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Who's the best leftist? Jeb or Mitt?

товарищ Jeb! of course

Could it be?

Mitt isn't as autistic as Jeb he doesn't deserve our memeing

definitely /ourguy/ on the inside

Their fusion.

Bane is basically how liberals imagine Lenin.


funny, thats how I think tankies imagine lenin

rewatching the movie after I got older made me realize how much of /ourguy/ Bane is.
same goes for a lot of Superhero movie villains tbh.


What makes nolanverse Bane liberal is the fact that he is actually attempting to destroy the city. Still not going to lie, excluding that liberal mess, that basically is how I picture Lenin.

he's more of a combination of both Anti-Communism and War on Terror propaganda.

Bane was supposed to be an unsympathetic monster in this shitty movie but idgi

Everything he's doing has historical precedent in the French Revolution, etc.

Like how is this wrong, he's not even killing en masse like the reign of terror in that.

How the fuck am I supposed to sympathize with a larping bat

Like that whole movie was pure fucking propaganda

he wanted to bomb the whole fucking city

Would it be that much of a loss if the whatever stock market was there.

You're missing the point about how badly this movie wanted to paint leftists as evil cruel monsters but ended up being mostly sympathetic through all the movie. With Christian Bale being a rich deluded fuck more than the previous two.

It's the shameless propaganda that gets me pissed.

A shitty liberal attempt at smearing the left. It's basically implying that communists (or anyone that wants to change anything) have an ulterior motive that goes against the interests of proletarians, that any attempt to change the status quo is fundamentally evil. Without that retarded subplot he'd just be a run of the mill revolutionary.

No. Mitt Romney is a Neo-Liberal with Mormon aesthetics.


Yeah power-hungry Mormons will appeal to anyone if they think they it might let them re-establish Deseret.
Pic related is autists that don't know their "chaos god" will consume it's worshippers as well

I was trying to make a joke with the whole Mormon aesthetics thing.

If by /ourguy/ you mean:
Then yes.

/liberty/ pls go

You are retarded all this shit has been happening since fucking forever since porkies gonna capitalize
Already happens, it's been happening and Amerifats beg for cheap labor.
How and culture changes all the time don't be struck by spooks.
That's been happening and people might become even bigger consumerists.
More like Israel's demands for that sweet sweet capital.
Or butting into everything like Americlaps usually do. Wars are started for capital.
t. possible classcuck
Am I smelling a lolbertarian….
This reeks of it

Yes, I love conservative Mormon porkies who fund death squads in El Salvador. But maybe he has the potential to become the next Jeb

I fucking forgot about the death squads thank you for pointing that's out

This is because Nolan is a soft skinned Tory who jacks off to the writings of Edmund Burke