If you hit a girl in public at least one of the lads in the crowd will go after you and I don't think you can handle a lad. I don't think you can handle a bimbo princess either.

You will die in the gulag my friend.

Calm down kiddo

I can just imagine you shaking with rage with every post

I don't think anything "should" happen.
Either it does or doesn't.
If you fail to get satisfaction, that's on you.


Are you retarded? I didn't reply to the wrong person? I also always use individual replies. I don't like doing multiple replies per post.


Hence why I likened this guy to a cuckold for his willingness to be abused by this trashy bimbo. She should have been hit. She has no concept of repercussions. She's been so pampered and protected by the pathetic social standards in that urban slum. She should have been back-handed so hard she went home crying for doing what she did. But these urban shit-holes are filled with these feminist ideals which dictate women can do no wrong and a man is merely a woman's punching bag.

Nah, I bet the girl in the video was actually a nice person tbh.

Projection 101

A little "princess" like her, I guarantee you, is a loose, nasty whore.

I'm not going to marry her you know?

calm down, bucko.
no one said you need to be a feminist

I don't attack random people because I know there's repercussions for my actions. She has zero concept of repercussions. Her mentality dictates she can do as she pleases, and no one can touch her. If that's not pampered, I don't know what the fuck is. I'll tell you one thing. Whores like this only exist in urban slums. You don't find whores like that in rural areas.

Dude, why do you hate women so much? Is it because they refuse to touch your disgusting virgin ding dong?

You can if you use the proper dialectics fam

Ok there xXxDarkDante420xXx, we get it, you're a super cool badass who'll cut down anyone who tries to attack them with one swift flick of your open carryed semi-auto SOPMOD M4A1 Block 3-mounted katana bayonet (which, as I'm sure you remind every cop that ends up wasting 15+ minutes of their day pulling over to talk to you, is 100% legal). I'm sorry if my post threatened your masculinity by implying that I might be able to physically best you in any way, shape or form.

In all seriousness though, I've already accepted that if I were to illegally attack someone it's entirely possible that they, in turn, may engage in a gross over-exaggeration of force and try to take my life, because ultimately no human is perfect and laws regarding shooting someone dead in the back for punching you once and then walking away mean very little in the heat of the moment. If I do something stupid, I'm entirely ready for someone to do something really stupid in return, which plays right back into my original point - laws don't just magically ensure your ability to act like a cunt will go wholly unimpeded, and acting like a cunt is something that transcends such restrictive concepts as "legal right and wrong".

Slap a woman in public and count off how many of the beefed up, steroid infused chads stand there, clapping and applauding you. Keep a close eye for as long as you can because the thumbs that will be soon jammed in your eye sockets may impede your ability to observe afterward.

No, you dumb numale, I hate the modern no-class, urbanite, feminist educated, muh privileged, holier than thou, aggressive, stupid, masculine woman. I like feminine women who know that they can't hit a man without repercussion, and thus show respect to a man. A like women with a grasp on reality who don't think the world revolves around them. I like women, not little special princesses like this gutter whore. I'm sorry you're too much of a fucking cuckold to attack an actual women. I'm sorry you don't know what it's like to have a woman respect you. Worst of all, you don't even want a woman to respect you. You like the fucking abuse.

You and I don't live in the same reality. I don't live in a feminist haven. I live in a rural area. If a woman hits a man, she gets hit back, and people don't jump on the man, because people out here respect the roles of men and women and know that woman is trashy. Although women out here don't hit men.

You say that like there wouldn't be upping consequences.

Unless he was planning to go full right-wing, allahu ackbar, and take out everyone with him, he most likely would have ended up mobbed by the people nearby. I wouldn't be surprised if he spent a night in jail, either.

Very possible, what with it being an urban slum with shit governance and policing, and just a shit society in general. Nonetheless she deserves a wake-up call from her princess lala land.

How long a string of retarded buzzwords can you make.

I think you have the potential to become a top tier trap.

You people are idiots. Gynocracy and double standards are all ok with you so long as a member of the opposite tribe got humiliated. This is the exact same mentality behind racism and nationalism. You are being controlled and you love it. Fucking sad.

Remember that you wasted 2 hours of your life here arguing on behalf of a man that calls himself Baked Alaska.


Also, still no word on the whole "call a gangbanger a nigger" challenge I offered. You've got a gun so I'm sure everything will go just fine, right?

If you try to punch me, that could potentially be a threat against my life. What if the person you punch falls to the ground, smashes their head on the concrete and dies? There's not "over-exaggeration." If you attack someone, you deserve to die, because your attack is an attempt on their life. On the topic of "over-exaggeration," how you claim shooting someone for physically attacking you is an "over-exaggeration," but attacking someone for filming you isn't? It's a similar leap. She could have filmed him. She could have given him the finger. She could have done any number of things, but she escalated, and thus he had every right to escalate, because once you escalate, you're in the wrong.

It's so cringe worthy when his neckbeard friends call him "Baked" instead of whatever the fuck his actual name is. What a bunch of nerds

I absolutely agree with you. We've all seen what happens when Holla Forumstards leave their basements and are confronted with the real world.

Do you live in a low deadly nigger town old house to hide from the Frankenstein controls?

And you do? lmao
This is top tier projection

Are you mentally slow? As claimed, I'm in a rural area. I neither live around niggers, nor would I get into a ghetto and call a bunch of niggers nigger, because like little princess here, they have zero grasp on repercussions and act impulsively, and thus I'd have to shoot. Why would I want to do something when I know what would happen, you moron? You're the only one concerned with toughness because you're a fucking cuckold.

Don't be such a pussy.


I don't think you know what a buzzword is.

Don't attack random people if you don't want to be shot. Your life is worthless. What right to do have to even so much as scratch my car, let alone physically threaten my well-being?

I want to know why so many right-wingers turn into Francis e. Dec when they get butt flustered.

No clue who that is and I don't give a shit about watching your video. Also "butt flustered" is not a counter-argument or a position, it's a term elementary schoolers toss around to make their little buddies laugh.

You're calling her all these names but literally all she is doing is dressing up nice, going out with friends, and flipping off Nazi scum like they deserve. Then when they get in her face she pushes past them and leaves. What did she do wrong to trigger your women hating autism? Jesus Christ, you alt right

Alt version for everyones pleasure.


Gynocracy (whatever tf that is) sounds cool af tbh compared to your shitty worldview.

I really hope the gangster police don't get you.

The guy's a jew, how the fuck is he a Nazi? Also she's dressing like a bimbo and going to the club to shake her ass up against random dicks so she can fill her gaping hole to feel better about her worthless life. This little princess's clock is ticking down and she's filling her holes with as many dicks as she can before her looks go. While she's got her looks though she thinks the world revolves around her. She's completely over-estimating the worth of her sex appeal because desperate urban cucks bend over backwards to appease women. Also, she didn't "push past them," she took a swing at him and broke his equipment. Since he's too much of a cuck to back-hand her, and since he's a jew, hopefully he takes her to court. I can imagine with a ditsy little bitch she'd be in front of a judge. I've seen it before. Little princesses who feel that first slap in the face from the real world when the judge decides against them.


Any bets on this being that one sucdem that always posts about 80% of chicks fuck 20% chads?

I have every right, cuck.

Yeah, you have the right to be killed for attacking people.


You people are fucking retarded.

What right don't I have to do these things?

And yet it's turboautists like you who keep getting humiliated for being such pathetic cucks every time you come out into public.

Your online posturing reeks of weakness and insecurity.

There's been a sucdem flag poster whining like this for a while now.

This is what a true revolutionary looks like.

Sucdems are fash supporters so yea

Manno, I've just been lurking this thread but all you're doing is making us laugh. Holla Forums or where ever you're from, even if it's just your momma, would be ashamed of you. Simply imagine your posting history in this thread being shown to them. I can taste that delicious tear.

You're defending accepting abuse form women with no recourse and framing that as masculine and strong. You're a fucking cuckold. Deal with it. You're so clearly a pathetic urban raised piece of shit with a feminist mentality.

Holy shit how fucking politically retarded as you, Holla Forums?

Perfect picture of leftism right there. No respect for laws or morals, just do what they feel like doing. Like animals. And they think themselves superior somehow.

I'm sick of the posturing too.
On the internet all you are is a string of words.
Go act tough in the real world.

"I can act very mean!" doesn't count for shit.
Just like this Baked Alaska guy, it's all only in theory.

Why would I be embarrassed about calling a bimbo a bimbo, saying she deserves repercussions for her actions, and saying urbanites are trash? It's all true.

Whats the difference

So you agree that I have the right to kill you should you attack me. Good. So go attack random people, tough guy, see what happens.


Nice line of logic there, genius. "Everything is fascism!"

Oh no! Go check your closet and check under your bed for duh ebil bogeyman nertzie!

Nah, I just recognize that society has always been based on defending certain social acceptance roles and that "rights" and the law have invariably only extended as far as law enforcement went. Trying to walk around like the law religiously protects your "rights" like some kind of magic shield is what causes autists like Baked Alaska to humiliate himself like a tard at every possible opportunity.

Most people don't like the idea of going to such extreme reactions as shooting someone for knocking a phone out of your hand while you harass them with it. You might whinge immediately after that she was "attacking" you, and that the law is on your side, but people really aren't going to give a shit because you violated some pretty deep and important social norms, that of escalation of violence. So your head is going to get cracked on the pavement by a group of skinny fags because you still violeted social norms.

Don't like it? Tough luck, that's reality you autistic nigger.

No. I have the right to attack people.
They on the other hand, have no right to defend themselves.

These are my rights so you are morally wrong to impede them.

Neither of those are true though.

Saying someone deserves to get shot for smacking a camera out of her face after requesting multiple times for it to be redirected? Yeah, you have quite a bit with just that one to be embarrassed about.
Implying she's a bimbo just because she's too much woman for you
It's also sad to see someone defend such a whiny bitch as BA.

How are you going to get your trad state without fascism then?
I'd love to hear how that works.

He’s not Jewish

I'm still not hearing you give a reason why they're different.

I'm talking about repercussions, not laws. If this weren't some progressive, feminist urban slum, with decayed, backward social standards, this wouldn't happen, because she'd have a full grasp of repercussions, and she'd know she'd get hit for acting out of place and attacking him.
Hence the just escalation to using a gun. They would all deserve to die for trying to crack my head open.
Don't like it? tough luck. Attack someone. Deal with the fucking consequences, princess. Outside of urban progressive slums, boobs and ass don't give you a free pass to attack people. Also outside of urban slums, those skinny fags who run to their princess's aid, they don't exist either. Why? Men are men and women are women, and a woman that's acting out of place is seen as trashy.

Why was he recording this skank to begin with?
You can probably find her on Brazzers or some other porn site.

Literally never said that you brain-dead retard. No point in reading beyond that since you're too stupid to comprehend that I was responding to the guy talking about punching me, not the bimbo hitting the phone, which I said a just repercussion would be a back-hand. Work on your reading comprehension skills you fucking idiot.

The whole reason they kill you is for you resorting to such extreme violence first.
Deciding that someone can't resort to violence because they're a woman is just retarded. I laughed when Richard Spencer got punched for his autistic shit and that was by a male.

Shooting someone for getting punched is not a just repercussion.

She resorted to violence in response to a non-violent action, thus he should have given her a just repercussion and back-handed her. Also to get his money back he might as well take her to court. If a group of pencil-dicked male feminists want to come to the rescue of their princess and try to physically harm him, yeah, they deserve to be shot.

But physically attacking someone for recording you is a just repercussion? Either or. Either they're both just or neither is. Her boobs don't make thus just.

Never the less, you really have stretched your argument to an absurd degree by escalating to a gunshot in any case. And why do you sound so mad?


Yeah, sure, he could probably have hit her in return. So could Spencer. Except they both got cucked hard and have no remit for the violence committed against them.

Cucked again.

you're the one whining about the feminist niggerpuppet underlings francis

Uh huh
You're still gonna get your bitch ass beat

But physically attacking someone for recording you is a just repercussion?

Why wouldn't it be?

I hate urban filth. If I had it my way every major urban center in this civilization would be destroyed. They are nothing but pits of decay. Every ideology, every social norm, every movement that permeates from them is sick and destructive. This is an example of it.

And you're going to get shot or stabbed, tough guy. Guy attack random people and see what happens.

Jesus dude, you've really been slighted by women, I can tell. Even if your assumptions are true there's literally nothing wrong with women wanting to have sex and having sex. Stop being such an insecure sad little virgin.

Are you fucking retarded? A non-violent annoyance is not just cause for violence. However violence is just cause for a violent response. Recording someone is not violent. Punching someone is. If you punch someone, you deserve a violent response. Equal or not is irrelevant. You initiated violence and regardless of the form of violence you receive, it's entirely your fault and it's just and deserved.

You getting btfo'd is an example of urban de-generacy?

When did he get punched?

Why are you alt right types such massive fucking pussies. You run cap in hand to the pigs at every opportunity whining about leftists breaking the rules. What a bunch of fucking wimps, Jesus Christ.

Everyone knows that.
You're the one that's shocked and clutching their pearls because someone dare retaliate with a greater degree of force than a "pls stahp".

He imagined it. Francis is off his meds tonight.

There is plenty wrong with women that have many sexual partners. Statistically they're less stable in relationships. I know, I know, STDs, meaningless sex, and dying alone childless are staples of the modern urbanite. How progressive!

Your reading comprehension skills are so fucking bad I'm not even going to bother explaining this in depth to you. Read above or shut the fuck up.

Depends on who you ask. Non-violent actions are responded to with violence all the time. Like vandalism and other benign crap can get you legally shot.

Bro why are you even here? Go whine about these cliches on Holla Forums


Wasn't it the "punch a nazi" super ultra badass tough lefties that called the cops when the muh nertzies showed up at their front door? Also I'm not Alt-Right you fucking retard.

That who? Women who wait until marriage for sex? No fucking shit. This is meaningless. Also it's pretty easy to avoid STDs. You're just mad that other people have sex. You're really quite pathetic and are probably a very lonely person who is probably mocked by his peers.

What are you then? A "classical liberal" lmao?

I'm not shocked, I'm the one here saying she deserves repercussions for her act of violence. You're the fucking faggots defending her Why? "cuz boobs" and muh urban feminist social standards.

What's wrong with that?

Yea, they're not touching your dick instead of theirs.

When she w.hite genocided his phone and threatened to forcefully remove him from her personal space/his homeland.


It was an insult you mongoloid self hating fag. Kill yourself. Day of the rope is now, but only for you.


I agree with you on that.

And thus violence should be responded to with elevated violence. A physical attack should be responded to with a greater physical attack. Like the retard above suggested with me going into a ghetto and screaming nigger. I know for a fact the implosive morons would physically attack me for saying nigger, and so it'd be just cause for me to shoot them. I'm not looking to shoot anyone. I don't initiate violence. But what I'm saying is, actions should have repercussions. That's my entire point here. Everyone else is defending little princess in her lala land of no repercussions ever. Little princess can do whatever the fuck she wants because it's progressive to treat women like special little princesses. In shit-hole urban slums that is…


I'm defending her because bakedalaska is a cuck who didn't do shit

I don't classify myself as anything. Ask me my stance on a specific position and I'll tell you it.

They're net negatives in every regard. Socially and economically. They contribute nothing.


What is your stance on Jordan Peterson

No you and baked Alaska wouldn't do shit because you're both pussies AND copcucked


So you have no moral compass and no ideological backbone and just shift positions based on meaningless circumstances like "well I do't like this guy, so…" You're a fucking worthless sack of shit.

I don't have one. I've never listened to him.


She was afraid for her life, it was purely in self defence just like James Alex Fields Jr.

I really like 'rainbow connection', I still listen to it sometimes when I'm stressed out.

Is healthcare a right everyone should have?

I know, I know, you can't form your own positions, you need ideological leaders to dictate positions to you which you follow. Sorry I'm not like you, I'm so bad!

Well I'm glad we all learned something here.

People who think others objectively deserve or don't deserve things always remind me of three year olds who haven't figured out that they were born into universe that doesn't revolve around them, and that we're all lucky if any prevailing social order occasionally works in our favor.

Because BlindAlaska is an lol cow that's fun to milk, and I probably would have done the same thing in her place and laughed my ass off.

Which side do you sympathize with more in the following conflicts:

1. BLM or the American police
2. Unite the Right or Antifa
3. Trump or anti Trump protesters

What level of Ideology are we picking up here boys?

No she wasn't. She had her little shield of progressive urban feminism all wrapped around her. She felt powerful and untouchable. Typical urban trash woman. It disgusts me how fucking pathetic urban "men" are to have let urban women turn into this. How fucking low, weak, ineffectual, and emasculated. Urban women have zero respect for urban "men." That's why they're such depraved bimbos who use their tits and pussies to do whatever the fuck they want without repercussion, and it works.


Right wing people sure do want the world to be fair when it comes to their own problems.

1 Police
2 Unite the Right (no clue what they are, I just know Antifa are human scum)
3 Trump
How about asking me actual political questions, not this stupid shit?

kek, thanks for proving you are alt right but too uncomfortable to admit it

also you missed this one:

I have never experience any of the thing you have said more than when Im dealing with some Southern Bell, 'if you cant handle me at my worst you dont deserve me at my best' country gal that thinks shes hot shit cause she was a cheerleader/majorette in highschool and has a big ass and tits.

You didn't ask me one political question, you fucking retard. You have no clue what my politics are.

Every day that passes, I'm more convinced the fish hook theory is real.


No I don't think healthcare is a "right." Although in a homogeneously white country I'd be more willing to accept it. In a diverse country, no, not a chance. Why? Brown and black people are massive draws on social resources, putting the white population under increased economic hardship.


What is wrong with this?
I follow my own cause, not some arbitrary script written by society. If someone is being an asshole, I have no reason not to stop them in whichever way I deem necessary.

My position is pretty consistent, actually. I do as I please.

There, there, little guy.
No reason to get all bent out of shape

Sounds like a white woman that grew up in a highly diverse community with blacks, because that's a very common saying for black women. Not the "rural" I'm talking about.

Fam, every single thing you have said in this thread SCREAMS alt right.

If someone was posting how white males should be castrated, staring is rape, and cis people should be killed but denied being a SJW would that denial mean jack shit?


And you deserve repercussions for your actions. Agree?

Sounds like you are thinking of "I don't need no man"
"if you cant handle me at my worst you dont deserve me at my best" is solely for white southern chicks trying to justify their shitty attitude with tits and ass

I'm starting to think you and I have different views of what the "Alt-Right" is. Your retarded ass is going with the media narrative, which I pegged day one that they started using "Alt-Right," which is basically all Right-leaning ideals are "Alt-Right" as a means of grouping and demonizing them all. I'm not "Alt-Right." I don't even deem the "Alt-Right" to be a legitimate movement. From day one I've considered it a media bogeyman. It's a usurpation of existing ideals that's easy for the media to propagate and attack.


And a greater physical attack should be responded with an even greater one.
And that still greater one should be responded with deadly force.
And the death of your sister should be responded with the death of one of theirs.
And one of their deaths should be responded with more from your family.

See the problem with this reasoning?

If I deserve anything, it's only because others have deemed it so, and enforced their rule over me. By their own power they've made it possible to determine what I deserve.

nigger put your phone's camera in my face and I will throw it under the nearest high speed vehicle. It doesn't matter if you're a female or a male.

Sure, if it goes on endlessly like that. It's possible in some run-down third world village I suppose. I don't see what that has to do with slapping this little princess bimbo back into reality. She's not going to escalate the situation further once she realizes there's repercussions for the things she does.

There are a set of explicit positions and attitudes that are associated with the alt right. They are very easily recognizable if you follow politics at all.

If I started whining about the cisheteropatriarchy and called for all white people to kill themselves, would you take me seriously if I denied being a SJW?

Nigger then you deserve to be knocked the fuck out. Also you deserve to be taken to court for the damages.

lmao no. watch the video again and tell me how that works out in real life.

No you wouldn't you fucking nerd

I'm of the opinion that setting a moral example for a fellow human being is an ultimately more powerful means of behavioral influence than simple retribution. It feeds into our altruistic nature.

Doesn't work on sociopaths, though (aside from giving them an example of how to act like a normal human).

Irrelevant. These positions all existed before an "Alt-Right" ever existed. Like I said, "It's a usurpation of existing ideals that's easy for the media to propagate and attack." The media popularized the "Alt-Right" for a reason. They don't get to usurp my ideals and claim them as their own. I don't even know what their claimed positions are, to be honest, but if any align with mine, they're not "Alt-Right" positions. They're positions that the "Alt-Right" believes in.
When was that ever a position of anyone other than progressive SJW type filth?

Honestly, probably not. Unless you're the most sickly, weak, disgusting piece of shit imaginable (and there's a very good chance that you are but I'll give you the benefit of the doubt), you'll probably overpower her. Of course you won't overpower the angry crowd surrounding you, especially not when, as you said before, you start shooting and stabbing them. I would hope that you would learn a lesson when you are road hauled to the public square and drawn and quartered in front of a furious mob, but I'm pretty sure that even as the axe slices apart your genitals and cuts through your pelvic bone, you'll still be whining about how nobody else is allowed to escalate things past you.

I'm speaking of a moral standard as well. Respect. If she had respect, she wouldn't have attacked him. She would have walked into the club without attacking him. It shows how high in the clouds her mind is. She's completely untouchable in her own mind because she's a woman. She needs to be brought down to earth and she needs to learn respect.

This happened in California where you do not have the legal ability record a conversation without the consent of all parties involved.

She was simply protecting her legal right to privacy.

Remember, even if you’re in public, you cannot record conversations between two people unless you have their permission. This includes conversations that you’re one of the parties to. If one person in the conversation can reasonably expect his or her conversation to be confidential, this standard applies.
If the person is standing on a soapbox on a corner, it does not. If the person is attending a government hearing and is speaking, it does not. If the person is shouting, yelling, or speaking to a large group of people without apparent concern for who might overhear him or her, it does not.
So if you ever are unclear, ask yourself whether you, in a similar scenario, would reasonably suppose that your conversation with someone else (or others) was private. There will always be gray areas, and “reasonableness” often depends upon the facts a particular situation.
You CAN however, record video OF two people interacting so long as
–your video does not capture the audio of their conversation
–the subject of the conversation is not apparent from the video
–the two people talking are in a public place
Note that California law prohibits hidden video recordings in private places.
In California, you cannot trespass in order to obtain pictures. (It doesn’t usually stop the paparazzi, but photographers have been prosecuted for violating this law.)

Every alt right figurehead that exists would nod their head in agreement to everything you said in this thread.

Do you hold even ONE position these people would disagree with? If not, stop being so scared of that label.

This didn't happen in a fucking third world village.

I don't know any of them, and I don't give a shit. My positions aren't theirs to usurp. They can agree if they want, but they don't get to usurp my positions into their movement and force a label on me. Also you only asked me one significant position.
I don't know. I don't know their positions. I told you what I think of the "Alt-Right."

Actually, this isn't just a [religiously-inspired] opinion or theoretical biological/anthropological maxim. Here's an empirical piece of evidence supporting the efficacy of turning the other cheek: It turns out that non-violent resistance has roughly 2x the success rate of violent resistance.

user, all the pig shit you've been sniffing and the generations on generations of incest has clearly scrambled your brains. I really think that you should stick to interacting with similarly mentally challenged country folk and leave that fancy computer box with the internet words alone.


If you're not being dishonest, then you're being extremely ignorant and deliberately so. Why not educate yourself on the basics of today's political climate?

Why should I give a shit about an irrelevant political movement?


Right, as we can see in modern urban shit-holes, allowing women to do as they please without repercussion, while also bending over backward to give them legal and social benefits, goes great lengths to making them wonderful people. I wonder why cuckoldry is so popular these days?! Could it be unrestricted female sexuality, lack of repercussion, and submissive males? How progressive!

Are you talking about the fat woman that had a heart attack?

So you're saying we should restrict female sexuality?

Because they are not irrelevant. The alt right and their talking heads are a critical factor that got the younger generations to support Trump.

The alt right is at least as relevant as Antifa, and you clearly give a shit about them. If you have any knowledge of Antifa and what they are about, why not learn a bit about their opponents?

How can you care so much about the left but feign ignorance about the left's enemies?

lol man wtf alt-right does to people? It's like they have camps where they feed people's retardation.
Baked Alaska was always something of a goon, but he was kinda funny and laid back a while ago. There were some good moments with him at HWNDU, now it's like he's so stupid it almost looks like he's pretending it.

No Im talking about the girl who was brutally murdered along with the 18 other people injured in a right wing terror attack

Because of the rise of the right. You degenerates are the number one consumer of cuck porn.

I'm saying there should be repercussions. "Slut shaming" is good.

Yet all these doxxed antifa memebers are literal cuckolds, guys who like being dominated etc.

No clue what you're talking about.

go back to ur home Holla Forums

Im sure you don't. Thats why you are here on a shithole bangladeshi rugweaving site that is one of the homes of the aut-right and is entirely unlisted on google defending all the same arguments that they throw up everytime they ever come here.

The few basic positions that I do know they agree with I'm in agreement with. The movement itself I've always deemed illegitimate. Either way, they don't negatively impact me, and the media propaganda using them to demonize me doesn't amount to much. So I never cared enough to look into their movement. Will I in the future? I don't know. I don't even know where I'd go to find out what exactly they stand for.

I'm banned on Holla Forums for a few more days.

Not sure about other countries but in the US filming someone in a public place is legal, he has the law on his side if he really tries to push charges for fucking with his phone.

Your point?

Or you could stop being a dumb-fuck and tell me what you're talking about.

Every time.

Why the fuck would I go back there if I can't type anything? I've already looked at the new shit they posted.


thoughts on the israel/palestine conflict?

You need to go back James Alex Fields Jr.

They're both shit-holes and I don't want anything to do with either.

You know, most people understand that coming up with the perfect comeback several hours after the event in question is actually a little embarrassing and not something to be spread everywhere you can get your hands on. But then most people aren't autistic incels either.

Couple years ago, when all this started, I thought the alt right would be an interesting player to have on the field, in general terms. Because their rethoric was anti-establishment, anti-Conservative, and most of all they could've been the Right turning against Hollywood, tv, etc. which ultimately could turn out to be a strong hand against those fuckers and their machine of alienation and sickness.
Then alt Right started growing, and gradually they just became reaganites who could use YouTube and Facebook, and cite pointless scientific journals instead of constitution as response to everything.

I wonder if the cause for this was just their alliance to Trump, and if so, what would've happened if they'd, as they say, had became who they were instead of just more fodder in the legions of people mindlessly buying stupid branded products, as the one in the drawing you posted.

BakedAlaska isn't an unironic Nazi though.

Right he's one of the "ironic" nazis.

Not using the screencap of him squinting at the sun

Not sure you got the point of the meme, friendo

He's not a Nazi at all. Not ironically or unironically. He's doesn't even pretend to be. He's more along the lines of those kekistani retards, which were birthed by sargon, who's self-proclaimed centre-left.


I missed this, I just skipped through the thread to check if it was the same sort of Holla Forums complaining after I went to bed. Holy shit has some guy from Holla Forums spent like 10 hours here complaining? Did BA do this somewhere?

Then it's a bad meme.


Nah, it's

Although shouldn't on this fucking board. Ur dumb

What good is a meme is the average person doesn't understand it, retard? Do you not comprehend the purpose of a meme?

This has gotta be the most stupid shit, no joke. But seriously, I'm not American… is he shaking hands with a fucking mailman here???

Lulz? Fuck off newfag

Most newfag post of the week? Hard to say on a Tuesday.

The purpose of a meme is wide dispersal and influence on social views. If people don't fucking understand it, it has no affect. Bad meme.

No it isn't, newfag.

Hi Baked Alaska, are you enjoying having your own thread on /lefypol/?
If so, take a pic with sharpie on pooper, if you're not just leave.

You're a fucking retard.

When pol leaves the basement.

Now there's a guy that deserves to be shit twice in the chest.


So much for the superior wh*te race.
Way pol talks the wh*te race can take on an army of blacks with one whi*te male alone.

No, you're just new, and cancer, and you're the reason imageboards are overrun with reddit, facebook morons, etc. You're the sort of dribbling mong that turned the internet into the sludge it is today with your obsession over reaching facebook, the front page of leddit, maymay magic.
You're some newfag from Holla Forums. And even if you don't go on Holla Forums anymore, that's what you'll always be.

Holla Forums talked shit about this guy for being a LARPing manlet. Doesn't change the fact that the nigger is a sucker punching pussy.


Of course.

This is why you're a newfag.


What's he saying, you fucking abortion, is that memes are not propaganda, ffs! Memes were something we invented because the world is shit, everything is shit, and shit is all around this shit, so we could have something to at least have lulz as we watched the entire shit burn.
Then you and your retarded kind came about and thought they were an instrument to make things better, to force your views on other, when originally they were just a mockery of all the people who go about trying to force others to see things in the same stupid way they themselves do.

Funny thing is this guy has more balls than the average pollack for going outside.

Memes aren't propaganda you autistic fucking Holla Forums newfag.


You can go now.


What is this definition you've made up? You're wrong. Are you Baked Alaska? Are you mad that you're being called out for writing a book basically telling the world how new you are to the internet?


Do you need some milk?

Why did you dmca all your videos of your trip when you have to live with the consequences of your actions?

Were you mad when that woman slapped your phone out of your hand?
Were you mad when the cop didn't help you?
Why arn't you blind like you said you were?

What is your people saying?

Why do you call people soyboy? It makes it sound like you want their milk.

Is he on drugs or something? In my country the police would laugh at him and even charge him for bad use of the emergency phone. (not joking, I have seen cases like that happening to faggots here that were hit by women)

No. I went home and masturbated to the thought of her dominating me.

It's not that they're only for me. They're supposed to be funny, and, at best, clever. So if you make them funny and clever, for funny and clever people, that's cool and everyone has fun (which is the point).

Now if you want to
you're just one more cog in the lying machine that is the world nowadays, congrats. And there's nothing contrarian, dissident or relevant about you. You're like Mickey Mouse or Miley Cyrus, one more mirror spewing mind manipulation and feeding that huge beast with what it enjoys the most.

And there was a time when the internet was a place for people against that, so those of us left here sometimes feel a little nostalgic.

Okay, and if it's not me, then it's just them. I think we can agree their propaganda is bad propaganda. You may think my form of propaganda is bad too. If you're not even playing the game, you've already lost.

Can I call you Baked?

It's not a loss to attain what you don't want. If THEY, as you say, are so shitty, why do you want the same things as THEY do?
That would make you pretty shitty too, to your own standards.

For real? Prove it. How many fingers am I holding up?

I prefer to be called sissy girl. In my spare time I like to dress up like a little sissy girl and jerk off to femdom cuck sissy porn.

* it's not a loss to NOT attain

Memes aren't propaganda friendo


Why do you use a cap at night and act like a cunt if are you such a delicate flower?
They looked like chill girls and you fucked up trying to record them, act like a man.

Definitely him. You like the memes we made in your honour, Maced Alaska?

I found her car and busted out her two front windows. Damage for damage.

He will love this meme because it falls under his personal definition of a meme that he has inflicted on the world and the internet.


2 front windows?
Did she drive a split window VW Bus?

It's a common thing for Alt right to call guys 'she'

Women are to weak to fight. Fuck off with feminist degenerate trash.

My wall of women warrior pics. beats all comers. I win.

Cease this gay LARPing, women aren't warriors. And if they were, they wouldn't wear bikini chainmails.





Something tells me a kiss from her tastes like Listerine…

if that bothers you i don't know what to say. lol just lol if your drink of choice isn't cool mint.

You're such a cringelord, makes me wonder if you're Baked Alaska. Need milk?

Anita Sarkeesian is that you?



Sprayed Alaska's just an aging, failed rapper that jumped on the 2015 neo-fascist Trump train to stay relevant. A white nationalist wouldn't be seen dead with this typa crowd. What a wigger.


LOL That shit's so strong it lights your mouth on fire. I'd rather kiss Rogue from X-Men than anybody that shugs that shit.

Cringelord, why do you keep dumping your fap folder?

Do you have a problem with my Nordic beauty?

You are weak as is your entire bloodline.

Guess the white nationalist bad boy act ain't a hit with the ladies…

Jesus fucking Christ this whole thread is full of Holla Forums

Make up your mind, negro rapist.

Fuck that. It's what alcoholics drink when they can't afford their bottom shelf booze. That's how strong it is.

I will say that as much of a fucking racist you are Black Nationalists constantly contradict themselves with hypocrisy like his and you are correct for pointing it out.

YOUR Nordic beauty? I very much doubt that you're not a fat slob that faps 7 times a day.

It's me bb.

Post timestamp

She doesn't even look very nordic.


What's happening in this fucking thread? People got jealous of Baked Alaska being so cringe in the videos, they decided to try a cringe competition to see if they could outdo him?

Seriously, what the fuc???

teehee are you masturbating to me bb?

I ain't a black nationalist. You look the bait.


Confirmed Holla Forums troll.
Mods delete this thread please everyone here is Holla Forums.

She's ugly af stop posting her



What a fucking newfag.

Oh, cool. She became two-face.

A negroid with a genetic predisposition to commit crimes of violence?

Whot he fuck is this bitch anyway? Seriously, take away the fake blond haircolor, blue contacts and lipstick and she might as well be iranian. More likely mediterranean tho. Ofc it doesn't matter anyway so the joke is on you.

teehee im totally a brown person!

Sure, Maced Alaska. Mods will delete a thread about you being a pathetic loser, just because you shit up the thread.

I don't know who the fuck Weed Alaska is but I'm not him read the posts above you and you'll see the whole thread is Holla Forums bitching at each other/


And you have the gall to call the Alaskan Jew a wigger? This guy has reached levels of wiggerdom never before seen by anyone other than Shaun King.

Man, I'm not sure even Holla Forums is as retarded as this.


And why has Holla Forums been invaded by reddit? All the responses in this thread is written like a reddit post

Allah takbir friend.
Seriously though, imagine being this threatened by women who don't behave like literal objects, smh, this dude has serious issues

I'll take what I want thanks, rights are for weaklings.

*blocks ur path*

Uh huh, I'm sure if he held his ground there would be 10 dedication threads on Holla Forums's front page. Also


You realize that even a young teenager could knock out a pro boxer, if the boxer wasn't looking?
There's absolutely nothing impressive about sucker punching.

But that's wrong

I encourage you to test your theory, ask some moderately fit teen to whack you in the jaw with full force while you stand with hands in pockets.

Get some taste Jesus

It's not about being impressive or even being fair, it's about results and what works. This isn't a board game with rules you have to follow. You also against camouflage, spying, and deception in war, too?

And you'll get shot like the bum you are.

If you're going to brag after the fact, then yeah, it's entirely about that. The guy was a limp-wristed pussy who couldn't stand toe-to-toe with a guy a foot shorter than hi and fat.

"N-nah bro shes cool like that!"

implying he didn't telegraph the punch so blatantly before throwing it

Holla Forums has never been in a real fight and that's why they whine when they get k0'd in 1 shot