Plz come here

plz come here
we have free college
and there isn't much liberal

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tell me why I shouldn't go to uruguay instead, where they have democracy.

I don't trust any nation full of people who turn invisible at night.

because they are a province
going to uruguay is like going to buenos aires or cordoba

what is even in argentina?

gang wars and poverty

there are no gangs here, thats brasil
we have unorganizated crime

That's every South American country though.

Dude, no, the country is full of liberals and socdems trying to uphold a fascist's legacy, all the commies are trotskyists and the economy is fucked.
Don't come here.
plus the chinese are gonna take over


if i come will i get an argie gf?

This is quite a big country., though. But yeah, it sucks.

Member to vote for the Frente de Izquierda, only relevant marxist force un the country

It took them so many years to get that coalition going…

If your syndicalist movement starts really getting somewhere i might go

Can I get a gf with giant tiddies though

At least they didnt give up and become supporters of bourgeois national populists, like the stalinists

Hockey is bourgeois tho

well exept Macri and those who voted for him, no?

Ningun argentino nunca haría el acto de solidaridad de invitar extranjeros a su país
Es obvío que este hilo fue hecho por un chileno que quiere sembrar discordía

Francisco is unironically changing the church for the best

If this guy confesed in his deathbed to be a deep cover atheist trying to shift catholic's moral standing, I wouldn't be that surprised.

mi negro

High population density North and empty Paraguay South.

It´s pretty too. I´m down to move there.

tbh I'd actually quite like to visit Argentina. I feel a vague and inexplicable affinity with them.
I guess it was the 15 minutes we spent in history class about how many Scottish people went to Patagonia to watch sheep.

Wish I could find my favourite propaganda poster: Angola and Mozambique overlaid on a map of Europe captioned PORTUGAL IS NOT A SMALL COUNTRY.
(When will they learn?)

Hay muchos de derecha en argentina? Aqui en Mexico hay demasiados y me dan ganas de matarme

Aqui tu vas, mí negro.
Also there's second pic related. I guess they just don't want to feel so small next to spain.

He sold out comrades during the Dirty Wars. Fuck him.

I miss imperialism :'(

dat poland


How the fuck did these guys conquer the seven seas with these geography skills?

Well, you are right in that. The Communist Party is the biggest of all jokes.

Macri fits better in the conservative side.

Porteño detected.

Digame, camarada, ¿Cómo se siente ser tan estúpido?

You are gonna love it. Pic related.

Yo de argentino no tengo nada pero a los che los conosco muy bien.

Is it possible to off-grid in Arg?

Is it possible to get by without biometric ID?

Are there pigs everywhere? How to avoid them?

A los boludos mentales, diría yo.

Argentina has very relaxed immigration laws. I don't know the specifics, but many people still immigrate here for some reason. Then farther away you are from the capital city then easier it would be for someone to remain undetected.

What do yo mean?
You can enter the country by the northernmost part without anyone giving a shit. A lot of people do it every day, Bolivians that live in Bolivia but work in Argentina or the other way around.
But you won't get far I believe. Still this place is corrupt AF, probs you can bribe your way if you are a wealthy gringo


Please explain why /r/argentina is sometimes a libertarian hellhole?

Also, my country is sinking (because of sea level rise) and I'm unironically looking for a place to emigrate to.

Argentinians in the internet are pretty shit people in general.



Our current government is a right wing coalition, our last government was a chavist-like retarded populist government. As conservatism doenst pay off all right wing politicians are neoliberals or libertarians or shit like that.

I don't speak spanish and I dont' have marketable skills.

callate tumino, andate a lavar el orto


it's like they are calling directy tumblerettes's_Army
they are actually some kind of anarco-socialist

*every american country

minus maybe the Maple Kingdom but im sure Argentina doesnt have a worse quality of life than the US

ill probly live in Mexico instead tbh, its a lot cheaper and the cultures more interesting and women more attractive

Funnily enough, I'll be staying in Buenos Aries for a little while in a few weeks. What should and shouldn't do there?

kiss me

Viva Los Montaneros

The north is full of religious conservatives in some areas, the south has more leftists but it's insecure as fuck

to dependent household members that may seem so
in reality, you have loads of taxes taken from the productive people and put towards government workers manning "education" makework positions, the entire infrastructure and so on

no such thing as free in this world


thanks for this, genius, OP totally had me fooled.

Stupid comment just to feel above the conversation

"Free" just means you get a good or service without paying up front.
It doesn't mean the capital offered was magically materialized just for you. Explaining that is just being condescending
One says free college just because street lighting is only paid with taxes, while in lots of colleges there are literal up front payments.

We all know this.
Is it clear that your comment served nothing but to be condescending?

hivemind here

Does anyone want to grab a beer in Buenos Aires?
I just want to meet irl with some of you, I've never had a conversation with someone who actually browsed chans regularly.
I only came across people who had that "le internet h8 mahine of emmes xDD" view, either as a negative thing, or a cringy "wow, too extreeme even for me :D lol" attitude

We won't talk again after the deed
Foreigners welcome too, just a drink in a pub, or a commie icecream in winter

Why do you Argentina love Leftists?


Well I'd love to meet up but unfortunately I'm traveling with a uni group that's extremely strict about staying within contact of the supervisors, almost like we are children. I don't think I'm within the legal age to drink either. I'd have to agree with your IRL chan user stereotype though, the one I've met doesn't taking anything seriously and talks about political stuff like its all about memes.

at this point argentina might even have higher quality of life than some us shitholes

Like all people.

It's 18 here
Don't take offense, but if you are

Hold the fuck up, russian subversion?

"Soviet covert subversion" sounds too Holla Forums, but it was a thing.
They simply backed leftist parties all over the world, to take power violently if necessary.

I don't know much history, and I keep finding Soviet support for insurgency groups all over Latin Ameria, but nothing about Argentina.
We never got anything near serious armed conflicts like the Colombian FARC or Salvadoran guerrillas and civil war.

But the Soviet Union pushed/backed clandestinely communist ideologues all over the world, and sure as hell all the leftists here didn't grow from the earth. No idea how it worked here, but just see pic related for the "Dirty War" showing soviet support. America couldn't let this happen, so they backed reactionary dictatorships (holy fuck, what a twist). We wuz cold war and shiet.
Literal right-wing death squads was the response. We have our own version of the 30,000 gorillion: Los desaparecidos (the disappeared). Where did you think the helicopter rides meme came from? Pic related, Videla was our version of Pinochet.
Some kids were even held and tortured for years for protesting a rise on the bus fare.

To this day banks don't allow bathrooms for customers because anarchists used to leave bombs there. I don't know if this is a thing in other countries.

uy un memero

Latino comrades: how's Bogotá and Mexico City? I am studying Spanish (I am Danish) and I am strongly considering spending half a year studying abroad in one of these two cities. But fuck me, it's hard to choose.


allright, but first post pic of your boipussy

Who is this ejaculate advocate?

Honestly, he seems like a virtue-signalling liberal. I'll believe he wants to change things when he purges pedos and embezzlers.

This level of skill was amazing back in the 1400s.

Holy shit that first pic is real, I thought it was a shoop