Chans being so political

For those at it for years, how do you feel about the strong politicization of chan culture?
Would you have expected it?

Maybe I was just too young to notiec/care, but ten+ years ago I never felt this strong presence.
I was idiotically laughing at Raptor Jesus and roflcopter

Now I get into the obscurest chans and everything seems to bring up some political comment. And not just random gratitous Holla Forums shitposting, actual discussion.

It's like all of the chanosphere has become every-flavoured politically incorrect discussion boards, leaving no stone unturned.

Even the times of Chanology and Occupy seem so innocent in comparison; people would just march with a "le 1%" sign with memes, never crosseing their minds whether the FBI would infiltrate their group.
Now you can't spend a month on chans without getting familiar with how intelligence agencies operate. It's basic stuff now

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People fighting for righteous causes ruined chan culture.

It's a sign people are 'waking up' and unknowingly feeling the decay of capitalism.
I'm glad it went alt-right because people are slowly realising the right is bullshit used by Youtube celebrities to make more ad revenue (TOP 10 SJWS GET REKT BY LOGIC AND REASON PART 3! ad naseum)

Chan culture is almost going through somewhat of a dialectic,

Yes. I think aside from having the internet life is much shittier than it was in the past 80 years. It was inevitable.
Why do you think that pre 2008 the most popular boards were Holla Forums, and after 2008 Holla Forums /r9k/ etc. exploded in popularity?

More like:

I miss edgy internet nihilism, it seems that every thread on 4chan and Holla Forums eventually turn into people accusing each other of being an SJW

I used to think there was some kind of aberration but I'm starting to think the internet was always doomed to be shit.

And it was known 10 years ago too
Fuck me. 10 years, it's 10 fucking years it's been a corpse. The thing that fucks with me is trying to tie these things together - 2007 is usually used as the date for when everything was really fucked, or at least the largest series of disasters occurred. Put that in real world context: What were you doing in 2007? Brits: Do you remember Blair standing down? The SNP's first election victory? Those seem much more recent in memory than an internet worth using for anything but piracy.

Imageboards are just another piece of the puzzle. They were a mistake too, or perhaps more cuttingly only 4chan was a mistake - I still hold, as an elitist, a bastard, a shithead and so on - that if they were kept in the shadows, a niche thing then they would be far more entertaining today.

I've increasingly found that inclination, I almost wonder if others share it - sometimes when I find something vaguely well known, like a mid-tier popularity old game, I'll actively refrain from ever mentioning it, referencing it, etc. Better that nobody should know about it then that I should see the cover next to some money grabbing cunt's face on YouTube, or bait threads on /vr/

In conclusion networking was a mistake. If you want to pirate a song burn a tape.

What happened is that liberals went bat shit insane.
They became these weird authoritarians trying to control what people could say or do.
They became irrational, eternally agitated, regressive, and stupid.
Safe space, micro aggression, muh privilege, trigger!

The alt right was but a reaction against this.

The reality is liberals cast themselves as rebels against the system, but they are actually enforcers of the system. Not only against the far right, but the far left too.
Liberals kill all groups that have revolutionary potential through an extreme and divisive identity politics.
Liberals have completely cleansed themselves of all class consciousness.

The liberal does not want to improve material conditions of the poor, it wants to help capitalism absorb marginalized groups and social movements.

There is something that happend in obamas second term that made liberals go bat shit insane.
America is now agitated, tribalistc, every from of media politicized.
You know if you had just let them watch thier football and play their video games they would have not gave a fuck about politics, but the libs forced them to, the sjw's forced them to.
And the obama years were the peak of idpol madness, which ends with the trumpenrecih triumphant.

On another note, as a troll, how are you going to sit back and not troll libs when they turned into these bat shit insane retards who are offended at everything all the time?

If only for the dozens of obscure texts I would not have had access to, legally or otherwise, the internet is worth it for me.

they've always been insane it's just that they seemed sane compared to bush's war for Iraqi oil which a lot of liberals voted to do


more money is spent on politics now more than ever

There's only so long you can exchange one-sentence messages about how someone is a faggot or something an EPIC WINRAR until getting bored to death. It was inevitable.

I question your overly broad definition of political, though.

Do you remember "internet is serious business"? That joke isn't used anymore because people actually think the internet is serious business now.
It was caused by a flood of newfag gen z'rs who think they're continuing some grand tradition of internet culture and not realizing they're stupid kids like everyone on the internet had and will be.

Another thing, the newfags sometimes like to defend being so shitty by talking about nihilism, but really they're extremely butthurt and care deeply about what they say. Otherwise why should they care about white birthrates and cuckholdery? It's founded in deep insecurity and anxiety about the future, and 4chan and twitter is where they go to not feel alone in their nonexistent "struggle".

I remember when 4chan were virgins with no lifes nor political opinions and when tumblr were virgins with no life nor political opinions
Festered Neonazi wannabes and Liberals, who would have known.

Yeah, I didn't want to go that way. But yes, a lot of that presence is Holla Forums.
But that's on fast chans. Slow ones create productive conversations.

But the most widespread thing is not Holla Forums, but hate for liberals/SJW. Of course Holla Forums had a big say in that, but you know that is a much greater phenomenon (eg, this board too, just that you wouldn't call them SJW because the term is shit)
The malevolent side effect is how easy is to derail threads with shit like
Pic somewhat related, when someone posts some strawman tumblr comic Holla Forums and Holla Forums are the two that derail the most

me too

OMG that parody of 4chan posts made me laugh so much.

Isn't it? The internet is the greatest source of information for humanity now. It's really what you make of it. I've learned a lot from reading Holla Forums the past 3 years. Exclusive linux user for about 4 years because of /g/. Was a part of an MMO fan website for nearly a decade, and friends I met there introduced me to heavy metal and hentai for the first time. I wouldn't be the same person if it wasn't for the internet. The shit people post here actually does affect the lives of others.

fuck off grandpa

the NEW breed is here to stay

I love that in the spirit of the old interenet he kept the web's design source-minimalistic

Fuking this. The problem is that once everyone does it, you need to do it too for your business, or to even have a chance in most of the dating market.
Ted Kaczynski was right, pi related (tl;dr: cars are not a choice as they were before, as cities are now plannes and built according to the majority that does use cars)

KEK, no that ship has sailed

Ugh, unfortunately.

Society in general has become more politicised. People on chans bitched about reddit and tumblr starting around 2011-2013, but this was just a reflection on normy gen Ys coming to adulthood and becoming politically aware.

like it or not the unbridled free speech has led to a huge surge in intellectualism
the chans are the new ancient greek philosophy academies, and instead of the great philosophers such as plato and socrates we are now home to opinionated anonymous fags, but we are fucking right.
the bulk of intellectual developments (especially political, all other areas too but generally to a lesser extent) are now happening within the chans, and this is real.
the fact is we are growing so much in power that the need to develop and refine ideas has spread all over.

A new intellectual golden age is coming, and its coming from the chans.

Fuck, you are right, it was one of my fevorite memes

I remember when the last picture would have never been taken remotely seriously.
Last time I posted it, it was, and it spawn a shitfest of "4chan is not nazi, newfag, it was always libertarian" vs "no, it's always nazi" or "always apolitical"
Jesus, it was just an absurdist joke about how lulsorandumb and edgy was 4chan

I fucking hate it, I miss the times when people kept politics away from talking about vidya or animu.
Yes, but not as fucking much. The real life cancer has been slowly creeping into chans for some time, but I never expected we could arrive in the timeline so shit we got another Chanology runing us, except 10 times as terrible.
I mean, it's still possible to partially undo the cancer, but that would require nuking 4/pol/ and organize the chanwide persecutions of people caring about politics that would make the ponyfag witchhunts child's play until political boards, /int/s and I guess /lit/ remain the only ones with the people talking about the political garbage.


This post is even scarier once you realize there are actual people on chans with such a mindset.

Not only is that last picture an edit, but I can tell it was made by a Holla Forumsyp without any hint of irony.

All culture is always political, by denying it towards one side, you only strengthen the other. Moot made his site a right wing den of scum and villainy by banning project chanology and basically doing everything possible in pushing the idea that politics is about being edgy and not having substance.

jesus christ… how many layers of autism are we on? chans are fucking equivalent to socrates? I hope to god this is shitposting.
Dude, its just a bunch of unemployed and alienated young men. sperging out is no more profound than that kid who gets stoned laughts at his hand and thinks hes having profound thoughts while in reality he is nothing but a dumbass
go read some actual classical philosophy books

Moot's mistake was in resurrecting /new/ rather than treating opinionated retards talking about IRL news like furries they are.

But enough about philosophers, let's talk about 4chan.

YHBT redditard fagmaster

Buh duh bup buh dup buuhp

You poor, naive, sap.

I can see why you might want one political containment board on a site so people feel like they get an outlet to vent on these issues and you can push them towards it if they start autisming up other boards and their content, the problem with moot doing this is he did it in a completely biased and stupid way while not admitting this and pretending neutrality. Also pretending "pol" was meant to be a joke board denies the context that one side is heavily associated with being politically incorrect and the other is not. Whether that perception is reality or not is not what I'm arguing here, but him acting like it was a surprise right wingers flocked to the site was as dumb as his "surprise" that pedo's flocked to /l/.


no u dont understand
some of the greatest minds in the world at the moment are here at work, on the chans
you dont realize the gravity of this situation. the whole intellectual sphere is centred around the chans
just wait 10 or 20 years, the philosophers of the future will hold the chans in high regard, because this is the greatest intellectual seeding point in the world right now
we have a guiding hand for the future of humanity through this, and you have to realize its real before we send it all to waste
i dont have to because i already have the understanding of all those books from being on here

I mean in a sense I see what he's saying but equally… Fuck off. 'Just log off the internet and go do something fun stoopid mouthbreather'. Yeah well, suck my cock, I can't afford to do anything. Half the libraries are shut and if I left my room I'd have to talk to my parents because I sure as shit can't afford to move out. Oh, and I can't drive anywhere either because I can't afford a car. And since my parents live in the middle of nowhere, there's nowhere to drive to anyway. I had to break up with my boyfriend too over lack of money to live near him, so there's porn for that.

In summary, yes normies ruined the internet but we only need it so badly because society was ruined already.

leave your basement and go into the real world for once. Chan culture is totally irrelevant to it.

SJW is a symptom of degradation of the academia. Which is pretty fucking bad because they are supposed to be the way of understanding reality. If people forget about reality, nothing we gonna do gonna work.

I wish being so trollable was a bannable offense.

No. I remember that back in the days chans and the internet in general was rather apolitical, and actually most 4chan users were a bit left leaning, and pro-freedom in nearly all cases. There were some people who wanted to be edgy and adopted some political ideologies, but honestly politics weren't really discussed. Lots of people were pretending to be nazi/racist just for laughs, and then there came some people who thought that it is for real, and felt like in home.
And people started taking internet much more seriously too, with all those internet fights and so on.



excuse me?
you are telling me to go into the real world? i know the real world better than anyone else here i guarantee you. if you could only step outside and take a look at the world around you.
you would realize that our cultural contributions have amounted to higher than any single other thing. the internet is a giant network with the whole world in it, and we essentially control internet culture one way or another. so YES chan culture is a big influence on the real world.
also i dont even have a basement!

shitty redditors trying to emulate our greatness, they always fail.
these are parasites, and do not belong on the chans. everyone will forget these people, what history will not forget however is the incredible contributions to political philosophy among other things that the chans have brought to the world, and in the end, these achievements will cast great shadow on parasites like this.

wew lad, i'm still waiting for chans to produce some ideology that isn't just regurgitated aesthetics

If you miss being 14, I'd redirect you to 4chan's Holla Forums or /r9k/ boards.

Not him but I know there are a few very brilliant individuals here.

I really wonder 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧who)) is behind politicizing anonymous imageboards?

One of the head ironies of Internet culture wars is that image boards keep using >le even though reddit quit saying that years ago.


we're on the verge of entering a new dark age, mark my words

Don't worry comrade, philistines and pseuds are the first to get the bullet.

yeah, sure, no need to worry right? i'm discussing with a nazi who things disregarding reading the classics will somehow magically spawn a new age of enlightenment and get "consoled" by deluded child with murder fantasies who wants to kill everybody he considers a pseud or a philistene.

what, me, worry?

take off the flag kiddo, ur a disgrace

You got me there.

Not really, i dont know how it is in america but in my country i would say that at least 50% of young population that uses the internet was affected with chan culture
They use chan terminology, they use chan "speak", they belive in movements that took their roots on the imageboards, the spread the memes produced on imageboards, hell even the most popular young "internet comedians" with 1 mil subcribers take directly from chan culture

Shit, I've heard adults that have never even been on the internet say "epic fail."

Under Communism the Homeric epics and Greek tragedians will become a mandatory reading.

No this is natural. It has nothing to do with us. We just came in contact with a certain feeling. The alienation pushed us ahead of the others. We just arrived at the destination sooner than the regular population. Our "ironic" crippling nihilism is a reflection of the ugly side of society. As our society slowly decays, the normies come in contact with the same alienation that most of us felt. Most of them can't accept this feeling, so they use lighthearted, you could say brain-dead, versions of our ironic humor. Watered down for the redditor and facebook memer. Just look at what happened. "Ironic" Hitler worship turns into Alt-Right turns into Alt-Light and then maybe skeptic conservatism at the very bottom. All of these symptoms come from the same feeling. Alienation and anxiety.

Along with Girugamesh and the Aneid.

god tier shitposting r-r-right?

The problem is that imageboards filled the void created by Usenet falling into obscurity, there is no alternative to imageboards other then Reddit. Yet imageboards and Reddit failed to match what Usenet were in their heyday.

This perpetuates the problem with the Internet now. Unless it is somewhat known then you won't find it on the Internet as anyone trying to find an obscure game, TV show or film will attest to due to how search algorithms work. Lets also not forget that 4chan was responsible from actually unearthing long lost films like the 1960's underground film of Mickey Mouse going to Vietnam through the power of its collective autism.

No, boards like Holla Forums and /g/ becoming big on the private property meme is weird as fuck

If it were just the chans I wouldn't give a fuck but the internet has become a machine that spreads ignorance and misinformation like a Rhino shitting and spreading his shit all over a lake.

Stop being so mean, Rhinos are cool

Image boards, like any other medium, are just a reflection of a part of society at a given time. If anything the shift in behavior of image boards kind of proves Marx's point about materialism. As economic and political crises take place in the real world, political tensions everything increase, giving us a glimpse of the whole thing on image boards.

We'll have some kind of explosive outburst of political tensions at some point that may or may not bring down society as we know it, leading to Socialism or Fascism, but afterwards image boards should be good again.

that would be actually a huge improvement for /sci/s of the world, though.

No, this is what I was talking about.
Of course it was an edit, but predates Holla Forums by fucking years, don't read so much into it.

I saw it posted a lot in 2008/2009 Holla Forums, the parrot is a fucking joke, and there are many other edits with absurd shit. It was an standalone funny picture of pirate hitler mashed into some deviantart pic about the internet because "4chan is so lolrandum"
It was when Youtube was just starting to get known for its shitty comments, deviantart was still a big thing, and twitter was just taking off, see the ages of the characters.
It was when MySpace was huge. Reddit shines for its absence, literally out of the picture.

Holla Forums? Not even /new/ had been created.

When people say that Nazism was just an edgy joke it's no exageration, you couldn't go about without watermelon jokes, faggot calling, irreverent humor moking jesus/christianity and jokes about nazism.
It's just that honest Nazism became a thing, but Raptor Jesus worship didn't.

every damn time

Old Holla Forums might have been garbage but at least it wasn't as bitter as today's /r9k/

I miss writing "Hitler did nothing wrong" just for shits.

How new could you possibly be? Literally how old are you?

you are right, but I wouldn't know how to call it

I mean every subject where the term "politically incorrect" might apply, basically "beliefs systems", worldviews. Stuff some families avoid at the dinner table, like politics, religion, opinions on race and sexuality.

Offtopic philosophy was always a thing, but it seems like everyone was pushed into having strong opinions about every single subject now.

I hope I'm not the only one who feels like that way, maybe it's just a demographic thing, as chan people get older

I seriously doubt that many library in my vicinity have a selection comparable with the questionably legal Russian one. Access to scientific papers is even worse without being a (preferably PhD level) uni student. A worse problem, at least for me, it's that browsing the internet seems to be very effective at training short attention span and susceptibility to distraction. What's the point of having several gbs of books of the most interesting theory on various topics, when I end up shitposting on chan rather than reading them?

I think that the problem is that the avarage user isn't someone to just go to a bar at random and talk to strangers. Years of honing one's autism probably doesn't help with that either.

Yeah, I'm sure you're an expert on academia. Let me guess, you think "Cultural Marxism" is the dominant paradigm in sociology?


Strange right?
The sardonic pejorative use outlived the orginal meme for so long
Also, it was mostly 9gag

I miss when ragecomics were literally shit even by cham standards.
When I saw them being adopted by normalfags is when I realised the old internet was forever over

Dolan was a nice refuge in that perdiod


I agree with your first post, but

Eh, I'm fond of making bold statements. If you water it down to "The internet was broadly speaking a useful tool but we've made some missteps" then it's soon watered down into "Well make Facebook's banner red, then keep everything the same."
Bluntly saying "Kill it, Kill it, Kill it, he's supposed to die" on the other hand… (Does nothing, but theoretically if the threat existed people might actually rally and fix it. Or at the least listen.)

The thing about cars is pretty good at making a point.
(Amusingly I would sort of press to say it aligns with the general belief I have that - as shit as the internet is - we're at the stage now where the state should be handing out laptops to ensure accessibility. Of course we know now they'd be handing out fucking phones.)

I mean, you could pirate a fuckton of stuff and then stay offline. That partially does as suggested.
(It's been on my backlog of things to try for over a year.)

I still remember when I naively thought that there must be somewhere good hidden on some forlorn corner of the internet, but that nobody talked about it because if they did it would die. I spent an unreasonable amount of time searching - found a lot of dead imageboards, but not much else.
Oh, I know. But in a way I don't mind. The network as a whole is a nightmarish thing. When I can't find what I need - it's criminal. When I stop others finding what they need, it's a statement.

They won't have the variety, but in some ways that's not the point.
I mean, I'll even give a strange but practical example - the SDP-Liberal Alliance manifestos. It is impossible to find a good scan of those on the internet. You can get the text, and you can get a ~200px picture of the cover, but you can't get a good scan of the actual thing. It just isn't there. This isn't some particularly obscure thing, politics and political history are relatively major fields - but it's just not there. That's before you start on local history, etc, that nobody ever bothered to upload. Now, you can go find plenty of other stuff, but for all the reach of the internet certain things just get left out, and you've got to trudge over to a library to find a copy of Working together for Britain
[I emphasise before anyone searches to make a point: The full text is online, it's just been transcribed manually rather than scanned.]
Very true.

I honestly want to make a site that would be impossible to view without blocking JS just to fuck with people. (I think it would do to have some script that obscures the whole page unless it's blocked, and which won't be stopped by mere ad blocker, but would need something more autistic like NoScript or uMatrix).

420chan (/psy/, /dis/, /benz/, Holla Forums) gets into pseudo-political discussions pretty often. It's always beyond retarded. Not that many anime nazis tho.

If you really want to leave Web 2.0/3.0 behind, go on TOR
Host a TOR service and most of your userbase will have JS disabled from the get-go

Raptor Jesus religion would be pretty cool, but then again it would get desecrated by normalfags like that fucking frog.

The internet BECAME serious business once companies started making serious bank on it. Before, with thousands of sites and little way to harvest user data and advertise effectively, it wasn't so serious.
Now, it's very serious. And not because of the "all of humanity's knowledge, free communication with everyone" aspect. It's because of the marketing money making aspect. Fucking disgusting.

Computers get a lot of hate for that, but the ensuing ADHD is just a side effect of something great like having lots of information immediately available, and needding to process it.
Computers, mobile computers, the internet, and more importantly our ability to operate it skillfully are a great save of time and resources.

It would have been impossible to operate the modern world without millions of people frantically searching online stuff for their work, scientists finding new research papers they could use, animators trawlling through tons of online content to find new aesthetics. Now a single guy can do the accounting of what would have taken dozens of accountants. Adapting to computer frecuency is a must.

If that means we end up overclocked ourselves and has a negative impact on our brain, so be it, let's try and remedy it, but the brain in only adapting to work with a new tech that is necessary. In the end things aren't getting worse because of it; instead populations can avoid (aka postpone) massive collapse because of it.

We should cut down on population, and see how to bring our minds up to speed without suffering from the side effects

Considering the amount of Holla Forumsyps on each and every place on the internet, I find it extremely refreshing at how much butthurt I can cause just by my presence. There was a time when it started to get harder and harder to shitpost and troll. A lot of people simply got used to the unforgiving nature of the interwebz. BUT NOW, all you have to do is post a lefty meme, a pro-left quote, soviets in Berlin, and you are guarenteed to receive tons and tons of (You)s. It is a new age for the troller.

The problem is that the Internet is now more shit then actual useful content. Any student using the Internet for research today runs the risk of thinking space is a NASA space conspiracy and that the Earth is flat.

The current state of the internet is the fault of capital and not memes, or newfags, or whatever. It's profit, driving people inward towards an internet they largely don't enjoy, but are pressured into and addicted to from simplistic feedback, using social media that's bad for them both in a societal sense, promoting alienation, and individually on a psychological level, all for the sake of data profiteering and proliferating the dependence on cell phones, again feeding back into the data profit. Newfags aren't the result of the popularity of 4chan, or rage comics on reddit, but the end result of the dotcom boom and the realisation how much money is to be found online.
Capital seeks to maximise profit where it can, and suddenly dawned upon it the perfect salesman: HTML
We have to remember that the forces of capital will one day not only destroy the culture of the internet, but drive us from it, replacing us all with people connected to social media, requiring all sorts of dystopian tracking methods to keep track of a persons true thoughts (to be sold on the free market, of course)
This is why we must become paranoid, not of each other, but technology, and the influence the state apparatus and Capital has upon it.

I do the same thing. Watching them have autistic meltdowns to anything relatively leftist is a good source of schadenfreude.


I think its great. Politics is back on the menu, I think we are heading towards a truly revolutionary period. The Washington consensus is dead and American hegemony is dying - the empire is panicing like a hurt beast chaos is bound to ensue, in one form or another.
If it has ruined comfy and funny internet culture, who gives a shit. Nostalgia glasses off, start looking at the future.

Yep. The internet on a capitalist society acted as a fast-paced experiment on the accumulation of capital

There's so much cultural inertia: people keep complaining about 1% of the riches, but abstract riches like information as so much more concentrated.

the original was better, it just had a gross flasher

Howard, you're not fooling anyone you know.

Truthfully until we've resolved a series of problems that have arisen from this, I'd consider that a bit of a "the prosecution rests" scenario.
Mostly in the ways that technology helps to skill-down (and wage-down.) jobs, like mass production once did. What was once a job that paid well enough to support a family is often now a minimum wage call-centre-and-computer affair on minimum wage if you're lucky.

When-and-if we resolve that it'll be easier to say it was a good thing.

I miss Raptor Jesus

I wouldn't say it was a good or bad thing. It just moved the balance point for world population.

"Lower wages" doesn't mean the person doing the job now earns less, it means that someone else who is from a lower social class now can do that job on par with someone who once required a life of high education. That other person moved on to an 8-hour office job administering the economy more profficiently than the emperor's court could have done 300 years ago.
Society is ever more productive, and the reason life seems to go nowhere is that population increased so much that it cancels out that productivity.
Now some few farmers can farm what broke the back of thousands before, but they need to feed so much more people from the same patch, all possible only with new agricultural techniques, chemistry, optimized machinery, etc. Even the crops and animals (and their parts) are so much better utilized.

We squeeze the lemon like hell today.

The problem really lies in that it's three times more difficult to suffice the needs of a population twice the size, because resources are limited, so all that capability goes to waste into increasing population more than living conditions.
All the great capabilities we have are turned to do the impossible because of the population boom:

Populations grow until they reach the environment's carry capacity, so even with increasing life expentancy, literacy, knowledge, turn into more people living a shitty life, not an easier life.

What I said was the world is sustained by it now.
Remove vaccination and you'll see pandemics sweeping the largest of the population on a single blow with today's population density.
Remove computers and all the computer-aided designs of distribution networks, power reactors, drugs, medical machinery, communications, industrial processes, and factories and world population will collapse from the mere inefficiency of it all.

I literally can't get to work if public trasport employees strike.
I literally can't work if there if the internet is down.
The internet is becoming just as necessary as vaccines for modern society.

we can't even have diaper threads anymore without them descending into bickering over transgenders

Come on, you know that's not what he meant.

My point is it's not the wages the problem, it's the resource preassure on the planet that makes it frustrating doing ever more stuff and seem to be getting less out of it (and the poor distribution of resources of course)

All I know is that you can't have any discussion on a board like Holla Forums or Holla Forums any more without it being almost INSTANTLY derailed by "ermahgawd this game/show/thing has a woman/black guy/jew in it, obvious SJW commie propaganda, sage sage sage spam spam spam" that generates 200 replies. It never earns the shitposter a deletion or ban, but any leftist that responds runs the risk of a ban for criticizing anything right-wing. You know how many times I've been banned from Holla Forums just for saying something like "hey this is a Morrowind thread, keep Holla Forums in Holla Forums"?
Basically fuck the internet.

Considering that most of the web-wide Holla Forums got created by the ease of trolling with… any non-liberal view, basically…

…they're now both helping us grow and sowing seeds of their own demise, god bless the autistic bastards.

That actually sounds like fun. Guess my Holla Forums image folder has greater use than I thought.

I do too, brother

Been browsing imageboards since 09. I think politics should stay out of hobby boards, but thats no longer the reality sadly


That second and third image make me sad. I guess we all grew up to be depressed loners.

I posted pic related once on this board and got a "Nice reddit meme" as a reply.
People on chans don't have a sense of humor anymore. Also since 9gag and other memetic websites became a thing it got kinda forbidden to create ebin maymays, which imo helped to destroy the funnay XDXD part of chans and turn it all into the retarded serious business we have now.
btw I was there in 4/b/ back in 2009 when courage wolf was born reddit meme is your ass you faggot

I think this sort of radicalization resulting from trying too hard to distance oneself from the boogeyman enemy is quite common. I still remember when I got BTFO'd on 4/pol/ for meme-tier understanding of Lenin.

I'm surprised. I started browsing 4chan in 2011, and for me I was the definitive event that made chans so political. Sure, there was Ron Paul in 2012, but this shit was only confined to Holla Forums, and hobby boards were left alone.
Gamergate was the point where I, and I guess anons in general, realized how hysterical and easily offended by everything liberals had become. Due to the American political landscape, the fact that the left embraced idpol during that time, and finally that liberal journos were attacking a part of our identity (I'm pretty sure that most of us were into vidya a lot, as kids at least), anons decided to go right-wing, and the rest is history.
The overwhelming Trump support last year is basically an extension of this, combined with the general anger directed towards this depressing post-2008 economic climate, having Clinton as the alternative, and millennials getting older and therefore more interested by politics.
Things are looking better for us now that the Trump presidency is a joke, but I miss the time when anons on hobby boards didn't give a shit about politics.

I just fucking hate the internet and all of the human worms feasting on its carcass

Fucking this. Old Holla Forums was always just having a giggle.

kek, I remember that pic
Image macros were the shit

It's not about where a meme comes from. It's that those were retarded, obscure memes that you'd be embarrassed to ahow anyone irl, and only us found them histerically funny.
It was an important piece of cultural identity.

After the normalfag invasion of the internet, through reddit and 9gag everyone even on facebook started having a meme overdose, and we started to hate it.

Surprised this all wen over your head, that you didn't feel like it.

It's exactly the reason why people on chans started using "kek". Before if you said "haha" instead of "lol" you were clearly a newfag. Now "lol" is the normalfag laughter. The hate for "lol" died down with the years, but four years ago it was only uses for ironic shitposting.
We started saying "maymays" because "memes" was cringy as fuck, and it was used derogatorily only. That's why in 2012/2013 ironic stuf exploded (epic xD, lol!, spurdo, badly drawn trollfaces, dolan)

It was a hell of ironic shitposting for a while, ans /s4s/ had a huge impact (eg, they pushed the use of kek, toplel and niceposting-trolling)

I'm still surprised GG has irl consecuences.

I know it's a pipedream when Holla Forums says they memed a president into office, but I'm not a burger, and the 2016 election really shocked, and it's not unrealistic to say Holla Forums affected that narrow win.

Seeing how much tumblr-tier liberalism had spread to the real world, including people I haven't talked in a long time and have been consumed by idpol…

Shit. Seeing Holla Forums on the news, and everybody talking about fucking "sadfrog" a terrible /r9k/ meme…

I mean because GG politicized so much people, and strengthened Holla Forums-like individuals

Yeah, obvious baiter

I'm surprised by it in the respect I still remember the campaigning against moralfaggot. I always knew 4chan had a political lean, it used to be liberal, Colbert was a big meme.

What I was REALLY surprised by was the shift to right wing politics on halfchan.

Literally millions of people, half of them Americans, mostly young and liberal, had a first-hand experience in media dishonesty and moral panic.
Two years later, the same people saw the same media attempt to incite the same moral panic against… two election candidates in a row, basically.
And it culminated in one of the landmarks of their culture being branded as a hate symbol. History may not remember Hillary's attack on Pepe as the event that decided the election, but that's what it was. I remember thinking, "Oh wow, she's really trying to lose this, she's really going to lose this, and she so deserves it." And I couldn't have been alone.

Yeah, the election was ultimately decided by the non-educated blue collar workers from the rust belt. But it would be weird to assume that a lot of them aren't also gamers and channers.

Only half the eligible voters voted and most of them weren't young. Stop this.

Same here.
She done goofed. Hard.

No, stop. The RB was the main dish, but what tilted the scales were the close calls in the rest of the country.
Without looking too much into it:
There. 55 electoral votes decided on around 1% of the people who lifted their asses.
Stay-at-home Hillary supporters must want to kill themselves. They should have Pokemon-Gone to the polls.

It was a whole year of pic related.
It was the most widespread opinion on chans that it'd be smooth sailing if democrats would just shut up and let the Don shit himself on its own. Instead they gave him media coverage and the forced outrage convinced many not to vote democrat.

Is this loss?

Don't forget about moderation.
I have seen so many interesting threads that could end into cool shit get purged by hotpockets is not even funny.
Holla Forums basically stopped being the OC central as soon as the moderation increased, while doing little to stop the board from being so shit.

Politics is the new fedora. A worse fedora than atheism for that matter

stop it.

me too, this is what made me lurk IBs in first place.
since the "edgy" meme begun to rise we can't talk about something that goes against moral values

I thought it was because a lot of idiots had no idea how to pronounces "meme" in real life because the word was obscure to a lot of people back then. I've heard people back in highschool (2010) unironically call them "mee mees".

in spanish that preety much how we pronunce it

yeah, back in the day we laughed at things that everyone could relate to, like cleaning shit stains off a toilet by pissing on them.

Yeah, but that is because Socrates was a dipshit. He was probably also Plato's sock-puppet.

That is exactly the way that I remember it. "May may" was a joke about newfags who did not know how to pronounce it.

No, it was decided by the Sanders supporters staying home.

When our memes became the new hot thing to like and share, and you had normalfag friends saying "hehe like the memes! They are awesome!", it became a taboo word. We were flooded by people literally only wanting to be part of the whole "meme machine" thing, and it felt too cringy to feed.
Those were my /mu/ years, I remember how people wouldn't stop complaining about shitposters calling them memers (which never before had been derogatory) and "b2 >>>Holla Forums"ing them. Hell, the whole concept of a "memer" appeared afaik when "memeing" was derogatory. Before that the word had no use, we were all memers.

So yeah, these >>1931389 are right.
It wasn't just to mock the pronounciation, it was a way of saying "take your epic memeing back to 9gag, filthy newfag casual"
I died a little after seeing printed out rage faces at uni on 2012.

It took many, many years to become post-ironic. Before we never talked about "memes"
The concept of a "meme market", and the subsequent "Let's trade memes", "Have a meme" all started with the Rare Pepe thing.

kek, yeah

Last pic was part of the ironic trend

Moot is a cuck who needs to throw himself off of a fucking bridge

Come on, it was a joke of W.T. Anacks using the banhammer
And the first thread was a joke, a famous thread where he banned all posters who asked to.

m00tles was still cool, it's 2006 webm, it was later that he got tired and things went to shit

Fun fact:
That webm was by Zone, before he became a reknowned flash r34 porn "artist"


Something happened around 2012 and all of a sudden the world became so much more political. I just want it to go back to 2010 when everything was so much more relaxed.

spoiler alert: you were younger.


Nah, moot is cool. He wanted a comfy non-serious hobby site. Problem was he was totally fucking incompetent as an admin. If he started a new tiny imageboard I would be there in a heartbeat.

Let's revive the decentralized networking tbqh. Shame that anything Usenet-style (or straight p2p without any servers) would likely not survive the funposting traffic though.

I have discovered 4chan through fucking YTMND. I have been on chans since 2005 or 06 (not sure)

Totally different, but all the Holla Forums posting made me go way left and I was libertarian autist who voted for Ron Paul.


nah but moot is never going back to his roots, he is part of a boring system now. works for google.

tbh can't blame him. 4chan stopped being fun long ago.

"Alas", said the mouse, "the whole world is growing smaller every day. At the beginning it was so big that I was afraid, I kept running and running, and I was glad when I saw walls far away to the right and left, but these long walls have narrowed so quickly that I am in the last chamber already, and there in the corner stands the trap that I am running into."

"You only need to change your direction," said the cat, and ate it up.