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more like SHOO

I can't wait to play video games for 4 hours straight and then get depressed and then pitifully sit in bed trying to sleep and waking up at 2pm the next day

more like WHOO

Colors is making me into a pedophile

Ahhh doushio

Yeah, but watashi cho kawaii


Waiting on the doujins

I don't get the joke Rin

I'm saying you were a pedophile before too.

But it's fine, we're accepting in this community - just look at Sci.

Who is best girl and why is it Kotoha?

But we banned him...

Just like we should with Soto, amirite? :^)

lol you say that like if it were a bad thing

Blue is obviously best

Femdom doujins of her fucking when though?
Saitos a lucky guy getting stepped on by her

I mean, true.

Good taste.

Stop being such a pedophile.

Did you know she's actually bad at video games lmao

I'll stop when you stop

I mean, if the only girls you rape are 2danimated ones what do I care.

Ban everyone tbh.

What about the 3D ones?

i went to the grocery and got lots of good food stuffs but my tummy was hurting really bad :(

That's a federal offense to be judged by the judicial system not some tranny on an internet image board online. :^)


Rin I'm still waiting on that vocaroo

How about I just download a video of someone saying "No." and reupload it.

Or better yet not waste even that much effort.

You're no fun

No dude, she's already cleared 3 games.

I never started.

Ban me tbh

Oh has she?
Do you read the manga?

Nice fuckin meme

Same tbh

So, did anyone miss me?

couple people asked where you were, yes

Yeah man, she solves all the cases.
Up until like, 36 or so.

lmao get a load of this fucking nerd

/SCANIMUS/ when?

I just had the world's worst shit. It was all water and I shat on the back of my top.

I sold my gaming laptop because I was overdrawn thanks to a water bill. Then I had full blown psychosis because I smoked too much weed and was sent to a mental hospital for a month. 2017 was not a good year.

Well now I'm in supported living, I got support workers who see me for 3 hours a day.

This is a new year, a year of reconciliation, a year of stillness and peace.

And then you came into my heart and left me wanting.

You know Holla Forums has seen better days when I can now outpace all of you in terms of shitposting.

rip dude

are you ok now?

I'm ok now, and I learnt some new tricks.

I don't smoke weed anymore, not allowed.
I'm mostly bored. Like life is so boring without weed.

I thought I was getting secret messages from the television, that M15 have gotten on to my shitposting and I was being used as a PR campaign for Doctor Who, which is why I was locked in a mental hospital because before they shipped me off the staff kept saying 'Wait for the doctor'.

I swallowed my sim card because I thought someone would track me. Now I got a joke, how long does it take for information to turn into shit? Because I got in my medical history that my shit is now information.

See, when you take vidyagames away from me, I lose my shit.

I got an xbox one now, but I do miss playing Dota2. Time to play funky music, methinks.

I need to make a new Hex Maniac folder. People on Steam thought I died.

Does Holla Forums have a discord?

Who is the admin now?

I need to make a new folder for hex maniac because i got £220 for my £1200 laptop

Do we have new posters?
Has anyone been shipped yet?
I wanna go on e-dates.

Cant believe scanner needs support workers

I got new images for you from Shadbase. Shadman's discord

Well, that is what happens when you live on a diet of butter, rice and copious amounts of weed with the odd MDMA binge.

Life was tough when I sold my laptop.
I had to amuse myself in new ways.

Feel free to use this one too.


I can imagine. Damned maniac.

I come with new memes guys.

Remember, I go to new places and absorb information. Now I'm back home after a long journey into the soul.

So you know of me?
Who are you?
It is nice to see britfags still posting in Holla Forums.
Is ERin still admin?

If you have discord, save this and use it.

You will love it.

I, for one, have missed this crazy scouse cunt

I don't tho


Rolled 18 (1d20)Gotta admit, 2018 is a good year for Hex Maniac lewds.

Rolling d20 for wisdom.
Hello scoots, you're the only one that thinks I'm scouse.

This is Scootalooo
I am working


Rolled 5 (1d20)
Get with the times, grandpa.

DO you have xbox?
I need friends to play with. PC gaming is so much better that you don't need friends, only enemies.


Rolled 4 (1d20)
Whereare you working? It's late, like nearly 9pm.

So you think today is a good day to bring back some oldfags?

I dont see why not


I work in Gateshead now.

Worrrr lad

Still a support worker

Hirre me for a mega relapse

Rolled 11 (1d20)I'm going to post my playlist for getting twisted.

I hope you like music.

I hope you're getting stoned on my behalf, I got no reason to drink alcohol and not allowed to smoke weed in this new place.

You want me to visit you one day?

Guess what, I get paid PIP now, so I got money coming in slowly but surely.

Get that laptop back
Also you still in oobles/gueros discord
If you can remember your details

I thought I was getting secret messages from the radio and tv, and also from the mental wards' PS3.

This guy was playing Fifa and I thought the announcers on the game was M15 getting someone caught for coke possession.

I can laugh about it now but that's probably the craziest I ever been

you were thrown in the nutty bin?

seems to be a running theme around here

Why is scanner saying he comes with new memes while posting old memes?


Happy Hapoidx Day!

Oh hey, happy Hapoidx Day to you too~

Yeah, twice.
One for psychosis, the other for being so anxious with boredom that I was gonna kill myself.

Well, ok, at least I'm trying.
I've been on Shadbase. I thought they had new material,

Who are you again?

Is this new enough?

Hex Maniac isn't even busty canonically lol. She's flat as a board

its okay if some people go, primarily the ones who make horrible memes like tide pods


More like


I now got too much time on my hands because I cannot work.

If I work I lose my PIP and benefits and won't be able to afford the supported living place where I am now. For now I'm away from weed, which used to fill up most of my day. I'm now in college doing an ITQ course to fill in my time.

Did I mention that I really miss weed?

It is because she sells moo milk.
Moo milk = Milk Truck = Big bobs.

Hex Maniac Best Maniac.
Hex Tide Board Wide.


I don't even know what tide pods are.
I just found that image in Shadbase's meme chat.

Who are you? I need to reremember everyone I forgotten again.

Boney african feet


Can I visit you one day?
I need a new place to smoke dank in and plus I'm now bored as hell, the xbox doesn't hold my attention like the PC did.

One day maybe, also its been like a year since ive done any illicit substances
Feels bad man
Being a grown up sucks

I know, I got to start taking on more responsibilites.

My support workers saying I'm doing all the right things, and I made a friend from the looney bin who tells me weed could be like russian roulette and set my psychosis off but I think I don't have anything to be psycho about. I'm done with wanting to work for M15

How old are you?
And do you have kids yet?

A pint also works, I would love to share a pint with you.



what the fuck is M15 anyways?

Not flat as a board, but close enough tbdesu.

I don't get the joke. ;-;

Well, you dont need it to have a good time.
Just focus on being more level.
Less MI5, more “m8y”

Have you seen Ugandan Knuckles being a thing on VR Chat?


Yes, but donunkno de wae

Undercover cops. Basically spies.
You can get a job with them if you have a 2.2 Degree in any subject.

I wanted to work in M15 because I want to get stuck in the worse drug dealing places.

England's answer to CIA


so you can steal drugs, right

where is the queen?
I need to be show de wae

U r not de qween

How do I delete other people's posts?

Press the big X in the top right

Give test a blowie and 50$

u r not de commander

I don't even know how to delete my own posts, let alone other posts.




Scoots, I forgot how to spoiler text.

two stars each side

*.* without the dots*.*

without thes dots



this is a shitpost

This is a shit reply

But aren't we all really just deep down shitposting?

There are many like it
Butbthis shitpost is my own


Are there new posters to pester?
Or all the same people still here?

There are a few, just keep around and they’ll post up

there are actually some new people yea


life has been a bit of a shitpost

Well I may go to bed soon, or lurk a little bit because I ran out of shit to post.

I'm always interested in new blood.
I remember you, but not your name. Is it baddog or something else?

yea thats fine, BD, whatever, I don't really care what people call me, because it's usually something like cunt or shithead and not actually my handle

like the other poster said just hang around and you'll find out who is who
it's time for a saturday night scrabble sesh fellas

I love playing online games with people.
How do I play against shitposters?

SCANNER in case you forgot lots of cute girls hang out here

I can already hear Morgan Freeman narrating it as life has passed my eyes "In the end, it was all just an abstract shitpost.."

Do you my dude
Gotta buildmposting stamina

I recommend enabling timeless mode so I can explain the rules

You know I'm gullible enough to believe that, right?

Oh, and I found my old posts on Holla, my god I was a faggot even back then,

you don't say

How's Eva?


professional shitposter

Am deeecent, you?

preparing to be thrown into a homebrew horror campaign hoping for the best, it will be cool to chat with Dotter again, it's been a while


Cool story

Yan is running it, should be fun

Ya Yan is great.

What do you guys think of my poem




s-subtle is that you

But there is 100% more games here than last time, remember when we used to play Boardgameonline?


gg no re.

That was hard. You ever played EpicMafia?

Is this the real bard? The one that posts Yui all the time? I didn't even know you come here.

no, and I've never heard of it, albeit it does sound a tad like a facebook game
it was your first time after all, so it comes to reason it'd be hard for you


hihi scanner

yeah you dontt remember posting together way back?


I used to try and get other people into it.

Here is an excerpt from wikipedia because I can't describe it better.

Mafia, also known as Werewolf, is a party game created by Dmitry Davidoff in 1986[2] modelling a conflict between an informed minority, the mafia, and an uninformed majority, the innocents. At the start of the game, each player is secretly assigned a role affiliated with one of these teams. The game has two alternating phases: night, during which the mafia may covertly "murder" an innocent, and day, in which surviving players debate the identities of the mafia and vote to eliminate a suspect. Play continues until all of the mafia have been eliminated or until the mafia outnumbers the innocents.


i love the weekend because i work longer hours so i earn more to spend at the weekend

i love the weekend because i work longer hours so i earn more to spend at the weekend


i love the weekend because i work longer hours so i earn more to spend at the weekend

I didn't even hit the button twice

this site is the worst, let's go back to 4chan.

i love the weekend because i lie longer hours so i earn more to lie at the weekend

4chan is fucking shit as well.

that does sound interesting, but it might be a bit tough to get into
sounds a little similar to the trouble with terrorist town gamemode for gmod, which has found itself to be quite popular

Squanch is right. 4chan sucks.


this just in

everything is shit

I am star stuff.

i love the weekend because i lie about longer hours so i earn more bs to lie about on the weekend cause my dad fired me lmao

Shit is made of stardust


i love the weekend because i work longer hours so i lie

It is a lot like trouble in terrorist town.

There is a detective who visits anyone in the night cycle who finds out the role.

Last time everyone just lynched the least popular posters disregarding who has the role of mafia.

It's really hard to get enough people to play.

We used to play boardgameonline a lot.

I love The Weeknd

Inlove the weak hen


do you wanna be raven or star fire

I love the meek chens

Tired-ish, got asked to play for a while, sorry about that.


Does Raven suit me better?

I hate the green beans

nobody gets to leave you all stay here where i have power

that you rarely even abuse properly(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)

Ironically you only have the power to make us leave.


Stfu monkey butt

I'm going to bed, nini.

im banning you hold on

bye scanner i missed you


Don't worry, no one ever truly leaves.

how are your evenings going chaps
I'm eating some discount carr's, feeling pretty good right now

I love taking showers and sleeping, because or those few short moments I am away from the world, and I can pretend that somebody loves me

I hate you all with a passion

Sleep well Scan-chan.

Had a pretty good CSGO match.
The funny thing is that I hadn't played for a few weeks now.

Fucking groovy.

me too ?

i believe so. if i get to be starfire i'm cutting my hair short though :p

So i finished Babylon and now im reading that Trump book.

But starfire has long hair


thats why i said i'd be cutting it short u stinker
i like medium/short more than long personally

some long looks okay
julien baker works well with her hair


Is fiiiine

pretty slow for a saturday night, guess you can't really predict the activity spikes reliably

Get final destination rekt, nerd.

Oh. okay.

Well, the important thing for you is the midriff and the short shorts.

Talking to yourself again?

quit bein mean u big stinker.

i dont own short shorts or a crop top ;-;
now what am i supposed to do x.x

No. Get bullied

You ran out of the good boy credits.

When was the last time you wore heels Sabs?

Like 3 yrs ago?

Art of the Deal?

You think I could pull off short shorts? I worry my legs aren't nice enough.

You own scissors, right

Don't bully people!!

Probably a year. And they were hoor heels

Loco. Your legs. They are terrible. Short shorts. Nope.

ur makin me sad :(

yeah... but i dont wanna ruin any of my shirts ! i guess i could get a new shirt.

Implying you’ve got empathy.

Need to make sacrifices if you want to be a pretty alien cosplay.

To be fair I should have said something first.

the recent one

Fire and Fury? #FakeNews.

youre right


Brave New World, some ancient history, now contemporary politics?

your reading ethic is admirable

Hm...I wore heels to a birthday part last summer, but that was probably the only time all last year. Before that, it'd be a while too. I just don't wear 'em very often. When did YOU last wear heels?

I bet they'd be fine. You could wear some short tights under them if you're worried about your thighs.

This act disgusts me.

I wasn't worried about my thighs, but now I am

should I be worried about my thighs? Are they too fat?

Man, i love raeding ethnics.

nooooooo! i'm sorry! just some people worry about that, but i bet you'd be fine! ♥

Dont lie now.

i have to vary it or else it becomes completely mind numbing

You're a troublemaker.

I'll give you one of mine to cut up.

Comes with the territory.


she is right abouut the tights thing
like when i wear my dress that goes to about my mid thigh i usually with black tights with it bc idk dont think my legs look AMAZING

okay ty woco :3

Wow Sabs why aren't you one of those super girly girls?

What do I get if I stop?

that's awesome. hope you keep that sense of curiousity.

That said, I do suppose that's a vital function of the ecosystem here.

Love the confidence!

Because I'm not young and cute anymore.

a kiss on the forehead

still a lot of confusion behind this confidence but ty

More like you constantly saying you're old is getting old

general tsu's chicken charges me with unimaginable shitposting power

Sometimes you got to do what you got to do. You’ve never complained atball so far. So why stop.

Come on, yoi can so better than that lily.

I'm old

join the club


Wish is too old... for darwin

Not if you're in it, gross.



Darwin loves me now

But seriously, I feel a little awkward in heels on account of already being kinda tall. Plus flats are a lot comfier and IMO cuter.

Godspeed, ye mighty stirrer of shit!

Back off bardo, he's mine

i can ?

Darwin is icky though.



I don’t need a peptalk.

No. I guess not.

you don't have a choice

Nah it's chill, love~


I didn't know you became underage.

You're probably taller than me lmao

Hushuppayoumouth! I didn't say that.

I mean. I guess sabrina ISNT blind, not really.

I want to stick my vagina on Darwin.

You said it in your brain. And then you messaged me on steam and called me a gross little albino piggy. That hurt.


At the only 7 and a half year old in thread, I think Darwin loves me the most.

Too bad I love Ice Cream.

Hush uppa you mouth
Hush up pa you mouth
Hush Uppayou mouth



Rin for a tranny you're pretty cool

Lol try hard


Gotta kiss this niggas ass if Imma want nudes, gnomesaiyan?

Too bad Darwin only loves preteen boys.

I am sure you’ve better options in your repertoire

yeah soto
kiss me instead

I'm 6'1". :(

Libel! You lie and you smear!

Giuseppe is such a happy monkey!

good thing*

im planning like american psycho or something after this.

you have cute legs you big stinker

what flavor ?


You are like 3 inches taller than me and I don't know if this is adorable or terrible.

Well. Gee swell. As enigmatic as ever.
Good night.

How is everyone?

goodnight scootsy
hope u rest well. mwah.


if any of you guys wanna join to watch the preilims for ngannou miocic and courmier v volkan

Ah, okes.
So how has Eva been?

Well, Rin's like that ugly character you don't really wanna go for in a VN but you have to finish her route in order to unlock the special ending

Ya feel me?

*kisses you like MGD would*

Jesus christ what are they feeding you Sabs?
I'm tiny compared to you

God I sure hope you have a thing for shotas or else Im screwed


Shsh. Don't let everyone know I've shown you my legs. They'll start thinking things about me.


Well, a lot of people seem put off or turned off by it. :-/

I'm the only tall person in my family. Must be my dad's freak genes. If I hadn't been so clumsy growing up, i may have been great at basketball! I did ok in track, though.


blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah


I think it's pretty adorable. And I'm sure if you asked the gf she'd say the same.

Oh you were clumsy?
Thats so cute

I was in cross country so Im kinda there with you, it was so boring though. Literally just running lol

Being a tall girl is not off putting at all, what are you even saying lol

thinking things like youre a big ol cutie :3

you have a gf ?

Sabs's gf. Sabs has a gf.

oh. i misread it

i saw call me by your name btw did i tell u

Lili, are you and Nezi dating yet?

Scanner was sent to a mental hospital

Did you like it?

everyone in the thread should pair up.


no, Alex we're not

god I wish that were me

i gotta go drive to the theatre bye for now loves



im going to go see paddington 2 :3

brb panicking while looking for as partner

Dab yourself out like 3 times more than you should.

I didn't think they were showing that in the USA.

I haven't even seen paddington 1.

Why not ? You compliment each other well.

I wonder who would pair up with me

I call Eva

Dibs on Ban


Do I have to pick a thread bae? Or does someone pick me? I'm scared and confused!

I'd probably ask Echo if he'd wanna pair up and then he'd say he has to go to the bathroom and never come back

ill pick you~


Don't be scared, just let it happen

I'd just say no tbh

You have to ask first

Then they tell you if they want to or don't want to

Just like irl Sabs



I need a VRchat gf

Who do I get paired with?

This guy

You can have Soto if you want



Guys, I'm quitting forever until this bit is over.

I hope this bit never ends

It isn't going to last more than another half hour

But I wanted Tomatsuki

you might not be able to last a half hour but heh

who do i pair with

green bean

Green bean


I'm probably gonna end up with BD ;~;

I am going to sublimate

I require a partner.

but green bean doesn't like me

Squish and Mugs

Just being tsun, trust me.

Almost replied to Nezi by mistake.

Thought it was someone else

Those are the fucking worst Monsters, ugh

Ban fkn pls

*rapes while barking*

You're a 3rd rate duelist with a 4th rate deck.


why is everyone working at the theatre so cute holy cow
also the theatre gave us the same seats as someone else
what the heck

i havent either >.<


Kaiba boi don't make me whip out my exodia on you

Man this wine tastes like shit


goodnight anime friends


I choose myself.

nighty nigght

oh fuck

see above

what is that

That's cheating!

wts I thought the legal drinking age was 18

Well, you learn something new everyday

literally who watches trailers

that is an image of Tsukasa Hiiragi, from the anime Lucky Star, engaging in the act of sleeping
do I have to spell it out for you zuckerberg

I beat the system.

you should watch more anime

my mom bought tickets for tomorrow
holy cow how does that even happen

It used to be didnt it?

Nigga I already watch enough lmao

Don't ruin my life more than it already is

Same age as smoking

Isn't that literally what typing is ?

stop posting nanachi so much you're going to make soto distracted with fapping


Maybe you need to pay more attention, then!

I suggest looking up the words sleeping and typing in a dictionary, and then analysing the differences between the two
I'll be happy to continue this conversation tomorrow

Watching takunomi while drinking is U L T R A C O M F Y

Good morning.

Why did nobody tell me about the wonders of yaoi hands?

You should get some sleep.

Well you don't seem to be doing very much sleeping.

you're doing this instead

Post boipussy


Hang yourself.




nini sd sleepy well

where did every body go



dont worry

im never leaving

May I join?

it got quiet real fast and I was afraid I got left behind in an old thread :furrowed:

playing some pathfinder with Yan, trying to wait to smoke so i don't zone out and piss everyone off, maybe when like combat starts lmao

I don't see why not.

I am just doing my own thing right now, and threads are kind of hit or miss so I hardly pay attention.

I was watching animu

tell yan i wanna play dnd w/ him sometime

Bouts to straight executre this thread

okay ill let him know in between scenes :)

Whats gonna happen ? ?

I was gonna say im bouts to get my sleep on but I think instead I'll just post here about it

i guess rape only gets you a 4 on the evil-o-meter

We should all get together and play Realm of the Mad God as a thread.

Sidekick will not stop rolling 1's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I don't have it


*Snatches you with my yaoi hands*


paddington 2 made me bawl my eyes out i highly suggest watching paddington 2

what LARGE hands you have

How DARE you tell me about my hands.

now YOU wait just ONE second young man

so how many of you all here are demon possessed?



This guy


How's fox?

I got so busy, I am sorry Sd. :c Pls forgive.

Eva should keep up with posts better

Getting drunk on "Dragon's Milk" and enjoying my mother's company haha... My sister is pissed because I got mom to summon angels that block her vampirism. I've been giving mom energy naturally. You have a strong gravity and it makes me suspicious.

Time with family is a good thing.
Does the bourbon barrel do much for the stout?
and have I ever done you wrong?~


No lol. I feel safer around family that isn't casting fear magic constantly.


that's a nice image

fuckin cat people amirite?

ferris being trans is canon
fun fact

[Citation Needed]

Wait!! Stop poppin them titty skittles you crazy trans girls!

This ONE strange and quite possibly ILLEGAL method to HORMONE REPLACEMENT

become a CUTE GIRL for FREE using just theese 13 words

number 9 will shock you !

hang on let me give it a try

if you ever get a chance to try this, it is the best condiment you'll ever have

the flavor is insane
(it's just a little expensive)

do you f-f-feel different?
I'm scared :Furrowed:

i dunno i like a lotta condiments

and mustard ive not had great times with

b cup

Please enter your 16 digit credit card nuber and pin but

DON'T!!!! worry!!!!!
You won't be charged!

This is simply to verify your age.

this one is different

it's a unique flavor

says so right on the jar

i believe you

enough to try it?