Why does the gaming community hate leftists?

Why does the gaming community hate leftists?

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They get their morals and politics from ideological trash (videogames)

Same reason they hate their moms. We expect them to do something with themselves besides sit on their fat asses groping their controllers with their greasy fingers for more than five minutes, by reading a goddamn book.

because video games make you racist

They think leftists are liberals and all liberals are SJWs that want to take their games.


SJW and feminist hate video games in their current form
SJW & Feminist = Leftist
Therefor Leftist = Hate video games and want to destroy their video games

Devs: "You're a girl now, wear this skirt."
Protagonist: "but why"
Devs: "For communism."

Video games are right wing.

I feel like a lot of gamers are reactionary manchildren. Not all gamers are manchildren, but a lot of manchildren are gamers


Give me a break, this is not the norm at all. Are you guys that triggered by a bunch of games in which women are not damaels in distress? It's not even a predominant trend, it's just something that happens more often now.

Why can't some gamers learn to cook their own food?

From personal experience, I've noticed lots of hardcore gamers in their teens and 20's always order greasy fucking pizza and drinking mountain dew.


I'm literally on your side. I'm trying to show the logic of the retarded narrative that the alt-right pushes about videogame.

Why should we? Take out is cheap let Hispanics and Chinese cook my food for me.

What they are saying is true tbh. Those white dudes in ISIS garments are right

If what you do is playing video games, chances are that you are a useless, mediocre lazy piece of shit.

Because gaming sucks, it's long past pushed the boundaries of social issues into being a complete mindless commodity

You're never going to have another Deus Ex, Trespasser, or System Shock 2. The only thing close I can think of that challenged the status quo on a "triple A" level was Alien Isolation

The point is there's no ideological curve to it anymore, it's become completely infantile and childish

Because in the 1990's the Democrats attacked gamers.

living the dream my man

Is this you?

I am unable to tell this from parody

This thread answered your question op.
Leftists are stuck up assholes and who would want to deal with them.

Because people that have never had home cooked food have no idea what real food is, and I'm willing to bet for most people in the West they've been brought up on boxed shit and things ineptly heated on a stove by their parents, who also either never learned, or simply hadn't the will or the time.

Miyazaki, ZUN, the guy who made Comiket, etc. are proof of this.
Right-winger weeaboos are a walking contradiction.

God they are truly living the dream.

this is the the saddest fucking picture I have ever seen

Kind of. Don't have that much acne tho

If that guy ate a healthy and balanced diet would his life improve significantly? No.

How does Alien Isolation challenge the status quo? I've never played it.

Doesn't that shitskin food get boring? You manchilds probably don't even know how to boil or fry an egg. If you don't know how to cook food in your 20's, then you are most likely a loser

I don't hate video games or video gamers, but you are kinda right.


Cooking is a woman's job anyway if you cook you're an actual unironic cuck.

Because "being a gamer" generally already innately implies that one's identity revolves having the playing of video games as their identity. Since video games today are, outside of the libre gaming community (0.0001% of all games), all commodities, anyone calling themselves a gamer enjoys the games, the publishers, notion of gaming, et cetera, as a fundamentally consumerist thing. The ruling ideology is in this way found back in gamers, who will virtually always be classcucked.

On the flip side, the liberal left ("left") makes it a hobby to critique not gaming as a commodified category, but gaming through the identity of gamers. It's the opposite side of the identitarian coin and all they do is critique the commodities for not suiting their particular needs well enough.

A critique of gaming, like all other forms of consumerism, would be very welcome from my end, but truly as a critique of gaming as it relates to capitalism and how it is commodified, not to harrass some poor interpellated fucks for being conditioned to like big titties in anime because that's reactionary and mysoginistic and we gotta feel superior hurr.

lol, you let your body pillow cook for you. fucking mouthbreating cuck

that picture really is the dream.

He wouldn't be a fatass with bad skin and he won't die of a heart-attack at 40. Learn to cook

Kill yourselves you idpol cucks.

truly the height of western civilisation

Doesn't being a video gamer essentially you make an unironic slave cuck to gaming corporations?

Except pirates also consider themselves gamers.

Don't you think you take what your mum does for granted a bit?

Err… WHAT?

The people who claim this are retards who've usually either wrapped themselves in advertising rhetoric or got too deep into 'le epic culture wars XD' and probably posted on /r/KiA or /r/gamerghazi.

Seriously, go compare the average RTS player to the average FPS player, then compare, say, Age of Empires 1's players to Victoria 2's. There are splits in communities of splits in communities with radically different views on the product. Putting it all together makes about as much sense as categorizing a dead Jazz artist from the 50s and Cannibal Corpse as "the music community" as though they have the same tastes, music and views.

You're still building your identity around the products you consume, though.

Typical Leftist who sucks the fun out of everything and annoys everybody.

Clutching at life like a kike pinching a penny is pretty pathetic, life is meant to be short and sweet making it to 72 is a total meme created to make Jewish controlled big pharma and the hmos a lot of money tbh

I hope you're fakeposting because if you're only eating takeout or premade food then you're living a life of mono in a culinary world of 12.9 digital surround sound.

That's not what commodity fetishism means. Try actually reading Marx sometimes you imbecile.

t. brainlet and proud

read what guy below said

The Souls series is pretty good, Dark Messiah was great, FONV was good. You're just butt hurt.

It's okay my pallete is unrefined anyway and forcing yourself to make pretend to enjoy haute cuisine and kale is the height of pretension tbh, don't need it in my life, but if you like working 40 hours a week to eat a gourmet meal once a week good on you I personally can do without

Generally. Remember GamerGate? That shit was infested by right-libertarians since day one: it was not just an assault on idpolites going hysterical over commodities and its consumers not being perfect, but it was also a highly conservative consumer rights movement: let us spend our money on garbage as we please, no critique of commodification and consumer ideology you fucking leftist! It was all about maintaining a type of identity associated with one's commodity-consuming patterns. The thing was before anything a consumer rights movement, just like with all pretenses gone the video game feminists were also for consumer rights but just from another preferred angle of consumption.

Does that mean you can't enjoy video games? Fuck no. But chances are, if you consider yourself a "gamer" you're deeply entrenched into commodified ideology.

But you are not tied to the corporation as you give them no money thus can far more easily move on to greener pastures.

t. philistine.
Video games are a bad medium for telling straightforward stories, you shouldnt expect them to have much ideological content much of the time.
not to jump on the formalist bandwagon the retards at Holla Forums seemed to get on around gamergate, just, they're more suited for background shit or creating worlds rather than straightforward stories.

I don't think you understand Marx, my friend.


That would make sense if you were, you know, actually living your life. Taking risks. Living dangerously. Instead you're wasting your (increasingly short) time playing video games and watching anime. And who knows, someone might actually want to fuck you

You're still in ideology.


I live for myself, sorry it's so difficult for a normgroid neurotypical such as yourself to understand this.

I understand his concept of commodity fetishism, unlike you, that's for sure.

idpol mostly
leftist idpol just happens to attack
while the right idpol wants to coopt

8ch is an insignificant part of the """""""""""""""gaming"""" community"""""""" only seemingly important thanks to liberals

nigga kale is delicious

Explain how I'm wrong instead of posting idolshit and zero arguments. :)

i remember the time when games were "too satanic for kids"
now its they are "too sexist/politically incorrect"

Define commodity. Outside exchange the commodity doesn't exist as only its utility remains.

This is like saying a book nerd identifies with commodities at a library even though there is no commodity in the library.

Kale is fucking disgusting. I'd rather consume rotten beets for the rest of my life than be near that shit.

You're not doing yourself any favours eating shit, fam

different guy but do you seriously not see how shallow and part of capitalism it is to identify with products/brands/etc?

What is this garbage about trying to frame anime and games to the right?

Instead of focusing most of their development cycle on making massive environments, they focused on closed small scale enviornments and made everything shift to research into how to make a really good AI.

No mobs of NPCs to take on, just a singular Alien was the premise. You can't kill it, if you shoot a gun it hears it, you're fucked. It limits the rationale of common video game logic, where everything you've been "trained" to do in response, becomes pointless and futile.

It has an AI system so complex I haven't much seen progress in the area outside of the Alien itself in the game. I mean outside games really just don't have this whole mentality of "Here's a premise, do we have the ability to pull it off with today's technology" and more, well you get the jist of it.

You are assuming pirates identify with brands, rather then just consuming digital media as they see fit.

Pizza is delicious I'm not ashamed that I consume it at least three times a week.

Idol culture is reactionary and capitalist as fuck. Gotta make millions off desperate waifufags.

How fat are you?


the fucking first post is specifying this case ( )

Such thing doesn't even exist.

Pretty much, yes. No art is without its own politics to leave discussion, you either grab that by the horns and do something clever or be a bitch and try to ignore that.

All art is bathed within the politics of its time, gaming choosing to ignore that and to pander to its idiosyncratic crowd is going to age these games faster than they've already aged in only a year.

Commodity fetishism is when people perceive commodity exchange, a social relation, as something independent from human action, something objective where commodities make relations among themselves.

you're retarded

Not fat enough to even be considered obese via BMI calculations, but I'm definitely chubby I guess!

Just shut up and fuck already, jesus christ

There's a difference between attempting art and creating stories, so far video games have not lived up to their ability to be called at all art, and are at best something straight out of the Unabomber's manifesto

Now you are arbitrarily defining gamers just to prove you point. I have been a pirate since the 1980's and I can tell you I personally rarely pirated based on game marketing, I pirated something because it came available to pirate and it sounded interesting. I even pirated games I knew would be shit just to see how shit they were.

at least I don't like kale.

Alright but how does it challenge our social structure?

Nigga, three pizzas is practically enough to feed you a whole week

Fuck if I know, just the aut-fight being autistic. It's irritating, i'll give them that.

I can cook but I just like pizza a lot granted I only have it maybe 3 times a month

Gimme a Marxist analysis of Pacman then.


It doesn't. I said it challenged the market by being a modest success and not doing anything formulaic where the current logic only repetitive formula creates success.

The truth is when something that out of the blue comes in with nothing but formula, it does have the ability to change minds of people who work with it just by reason of it being memorable.

However there is barely anything inside gaming that escapes the logic of what pacman is, I doubt it's validity as actual art

Pacman is being chased by spooks. He eats an orb (book) and starts busting spooks

You escape people trying to ruin your life and your only relief is brightly colored objects, the goal of the game is to consume as much as possible.

Video games are gay

I missed all that as a kid.

You're so gay your doctor asked you for a sperm sample so you farted in the cup.

An unfalsifiable assertion huh? Doesn't look like an argument to me.


It's an identity entirely based on consumption, the idea that there will be a disruption of any kind in the game industry cycle is fucking sacrosanct

Because they thought that under left goverment no more gaming be allowed.

oh how i don't miss the fundies, they were even cringier than the current meta

What's the Japanese equivalent of Holla Forums?

Glad you could make it, Trotsky.

Watch your tone with me, Joseph. You may be the General Secretary but I'm still your superior as a revolutionary.

As if I could forget. Listen Trotsky, there's something about the Kulaks you should know…
Oh no. We're too late. These grains have already been hoarded. The people may look proletarian now, but it's only a matter of matter of time before they turn into reactionaries !


These entire country must be gulaged.

How could you even consider that ? There's got to be some more dialectical way !

Dammit Trotsky ! As your Chairman, I order you to Kronstadt this country !

You are not my vanguard yet, boy. Nor would I obey that command even if you were !

Then I must consider this… an act of revisionism.

Revisionism ? Have you lost your mind, Stalin ?

Have I ? Leon Trotsky, by the will of the Soviets and the superiority of my dialectics, I hereby relieve you from your command and I suspend your revolutionaries from service.

(Khrushchev) : Stalin, you can't just…

It's done ! Those of you with the will to save-guard this revolution, follow me ! The rest of you… get out of my sight.

You've just created a degenerated worker's state, Stalin.

Leonid ?

I'm sorry, Joseph. I can't watch you purge this.

Sauce plz.

I've played games heavily my entire life and always been some type of leftist as long as I've been politically conscious.

It's paranoid groupthink amongst a portion of hobbyists combined with a bunch of pathetic sadsacks thinking a female or minority protag or less gratuitous tits is the harbinger of death for the hobby.

Pro-tip: It's not, and it's largely inconsequential lip service that barely impacts actual gameplay, if at all.

They don't hate all leftists, just idpol ones because being a victim is like taking an arrow to the knee and not being an adventurer.

TBH I think the majority are too busy playing video games to care and the politically active portion just happen to hate the left because

1. They have no understanding of politics
2. The right got to them first and they bought the SJW=The Left meme

The majority of people who play games are either liberals or apolitical and if you're using Holla Forums for an example of "Gaming Community" you've gone about it wrong.


Trigger and gainax

some games like love live sif already have universal basic income in the form of in game currency or items, for example login bonuses, etc. maybe you can try to convince them that this kind of thing should happen irl too

Anyone who claims to be a part of "the gaming community" should be shot. Along with all the people who think "gamer" isn't a derogatory slur. Along with 50% of game developers and 100% of the ones who post on Twitter.

Is this the socialist paradise people on this board are talking about?

Even before GamerGate. Remember the N64? The Gamecube? Nintendo was on the ropes for a while. Sony was eating their breakfast and Microsoft was poised to get their lunch. But Nintendo die hards saw them through. It didn't hurt either that many of Nintendo's first party titles were fantastic, and that the Gamecube started to pick up in quality later in its cycle.

But then the Wii comes out, and Nintendo couldn't shit on their fans fast or hard enough. They marketed hard to normalfags and olds and "nontraditional game players," and they weren't shy about portraying nerds, the same people that zealously supported them after two lackluster consoles in a row (three if you count the virtualboy), as basement dwelling, pimply, betamax virg-lords. "But they are" yes yes you're very funny

And that's to say nothing about companies like Blizzard and EA and Activision making doing their parts to shit all over gamers too. EA especially, because they became the graveyard to which legendary studios went to die. Modern publishers are built on a foundation of dead studios and mythic series.

You can see how much gamers care, as they're made to eat shit year after year, game after game. You can look up EA's yearly reports, right now, and you can see their profits increasing by about a billion dollars year over year for the past four or five years.

I love video games. I grew up playing them and I still love to play them. But if you buy, anything from a modern publisher then you are a SSS European Extreme Turbo Type-R Limited Edition Perfect Grade Cuck.

Finally somebody notices (and understand) my hard work

they're not imageboards though

Republicans also attacked video games

love live sif has universal basic income




After our victory at Gamergate, we realized that the battle was won, but the war had just begun.

Unless we went and destroyed feminism at it's core to pieces, it would keep coming back, over and over until gamers were too exhausted to fight back. We will not rest until feminism's core is ripped apart and no one can support feminism in public anymore.

Orcs vs Humans, #GG edition.

Because people don't like moralising which makes up almost all of the mainstream left.
Crying about these things isn't fun, its the opposite of the purpose of video games.

How embarrassing

This tbh. Everyone who plays videogames gets lumped in with lumpenprole Call of Duty bros.

Nah dude that's bullshit, there are plenty of video games still being made with interesting socio-political commentary. Just look at the Bioshock series, Soma, Spec Ops: the Line, GTA IV, the Tropico Series. I could go on. Heck even Cawadoody BO3 tried to make some kind of social commentary on the future of mental augmentation and it came out half baked but still kind of interesting.

This, lumping all gamers together as some monolithic blob is the height of retardation

Too bad for them, they're practicing it every moment in time they bitch


Thank fuck i started staying away from gaming sites, bunch of losers blaming their problems on women and minorities


I hate when people feign ignorance like OP? You can say SJWs aren't true leftists, that's fine, but pretending not to understand why gamers associate them with leftists and, hence, why they hate leftists is a waste of everybody's time. We all get why they hate leftists, whether you agree with them or not.

That's retarded and you're retarded and video games in general the last seven years have been retarded

Because of roasties and roasties making pretend to like video games.

Sadly, many of you will have to resort to dating sims to experience your spouses wearing hair curlers and whacking you with rolling pins

No hymen no diamond

Everyone will miss you

←— literally you

Where did you get this picture of my husband

I'm not from Holla Forums (political tests tell me I'm a leftist but this board is shit), so I don't know how much you're going to care about my opinion, but at the very least when it comes to 8ch, one reason they and other sets of people on this website seem to not like you is probably because you seem to always be trying to find a way to use them to further your political ideas. I've seen Holla Forums threads on the front page about trying to "recruit" people from /r9k/ and other boards, for example, and Marxism gets pushed at gaming conventions a lot for an example relevant to the thread. You never seem to have any idea how annoying that kind of thing is. There are some people that really just don't give a shit about politics. Leftist literature and discussion is your hobby. Video games are their hobby. Imagine if Holla Forums was having threads about how to recruit leftists and make them start playing video games so that they'd have more people to play video games with. You'd think that was annoying, wouldn't you? You just want to read Stirner and make shitty memes. That's from the perspective of someone who doesn't go to any of the mentioned boards, though, so feel free to tell me I'm an idiot.


Games are all about working hard to level up and collect points.
Capitalism is all about working hard to better yourself and collect money.
Communism is all about working as little as possible and letting yourself degenerate so you can collect welfare.

Tbh Spec Ops: The Line is grade A criticism of American Imperialism. It is among the few games I would consider legit art.

What's with the salty Holla Forumsacks today?

It's basically Apocalypse Now

r/hapas was right all along.

I ain't salty, I'm just telling it as it is.
Right = reward hard work
Games = reward hard work
Left = reward laziness

I had no idea investors and other trust funds managers were leftists !


Games are a glorified Skinner box, fam. Just like Capitalism. While you're working hard at pushing that button, Porky is laughing all the way to the bank

Video games are all about simulating hard work to give you that dopamine hit you get when you're achieved something productive that you've probably never experienced.

What is the point in asking us? Why don't you go ask the video games board?

These dirty fucking leftist.

I'm a casual gamer, but I get most of my dopamine from tinkering and fixing shit for friends. You could say I take my work home cuz I'm an electrician, you NEET.

Video games are a representation of everything ideology-filled people think/want capitalism to be, especially the meritocracy aspect of it.

You really think getting to the top and staying there is easy?
Deluded as fuck

simulating hard work isn't hard work faggot.

Gulags were just summer camps!


The point
Your head

What about you? :)

If it wasn't for da joos Holla Forumsflakes would be making 200k a year, living in 5 bedroom homes in the burbs and pumping out kids with the high school crush that said she'd "think about" going to prom with them, but instead went with Chad.


People who identify themselves by the media they consume (ie "gamers") traditionally have zero perspective regarding how the world works

Also impossible. Capitalism is a lose-lose situation for proles

Because they're born with lots and lots of money. And once you have lots and lots of money, it's easy to get even more money

Let's just ignore the fact that you're wrong for a moment and that they generally weren't born into money and ask a question instead.
Where did the money they inherited come from?
Turtles all the way down?

If it weren't for white people you'd be KANGZ in Africa levitating pyramids with your MIND

If it wasn't for the Mediterranean Europe would still be Africa.

Had your mum not given me a condom a size too small you wouldn't be here shitposting on Holla Forums.


I'm not wrong. Google the world's wealthiest families. They're all either royalty or the children/grandchildren/greatgrandchildren of people who made lots of money. None of them work hard
By ripping you off. Plain and simple. They pay workers a shitty wage, and in return they get to keep all the money they make for them. None of the people working for them will ever have enough money to start their own business. Most won't ever have enough money to own their own home.

You don't even need money to start a business.
Case in point if you do an apprenticeship in plumbing then you're 100% capable of starting a plumbing business at zero cost except living leading up to your first job.
Same with programming.
Same with a lot of things.
Lots of people make money on websites like Fiverr just providing a service, with zero overhead.
You speak english? Great you can charge people $50 to review 5 pages of text for spelling and grammar mistakes.
You don't even need money to start a sales based business either, you can just find a niche and drop ship.
What shit hole 3rd world country do you live in?
Or are you just some loser who flips burgers until retirement?
It's your own fault if you get stuck in a job with no potential for advancement.


I think at this point you can consider the United States a third world shithole

board gaming does

By doing what? You know you can make a fortune just by buying a buncha food and then selling it at tenfold the price to starving masses when a famine hits, right? Sure, it ain't against The N.A.P., but it's still a dick move cuz #1 it exploits people's desperation and #2 you don't actually offer the free market any kinda new or improved product or service for the fortune you made, you made it by being cunning.

dude you know literally 40% of the forbes 400 were literally born into it.

almost all the others come from millionaire families

It's not a dick move in the slightest.
Basic supply and demand, retard.

Sounds like a bunch of fag shit to me

read straffa

Anybody else daydream bout life as an authoritarian dictator? That would be so based. I'd make life so miserable for everybody…

Just cuz you phrase it differently don't make it no less predatory, m8.

Soma's themes are more philosophical than socio-political.

How is charging what people are willing to pay predatory?

If you want employees, you kinda do. Being self-employed isn't much different from being a employed in a company. It's still a loser's game
Meanwhile your master makes money off your free labour
Start-ups cost money, fam. Programmer's are getting paid less by the day (since you know, everyone and their mother are being told to learn how to code) and the tech bubble will burst in a few years. Good luck
All meme jobs
Congrats, you're putting a professional editor out of their job. Their kids can't afford school now.
If you want a stock to sell, you kinda do. You're also gonna have way lower profit margins than the big companies since they get the same shit for cheaper.
The US. You think having a mortgage means you own your house? The bank will take it the moment you stop paying them money (and god help you if your house is devalued by then).
Even if sandniggers and gringos take your job?

Even Bill Gates went to a fancy private school back in the 70s that offered classes that taught kids to code computers. One of the schools I went to didn't even have a computer lab and that was back in 2008/2009.

Would he still be worth 80 billion if he went to the same school as I did back in the day?

The scale at which it is enforced leads to catastrophic consequences and loss of life. You can make it sound fine all you want, capitalism is capitalism and it still has problems. It all leads to what you're seeing right now, every time. From the Industrial Revolution to child workers to child soldiers.

Your programmed to act a certain way, it doesn't mean that's good.

You're programmed to stop on a red light in an empty street with no car around you for miles, you'll just wait until it turns green. That doesn't mean it's rational, it's still a set choice that's completely arbitrary.

Hell Bill Gates stole Microsoft's deal with IBM from another computer company just because the other guy went to spend the day with his wife on her birthday, for that he got divorced, lost control of his company, and died in a bar fight.

Bill Gates is a sleezy little nerd fuck who stole deals all the way to the top

The fact that you're taking advantage of them in order to make a fuckton of dosh. People who jack up prices when there's a famine tend to get ripped apart by angry mobs, literally, and they deserve it.

By hording shit people need to survive so they ain't got nowhere else to barter if they don't like your price.

Nestlé does this on a way bigger scale. They buy up clean water sources in the third world, water sources say for example rural Kenyan folk have been drinking from for free for centuries and *sell* the water back to them at a profit.

If they can't afford Nestlé's new *bottled* version of their water they drink a tall glass of dust or worse Aqua #NoFilter™.

You start working alone until you build enough capital to expand. You then expand.
Rinse and repeat.
Apprenticeships are paid, at least in my country.
Literally paying to be taught skills you can use to make even more money. I fail to see the down side.
You don't need to be a startup. You can just freelance.
A lot of people do this.
I wouldn't care if this was true, but it's not. Professional editors tend to edit stuff that's longer and demands higher quality.
Dropship to build capital. Spend capital on stock.
So don't stop paying it.
Am I really the only person logical enough to set aside $10,000 of savings in case shit hits the fan?

You're not taking advantage of them.
There's not enough food to go around, so shouldn't the food go to the people who need it most, the ones willing to pay the most?
While not perfect I fail to see a better metric to determine who should be given the food.
Someone's gotta starve

But he's still "one of the good rich guys" in the eyes of liberals just like Steve Jobs whose Apple factory conditions and work hours are so bad Chinese workers were dropping like flies from literally working themselves to death or by killing themselves cuz they couldn't deal with "basic human nature™".

Yes, you are.

These two groups aren't the same, yet you're implying that they are

You tell me what you'd do.
You have a stockpile of food because you had the foresight to buy it before famine struck.
How do you distribute it?
Keep in mind someone has to starve.

Why do so many people in this thread have retarded opinions. If you judge gamers worse than people who watch movies or TV (so everyone) you need to rethink that shit because it's pure idpol.

Isn't it odd how capitalism needs to be so utterly restrained and regulated for it to be barely palatable for humans, even its biggest fans? Isn't it funny how it gets in the way of all the things we really desire as human beings, such as spending time with our family and friends?

Since this is a thread about video games, I'm just gonna call out the nerds who want to spend all day playing video games and defend capitalism when the current economic system is what's caused the media they mindlessly enjoy so much to become marketable garbage.

Probably look for all available food supplies and gather them together and see what can and can't be used to farm and ration like any other normal person would in a fucking survival situation

So you'd just keep all the food for yourself?
How is that more moral than feeding people willing to pay?

No. That's not what I'm saying at all.

Because you're growing food that can be fucking eaten? Just take the fucking L



I have no idea why you quoted my posts.
I said nothing about regulation and I'm 100% behind the guy selling food at the price where the supply curve meets the demand curve.

Remember this guy? He thought he could get away with charging people with fucked up immune systems $7,50 per pill cuz hos company was the only one that made the meds they needed to stay alive.

Still just supply and demand or straight up sociopathy?


These people wouldn't last a week in any of these hypothetical situations they set up


Appropriate trips

It's a famine… that's kinda the whole premises of this thought experiment

Except you're never gonna get to the point of build capital because bigger companies do your shit cheaper than you do. You're hardly gonna earn more than an employee in a company, but now you have a shitton more expenses. Sounds great.
Getting apprenticeships, for one
Literally no different from being a wage slave. You just have even less security since you're a contractor
What, you think those texts went unedited before?
Yeah, how low do you think the profit margins are for those? Very low. There's a reason why all the sites you buy shit from a big ass companies
I don't think you get it, fam. You're literally paying rent to the bank. Rent that even has interest. You don't own the house, the bank does. That's my point
Are you a boomer?

No, I was born in the 90's.
Anyways I've got to go do some work, being a rightie and all.
Peace out, you whacky lefties

But why?

When has anyone ever made a thread on here attacking 'moviegoers' as a monolithic group?

Anita is not my comrade

Why don't I believe you?

It all makes sense now.

I've seen several threads against the current film industry/culture.

Nobody mentioned her you schizophrenic fuck.

"Gamers" aren't a monolith though. Even within the context of a single series there are a multitude of vastly different opinions and points of view, let alone the entire gaming "community" as a whole. Broad-stroke statements like "why do they hate leftists so much?" is completely lacking in any kind of nuance or substance.

2ch actually has a commie board

Look, I haven't said the thread isn't shit.

is that norwich forum lol

That's not what people were doing in this thread though and you know it.

And it was a joke you fucking sperg.


So you don't listen to music?


Lmao you like anything? You're just a slave to the corporation that made it. Anyway excuse me I've got to go train to be a breatharian, wouldn't want to consume food made by a corporation.

Wow, you really are a pleb

For the angry nerds ITT.


Because they are literally 12 year olds.

For real?

Me, watching this thread

Oh shit


Your assesment is pretentious and retarded.
I extend this post to everyone whos used or implied notions like "real art" or "legitimate art" in this thread.

Video games are not art.

If movies are art, so are videogames.

Gintama is 👌

pretentious cunt.
again, I extend this to everyone referencing or implying similar arguments in this thread.

With all the literal trash being passed off as art, why do you draw the line at fucking video games?

Such a basic post and you'll still get nerds responding. Keep on trucking, Hoochie.

Video games are basically interactive movies nowadays. They can be "art" but usually are not. AAA titles are fucking garbage for little kids.


… yeah? Do you have a point or something?
Oh, wait, Hoochie. Nevermind then, of course not.

My wife is leaving me for a man named Esteban. He wears the same tank top everyday.

It's way easier for games to be trash than art, unlike movies or whatever

Not all video games are art, and neither are all movies.

And that's ok.

This movie was so bad its crew literally died of cancer

Heh…joke's on those nerds. She was only pretending to be retarded!

Pathetic. This has always happened, darling. I don't know why you decided to come back for more, you must be a glutton for being insulted. If I had to guess, probably related to family issues.

Art is not a fucking badge of approval deciding something is "intellectual" and "sophisticated" enough for your magnificent cranium.
the walking simulators Holla Forums and gamergate and the like bitched so much about, which games ""journalists"" lauded as high art games r finally respectable and the like are just as, if not more creatively bankrupt and artistically uninteresting as AAA interactive movies.Still art though.

Because it isn't being handeled by a gigantic budget, a bunch of people on a deadline, and a studio or publisher that needs it out by x amount of time this certain way with no leeway on how exactly to improve the formula you're doing, and above all that then it gets focus tested and then rated by the ESRB

Something so heavily restricted cannot be art, as it implies that such a process is artistic. It is not.

Chill out.

That's not what you said though, you made a blanket statement that "video games are not art", as if implying none of them even qualify.

I wonder why, in God's good name, we don't like you.

Jesus fucking christ.

I could piss on a canvass and some horn rimmed glasses wearing high school theater teacher would buy it off me and hang it next to her giant sculpture of a vagina with beef curtains in her study.

I would say about 99.9% of the time video games are not art, but I'm leaving some way to the ones that give a decent whack at it. It's all inherently something that, if it has a massive audience, has to have production of some capacity with multiple people.

The question when does that become art or not. It can be. But I just don't think how video games are sold to the public by steam or what have you makes art the end result. Just like not all construction is art.

A weak comment from a mewling babe of a poster. I don't think I shall, Hoochie. I much prefer baselessly insulting you.
Also, wash your fucking face you acne-ridden bitch, holy shit.

A lot of movie classics were made with those restrictions. Some of greatest literary works were made by their authors in a day to pay rent

Jesus christ. Fortunately people like you are a very small minority among the adult population.

Apply yourself, coward.

The vast majority of any form of media is superficial garbage, this isn't something that's even remotely unique to video games

Every time.

They became art despite the circumstances and not because of them. One no doubt needs to bring up HR Giger's contributions to the movie Alien, and how many miniature workers created the landscapes.

Such a process happened at the fury of studios who just wanted it to be filmed in a basement somewhere with a fog machine like they always did.

There's little lights that peak out where you can see art form potential in motion picture and video games, but then again, all Alien ever lead to was Alien Covenant and AVP. Worse can be said for video games

You can't actually get through to her, you know. She only recognizes people who are mean to her, which probably stems from neglect during childhood that has progressed into full-blown hysteria and masochism.

Anime is not art.

The % is hell of a lot lower in other mediums though.

So trash games have trash ideologies, good to know.

Shut up, that's like saying traps aren't gay. Anyone with eyes can tell that's not true.

Photography isn't garbage, there's what interests me. Video games and photography can be so linked together, but at the same time so separate, that the lines shouldn't be clearer.

But then, nobody's interested in commercial photographic art like they are video games.

And that's where the lines start being drawn between what is and is not being sold as a product that defines what art is and is not

Bitch, I will slap you with my shoe.

sasuga hoochie

If the trap has a penis longer than 5 inches and thicker than 4 inches in circumference it's gay.


Those measurements are best left in the hands of trained penis inspectors.

That's not what I meant by photography.

If you are upset that this might be more artistic than Star Wars Battlefront and Battlefield or whatever the fuck, then please stop posting anytime.

I know it must be frustrating that this simplistic display might be more art than video games are, but it doesn't stop it from being true. It is, true.

I wouldn't be too sure about that. here. I listen to music and watch a lot of movies and there's a LOT of garbage there as well. Trying to pin an exact number on it as if it's some kind of "who sucks the least amount of dick" contest is a retarded exercise anyway.

Are you trying to tell me that taking pictures isn't the same as photography? Or do you just have your own special liberal arts definition?

Yes and no at the same time.

So the latter. Got it.

This is literally entartete Kunst.

One can discern the quality of a photograph still. Most instagram pictures, do not meet the standards of photographic art. Despite it starting off as nothing more than just what it is, there still isn't something on the level of Julia Margaret Cameron

Who gives a shit if anything is art or not. They're all commodities just like everything else

photography is pure trash lmao
just draw if you want to express yourself in a static 2d plane
oh wait they cant because photographers are mongs who can't visualise anything which isn't literally in front of them fucken lol


meant to reply to>>1928866

because the left set up shop on their favorite hobby plain and simple

What's interesting to me is what would video games be sold as in Socialism.

Art, or public commodity? You can see film making in the USSR to take example, and I say it would really thrive in its own niche with its own needs and requirements, and become art.

The capitalist facade of begging you to buy ammo packs and dlc is so bullshit that anyone defending video game production currently as art deserves to hang tbh

It could be pure trash and it would still be more artistic than a video game. I would say instagram is fucking more artful than video games.

photography isn't art but I still enjoy taking pictures and saving them for myself

People made illusions with photographs to create art when photography was new. Super imposing, chemical treatment.

Photography is art, digital photography is debatable.


It isn't the manner of purchase in such a way that doesn't make it art, but how it was created to fit a purpose of non-pirated production.

Examples of art through the ages.

And how do games that are totally free factor into this?

I'll show you philistines what art is…

Examples of video Games

It's still a commodity, faggot

I liked Matt Christman's take on it, and I think all of you should listen to it.


so you just like naked girls, huh

A pirated commodity is till just a commodity because it was implicitly designed that way

How is it a commodity if it isn't bought or sold?

Mass effect Andromeda is the perfect example.

Marxists/sjw's do not create new culture they infect existing ones. They do not say hey Ill compete with X product they demand to be in charge of X product and that there ideas should be the ones used. its why when the left starts infecting a culture usually begins a slow death march. Why don't the left create a product for themselves instead of latching onto other peoples products and shoving ideology into it?

Why can't they create culture for themselves instead of trying to be the sole provider of it by infecting and removing others. Leftists do not compete they infect and subvert.

Its why They are parasites.

I said free, you dumb bitch. Pay attention. Piracy has nothing to do with it.

It's still being bought and sold even if you aren't buying it

You could have at least read the thread before drunkenly stumbling in here and acting like a retard, you know.

Damn user

So humans are commodities, then?

That was actually created because of exactly what I'm talking about. EA,ordered that whoever in charge of production use the Frostbite engine, an FPS engine, for a third person role playing game, by a deadline.

They couldn't make it.

It's the same god damn thing that happened to Jurassic Park Trespasser nearly twenty years ago, it's not the socialists, it's the capitalists.

A commodity is a product produced for exchange value so how is it still a commodity? For example do archaeologists have the same relations to ancient products that those in antiquity did?

Pick one. Lurk moar. You might learn something.

Have you ever heard of slavery?

Ive never played a game set in a real leftist utopia. I never thought about that. They really cant actualize what they imagine to be good

"Dont get me wrong about capitalism. Its the symptom, but the real problem is white men. We need to get rid of white men and their idea of 'objectivity', and make the world a safer more welcoming place for gays and negros."-
Carl Marks

Yeah. So humans are commodities, then?

Misread you. Video games that are free do have some merit, but it's still the mode of which they're distributed and created that leaves the question of if they're art dubious.

Would most of steam greenlight be art? I don't know. Pure complete trash can be art, so I could technically see steam greenlight creating more complete trash-as-art without knowing it's doing so than a video game with thousands of USD behind it pushed out to tie in with a movie release

If I pirate a game that's 25 years old and has a defunct developer, is that game still a commodity?


I question how many games you've played in your lifetime.

That is my point, commodities are relations to products. So something being a commodity depends on that relationship.

It depends on the game. Garage Bad Dream Adventure is a video game that is art I would say, because of how it was never meant for a wide release and only meant to please a small number of people.

I think the closer you get to a model like that, the more artistic something becomes and the less limits you have.

The more you try to please everyone, the less it becomes art.

This os why Antifa beats people up. Some people are just too stupid to have an intelligent discussion with.

maybe because a "marxist utopia" would be a utopia, and games, movies, books etc. (aka stories in general) are driven by shit that shouldn't happen in utopias

Because a game with a price tag is a product produced for exchange value. It is still developed for the purpose of exchange, and we're talking about game development

They can be commodified, yes. Everything can be commodified, but nothing is inherently a commodity. IP is commodified

I think video games are like group art projects. Building a 3d structure in CAD or whatever is no doubt art. because you are using tools to create something in your mind. The story writing is art, the design is art, the gameplay is art. No wether its shit or not is another story. I think anything you create is art.

No wonder you guys are becoming a fucking joke. Trump may be your undoing after all.

It got the point across, Commie.

The same people pushing for communism/socialism/marxism/sjw The same people funding those people are the same people in charge of the IMF the federal reserve and most banks around the world bleeding it dry.

Im sure following whatever ideology they produce will be a good thing right? You can trust the ideas they put out to be good ones? The people subverting everything about america through taxes and other dodgey shit like quantative easing. You can trust those people cause communism/socialism is about the little people and totally will not end in enslavement like it keeps on happening around the world?

By that logic artifacts in museums from previous epochs still retain the original relationship even if we don't understand what that relationship was. Meaning following your logic when we find a clay pot from the Roman Empire that clay pot relationship to us in the modern world is whatever its production purpose was under the Roman Empire.

Not hard, the just cant make a utopia because they don't know where to start, they just copy what works and try to change its flavor

Plenty, at some point you just realize what you're doing is bullshit and not worth the energy or time. This was around 2008 for me. I'm sure plenty of people felt the same way when they actually went through puberty.

Not really, user. Try harder.

I have to agree with you there, video games are a waste of time. Puttingreal life effort into something that gives you nothing real besides escape (which you can find in a book)

You mean like having a job.

are memes art????

So you're saying books are a waste of time, too? Is anything that's not productive a waste of time?

Congratulations user, you can read! You must be proud.

Everyone reads books, some people just don't think it worthy of mention.

The devs could literally create a leftist society from scratch with its own version of economy and politics and have the enemies be "Nazis" who are against the new world.

How could a group of edgy people fighting against the man pull their shit together long enough to even write a constitution?

The devs could literally create a leftist society from scratch with its own version of economy and politics and have the enemies be "Nazis" who are against the new world.

How could a group of edgy people fighting against the man pull their shit together long enough to even write a constitution?>>1929041

This is something I can work with, and for the most part, I agree. It's other factors that lead to me saying it CAN be art, no doubt. But it can also not.

What makes video games, in my mind at least, capable of becoming art, is if they 1) don't have a deadline 2) if they try to challenge themselves to create something unformulaic without the need for a publisher breathing down their neck 3) challenges how video games "look", how they pace and play, 4) engages with the public in such a way that the line between product and entertainment and art become blurred.

When all of these things happen, video games can approach caliber. But right now they're held back by too many hands, all market driven, that force it into commodification that prevent it from ever reaching status as an art

I would see video games as a mass produced toy. Can toys be art? Yes they can, toys have existed throughout history, in all sorts of ways, but there's a real line when it stops becoming that.

not this meme again
Be even more cucked, I wanna see if its even possible.

Shh, he's trying to be better than thou art, you'll spoil his schtick.

Did you reply to the wrong post or something?

But they kinda do. Products and artifacts are in many ways defined by the relations of production in which they are produced. These artifacts are then commodified today.
In the same way games are defined by their original relationship as commodities to be bought and sold, even though with piracy they are distributed as essentially being commons. The profit motive has an impact on the kind of game (or movie or book, etc) you develop


Alright ill be fair lets say it had roughly three years of development.From 2014 to 2017 .preliminary work started in 2012.

Mass effect 1 preproduction started in 2004 and was released in 2007

Mass effect andromeda did not have a super tight window of creation It had a extra two years of preliminary work and then 3 years production compared to original and still came out shit. but no in the same amount of time diversity hires just couldn't muster the same amount of care and detail or quality as the original people at bioware cause of capitalism right?

I never understood those people who get anxiety when they aren't being "productive". Like they're so used to capitalist cocksucking that if they're not creating value for someone else then they're wasting their lives away.
It's frankly disturbing.


I have to agree with you there, video games are a waste of time. Putting real life effort into something that gives you nothing real besides escape (which you can find in a book)

video games are more prone to burnout than other mediums. its because they're interactive, rather than passive.
burnout doesnt invalidate them as art.
I only occasionaly play games now for the same reason though, I moved on to music and studying and now Im only interested in multiplayer games as a social activity with internet friends, and playing a little touhou or roguelikes now and then.

If you enjoy doing something, it's not a waste of time. Stop obsessing about being "productive" all the time.

Not a commie but the trades you mention work, there's plenty of work for handymen, best if the pay happens outside of getting taxed out of your ass
This would require spaghetti-armed commies to get off their asses and learn a trade however so that's not happening

However the English translator market is completely saturated already by people who either managed to somehow make themselves known in the beginning or INVESTED in ads (like all the big kiketubers)

here's your reply postcountfarming cuck

Then why wasn't slave technology radically different from feudal technology or feudal technology radically different from the tech of revolutionary France? Or capitalist technology radically different from Soviet technology?

I would rather work in a garden on my property for food than play games.

That's because they used the frostbite engine. This is documented shit you can't just say TUMBLR MARXISTS YOU'RE TUMBLR MARXISTS CONSPIRACY SJWS

What happened was for every build of the game they made much of the patchwork they did to make the engine work with the frostbite engine was undone because it's such a hard engine to work with for producing that kind of game.

They built entire demos and prototypes of code that would not meet the final deadline because they did not work within Frostbite, so they wasted their time doing nothing in preproduction and had to redo preproduction during the production stage.

This is exactly why I'm saying video games as they are, aren't art. A publisher like EA can just say, "Fuck it, make em work with frostbite" and release something shoddy

And still I wonder why we don't appreciate about your input on games. It confounds me.

That drive people have is why you enjoy such a comfortable life. People sacrifice their time for the future, they earn to make their families comfortable and if we didn't have an economy people would still work hard to provide for themselves and their family and community.

Can you say that a different way please?

Gee, it's almost like a person can have more than one hobby or something.

I would question your taste that you have an affinity for games created today at all.

Well the debate at hand isn't about whether something can be a hobby it's whether something can be called a legitimate art.

Hoochie, he didn't mention modern games. You're drunk, go home.

This is what wife material looks like.

To expand on this:
In the united states you CHOOSE your work. You are allowed to do what you want and if you manage to save enough you can start your own business and be that much more comfortable. See in America:


It's the implication. One can play something older, but just how many times can you play the same shit in a lifetime

Maybe that's what you're debating, but that's why I just point out how retarded you are instead of actually lowering myself to your level.

What did he mean by this?

You really believe the honest good intent of a nazi collaborater? A man who admited the greatest joy was in the theft from others? Such a tolerance. Such a man can surely be trusted to care about others.

You actually Defend a Nazi collaborator and think his actions are for "Good". Its like how hillary clinton worked with drug companies to keep aids drug prices high. They spent pennies to make millions by using the poor African donations as leverage. IE a smokescreen to hide the real factor.

I wasn't that user. I've played, and pay attention to video games. I consider it a hobby, I just don't consider it an art. Because it has to appeal to such a broad range of people in such a specific regulated way

Typical porky behavior.

Considering capitalist property relations (IP) kept the original creators from completing the series according to their own vision, then yes capitalism had a lot to do with Andromeda being shit.

Umm, they are? The radical developments in technology shaped those societies, fam. Material conditions. The relations of production also impact the development of technology. Slave societies didn't bother to automate production even though they had the means because they had slaves to do the work (which would eventually be to their downfall), but capitalist societies seek to automate production, since it decreases the cost of production and thus the surplus value (which will eventually be to their downfall). But that's beside the point. It's quite simple: You have a different mentality when making something without a care for costs or profits or whatever than when you do care about making a profit. The profit motive drives large investments (AAA games) to seek large markets (console plebs and casuals).

What I mean is nobody in America is a slave. People make choices that define their position in life. In America you aren't forced to do anything (work wise), you get to choose. Its all about having drive which I something the "left" seems to look down on. When you are working for an employer you aren't their slave and you don't have to work their forever. Save your money and start a business instead of playing video games. Constant drive isn't creepy, its what built America. Being driven isn't being excited to be a slave, its to realize that you can get to any level you choose if you try hard enough.

*and thus increases the surplus value (profit margins)

I thought that was manual labor that did that. Silly me, people didn't pave the road I drive on, their drive did!

"wage slaves" are people who live paycheck to paycheck because of bad decisions

In America your only a slave if you make yourself one. Don't be a victim and you can get to a level in life where you can make change in society, you just have to have drive.

But whether or not it's an art doesn't matter and I don't think much could be put in merit behind the idea besides just that, it can be an art but isn't.

People have tried to control what art is in the past, places I would defend like the USSR, sometimes it was more free, sometimes it was not.

Nazi Germany, for as vile as it was, created film that can be seen as art today. They however, assasinated whoever they deemed "degenerate artists", who depicted sexuality or things that were seen as weak.

I think either is wrong, but how the USSR handled film making is ultimately how I see video games to become art. Nazi Germany created movies as propaganda, not as art. It just did it well, and in my mind I seperate often times what it produced as rather good film making than rather good art.

Art has a soul to it, a unique creative spark from someone's vision that other people can share. When that spark becomes sold to as many people as possible for the purpose of the exchange itself and not the old spark, the spark fizzles out, and whatever vision was there, ceases to be.

What? What the fu-? Wha?
Driven people who participated to do manual labor in exchange for payment to better their lives built the roads.

I fucking love how contradictory capitalism is. Marx was a fucking genius.


that's not what I said at all dude.
I said nothing about hoarding and only denounced the material lifestyle. Save for a home don't waste what you earn on games. Save for a business or something that will get you out of the position you seem to hate.

Count the hours you currently work. Now try calculating what you earn from that on a minimum wage. Would that fit in your budget? Would you have any pocket change left? If not, shut the fuck up

Ah, so they were driven by the desire to better their society and not to pay their bills so their family can eat? I'm glad that people are so willing to help each other out, nice to see you're /ourguy/ after all, user.

So no matter what in your mind you are a slave? That sucks

You didn't see much differences during the cross over. For example Revolutionary France didn't develop radically new technology and while the USSR did it was simply the west had different engineering priorities. If you walked into a 1980's Soviet arcade the hardware under the hood was basically pushing electro-machanical logic farther along with transistor-transitor logic with sprinkling of 8-bit system boards all of which the old western arcade companies like Sega would have recognized.
The big difference in soviet arcade design was they were not designed at all with getting the player to pump more coins in them and were more engineered simply as amusements.

No. I don't think I am, even in capitalism.

You neither play nor particularly like video games but still insist on lecturing us on the subject. "You" meaning lefties in general, to be clear.

When you do play games, you insist on telling us all about your Marxist theory while doing so and when we don't listen you put your ideology in our Games. So rather than slaying the dragon, I have to listen to it pontificate on "Der Juden" for 5 minutes first before I have to lecture it on the virtues of Diversity and Communism by any other name for another 15 so that I can then turn to my mandatory lesbian bull-dyke companion with a HOT PINK undercut in the 1400s(who is also a native Black Welsh) and ask her for permission to formally engage in consensual combat in the frontal position.

Not that it matters, but I'm a Leftie myself…Liberal to be specific.

This is ironic because we're in agreement, this is why we think video games aren't art, user. It[s because of shit like this that's made to be as it is meant to be, commodified.

Holy shit dude, what the fuck.
An actual liberal, here, on Holla Forums. What a day. How did you find us in between your bookmarks of Vox and Medium?

I started making minimum wage at my first job when I was 18. I was homeless from 13 and couldn't work until that point. I stayed at the same job for almost 5 years making minimum wage and living in a studio apartment paying 800$ a month (split between a GF and I) before that I chose to stay homeless as I worked. Now I work at a Chinese consulate full time as security and make much more than minimum wage. Almost all of the people I knew when I was homeless started treating me like shit once I got a job and wouldn't pay for booze or drugs. I worked my way out of literal poverty so I see the value of hard work.

Ain't that kinda Libbie, friend.
I like guns, hate Muslims and support big, fuck-off concrete walls as much as I like welfare and social tolerance.

So you're… not a liberal. Okay.

not a lefty and I actually do play video games but only when im stoned. Cant enjoy it sober

Is there a cooking starter guide?
The most I've done is shove premade shit and into the oven.

Don't get me wrong, I don't necessarily have anything against games with a political message. It's just that there's a time and a place for it and a way to do it.

Ffs half my shelves are littered with Socialist era literature, I've got How The Steel Was Tempered at arms reach right now.

It's called "literally any food website on the internet"

But I am…just not an American "Liberal"…being a byword for "Democratic Shill".

Do you not possess a mother? Ask her. Call her up on the phone and ask "How do you boil an egg?"

The industrial revolution happened during that period you colossal retard.
Wow, I didn't realize the Soviet Union was a stateless, moneyless, classless society. It still existed under the capitalist mode of production, fam. Also the material conditions for actual communism have developed today. We could start automating most of our jobs right now (in fact we slowly are)

Must have been hard work making up that story. I used to be a homeless urchin too. In London. Worked for a guy named Fagin until I found a home with a nice bourgie family.

The way you speak makes me think of an old friend I had on the streets of SF. He ended up moving to Chicago because the GF he mt online offered him a place to live. Once in Chicago her parents got him a new wardrobe, a job at their owned company and essentially a brand new life within their family.

I stopped talking to him when he told me about how he was trying to steal money from them and said they wouldn't notice and it wasn't wrong because they were rich.

So your just gonna say I made that up so you can feel right? Why did I even try

You got me mixed with the other guy

Most of them are full of dog-shit and lies though.

Revolutionary France had similar weapons to the feudal powers it was fighting in Europe. If Revolutionary France had better tech then Napoleon wouldn't have been defeated at in Russia.

If you believe anything anyone says on the internet you're a goddamn fool. Anecdotes mean nothing

Sorry. I got vodka in me and I'm more used to lurking than posting.

Because that is all gamers do is game. Once you play Vidya you literally can do nothing else. There is exactly zero people that have successfully read a book after only once giving into the temptation of video games.
Etc etc etc
Right user?

This kind of shit is why they don't like you, because you're certifiably retarded and would rather strawman to the extreme than face the prospect of a few moments of introspection coupled with a bit of self awareness.

I guess success is something you think doesn't exists then, pretty sad. This is what I mean by you are only a slave if you make yourself one. The way you think will keep you right where you are dude.

Napoleon defeated himself…because he decided to chase the Russian army around in the middle of winter…in Russia.

Something that wasn't a problem for Hitler as he had supply lines, those supply lines were not enough to field the armies of the time but would have easily fielded Napoleon's army indefinitely

your original question was for me to calculate my hours on min wage and tell you how much free change I had after budget. If you didn't want unverifiable info then why ask for it you retard?

For god's sake, stop romanticizing work. Most people aren't out there toiling out of some idealistic notion of "drive" or "work ethic". They're doing it because they need to survive. Hanging out with friends, going to the theater, playing games? These are experiences that enrich your life as a human being that capitalism forces you to deprive yourself of in order to eke out a living. Why do you think people fought so hard for a shorter workweek? So they could have more time to do the things they love doing, and spend less time making money for somebody else.

Also you believed me when I said I had a job enough to ask

But once I gave an answer that destroyed your shit you turned to
"muh anecdotes"

What a fucking child

Actually Hitler's supply lines were mostly fucked. It took ages to get anything anywhere because of the conditions of the roads and railways - most of which the Germans had to repair as they went along and which had catastrophic failures with some regularity.

You couldn't really get trucks out to the field because of mud and you couldn't really get trains through because the tracks would freeze and crack. Plus the Germans and Russians used different gauges of rail so that pretty much meant that the Germans had to rebuild the entire rail-system.

To this effect, supplies always arrived extremely late, sometimes with weekly or monthly delays, and there was never really enough of anything to go around -especially winter uniforms which the Germans pretty much just salvaged off of dead Russians and Civvies in alarming quantity.

So no…not really. The moral of the story is don't attack Russia in Winter or Spring.

your drive determines how well you survive
I figured a lefty would know how to pirate, also
==ITS CALLED GOING OUTSIDE== you don't have to pay for life


Also, the cold was so bad fuel would freeze and congeal so the Germans couldn't really fuel their trucks, trains and tanks unless they had pre-heated it…which was quite often.

I don't eke out a living, I live the way I want because I worked hard enough to earn that level of freedom

It was only bogged down due to the vastly higher throughput the Heer required, if all they had to support was Napoleon's grand army then they would have had no problem.
The issue is that revolutionary France didn't evolve its logistical technology in order to support its forces in the field, Napoleon relied heavily on capturing supplies from the enemy like the feudal armies were doing at the time.

First of all, mate, the industrial revolution happened in England. It also had a huge impact in turning that country into a superpower until the other countries caught up

I'm actually a Nigerian prince. I am currently trapped in a foreign country without access to my enormous supply of money. Could you send me $50,000 so I can contact my bank in Switzerland. I will give you 1 million dollars for your troubles.

There's this thing called rhetorical questions. Any retard can go "well I went through worse than that and I pulled myself up by my bootstraps, take that Marxists". I have to spoonfeed you these babby-tier arguments because your attention span is too short for me to actually explain real Marxist theory (and you wouldn't listen anyway so why bother)
Who are you again? I was just nice enough to assume you had a job since right-wingers always go on about how commies are jobless layabouts as if that's an actual argument.
If you're willing to listen I can tell you all about how Capitalism is a system designed to fuck regular people over for the benefit of a rich few with a bunch of theory by some pretty smart people. Are you?


Oh that's nice, the government I'm working under can't define my health or safety and I have to rely on the market to determine that

I'm sure the answer they'll give won't be counter intuitive at all and will get the job done fine

When I had my first security gig I was getting minimum wage. I found out each position was contracted to make $22 an hour. I wasn't mad because I understood that that's the way things work, it wasn't my business.

If you feel so strongly about this why not become a business owner and give your employees enough cash so your business cant expand and eventually sinks.

Heck you don't even need to believe in foofy notions like cultural enrichment to be against romanticizing work.
What about just having time for your kids and family. A lot of these issues we have like sexism and racism and addiction etc would dramatically improve if people weren't so alienated from their own parents and children.
It's so weird to me when people who love TV and videos games recount their experiences with them in a way that makes it sound like it really happened.

Nigga wut?

Well by that argument Napoleon's logistical train would've been 10 times the size of his actual army.

Also Napoleon was largely cut off from his supply lines after he went in to Moscow - which is when people really started dying out en masse.

And the United States. If you've never heard of the mining boom and subsequent industrial age you really don't know shit about American history and should stop talking about it.

America was next to Russia the biggest contributor to labor violence in the world for a long time, it was only in the 50's that communism became truly vilified, even though villifying an idea about social organization in America should be utterly fucking ridiculous because it was founded on the state's non decision in those matters

In "theory" anyway. This country's defining documents were to vague for history

At the end of the day say what you want, if you don't want to work because your jaded then don't, someone else will, and the fact you don't work will most likely mean you wont pass on your genes.

You say that like that's a bad thing

Far later than England, famalam. Every country industrialised, but it started in England. I'm also not talking about American history, if you hadn't noticed

And you wonder why I'm not taking you seriously?

A security contractor is assigned to conventions, they meet with security company representatives and the representatives bid on the contract for the convention. the bidding determines how much money the convention holders pay per security head. One convention our positions were 22$ an hour on contract but we (the guards) got minimum wage out of that.

Your the one talking down about work ethic and work in general unless you get %100 of the yield, what other conclusion could I come to? I hope for your sake and your families that you do actually work. Be safe dude.

There are plenty of hard-workers that struggle to make ends meet, and there are people that live lives of luxury that hardly do any kind of difficult work at all. This isn't as simple as you're making it out to be.

meant to reply to

It really is for the most part but there are exceptions to the rule, people who "fall through the cracks" and people born with a "silver spoon"

No because the Nazi supply train would be vastly overkill. The issue is that Revolutionary France didn't all of a sudden develop better logistical methods. This is because technology is not dictated by the superstructure. Thus simply saying tech hold the relations that created it is far too simplistic.

And you put up with that? Wow, you really are a cuck.
Here, why don't you go earn 22$ for me? I'll give you $7.5. Sounds like a good deal, right?

I'm not talking about work ethic, I'm talking about the system of capitalism. Capitalist work ethic is just a way to make workers think it's okay that their boss earns a shitton of money for their work. Your boss doesn't deserve that money, you do. You were the one who worked for it, not him

from my own experience it has been that simple, if you don't have children you cant afford and live below your means youll be fine

What I should've just quit my first job? Then I wouldn't be where I am

Guess what? When I started working I voluntarily entered a contract for a set amount of money.

I understand what you are saying 100%, Heres the thing, it would drive me nuts if it weren't for the FACT I could also reach that position above me.

being able to reach the top makes it fair enough for me. There isn't anything restricting me from being a boss. If we were in a system with set bosses that couldn't be changed and we were stuck on the bottom I would be mad but that's not the case, we really can actualize our dreams in this society.

Be the change you wish to see

You're thinking too narrowly, fam. This isn't about you, you don't matter. This is about the system, where this sort of exploitation happens all the time. You're forced to put up with it because you own nothing, you only have your labour to sell. If you don't take a job, you starve. But your boss doesn't have to work, because he does own shit, so he can make money off the work you do for him. Your boss has all the power, so he will do everything he can to make sure you get as little as possible and you can't do shit because you're just one guy (imagine if there wasn't a minimum wage. How little would you get them?). Even if you rise up the ranks and become a porky like your boss, that system will still exist, and the fact is most people simply cannot not be wage slaves, not because they're dumb or lazy, but because the system wouldn't work otherwise. Those people will want a change, they will want their fair share, and once they realize that they have the same interests they will get it, because there are far more workers than there are porkies. You can either be a cuck and hope one day you will be the one exploiting your fellow citizens, or you can man up and be the fucking change you wish to see in the world.

It's not voluntary if your only other choice is to starve

So screeched the eternal classcuck

No, it really, really isn't. Productivity has skyrocketed the past few decades while wages have hardly increased at all. People are working longer hours, becoming more educated and acquiring more skills and aren't receiving anything more for it. You are completely and utterly mistaken.

We've diverged pretty far from vidya games

All gamers are lumpen. No one cares what they think about politics.

Never said that, just pointed out the flaw in your example.

So what was the point of bringing it up? You're going nowhere, and doing so in circles.

Of course the French Revolution wasn't just spawned out of massive technological advantage nor did it lead to it, but there were certain technological advanced made in relatively contemporary times that helped in it's advent and likewise the system it set up helped the further advance of technology in France.

France was, in certain ways, more technologically advanced than it's enemies…just not by unreasonable leaps and bounds.

I brought it up in the idea the problem was Napoleon chased the Russian Army, when the problem was a lack of even a logistical support network equal to that of the British Army of the time.

Thus there is no example of products having inherent relations of the society that created it. For example a capitalist tank would always have the same utility on the battlefield as a communist tank thus its tech based on the material conditions of its society that is far more complex then simply relations to products.

It depends on what kind of product. While a tank's a tank, to be sure, a Capitalist car will be very different to a Communist one, likewise, a Capitalist book-publisher will be very different to a Communist one…namely that only one of those will be willing to publish books supporting both ideas.

If it weren't for the Atlanteans everywhere would still be africa

From a engineers standpoint a capitalist car and communist car would be the same at the abstract level. Both would have the same engineering issues and only differ in what trade offs were made based on the material conditions of the society that designed and built it. Unless one society completely dwarfs the others tech, you would never have cars being so alien the other culture couldn't reverse engineer it and get a peak into the mindset behind its design. As for books, that is not tech that is culture.

Material goods being affected by the ideology, thus in turn affecting the rate of technological progress. Thereby one side outstripping the other technologically, thereby one side inventing, developing and perfecting the car and other making shitty, steel-coffins that are at least 20-30 years behind.

Material goods are determined by the base not the superstructure, thus why revolutionary France didn't all of a sudden have the tech of the British Empire.

But they are. If the superstructure decides "we don't need iron" they're going to find themselves woefully behind in terms of iron-working technology.

The means of production is part of the base, it doesn't mater if the super structure outlaws iron as factories will continue to utilize it just like how the war on drugs hasn't removed illegal drugs from the base.

Literally voice of the voiceless, bruh.

When I first stumbled upon reaction images already a grown man I knew, this, for today's digital semi-literate white-nigger-cattle, is their worksongs, the new folklore of modern urban proles. Best memes express complex sentiment which most chantards lack words for, pic related.

too bad the left can't meme

Isn't that just trash in the traditional sense? You know, debris, litter, refuse, etc.?

Let's compare to Battlefront: vimeo.com/172293963

Like if there was sales pitch involved and it wasn't sitting in an art gallery, how is there any way you could leave that out somewhere and it wouldn't end up in a waste bin in five seconds?

That's not an argument dumb tripfag ;)


true…buts thats a minority of people…most gamers i know dont even know about the whole SJW crusade against videogames….most are just worried about if the next new game is gonna be good