Fine.. NEW one then

Fine.. NEW one then

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yeah I'm not good at making stuff ok

>Please daddy

Attached: Kiryuin_Satsuki0077.jpg (540x540, 90.01K)

also I'm leaving for a bit now so bye chaps

Onegai papa

Attached: 62518620_p0 - エロマンガ先生.jpg (900x1273, 827.63K)

What's the matter?

*wrecks your ass with his dingdong*

Attached: 1521637265001.png (843x1193, 465.67K)

Literally makes me want to punch Loafie hard in the face.

Attached: Kiryuin_Satsuki0040.jpg (500x454, 58.79K)

Good timing

Attached: wow great.png (325x370, 50.49K)

I bet she doesnt even kiss her

me too !!

hewwo father


the best

Wasn't big enough for me

what a bore

Attached: extremely hot modle.jpg (900x1200, 115.81K)

How big do you want it? 9"+?

Attached: 1519211908035.gif (438x567, 1.52M)

Konichiwa! Mommy-sama

Attached: Kiryuin_Satsuki0190.jpg (640x640, 73.45K)

You're knot big enough

Attached: ok.jpg (351x362, 19.95K)

She doesn't :^(

Mimika is a cuck and is like "you have to wait until you're older"

Attached: 67829878_p0 - カリオストロ.jpg (2894x4093, 1.75M)

eww, furfag

Attached: 1521005537001.png (1444x2225, 1.15M)

Soto, what was high school in Riverside like?
Help. These are things Google doesn't answer.

Attached: 1521028046733.png (384x347, 131.86K)

Attached: X.jpg (2002x2400, 597.35K)

also no
i just got up :p

i almost never lurk tbh
if im not posting im not here

i wuv 2 post


Ichigo is a fucking cuck

Just like you

Attached: 1520874980001.jpg (500x750, 350.98K)


I'd still let Ichigo pee on me though

I see it is cutie o'clock, how time flies!

Attached: Kiryuin_Satsuki5891.png (1280x1280, 1.22M)

and you

Attached: .jpg (1950x1200, 351.12K)

I do not disagree.

i got a job interview for a hospital valet job
might be promising

I don't see how that relates.

Attached: IMG_12.jpg (640x426, 56.6K)


This is some grade A bullshit

It was alright, nothing too crazy
Not as bad as other cities, not as much gangs/violence

You already know that's not going to happen though

Attached: 67848565_p0 - 姉弟子抱き枕カバー.jpg (1207x1839, 406K)


The sadness in her eyes, knowing she'll never get a taste of that sweet boy

Attached: 1521523140001.jpg (1506x1698, 1.36M)

Why do you keep reading?

Just to suffer?

She needs to get over it


Attached: 1520913941054.png (431x539, 170.7K)

This is good news! Try your best! fGreat seeing the drive to get the decent money at a decent jobbo with no grrrrr peopole

Attached: Kiryuin_Satsuki1963.jpg (1028x1436, 204.95K)

Attached: 67816932_p0 - 放尿イチゴちゃん.jpg (857x1200, 318.35K)

Thats what I was hoping to hear.
Evidently moving from here to riverside means an extra ~$30k a year with an average 6% increase in cost of living (housing being the biggest jump at 75% but lol mortgages)
Right now I couldn't do it cause 1 income but in a few years it's actually feasible

Have any idea what you pay in property taxes? Cost of home and sq footage? This Google can answer but I'm kinda already here.

Pretty much.

One day it'll turn into full blown loli yuri hentai :^)

Attached: 67603101_p0 - 高校生チノちゃん.jpg (1836x2500, 1.09M)

my interview is right after i get off work that day so hopefully time works out

Tell yourboss youve an important appointment to get to; like dental or health related.

Attached: Kiryuin_Satsuki0171.jpg (600x849, 53.88K)

Well I stay out here in Corona but it's a block away from Riverside

Its like 1300 a month for a 2 bed 1 bath

Nigga I aint buying, I rent lol

In your fucking dreams

At least Nagatoro actually started showing nipples

Attached: 1521092912953.png (1070x1600, 911.48K)

Hu why do you get cum all over your tummy?

Attached: 1518386571266.png (600x670, 151.33K)

Is that all inclusive or just the rent?

I'm kind of over renting so I guess I'll have to do actual research in that capacity.

What would you rate the economic climate at? Lower, middle, upper or somewhere between two?

Good morn friends!

Attached: antarc32.png (650x1056, 91.3K)


Who hasn't honestly ?

If you're on your back its gonna land on your belly

Attached: 8e408355d0bd523f3686a9bbdfb4f54c44b11264daa4a8a33753a611636b479f.jpg (278x278, 15.47K)

Hey Sinni

hi doots, how ya doin?

I took my polygraph today! I get to wait a few more weeks then maybe take a psych eval

hello user

Attached: antarc21.png (540x303, 223.06K)

I'm in love with your boyfriend

Yeah. I'd not mind dicking it since he won't

I don't

Good morning

Attached: 1521571373001.jpg (722x1100, 335.67K)

unless you put your legs over your head

Still doesn't make it not shit

Attached: 67831554_p0 - えりり誕.jpg (1000x1412, 180.2K)

hello drunky.

Good morn!

Attached: antarc47.png (874x1280, 174.66K)

Just rent

Utilities and all that other shit is extra

I'd say I live in a upper middle class area

That's so unsanitary

Shower is the best way to go

We can fix that

Attached: 1521093051285.png (1070x1600, 1.19M)


Did a big gym session and currently trying to summon the will power to cap for Mikasa folder. But I might sack it off.

And that is positive. Hopefully the results will be bueno.

Attached: Kiryuin_Satsuki0341.jpg (500x293, 71.2K)

Attached: 1519688661745.png (392x457, 254.91K)

:O I got it.
there's so many people I've talked to with crushes on george it's strange

Attached: antarc6.png (540x720, 107.28K)

You take that back you fucking double nigger

mikasa like attack on titan mikasa or?

I need to cap more girls too tbh.

and yee!! hopefully

Attached: antarc1.png (540x445, 81.64K)

Why would you do this ?

I always shower

how is this related ?

Attached: etna___disgaea_by_krmn_chan-d68a6k0.jpg (600x928, 142.16K)

Can't go back. I have equity for the first time in my life and I refuse to give that up.
This is sounding less and less terrible by the post. I hate the LA area but at least you're not claiming you grew up in the "hood"

That's gonna be difficult

Who wouldn't screw around with her tbh?

Attached: 1520726741627.png (899x506, 363.14K)

Nah. Genuine affection.
Only pseudo-romantic

Fapping in the shower tho

The only manga you need in your life is Colors

Attached: 67691890_p0 - 神風ちゃんバニー.png (1000x1611, 1.13M)

to be a cumslut without needing a partner

fapping right before seems like a better idea

Are you that hungry ?

Attached: a8751497411085e98d7cf2ffabb1944224e6ed9beae1b725698ab78b864dba20.png (709x768, 349.84K)

Yeah, I deleted 3/4 of my folder to redo. I got a better source for my caps so, makes sense to update.
I need the opposite, need to cap more boys. I dont avatar many boys. Hm.
And... yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet

Attached: Kiryuin_Satsuki0024.png (800x1199, 531.14K)

ye I suppose you are sweeter to him than others.

I just remember the first few months everytime I talked to someone about him they admitted to liking him in some way or another.

it's kinda sweet imo.

how are you doin?

Attached: antarc33.png (914x1776, 839.82K)

Lol, fucking amateurs.

I was gonna cap more gems but I've been so lazy!!! and I can never find girls that I think are cute enough to commit to capping.

mikasa is cute though, I think she'd make a good folder.

fucking memers

Attached: antarc43.png (905x1280, 179.74K)

FUCKING MEMERS!!!! Literally who'd a doot?

Yep, Mikasa makes a great folder, powerful and STRONG!

Attached: Ackerman_Mikasa1499.png (448x618, 171.48K)


you should make a levi folder, I'll make an erwin one or somethin

I need an eyebrow folder

Attached: antarc48.png (496x600, 47.77K)

When was the last time you ate your own cum ?

Attached: n4.png (327x700, 124.28K)

Ive a 36 pic levi folder, guess that could be fun. Levi is an impeccable character. Erwin is a handsome choice. Especially, well. You know.

Attached: Levi36.gif (346x325, 212.15K)


possibly, 13 hours ago.

am I a dumbass???
have I no brain???

I pinged you then just hit reply like some sort of FOOL

Attached: antarc64.png (690x978, 109.13K)

he's voiced by Daisuke Ono
Daddy Jotaro

Lunch is over so gtg but better than yesterday for sure.

It's like you're trying to be hetero

IS THIS TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wow, I become fully hetero becasue of not liking moogs. All my years of sucking e-cocks and collecting trap related items have been for NAUGHT

Attached: Levi27.jpg (500x280, 21.9K)

This would be cool if you weren't most likely someone disgusting.

Attached: 1521557956139.jpg (1045x1068, 511.1K)

what I meant to ACTUALLY WRITE. is that levi seems like a stylish character, I could do erwin and stuff. I wanna finish my sophie folder and stuff by capping from the movie if I can.

need more uwu!!

I lost all my folders and torrents after I reset my computer cause I wasn't thinking so if I want cute mango girls I gotta start over.

Have fun!

Attached: sophie1.png (600x450, 96.06K)

Erwin sounds just like Jotaro

it must be true
I'm 99% sure

Attached: 137.jpg (507x650, 48.84K)

Why would you think that.

You are now in charge of gaying the thread up.

Attached: dick, tock, dick, tock.gif (591x546, 398.95K)

when you try your best, but you don't succeeeeeeeeeeed~

Attached: vlcsnap-2018-03-22-15h09m18s130.png (1920x1080, 1.18M)

Well, miracles out of mistakes.... mistakes into miracles... I think I can sass my way with a Levi folder. Erwin. Too UwU for his own good.
RIP Petra

I am believing you on this because googling something is far too labourious

Attached: Levi19.jpg (600x348, 53.18K)

Well okay, I don't have a ton of traps though.

Attached: 63839852_p0 - アストルフォきゅん.jpg (1076x1556, 732.73K)

I googled it
I was right

Attached: 132.jpg (1280x720, 239.04K)

The happiness is too much

uwurin with his big ol eyebrows.

petra was cute

Attached: sophie11.png (800x820, 603.84K)

how are you all doing my friends
I have returned

Attached: mpv-shot0025.jpg (1920x1080, 140.22K)

Them lazy caterpillar eye warmers

Attached: Levi04.jpg (909x1300, 1.68M)

We was waiting for you

Attached: .jpg (1200x1200, 293.24K)

welcome back sweetie

( scoots )

Attached: 3a2baf798f7caf5bb2e4597bf0b30ff930c63d40.jpg (900x1287, 145.02K)


Attached: ClipboardImage.png (1919x842, 528.97K)

-pat pat-

Attached: Kiryuin_Satsuki2426.png (1000x1232, 1.63M)


Attached: 89bee2180ab9973f667aa82998847c2ecbf3b6d1.jpg (1375x1889, 171.82K)

how sweet
weee looka


Attached: Kiryuin_Satsuki4621.png (1280x720, 901.71K)

Attached: 67276560_p30.jpg (503x751, 244.3K)


why is that desu

thanks for the warm welcome my friend

cute pic
hope youve been feeling well :3

wheres my smooch huh ?
*points to cheek*

Because you our king

Attached: .jpg (758x537, 97.99K)

words work too.



Attached: .jpg (1280x1329, 156.67K)


just lonely

Attached: 84a88754e668650131c92b7f50a5a7a59a7bf442.jpg (800x1093, 197.4K)

ill visit canada sometime ^w^
gib snugglez uwu

Attached: FRBKPtR.png (438x700, 582.14K)


I am not the king or queen of anything

Attached: mpv-shot0010 (3).jpg (1920x1080, 163K)

Except this chat ofk

Attached: .jpg (847x1200, 180.84K)

I went to pet kit and nearly fell asleep >.< what would have been no bueono for my sleep schedule

Attached: Kiryuin_Satsuki0055.jpg (700x900, 349.01K)

Not what.
Baka scoots.
Warm kitt

Attached: Kiryuin_Satsuki0343.jpg (500x724, 17.84K)

Attached: tumblr_p45h63jq771s9sauco1_1280.png (798x1280, 1.46M)

oh noes...
how much longer u gotta be up?

Two hours, maybe three. So not so long.

Attached: Kiryuin_Satsuki0412.jpg (780x1024, 61.08K)

me feel sleepy too


maybe i take light afternoon nap~

Attached: 67276560_p47.jpg (888x783, 455.29K)

I'm not the king of anything
if I would I'd have expelled the bullies by now

*if I were, I would

queen like lips hehe

oh wow
i didnt know this pic existed like this :o
thank u awooka

Attached: IMG_20180219_173914.jpg (612x990, 46.98K)

You think you got the stones to go to-to-to with me boy???????
I am going to punch Loafie to death.

If you have nothing else to do and you can afford it. Then go for it.
I miss naps.

Attached: Kiryuin_Satsuki0319.jpg (629x600, 277.15K)


Brain machine broke.

Attached: Kiryuin_Satsuki0292.jpg (768x1024, 74.27K)

Attached: just gay. 80.webm (1280x720, 1.27M)

queen-like maybe, but that doesn't make me a queen

I don't you're quite right
that's why I'd have my loyal servants and guards to do it for me

Attached: mpv-shot0008 (3).jpg (1920x1080, 172.45K)

This is it chaps. Hope you enjoyed the loafie. Becasue I am going to end the loafie forever. just you watch.
No more loafie

Attached: Kiryuin_Satsuki0151.jpg (971x822, 202.03K)

End of Evangelion? More like, End of Loafie!
Doxxing the poor sucker then going to nerve gas him.
Make it look like Putin.

Attached: Kiryuin_Satsuki0401.jpg (885x1252, 762.16K)

please do not do that

Loafie has died.

Attached: tumblr_p5xv7wKqMA1r0wdmvo1_540.png (540x374, 182.17K)

Attached: Loafie.webm (1920x1080, 8.29M)


Attached: 1521338515596.png (1490x1208, 753.6K)

No more Loafie = better threads

Attached: Kiryuin_Satsuki0426.png (500x690, 296.02K)

I am still alive

A pedo. Gone from this world.

Attached: 1391705452967.jpg (606x841, 602.91K)

You may physically live, but are you really emotionally alive? I don't think so. You are emotionally genocide.

Attached: Kiryuin_Satsuki0357.jpg (318x774, 51.47K)




It's like I'm actually in the anime thread on /wsg/...

Attached: 1519251727236.webm (1280x720, 4M)

not a pedo
not emotionally dead

Attached: mpv-shot0024.jpg (1920x1080, 166.62K)

First Bebop and Sci, now Loafie.
So many pedos.

Attached: 274093e77e290a8e032e6905ef4b490c.jpg (596x800, 47.24K)

Attached: pumpkin spice skinny blonde 2022840.webm (688x562, 7.96M)

How did this happen? In this community? Is this Alice Incident 2?

Attached: Kiryuin_Satsuki0525.png (470x650, 182.89K)

youre my kween :3

It's like this place breeds sexual deviants.

Attached: 13.png (589x402, 271.44K)

I will gut him, and then I will gut you.
Absolutely out of line.

Attached: Kiryuin_Satsuki0702.gif (640x360, 598.91K)

it HD



Attached: 67276560_p15.jpg (888x1314, 1021.26K)

This was okay till she opened her mouth.


Attached: Kiryuin_Satsuki4817.jpg (640x382, 40.37K)

Attached: tiny dildo 092d1c8fea3f1.webm (800x450, 3.87M)

Someone needs to give the Big Jeezy a call.
Godless heathens.

Attached: Kiryuin_Satsuki5286.jpg (680x383, 68.93K)

thanks you too

If you had kept the sound disabled, it would still be good

If only you did not sound disabled. That would have been good.

Attached: Kiryuin_Satsuki5857.jpg (1280x760, 170.58K)

I can't tell if you're agreeing with me, or just posting more random porn.

Very true.

wuh oh 3:

thanks for the HD bubber

weally ?
how sweet of u to say

Attached: IMG_20180309_120904.jpg (766x652, 841.4K)

My new shoes came in the mail today ^W^

Literally the same shoes but I decided to go all black/leather instead of my usual tan/suede

Attached: IMG_20180322_132348.jpg (3456x4608, 4.3M)

A tanto driven into your s-squishy innars~

Attached: Kiryuin_Satsuki0545.jpg (700x700, 159.08K)

What the hell are those abominations

tantos arent sharp though ;~;
no fun

Wtf are these Mr. Rogers?

Attached: 43.png (305x500, 84.05K)

well, hearing what you said but then posting something worse.

Attached: fritz_owen_trailer.webm (540x304, 2.55M)

They are so. You being a baka, what would you prefer instead stinker... Scalpels? serrated knives? A freshy whetstone'd carving knive?

Attached: Kiryuin_Satsuki3880.png (841x717, 494.07K)

Nike SB Stefan Janoski's

Im going for a more formal look now

Truly, you are lost.

Attached: Kiryuin_Satsuki4034.png (500x579, 310.98K)

old and new

Attached: IMG_20180322_133220.jpg (3456x4608, 4.32M)

They'e comfy af tho


How could this happen to me?

Attached: Kiryuin_Satsuki3231.png (1280x720, 962.67K)

I doubt it


Attached: 1521523140001.jpg (1506x1698, 1.36M)

Are they really that bad? ;~;

Attached: 1519501776133.jpg (615x756, 37.63K)

They just look like formal shoes with a fucking Nike tick stitched on. Like it is some kind of autard convention.

Attached: Kiryuin_Satsuki1408.png (1280x1493, 951.51K)

nike SB are overpriced

always have been

Attached: 1349206730079.png (371x878, 179.85K)

that being said the SB line is very high quality supposedly

carving knife

what loco said

when are you free
i might wanna see a movie sometime soon and ive not gone out all doll'd up in awhile

Attached: IMG_20180224_033345.jpg (735x981, 87.15K)

How about we re-enact that one scene from Scream?

Attached: Kiryuin_Satsuki4734.jpg (218x417, 39.15K)


Attached: 1343692290981.jpg (500x706, 325.53K)

ive never senn scream


daytime or night?

i'm busy monday and wednesday during day, night time I'm usually busy but there's certain days I'm not

Attached: 1348461682939.jpg (1920x1080, 428.26K)

I got them for 44 bucks online on Zumiez out of all places

Im p happy with them

Stefan Janoski's are super good quality
They can withstand a good beating

hai scooty hatsup

Attached: 1343862939340.jpg (514x600, 181.69K)

A most beloved franchise to me.

Attached: Kiryuin_Satsuki4192.png (446x607, 105.67K)

i find it really weird that my family members i live with leave their financial information laying around

i mean i don't want my family to constantly know my savings balance


bunch of weirdos

Attached: 1350095574192.png (1132x1072, 880.7K)

Selamat pagi

I have a pair of brand new SBs in a box that my brother never wore except maybe once or twice

they're perfect condition but I can't wear them because I have wide feet and they're suuuuuuper thin

Attached: 1397674217574.jpg (650x772, 80.66K)

Attached: 1339884971405.jpg (648x906, 66.25K)

Attached: 1358497200346.png (2036x2327, 443.07K)


It's 2 in the afternoon...

Attached: 27.png (285x465, 71.31K)


it's 4 here
actualy : 3

Attached: 1351074539487.jpg (600x600, 116.96K)

good morning raggy what are you up to ?

Attached: 1343705840242.jpg (529x900, 189.53K)


watching EVO videos
you want to play fighting games shirtless with me?

night more than likely
i work mornings usually :p

im p sure im off sunday wednesday and thursday

ill watch it eventually

Attached: firefox_2017-08-10_22-14-19.png (702x1021, 448.98K)

hehe yes but I prefer to wear a gi

Attached: 1351206161449.png (280x272, 119.19K)

evo's garbage
how you likin noctis in T7 ?

also do you play real fightan gamez or garbage fire 5 hehe

Attached: 8VPUfxZ.jpg (741x874, 71.04K)

That's even worse.

Attached: 50.png (715x574, 197.47K)


i stayed up last night sailing the seas as a poirate...........

Attached: 1344208580900.jpg (470x500, 130.13K)

that's cool too

I play injustice 2

whoops my name disappeared

barely passable
pick up melty blood/tekken and play me sometime

Attached: Wow-64_2017-08-14_23-20-36.png (408x369, 305K)

Did you go somewhere?
Your Id is different too now

Attached: 1343862971831.jpg (567x600, 87.8K)

i was mobile posting a lil bit ago

I always knew you were black.
Go back to Somalia, nigger.

Attached: 60.png (425x536, 136.65K)

you fuckin weeb

Attached: 131.jpg (1280x720, 236.12K)

Even though my day's just begun I'm already being bullied by spetre.............

Attached: I just don't know anymore.jpg (533x388, 54.74K)

Oh, I see, it is the cute girl.

Yes, you should watch it sometime, baka. It is a vintage slasher series that is quite slapstick in a weird way. Essentially a serious-ish parody of slasher films by being itself a slasher film.

I am showing my age.

Attached: Kiryuin_Satsuki0625.jpg (800x840, 186.47K)

you already knew that

also injustice is for monster sipping neckbeard bros

sowwy its the twooth hehe
except sonicfox
protect sonicfox

he's a nice guy i said hi to him at ceotaku

Attached: BcTJjJ7.jpg (832x1200, 119.19K)

yes i know about scream

i have friends who love it


listen if I'm going to get into another game it's going to be FighterZ


consider yourself blocked kid :p

Attached: firefox_2018-03-09_07-23-57.png (1164x1080, 1.44M)

Whatever then.

Attached: Kiryuin_Satsuki0764.jpg (600x800, 238.09K)

sorry I like fun

Attached: 115.png (2000x2000, 1.37M)

sunday would be good

lemme know

Attached: watcher_by_wlop-d9r32mt.jpg (1139x702, 109.16K)


i'll keep ya posted !!

Attached: firefox_2017-11-08_12-41-03.png (411x415, 278.28K)

I'm fun..........

Attached: Dirt.png (389x347, 85.95K)

I severely doubt that.

Attached: Kiryuin_Satsuki4613.png (1280x720, 477.33K)

shouuldnt you be going to sleep soon


Attached: 38.png (450x590, 169.84K)

You are being very rude, it is very disappointing.

Attached: Kiryuin_Satsuki5026.jpg (1200x846, 536.17K)

tekken is for asians with thick glasses

im not !!! :(
quit being mean....

jdcr is cute
saint is cute
speedkicks is cute
qudans is cute
jimmyjtran is cute
jeondding is cute
pokchop is cute

tekken gamers are cute end of story

Attached: plugin-container_2018-03-09_06-14-21.png (462x762, 388.38K)

o-oh it's happening again..........

Attached: Tomoko Kuroki (2169).jpg (1158x1080, 317.61K)


Nice bait and switch.

Attached: Kiryuin_Satsuki4857.png (500x425, 65.53K)

Attached: 144.png (500x500, 147.9K)

go to sleep
youre getting grumpy and i dont like it.

Shut up

why is everyone bein mean


Attached: i_view32_2018-03-22_17-18-33.png (387x422, 371.25K)

Shh... I'll be nice. Okay?

Attached: 44.png (340x260, 62.66K)

Attached: Triangles-the animation.webm (480x360, 3.94M)


Attached: Kiryuin_Satsuki5447.jpg (1024x1332, 417.57K)

Attached: ClipboardImage.png (1280x720, 891.87K)

Hewwo friends!
I return

Attached: sophie1.png (1246x836, 89.09K)

Later thread

Attached: Kiryuin_Satsuki5809.jpg (600x783, 251.89K)

Attached: trap.webm (480x360, 1.96M)


Attached: 95e2231564a6394d68f77df28fefe7d0.png (850x647, 492.84K)

George likes this one

Attached: sophie3.png (969x809, 86.92K)

I'm glad she likes something I posted...

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evening senpai

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why do you keep calling george a she.

Good morn, Loafie!
How ya doin?

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thanks for NOT REPLYING !!!!!!

Everyone is female until penis timestamp

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george's dick is literally one of the more widespread meme pictures in the threads.

don't be a dork

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George can have a dick and be a girl.

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all in all I think things are going well for me

sorry I didn't know what to say ;-;

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That's good! anything exciting or just a good day so far?

traps are gay

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Tell George he's fuckin' gay.

So is your bf.

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This is everything I've ever watned out of life

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I will when he gets home!

I agree

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Hi Bard!
I hope your day's gone well!

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anytime that happens just gimme a smooch

I basically wasted my entire day why do I do this to myself.

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Well that's all you get, it doesn't feel right spoiling you.


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I only bully Lili because I like him.

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Doesn't matter

GotSpeccy Attention

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nothing special happened but at least I know my anime friends will always be here for me

won't that devalue the smooches though

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good morning bard

Good evening, Bard. How's it going?

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Well everyone's asking you what I was going to now, so I won't bother.

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hewwoo loafie san
up to any fun today?

Today is my day off so very lucky going to roll with the brother later

him and I recently bought sea of thieves and we've been having fun pirrate roleplay adventures

what's up with you today amy?

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How are you doin today?
I'm showing a friend houseki and he likes antarc, doesn't know of her fate yet.

Yay! that's really sweet :)

Is rwby a good show
I've never known anyone who actually watches it

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I spent most of the day watching horror movies. It was an unproductive mess of a day.

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Why am I still here.........................Just to Suffer?

It's shit

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That actually sounds like a fantastic day............

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come onnnnn

theyre still delicious

I was real drowsy earlier today like the sort of comfy mid-afternoon nap on a summer past kind of nap but once I got ready to sleep I didn't feel it anymore
and now I'm getting ready to sleep it's not come back
so yeah nothing much has happened today, just my feelsies

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A dude I used to work with who was a 'nice guy' would always talk about how deep the story was and stuff. It doesn't look very pretty but if the story is nice then it's forgivable?

given I've never heard anyone say anything good about the story either

also thank you for talking to me :) it makes me happy

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It wasn't an unpleasant time I just wish I'd been done more direct work on my game.

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It's too damn hot, and my legs hurt.
Lol! Rip him then. Speaking of, should be a new chapter in like a week.

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I hope that last paragraph made sense

are you certain that an increase of frequency of them would not diminish the value of each individual one

unidirectional aggressive flirtations.


I got to go and take the polygraph thing today! I think I did ok but then my mom dragged me around shopping and I got to sit in the car for 2 hours SWEATING.

now I'm all like sunkissed n tired but it's kinda uwu!.

also yes please sign me up I need more suffering.

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that sounds awful.........
Sounds like you need a visit from the blankie monster............

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hey there big boy

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only if youre gonna be a baby about it :p

my old step siblings used to like imagine dragons

I haven't heard any of their stuff but this seems like pretty solid pop desu

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Polygraph and background checks are fun.
Did they ask you the bestiality question?

lol, had fun?

Suffering Soon™

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The direction hasn't been specified so I don't understand what you're going for here.

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Cute show......

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I really like this one and Thunder lately, dunno why.

the bestiality question?

the dude asked me if I've ever used intense physical force against someone while we both looked at my pool noodle arms, or if I'd ever accepted a bribe or stolen anything.

hopefully I passed!

yes I need more suffering, I wanna see more cairn & phos uwu

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yes that'd be very nice
I wish my bed didn't have holes that cause me to slip my arms and legs into the big pieces of metal in the middle of the night

I will always be a baby about it

also friends if you like peach there's like a limited time frappucino at starbucks that's really kinda good!

it has crunchy sugar on top uwu

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This is my first experience listening to this group but they sosund a bit likee Glass Animals

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you should flip over your mattress....................

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im not who you think i am

it doesnt need to be explicitly stated to be

it's a very big hole

every time I think about glass animals I think about the gooey music video where the dude spits in another dudes mouth

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what kind of music do you listen to sinni
that sounds a bit questionable don't you think

Still, there are better ways to get the attention of a person than to user-post that you're flirting in one, unspecified, direction.

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i don't have any idea who you are and my response were to your words posted and not your nearly unexistant anonymous persona

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glass animals are nice

cover it wif blankies..........

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oh well i guess
*squeezes your cheek* :p

I listen to a lot of crap? I like lo-fi and folk music a lot but I've been getting into more like depressing shit again like bright eyes or the antlers and stuff like that.

my musical aesthetic is like good sounding sadness.

That being said I have a lot of friends who listen to a lot of things and I always try and listen to halfway through all the songs I'm given! so I have a collection of like metal and dad rock and pop.

I like a lot of music.

yee I agree

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Part of getting a baseline at the beginning of the test they usually ask you a few test questions, and some of them are there just to fuck with you, or so it feels like.
I got the "have you ever used force against someone" as well, but I was also asked if I'd ever had sex with a farm animal. So were several others I knew that had to take it.
Hard to keep a straight face.

It's very likely you did!

I just want to see more MoonPhos, and Aechmea.

Never heard of 'em...

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Ye, before the straps were put on I kept giggling cause he kept asking like 'in the past 10 years have you ever lied to anyone of authority' but considering I was 8 years old 10 years ago you'd have to consider every lie I've ever told my parents since I was 8.

it was fun.

Aechmea scares me, but I hope he's a good dude.

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obv not talking bout myself. would have to be some kinda solipsistic narcissist to talk in the equivilent of taking your dick out and touching people with it.

I meant to highlight

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Oh man, the Cabin Fever remake is Hella yucky.

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Ur too young, goddamn it.

He's the kinda guy that goes for the moral grey, just does what's necessary, good or bad.

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Then you also failed to direct the subject of your criticism to the criticism itself. I mean no matter how you look at this you've failed to achieve whatever goal you had in mind.

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bruh when I first heard this shit I cried a lot.

bard what did you think of pork soda.

I'm feeling it!! I want to get a bright eyes tattoo, like a yellow bird crawling up my leg or something

it's a big hole
it's not like I fall often and I remember last night I slept on the floor for a reason I could not remember


that's pretty impressive
I wish I could get properly into music but I don't think I could
I imagine I'm just stuck listening to my anime and vidya OSTs because it's better than silence
bach comes on from the evanjellyon OST once every so often so I can at least pretend I'm slightly cultured

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Huh, not bad.


What could possibly go wrong~

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He just released a companion album. I can't listen to it yet.

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I take back what I said earlier sinni senpai things aren't so good
I'm really fucking thirsty and I have no idea why

IF WE ARE RP'ING you dont get to say baka

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Lack of D.



That's a dude, isn't it

I enjoyed most pre nagahyde Primus from the time I was 13 or so until I was about 16 when most of my favorite tracks started getting stale.Pork soda was my first primus album I heard but Personally I prefer Frizzle Fry

how the heck did that happen and why havent you replaced it yet loaf chan/

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Hey PG, how's it going?

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maybe i should leave thred

not too bad
pretty alright
uu ?

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Silence makes me like really really uncomfortable, like even when I'm feeling good it always makes me nauseous!!!

so getting to listen to something, even if it's like a simple video game tune or something that someone poured their heart into to reach out to you it's like you're always connected to someone, to something.

also a lot of my older friends and I used to wake up real early and have mornings of just sharing music, and getting to learn about someone and how music effects them

it means a lot to me!! if I could be reborn as a musician I would 100%.

you should show me vidya osts you like :)

:( I'm edgy I can't help it.



get a drinku

I don't know a huge chunk of those words.
please educate me!

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You don't like Sufjan?

because Im content with my knowing, and its not nice to judge people, so theyre better off not knowing. why put it out there in the first place? on offchance they notice it, too.

sorry for the big posts friends, I try and cut down on the spam or w/e

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Going to sleep now....
Have nice night or day in American........

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not one bit


Then you're a fucking idiot.

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For now.

Cup sized reply walls.

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Sweet dreams ceras *tucks you in*

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... Canada has the same timezones...

Also bard, you play instruments right?

Thank you! >:) george is gonna be home late today so I can jam out

I'M SORRY PEOPLE JUST KEPT (You)'ing me. (not that I hate it, I really love talking to you all)

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I ended up taking your suggestion and watched films all day. I have moderate regrets.

It's not nice to judge people so you'll whisper your condemnation into the wind and if they happen to notice it doesn't count?

Why not just be up front about whoever you've taken exception to? It's awfully freeing.

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why not :(

vitamins aren't that important

I really don't know and I really don't know

I don't have a problem with silence I guess it's just nice to have something to listen to
when in public I often wish for silence more than noise desu
and I've been drinking a lot but I'm still thirsty I'm going to be pissing all night probably

Happy night bard

But in Canada it is also in America(Northern American)............

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hehe :3

what'd ya watch ?
speaking of films
this pic is cool and this girl is HOT
do you know the film ??

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cause its lame and also only scootsy is allowed to do it


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That looks like The Descent.

Attached: u wot m8.jpg (1920x1080, 105.88K)

No, I'm genuinely upset at you and have lost respect for you.





oh dang favourite vidya ost
I don't know megaman 2's is pretty alright
if you narrowed it down to a certain thematic or something that'd make it easier

because they might say something mean.

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