Kraut and Tea

Seems like Kraut is starting to speak out about the Right wing SJW's that are a cancer to youtube.

TThe sceptic cancer "community" seems to be splitting. They all hate eachother, its funny to watch.
this might be /leftytrash/ but its kinda important

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He shilled for leftypol once.

He's speaking out against himself? That seems counter-productive.

No it isent. Whenever kraut talks about the right is becouse of some bullshit drama that hapens not becouse he wants to. Hell he even deleted his vídeo response to edgy sphinx where he debunks edgy holocoust denial claim.

Kraut does this whenever his "friends" do drama with him, Just look at the AIU and edgy sphinx drama he got into one time.

kill yourslef please

Who's yourslef?

What is everyone in the comment section complaining about though?


Least he isn't too concerned about going with the flow or where the memes are at, compared to other rant channels on YouTube.

Despite his shitty research skills and cocky attitude.


This girl comes behind you, slaps your ass and says "Let's talk about race".
What do you do?

I race my cock into her ass.

I'd say mean things about her appearance. Even though she would probably be lippy in the moment, shes a narcissist so it would tear her up inside later on. I'd say something that isn't even necessarily true like, how come you're a Nazi with such a big nose? And engage no further and walk off, so later on in front of the mirror she would be inspecting her own nose and freaking out.

alternatively headbutt her right in the face and then spit on her

Kraut is alt-right shit cancer, I don't give a shit

If I ain't mistaken he's working on another alt-right video right now. He tweeted out that he just got done reading the race realist's hadith, "The Bell Curve". Boy, he's really cutting his ties with most of his audience. With all the alt-right dog whistling he's done in his time as a YouTuber from making "we wuz kangz" memes to straight up calling people "Paki scum" I wouldn't have thought he was ever gonna fall out with his fans and the rest of Holla Forums over """race realism""". Oh well, don't judge a book by it's cover I guess…

Establish communism. Tf what else are you supposed to do?

Is """debate""" code for something else? Cuz if not I'm gonna politely decline cuz it's pointless to argue with retards.

is he right guyz? maybe you been doing it wrong all along

Trans people are the real revolutionaries of the 21st century.

Tbh the probability of him renouncing alot of his reactionary ideas is nearly zero. He Still think antifa are basicly the Devil for breaking a Window and still thinks that the refugees crisis is the fault of "evul islam" and not EU and US foreing policy backfiring.

Alone the fact that somebody's got the balls to un-ironically upload shit like this to YouTube just goes to show what a right-wing reactionary torture chamber the site's become. The like-to-dislike ratio's prolly no different than his other videos too.

Well at least this rightist subhumans are fighting eachother. At very least is funny to watch.

And people say our community has drama lol.

Well, to be honest, to claim that ALL migrants are the direct result of western imperialism is a little bit reductionist. I don't think we should trying to way moral imperatives against each other, to argue that Europeans were colonialists therefore migrants have a right to come here is liberalism in character.

way = weigh


I never pay much attention to the race "realist" but what exactly do they want? Do they think deporting millions of people due being in a race that has 15 less Autism Level points on average is a sensible plan?

Nobody knows. Even if we assume that race realists are correct about everything, what are we supposed to politicially do with this knowledge?

Shaun and Jen debunked him thoroughly. (search for it on youtube)

"Race realist" is just a pretty name for white supremacists.

Its more of a PC term for "racialist".

They don't want white women to raece mix.
That's it.

you're supposed to racially profile immigrants and only let in white people. some of them like Molymeme also want to profile for ideology, so you have to hold "Western values", which basically means you have to be a libertarian or something.

I don't like Shaun and Jen. He defends every SJW talking point no matter how bad it is. To pretend that there are no problems with migration and that migrants are noble savages is liberal to the core, of course there are problems with migration, the difference is we make a material analysis of it and don't blame it on Islam/Race/Culture etc.

When did he do that though? His great replacement video mainly just concentrated on the principle quam far rightists have with modern day immigration. That it's too heavy and will result in the eventual end of the "white race", which he debunked.

Anarco-Skepticsm is a thing

Upvote this Kraut video, beat back the pol dislikes.

This don't let the lynch mob win.

Also, Kraut has straight up stated his sympathy for Holla Forums before so he probably wouldn't mind this.

Kraut please leave.


Why would we help you Kraut?
Thought you hated us Communists.
We are just going to sit back in watch.

I'd rape her. It's a ritual for us nazbols.


Do these people not have introspection or something? I thought this was a parody of sargon at first - is it mandatory to have a retarded avatar these days?

Yes you can basically blame Armored Skeptic and Sargon for spreading this avatar autism

Rape is a hot fetish.
if both partys agree

How do I join?

didn't he get cuckrage when staci green of all people talked to a bad boy?

welp he had a good run, guess his shekels are going to dry up and every other anti-sjw are about to disavow him

I didn't see Shaun get involved in that one at all. Maybe lobbed a few snarky comments on twitter but who doesn't?

Oh come the fuck on. He literally spent 5-10 minutes of his Southern rebuttal reiterating that there are reasonable criticisms of immigration and that it CAN hurt lower class workers. He simply disagrees that people like Southern care about or address these concerns in any serious way

Good. I support every on-the-fence liberal drama queen being torn down and only the most fashy of internet pedants remaining.

Anyone else hate when people start circlejerking about how much they love that a comments section is a circlejerk more than the actual comments section circlejerks themselves?

sweet jesus the reddit has calcified…its too late


isn't he one of the skeptic's™ ? it's hard to believe that they will let kraut die this way (i think).

complaining about calling someone like rage_after_storm fashy has to be the worst intersection of empty smugness and dipshit internet pedantry.

perhaps your post was to vauge, I assumed you wanted them for self-affirming reasons, not to help push the whole platform over, I agree to that.
Hell faggysphinx came back with the actual factes as his icon now so all pretenses are gone on that one

they did it to spino.. granted they claimed it was because he made a parody account of sargon of assmad but that just made them seem hypocritcal, whining about backstabbing and shit. Then they threw thunderfoot under the bus time and time again cause he didnt back trump or brexit.
They may pull a jontron though and remain oddly silent and hope it blows over

sorry, kraut is a pretentious cunt with an obnoxious fake accent

They want to bring back overt racial discrimination