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I used to be terrible at saying no.
Hence I was engaged a while back, ironically he helped me to learn how to say no.

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engaged ???
holy cow

stinky internet.

It is almost like the threads have SOME normies here.

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Music and shenanigans.
How are you?

I was very drunk when he asked.
I kind of sat on it because I was lazy.
I didnt really feel much for him.

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sounds crummy

I was a terrible fit for him.
Honestly I still find it strange that he thought everything was fine when I broke up with him.

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My telegram does not work, i'm feel bad

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You're still getting cucked with your internet?

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interesting situation

how long ago ?

Poor Squiddy, he has never been the same sing Herp dumped him.

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-pokes in to make sure the tea cart is stocked for everyone before curling up for the night.-

Na, now it's my computer i guess

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November? December?
Somewhere around that time last year.
I could be thinking of the year before that though.

Goddamn nigga you dont get a break

sorri scoots its over wif u 2 now

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if november/december of last year that was only a few months ago
but if the other year than

a long time

What... I'm free and easy. And too shy for other people OwO

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Last year Im guessing then.
I dont really know what he was exactly to me in the end.
I enjoyed his time, but I think he started being more like his real self after a while. That and he's enough years younger than me that I couldnt really keep up with the parties and the drugs.

will u b my girlfam?

Fix pooter!
You can doit!

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how old are you and him ?

sorry if im posting smol
am a lil sleepy

I cannot, I am a boy.


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I was 23 and he was 18 when we got together.
I am 25 now.

girlboy fams welcom

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Wait what no im 24

I dont want to turn 25 in July.

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soopa seepy

24 is best age imo
most people i crush on tend to be 24 or around 24

Try turning 30 you fucking kids.

I am too manly to be the girly boy you desire. Sorry puck.

Super sleepy.
Work should be easy today.
Fingers crossed.

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what sorta professional email ?

How old are you?
I dont really know what age is "right" for me yet. But it seems people around 21+ are what I am currently attracted too, although I would much prefer someone my own age.
Do you also happen to be looking for an emotionally unresponsive boyfriend?

Manly is fine too.
The only thing I discriminate against is skin colour.

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i've been attracted to 24 yr olds since as long as i can remember :p

why do you ask about the emotionally unresponsive bf ?
ARE YOU uhhhhhhhhhhh

Some costings, have to be very formal. Formal boy.

Pale as milk.

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you're usually pretty formal :p
in a weird sorta way

Im really good at getting into relationships where I dont have enough attachment.
Its great I swear.
If someone only supports you when they feel like it, only one person has to be depressed.
We could even be emotionally detached from each other, that would be perfect.

That is not black.
We're back in business.

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you wish

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yeah i always feel bad for the other person
like im wasting their time

they like
CARE about us LOL
and im like

sorry LOL

Go on, I would like to know more about this, heh.

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nurse scootsy >:3

Yeah basically.
It can cause me to seem very cold where as Im actually quite compassionate. But typically if someone brings upon their own demise due to foolishness, no support shall be found.
An ex begged me to support him when he lost his best friend, thing is he's the reason why he lost her as a friend so I simply could not will any support out of me.

Are you >:3'ing at my boyfam?
Get ur own fam he's not black so we're perfect and hes mien

yeah i get that

i might sleep
i cant fully respond ever


I think literally every conversation i've ever seen you have involved you being called gay. It's time to accept it.

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when did I deny?

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Aceept that you're the gayest human being on earth


Thank you for the free therapy session.
Sleep well.

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Perhaps I missed my calling. Perhaps it should have been Nursing instead of History teaching. Who knows. Nursing COMPLETE

Ladies, please... There is enough to go around

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I don't wish to offend you hu but you're probably the gayest person here

This guy has loads of good content like that.

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Why would I lie about that?

I don't even have a boyfriend though unlike this fag

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You're so gay that you've gone back around to being in denial about your homosexness.

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This kid xD

scoot please refrain from clogging up the chat like this

It is a thread, not a chat. How about you refrain from being an IDIOT.

Again, when did I deny it?

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Thanks to the internet, I thought that was semen before I thought about it possibly being saliva.

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To be fair that's a pretty hot llama, can't blame you.

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ofcourse deary
any time you wanna talk lemme know
hmu on discord or somethin if thats your speed :p

history teaching ?

I know right?!
Oh also, the first not piano song came on!
Maybe I will get drunk if it happens this often, wouldnt that be fun?!

I see you have also fapped to cartoon horses before.

What a crude and toxic person

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respond to me on discord
also dropped ur name


Uh sorry I only fap to real horses.

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Im known for talking TOO much.
If you dont want that, its your funeral.

Same shit different horse.
Close enough.

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Your boyfriend?

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i don't need a name where im going


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no i also talk too much

just not tonight bc drowsy
but like
i'll talk for ages


Watcha up to

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you dont need a name to go to a cafe ? how will they know who ordered....

my drink only takes like 30 seconds to make, it's ready by the time I'm done paying

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I do not have a boyfriend, and I would imagine if I did have one, he would be as far away from a person like scoots as possible

I'd date scoots

You have yourself a deal broski.
Im the guy who is the name.

Just listening to music and about to take a shot.
Hu and I came up with this drinking game that I'm playing right now.
Im listening to a Deep-Focus playlist and I take a shot every time there is a song with no piano in it.
I am at shot #1 now

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Sounds fun. Enjoy your shots. What's your poison?

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omg loafie put your name back on

you came up with it, I dindu nuthin

I suspected you were too boring for that

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Good, you suspected right

At first I wanted to play a game where I only drink to songs without female vocals on a Trance list but Hu said it was bad.
So then I went to play a game where I listen to a Hard Rock list and take a shot when the song is happy, but Hu also said that was bad.
Hu said relaxing music is better.
Im drinking Cointreau.

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i didnt know that :o

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that is not me

i know you wanna date scootsy

Cointreau is a good choice.
Here's my suggestion, you listen to a rap playlist and take a shot everytime a song has someone bragging in it.

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Ah yes, a degree in Modern and Contemporary European History to boot as well.
I am vastly overqualified for my current employ. But you know. Life.

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What if scoot is your boyfriend?

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cute pic

I am everyone's preferred boyfriend.

Y-you too

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This was never formally declared, and I don't believe either of us would be particularly happy in that situation

not really

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Am I you? Are you me?
Why are here?
Who am I?
What am I being to do to be?

Ill listen to good hiphop then. Dont want to get too drunk!
bu dum tis

o wow
u never told me u even went to post high school

you underestimate scootsy
he thinks youre VERY cute

he just likes putting up a grumpy wall to deter noobs :p

What if by bullying you, he just try to get your attention?

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Call me

Scandinavian humor is lost on me sorry

But getting too drunk is the fun part of a a drinking game.
Ok let's play a drinking game, everytime someone says something gay in thread you have to take a shot.

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I like men sexually

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i like men


You are not me
I am not you
You are here presumptively because you like it here
You are Herpy8rzRk
This sentence does not make grammatical sense

maybe so, but if he thinks that's the case then he'll have to remove that wall if he wants something from me

I doubt it, considering he can get attention from so many other people
If he does want attention from me, he does not need to bully me, and I'll be much more happy to oblige if he stops

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Surely, my immense brain explains itself :3

Brb dialing


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Sometimes when I'm with women even, I ask them to slip their fingers inside me.

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What have I done

not rn i'm in class bb

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What if he wants only your attention?

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Im terribly hard to kill and I think that is what would do the job.

How do u kno tho?

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Lucky you, Hu has stopped posting for now, so you'll survive

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Him not needing to bully to receive my attention still stands

because you live in australia and I do not

Such a smarty pants.

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we the biggest brains here

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I would love to shove a screwdriver through Loafie's eyesocket.

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How is your evening?

r u spying on me?

Attached: j.PNG (185x364, 82.24K)

you'll figure it out :p

be nice to loafie every now and then and gib "him" smooches

i'm sure he'd appreciate it ;3


id kiss u squiddy >:3

Such....girthy... brains.

-Smooch- What makes him/you think he deserves my silky lips?

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It's barely noon here. I'm in a lecture theater listening to boring presentations, after giving my own boring presentation. But it's ok, it could be worse.

You know it

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what do you think

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no it shows your flag next to your name just like everyone else you big silly

please do not put "him" in speech marks


take a shot

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"Him" well, we all doubt Loafie's manliness.

What did that sexy brain present today? What is this discipline?

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bc i think he does :p


normal average/10

that was a pretty good touch if u ask me

I presented my Masters project, in cybersecurity. Those fuckers only give us 5 minutes, which is way too little.

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Timezones are a conspiracy.
Whatcha studying?

I like the red and would buy the red.
The brown on the brown ones makes them look like loafers and I would not buy them.
I dont really wear shoes that expose the ankle, I do have a few pairs of supra's though.


And they are yea. Australia doesn't exist, either.

Good girls get rewards.
she'll have to be good.

Oh no, an elite haxxor, I see. Those smol presentations are killer. Having to rush details.

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not being particularly manly doesn't mean I'm a woman

I'd rather you didn't cause more confusion to arise

eh i picked them up only $35

I've never had a lowcut shoe so hopefully it's not a problem

Attached: soul_eater_evans_by_harpersage4-d4r50m7.png (900x593, 351.91K)

Sounds interesting.
Does all the extra knowledge on cyber-security make you terrified of things?

I do have low cut shoes, I have outfits worked out for them though.
Sometimes you just gotta buy things that look good on their own, so long as you have a large enough wardrobe to work it into.

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I'm dying.....................

Attached: [HorribleSubs] Citrus - 05 [720p].mkv_snapshot_03.24_[2018.02.16_14.22.58].jpg (1280x720, 113.42K)

Stop dying pls

stay strong fren

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the problem with my wardrobe is 99% of it is hand-me-down clothes from my brother

very few things are my own style that I've bought


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no one is dying

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Except loafie, because I am going to butcher them

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Thats not very gay of you.

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My granddad has cancer

Attached: hiiee.PNG (113x131, 18.45K)

time 2 sleep
nini ans love and kisses and hugs and cuddles and smooches to all these posters


ameri user buying shoes

see yall tomorrow

what should I do peegirl
should I respond to the bullying and potentially allow myself to get bullied further
or not respond and thereby prevent scoots and I from reaching any sort of friendship

Everybody is dying actually. Some just a little faster than others

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Yea they can be fun, I'm not too worried about public speaking tho so it's all good

Afraid no, just accept that everything that you do and post online is possibly compromised and you'll never be surprised. Credit card, password, identity whatever, the second you put that online keep in mind there's good chances it's fucked basically cause security is an uphill battle against very motivated and very smart hackers.

Did i just change countries mid post, no wonder my captcha was fucking up wtf

i literally just said im going to bed
hmu on discord in like 6 hours

Would anyone whose not gone through puberty be exempt from this? Because they are still gaining lifestuffs?

Oh. So about the same as how most people here probably
Also what the hell why are you french now? French people arent people.

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Night night beloved bean girl
have good dreams!

Attached: TheSlutbuttCollective0042.gif (245x135, 933.37K)

and I will be going soon as well so I shall just say nothing sorry scooter boy
good luck to you my friend

Yeah basically. My masters project is actually about exploiting careless web developers directly to infect websites en masse and it's p scary shit.
Also bonjour

Do you blush?
I learnt to channel and reconfigure my fear into excitement when I publically speak.

Attached: TheSlutbuttCollective0196.jpg (400x504, 91.39K)

Nah i tend to talk too fast so i time myself and have mental notes of the time left at specific slides. So I'm pretty in control in general

Just had another captcha, let's see where I am now

Computerphile taught me I should be terrified of my own brain when it comes to cyber-security. It might give me away, the bastard.

Attached: thbbbbt.PNG (210x201, 51.78K)

France boy.

Attached: TheSlutbuttCollective1575.jpg (500x333, 16.13K)

When it comes to own brain I recommend using a password manager. Makes your life much, much easier.

That's me.

You stopped adrenaline from doing, thats pretty neato.

hey I'm back

I do!
Its on my phone which is a Blackberry with BBOS!
Its more secure than my computer!

Attached: 1748637-puck_saves_guts.jpg (320x320, 19.3K)

Blackberry boy huh, that's neat, they were the first ones to use encryption on their phones and they're still official phones for a lot of gvts, although Apple is slowly taking that market.

Attached: onmushroom.jpg (320x405, 31.51K)

Luckily my phone was just before BB realised that not moving to android would ruin their profits.
The lock it uses is really cool, it generates lots of numbers on the screen and you gotta put the right number in the right spot which makes it veeeery difficult for people to know what the combination is by looking at it.

Attached: puck_by_lalykiasca-d5tu3vk.jpg (245x188, 11.71K)

time to 7zip my brain.

Attached: TheSlutbuttCollective1477.jpg (500x345, 76.66K)

Make sure you give it a password like "SCOOTSTORRENTSDOTNET"

Sounds awesome. I like my OnePlus too much to switch.

Too big

Attached: nyehnyeh.jpg (850x1299, 166.92K)

Hopefully I do not forget

Brain too yuge

Attached: 1521979006001.jpg (600x849, 415.03K)

I used to use a HTC or Sony.
I almost got a oneplus at one point. Which one do you have?
If this phone dies, Im seriously of thinking of getting the same model.
Its hard to find red phones.

Maybe people with down-syndrome are just compressed humans and we need to input a 24 bit key to unlock their potential.

Attached: ohhwa.PNG (269x274, 76.33K)

I got a oneplus 3 last year because I was tired of the trend of having to pay near 1k for a good phone. Got my oneplus from a few days work (just got em to buy me the phone instead of paying me) and it has Android O, so I'm pretty happy.
I'll probably get the oneplus 5 whenever this one dies.

Oneplus 6*

Also i think it'll come in red~

Attached: blblbl.jpg (310x285, 47.86K)


Attached: the dark.png (548x308, 99.72K)

I think my phone goes for around 200-300 atm.
I know theres a better version (only juuust better) but it doesn't come in red.
Maybe Ill get a oneplus.

Sleep well.

Attached: hhhhh.PNG (455x247, 108.77K)

Sleep well!

Tbh i'll stick with oneplus if only because they're refusing to follow this absurd trend of removing the headphone jack. Their CEO's made a few pretty clear statements that they have no intention of ever dropping it in any of their devices and they've been following up on that for now so

Attached: shrug.png (776x774, 143.24K)

I love my wireless headphones tho! It is a terrible trend indeed. A rather pointless one as far as the consumer should be concerned.

Attached: bloodborne__mcromalds_by_menaslg-d9pmc4f.jpg (1000x1157, 395.97K)

It's fine to like wireless headphones, but I like wired myself and "the industry" forcing me to charge yet *another* device annoys me so much.

Attached: kindasexy.png (1000x1305, 1.06M)

My mobile was not a financial decision.
I tend to spend a lot on technology, such as my headphones, which I knew I'd have to pay dearly for comparable quality to cheaper wired headphones.
If only everyone could just get along and agree to have wireless charging for everything.

Attached: berserk__puck_by_izumizagari-d5f10x0.jpg (225x200, 6.61K)