Neo Nazi Islam

Why do so many neo nazis convert to Islam/extremist Islam?

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Islam is far right so…

because it's an "uncucked" religion or whatever. It basically aligns with all of their beliefs. and Hitler supported it.

You for real, bro?

This and they both hate Jews.

And you often se nazis calling Islam uncucked and conservative and muh traditional hijab wife


Wahabism is extremely similar to fascism

One? There are loads of aspects of Islam they love.


things that never happened.jpg


It never crossed my mind this could be unironic
Please tell me we are not doomed to see every ironic trend become unironic

Thought it was a universalist religion i.e leftist. Muslims don't really have a concept of race, perhaps identity in some sects such as finding themselves incompatible with all other religions instead of select similar ones.
Far-rightists wish to imitate Israel in policy, take for example the famous Golden Dawn figure who threw water at a reporter on TV who said in his own words "We should be more like Israel" or the Visegrad Group which have barely taken any refugees if any at all, only to be praised by Israel's notorious prime minister Netanyahu along with far-rightists.

Besides, I don't think race should be a concept exclusive to far rightists, one could take a leftist approach to race by breeding based on individual quality, not identity.

Do you know about the antizion board?


Yeah that's right wing

because they're the same

its a meme

They do, Arabs revere whites and look down on blacks. Go to Qatar to see what I mean.

Because when they spout hate speech about jews and Isreal, the liberals will actually defend them.

Because their entire world-view revolves around being lonely virgins and they realized that Islam has arranged marriages with women in a subservient role.

It really isn't though. Fascism is based arround nation states, which radical Islam deeply rejects. Islam isn't tribal at all.

Standard-issue colorism of hot climates where fair skin were a marker of nobility because they don't spend time in the sun all day.


ITT : Children who think they know the first thing about Islam because they heard some dude talking about it.
And I'm what most people would describe as an atheist.

I can't wait for the right to tear itself apart.

fuckoff retard

its nationalism for islam rather than ethnicity

actually they say they want white sharia

Racism is strictly forbidden in Islam, what some Qatari overlords fetishes has nothing to do with the religion itself

Where did you pull that out of your ass from?

Nah, they'll stick together as long as Trump keep bashing the liberal/LGBTQRST/Immigrants boogeyman.

At the center of neofascist beliefs is pathological narcissism: these people essentially think that their feelings are universal truth among human beings, even the "lesser" ones.

Extremes attract extremes.

wtf i love hitler now

Because Saudi Arabia is literally a model society for polyps.

DO "so many neo Nazis" convert?

I don't know any actual Nazis so maybe there is something going on, but none of my right wing friends have taken their shahadas, while 2 of my more lefty friends have.

One Labour supporter, she married a (seemingly non-devout)Muslim and was essentially forced to convert dispite her husband saying he was fine with her being (Protestant) agnostic before they married.
The other was a socialist atheist who smoked waaay to much weed joined Scientology, left after about a year then converted to Islam. I haven't talked to him for a few months so I wouldn't be surprised if he's become apostate and joined yet another cult since then.