Why aren't the Holla Forums's friends?

There is a really good reason to be - hear me out : )

I frequent Holla Forums and I've been a huge fan of Bernie Sanders so we must have at least a few things in common. Anyway, I am asking that you consider just reading Holla Forums for a bit rather than making it harder to use for a day or two. You may change you rmind, but only if you consider more than just ideology in this. I pose it as a challenge, as Holla Forums is only partly pro-trump and many frequenters are apathetic to him. But the correlation exists because the only uniform attribute I see is that everyone there is jaded and hates left and right and see Trump as neither, but a force that will destroy both. So you probably can't convert someone who has tried and hated everything, at least not with hate, and to that point I don't give a shit about Trump but he is unique and promised to fuck the corruption out of the world and hey, more power to that sentiment. We all disagree on how capable or willing he is to do that, but meh, I prefer to keep hope alive for the world to be better than just killing myself in apathy I suppose.

I actually became a Bernie fan because of Holla Forums cause Holla Forums is a big fan of certain leftists and they introduced me to George Webb, during the most intriguing months of the Seth Rich thing story. And George Webb is the biggest Bernie supporter I've ever heard of and he's fucking brilliant. He's the man who taught me what journalism is and it's ironic when he gets so many Trump viewers cause he's always been a huge lefty and Bernie bro. I didn't even know the term Bernie bro until I tuned in to him.

Anyway, I don't actually like Bernie himself, well, not his beliefs which as they are aligned with "progressive" to me historically is more akin to Marxism to tyranny than liberty to freedom, but I digress, both parties suck and couldn't name what liberty is if put to gunpoint. And since I hate both I like anyone like Bernie's who is just trying to do the right thing and I have tried to hear his wisdom because I do love George Webb, and so he has to have some cool things about him. Albiet whenever I try he just seems to be spewing hate at me, but these are polarizing times.

So why am I posting this? Well cause you guys appear to be mucking up one of my favorite past times. Solving mysteries on Holla Forums! And You may have heard about that time we identified the bike lock guy. You know, the professor beating in the face with a bike lock while wearing a mask for wearing maga hats? Well, it goes a lot deeper than any single investigation and it crosses party lines all the time. Recently we were trying to solve child trafficking and when I posted that a guy from Holla Forums told me that it keeps kids from being homeless. I suppose he was joking but you know they don't just rape the kids they harvest their organs! Seriously, listen to George Webb! He's one of you! He should be like, our freaking uniting force against corruption. He, Seth Rich and others were trying to start an "internet party" in the u.s. you know. I'd probably join that!

Well, meh… I get the feeling this autistic speech will fall on deaf ears, neither right nor left listen 99% of the time. I'm neither really, but I like solving mysteries but where the hell else do they do that aside from Webb live-chats and Holla Forums threads? I am totally unaware of anywhere else in the world that regularly solves crimes. And Holla Forums tends to help Webb out and vice versa, you guys are destroying the one thing that was bringing left and right together.

So, it just makes me a little sad, but when we uncover enough corruption and it finally penetrates the haze over our society I suspect people will wake up - not "left or right" but something all-together more beautiful.

Thank you for your time.

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I didn't actually vote tho, haha, I am an isolated CG freelancer that up until after the election I ignored the election with a burning passion.

After I finally noticed it being interesting I've since been trying to help out the investigations of Holla Forums and Webb. I can add to most any skillset to any group cause well, I can program in many languages, egghead in math, can animate, render in any engine and top tier stuff.

Not that i'm a detective but such things come in handy. I was really looking forward to the next investigation thread and I see the board again clogged. I doubt it's just you guys but man, how many kids are going to die before we shut those monsters down? I don't intend on encroaching on anyone's freedom to suggest you course of action but before I tire of this I decided to try the silly thing and just explain why it was annoying me. It's a very specific gripe cause I don't care much about Trump, "R" or youtubers not named George Webb.

neck yourself nazi cunt

With all due respect I think it's fair to say we generally don't give a shit about Holla Forums, if anything they're the ones more obsessed with fucking with us. Consider the recent Bat'ko drama, for example.

But honestly, I'm not quite sure what your point is. Do you think we don't believe society is corrupt? There's plenty of evidence everywhere, you don't need to go hunting for conspiracies. Do you really think if Soros keeled over tomorrow that would solve all the world's problems?

Well, I guess I'm about done here, now that I think about it I suppose the people I'm wanting to talk to are probably on Holla Forums right now trolling? Perhaps this is counter productive?

Well, I can't get a thread in there even when it's not being tickled by whoever is annoyed by it this week. And usually it's not a board but actual corporations. I thought that's what this was but who knows? Plenty of people would love for nothing more than it to be shut down forever.

Luckily as our friend fbianon has told us, they actually love Holla Forums there. So if people piss them off too much they may make a very dangerous enemy.

I kept hearing it was Holla Forums and so I googled leftypol and came here. I wanted to see if it was true and whether or not I should care.

The trolling always dies after a while but for what it's worth I was really dissapointed I couldn't help with the investigation into child trafficking today. I was doing that daily till the trolling went up.

I don't really care about political parties, I'm a cg guy, I am friend to hollywood types cause of that, I worked with the guy who worked directly under Peter Jackson. haha, well, I'm too much of a fraidycat to name drop much more than that.

I just wanted to have a discussion and at least at Holla Forums they are certain it's you guys. I have no fucking clue but that's why I'm here.

Your post was liquid shit and neither nor most people are going to read all of it.

Nobody fucking cares, go back to Holla Forums or read a fucking book.

"read a book" I'm afraid with my autism at the maximum level it's actually impossible for anyone besides similarly broken minds to have read more than I. I have a quantity of knowledge that quite frankly would scare the shit out of any sane person.

Have you read Bordiga

Ah it updates while I'm typing, that's nifty. i'm kind of a infrequent poster even when I do so. But my verbal diahria can be taxing. Genius and retarded such is the song of the autistic.

As for Bordiga, no, I was so jaded of politics that I have only just now bothered to put those back on my menu.

I have read the dictionary and thousands upon thousands of technical books. Philosophy and written - oh I'll go on forever if I don't stop myself

I know I'm a trying person to hear, but I'm useful you see

and now I'm tiring of it, I just wanted to see the reply as to whether it was even this board doing it.

Usually it's crowd-strike or similiar, but who knows? I don't even care so much I just loved solving mysteries, it was turning into something magical. I mean really really fun and also awesomely feel-good cause doing good deeds you know?

that's why I thought someone shut us down actually, but if it's a board of real people? Then why don't I talk to 'em? haha- so many flaws in my sentiments now that I consider it

Go back to Holla Forums or go to the sticky and start reading you colossal faggot.

Why would we fuck with your Pizzagate investigation?

I doubt anyone here really cares about whatever Holla Forums's up to

yes yes
read the faq.


Holla Forums bans anyone who dissents from the group-think. It creates the appearance of a discussion forum but is an enforced echo-chamber and therefore a waste of time.

Is this a troll post or a stealth market post for this "George Webb" guy I've never heard of?

That was just a random chart in my files, I actually couldn't find the one that showed our most recent findings.

Well, since you are shooing me away that gives me the clue I needed, I'm not certain it's not you in large part doing the trolling. I can tell because it's focused on a very narrow agenda and the personal replies belied that they had notes of copy and pasting material. Far too structured for the partially informed. So while you wouldn't be a part of it I can ascribe your principles on others and grasp the nuance of what they were.

They are probably paid, again… trying to ruin everyone's fun.

Sorry I thought ill of you, I'll wander off to the distance and perhaps bookmark this page at a later time to reflect on more positions than just…. well to be fair I'm always listening to as many sides as I can.

I am friends with George Webb and I assure you he is more left than any of you. I don't really like the reality of what I find deeper in the philosophy of progressivism. Nor its origins for that matter - but then the last book I read was yesterday "Mark Levin: Liberty and Tyranny" man, that was a great one.

Do elaborate. The progressive movement of the 1920s had some real stupid ideas like prohibition and anti-immigration, but what is wrong with a desire to want to advance society to a better state through empirical, scientific observations?

Read some Bordiga tomorrow


No one's impressed by your ability to parrot a shitposting troll tactic, newfag.

I get you, however, you are essentially calling for a purification of the current system. We wish the tear down the system. First, we want to get rid of elected politicians. The political system in any "democratic" country is made to create corrupt politicians. If they don't play ball, they can expect some heavy resistance. And I am not talking what Trump had to deal with, we are talking ruining the economy type of resistance. Second, we wish to get rid of money and commodity production (instead we want production for use only, not for exchange). This way it is possible to greatly hamper any kind of influence a single person can have. Because they can't just buy whatever they want with money.

Now for your idea of hunting down corrupt people. It is fun but ultimately unrewarding. Someone else will take his place soon after. If we can't change the system which makes it possible for corrupt people to gain power, there is no point in getting rid of the current rot. Especially since there is so much of it, and it gets so easily replaced. Aside from that. Nazis generally don't understand what communism is. They are still in a phase where they believe that small changes to the current system can change it. We are far beyond that. We have no hope for the current. Their crusade for purification gets on our way of creating a strong proletarian movement. Therefore there is no way to reconcile the two movements.

As if this guy isn't cancerous enough

Oh good, another social democrat.

You have no idea where you are right now do you?

leftypol will not have goodfaith discussions with you unless you pretend to be one of them
lurk for a while and you'll pick up their lingo, then you can blend in

Basically nobody here bothers going on Holla Forums tbqh.

you need to be able to show people the specifics for you to believe you or else they will just assume good faith and think people are just misguided


who would want to associate with Holla Forums? they just shitpost and spam cuck porn all day.

Just woke up, and obviously you guys were not behind it.

It can't just be spam-bots since there were tons of people individually replying to posts trying to make arguments pointed towards pressure points. Classic Alinsky

so either the activity is being funneled to the spam rather than here or more likely it's just idiots not wanting to admit we once again were attacked by crowd-strike but with a new variation on tactics.

Likely this was a direct recourse for our investigations. We have on multiple occasions triggered shut-down of the board due to government not wanting to see what someone posted. A rouge FBI agent sometimes, other times foreigners and most recently two separate "WH user" which have provided real hope that the swamp is about to be drained.

Thursday is the deadline for that btw, hence why if you go to Holla Forums they will all be screaming about this "Happening" - I notice most people confused by that. And we are all super excited as his predictions have already started coming true and to some extent being validated by the attacks from some entity.

Anyway, my post is way way too long and I always have too much to say. I'm a terrible poster but a competent investigator and that's really all I use Holla Forums for - to do with a thousand people what one person could never do. The power of the crowd! it's awesome - but meh I'm not right or left I'm just a guy that likes riddles and is dying to get back to the hunt for justice and all that.

I only do that when I’m banned.


I keep trying to listen to Bernie cause there must be some reason Webb loves the guy. I mean he is a huge lib - life-long voter and helper at conventions and all that jazz. I love George Webb's mind for investigations and he's like my idol at this point so it's just confusing to me why he likes Sanders since so far at least I can't get into him. I'm versed in the history behind his rhetoric and have read Hegel and Russo for example - I know where progressivism comes from and where it leads…. or at least I know enough to be cross with it.

Well, I'll keep trying, And actually the thing that bugs me the most right now is all the asshole youtube "e-celebs" as the spammers have been calling them are purposefully ignoring Webb's contributions.

He is the entire reason the Awan Story exists in the first place, nobody would talk about it and he put himself in danger and nearly got himself killed multiple times as you can see in his older live-streams. All to get the word out - oh but fucking assholes finally talk about his investigation while never once mentioning the guy that gave them the info. I suspect just because he's a Bernie fan. I do think they are that shallow.

Well, at least Lionel talked to and about him. So I shouldn't just blanket all of them with the putrid essence of the few. Nothing is ever black and white and there are good people and bad everywhere.

Oh and my post was horribly aligned… this is because I have 6 monitors across 10 cpu's linked up to rendering right now - some are kind of odd for formatting so, well it can't always be helped. I'm trying to do some animations to bring some truth to light since I can't do my normal thing.

If you ever wanted to successfully fuck Holla Forums or the loose alignment of the Right with sensible individuals I actually do have some advice tho, just use wikileaks - that's the mother of all pressure points for a lot of reasons. It's the point at which the admin is fucking that they really should leave well enough alone. If they ever fuck wikileaks like they seem to be geared to, Trump will lose his only smart fans.

Do you ever plan on elaborating on your expert understanding of progressivism?

In this day and age? No, the political discussion is dead before it begins. I'm 35 years old and in my life I've wasted countless hours convincing people to join my side and succeeded to large measure on individual cases.

What is there to gain aside from smugness? I'm way beyond caring at this point what any single person thinks and while we all may e special snowflakes I have no desire to playcate or melt anyone.

You may take that as a cop-out or you may see it for what it is which is frustrated but optimistic. I cannot win by converting anyone to anything but I have spent the lions share of my life building expertise and so I will with one hand expose corruption and with the other animate education to help people like George Webb. I am still unsure how best to represent his hundreds of hours of investigation that nobody but me as likely ever watched in its entirety - but I will find a way, damn it!

I suppose Mark Levin's "Rediscovering Americanism" is the best illustration of understanding progressivism as he goes into Russo, Hegel and all the originators of it - he talks about the history and also his interpretations.

He is as smart as a conservative gets and he is as jaded as fuck and while I don't suggest you listen to him on radio as he dumbs it down - the man can channel himself into books like nobody else. If ever you wanted to challenge your own beliefs in progressivism I suggest starting there - I can't imagine any lefty could ever read that book and not come away apolitical at the end. Or if anything a fervent desire to blow both parties up and create a real party of ideas. The way it was meant to be.

But I digress again… too much to say always, too many things to do always…. I should get back to work, my autism makes me very easy to react to stimuli and so I give too many words when so few are needed. so, stopping now.

you can talk a lot without telling anything, consider career in politics

user, I find it hard to believe you've read that many books on politics, since your understanding of political theory seems cursory at best. I'm not sure you understand what /leftypo/ is about, how about you read the FAQ?
Either way, good luck in your investigations. Hope you nail many representatives of capital for their crimes and coverups.

I hope you got some good screencaps op.

Yeah I will. I'm not asking you to convert me, I just want to understand your supposed criticisms. I know quite a bit about the history of progressivism too, and it's why I still consider myself a progressive after my socialist awakening.

You're starting to sound like a concern troll.

Why would they be friends?
They're polar opposites.

I read the FAQ just now for the 4th time since another person asked I do that and I'm always very obsessive about things.

But I guess the point about reading it was something pointless I was doing - meh I'm retarded and can't tie my shoelaces most days so mistakes are bound to be made with someone as uneven as I.

The screencap mention btw…. reminded me of this comment I read yesterday, was thinking about turning it into a video. Perhaps this is a good way to turn the tides of the mass indoctrination. It's not left and right it's… something much worse so I apologize if you like John Oliver. Heck I remember as a younger man I had this game where I'd turn the channels on cable and the point of the game was if I ran into a black person would they be talking about race? - The answer is, after hundreds of tries I never once found a single black person talking about anything but race when on cable and news. It's different now but many were shaped by the culture of those days - a very traumatic sensibility to race and sex and creed. We all should want to ascend from the pettiness and to some extent I admire the left's want of tolerance but I don't believe anyone has yet nailed how best to do that. The current methodologies however are counter-productive for many reasons. Reasons I intend to animate to bring to public discourse. - Whether I am capable of conquering my mania's to do so, remains to be seen.

As for my supposed criticisms? Well it's sort of like why science and global warming are connected. Why is the argument about demonizing? etc etc etc…. oh if I open this door then you may say this if I open that door you may say that. I honestly feel like a rat in a maze with no cheese in it to engage in debate at this point. I have answers yet I know the counters and the counters to those counters…. hence why I am talking about education at a more basic level. Look forward to it? Or not. Your choice

lol wait, are you trying to tell us with that screencap that you actually think Hillary Clinton has anything to do with progressivism?

I was just looking through my investigation and that was the first image I clicked on in a folder with over 20,000 images - yea, I'm obsessive, but I am very hard to get on topic. Feel free to infer whatever you wish as I have no cares about Hillary Clinton's beliefs, only her penchant for corruption.

She does use progressivism to some extent but she does not believe in it. She did so largely to steal from Bernie but that's a much more complex topic - She has nothing to do with the philosophy but everything to do with how she has corrupted the sentiment behind it.

A very bad person by any measure, but we all have people we have differences with, I just want the human trafficking and organ harvesting to end. That shit gives me nightmares. She is key to doing that and that's why I came here in a oddly roundabout way. I thought you guys were spamming up the boards but I was wrong so now I'm typing instead of working and so I will stop myself.

This is leftist/communist board, we do not like liberals here. It's interesting analysis of his show, but not much different to other political shows - american politics is especially about "muh my feels are more important than facts your feels.

Because my dick doesn't like Holla Forums's anus grease

Since you still can't seem to get it through your head in going to lay it out for you. We are not Liberals. We don't give a fuck about John Oliver, Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton or the Democrats. Most of us aren't even American.

citations need

ah, now I see what you mean.

Well I'm not right or left but as my arguments were for a purpose I made an assumption based on the title of "leftypol" but naturally most people in Holla Forums arent' american either nor are they republican and that was actually half my point for presenting the arguments in the first place as the spam-bots were inferring the same assumption I made due to its simplicity.

So I apologize? I don't know…. I had a point in coming here as I don't actually care about left and right and was all about investigations. I kept to politics with that in mind as to only present info about my investigations would have been too mundane to warrant a response from a place I assumed was behind the spam. So I think my mistake based on a mistake then was reacted to and amplified.

Interesting in its own way to me, but I should get back to work. I take your lesson to heart at least but I don't know how I may alter my writing style to accommodate it. Probably I should get back to work, I just can't not react to stimuli, it's why I should never be allowed to post anything as OP. I will destroy myself one day with my obsessiveness.

I actually can remember hundreds of times when people come to Holla Forums and say anti-republican things - the very first thing they get is a swarm of people telling the exact same thing you just said. That this place doesn't give a shit about trump or red. And then some people do because that's why it has the rep it does. I guess everything is the same in some ways, we all defend and attack in diametrically opposed yet mirrored ways.

Problem with this is, there is a left and a right. And what we want to replace the corruption with is completely different. We want a complete end to capitalism, as we know that capitalism is what led to a lot of the corruption in the first place. Our problem is that Holla Forums is distracted and too many of you think that you need to get rid of minorities of those dirty "Marxist" liberals to get rid of corruption.

To be honest we get these threads all the time and quite frankly I think they're bullshit. No offense OP, I appreciate the effort for sure. But you have to understand there's really not much we can agree on other than "the system is sick".

Ok, let me actually respond to this with sides of an argument that I find amusing but educational.

This video here is for the first 75% of it brilliant at showing why immigration is more complex than politicians want to pretend it is, why doing the right thing is tricky.

The other 25% is a bad argument from the right about "anuddah shoah" completely stupid in my view for many reasons. This sort of shows the juxtaposition of stupidity with intelligence in a way, my side and any side is not entirely right and yet it is at least partially so.

Well truthfully I would only link the first part - but I can't find a video with only that so I make it philosophical instead har har.



With immigration specifically you will get mixed answers here. I am personally against unfettered immigration as I feel it hurts workers and immigrants under the current system. Causes something called brain-drain. Others may not agree with that, even adamant leftists of the same tendency as me (anarcho-communists). So even among us there is disagreement and its true, its complicated.

Reason I am saying this though is to maybe help you understand some of the animosity you might receive here. As I was saying we get these olive-branch posts a lot, and you guys from Holla Forums mischaracterize us, heavily. Like the Bernie stuff and George Webb. Neither of these people, as far as I am aware, are leftist. They don't call for the overthrow of capitalism, worker controlled factories and the like.

Another thing that is important to understand as well as we are rather appathetic to these types of things because to us, all this shit is obvious. We know the government is corrupt, and yes we want the corruption gone. But a lot of people on the right, or in more mainstream positions think the cure is to cut the rot away. We instead see the entire system as rotten, even the "good guys" in politics like Bernie, as an example. We want to burn it all away. The system was designed with a flaw that allowed corruption to exist in it, cutting away corruption will only lead to it coming back, in one form or another. Instead our goal is create a new system from its ashes that will not simply result in corruption growing back. Does that make sense?

piss off Von Ribbentrop, we know you'd try to kill us if you thought you could lift your doughy arms long enough to have a half-decent a shot at it

Yes, you and you appear to be a kindred spirit to me, I tend to be the guy that does the same thing you are doing when someone does I am doing in Holla Forums ha-ha it is such a strange world at times

To that point we have a strange agree/disagree point on the system as well. I actually have spent years creating (and programming the infrastructure) to a system based on a true citizen governance through use of internet transparency.

It's too complex to get in here but my life-dream is actually to create a new country without the corporate overlords and organ harvesting and slavery….. but, while once upon a time I had followers I was quickly arrested and thrown into a mental hospital.

So…. I've had a life, and yet it crumbled and I still have the dream tho and I've realized that what shut me down was the same corruption that permeates everything. Exposing that is key to me - destroying it would have been my answer before tho, so perhaps I'm just 25% more jaded than you. Too jaded to destroy but I do want to cure and still create a superior one.

read Cockshott

kek, you are overdoing your LARP levels, step a little back

Damn dude that's quite the story. One thing to consider though is the lone wolf issue. Right now one of our focuses is to raise awareness, class consciousness is what we call it, to gain numbers.
I think after reading this post are goals are aligned more than you'd think. And take this dudes advice:

And read cockshott. He sounds like he'd be up your alley. Maybe even read Bookchin too, he's not as focused on the internet specifically but his political goals are in line with yours.

What's you opinion on capitalism man?

sigh…. you have no idea who I am or what I've done. Ok, I actually thank you tho…. I had forgotten why I receded to the dark recesses of my mind and shut everyone out for the better part of the last decade.

I remember now why I dislike people in general and it's embodied in the whit that takes me to task for the things I have or have not done. The culture of disbelief is at the heart of our global blindness towards the organ harvesting, child sex slavery and evil. I can't be anyone so long as I don't like the people who would follow me, I am still working on becoming what I need to be to break that existential hell.

So I'm going to just go away now, I won't return to this page or reply again or read any reaction to it.

I get the feeling this kindred spirit , oh he just replied…. sorry I'm just not feeling it anymore. I know people like you exist and that's what I love to see, but I need to change myself and everything I do to find a way to break the stagnant ignorance all around us.

We both know they are everywhere, ready to cast doubt on anything not citiationed and sourced by their favorite "truth" agent - but neither snopes, nor wikipedia, nor any place you can name is credible to those who deal in objectivity.

The world is a foolish place that I too wanted to burn for decades of time. Perhaps I'm too old now to be anyone of consequence, but it matters not. I fully channel that side of myself to remember what I was back then. This is what you thought I was larping, yet despite doctors telling me and giving me pills to forget I did have a life.

I will get back to that life one day. So, enjoy my absence, whatever I was and am is inconsequential to you now.

if you do end up reading this, don't take the asshats to heart. people here can be cynical but its only because of the shit we deal with coming from other boards on a regular basis.
Keep fighting man

my got man, I got handcuffed and beaten up by policemen in the forest, don't feel special, because (when it comes to threat to ruling class) you are not. The only way you are special is by your labour - that's the only thing that matters in this world

Oh, you!

t. hasn't read Bordiga

Ok, I decided to come back for one last post as I needed to write down those people and books people recommended that I haven't read. I doubt it'll be influential in the way they expect because the quantity of knowledge I have accrued over time makes my positions not as easily malleable to shifting as most. My desire to find a better path has slowly hardened over time because after running out of types of things to learn you eventually just invent your own and that becomes what you believe.

sorry, I was annoyed because someone called me out as fake and it's been a long time since I bothered reaching out and talking to people (outside of investigations) so it just brought back some trauma. Yes, you were beaten by police.. I read the comment, but well everyone I know from a certain point in my life is dead. So… nah, I won't play the "who has bigger scars" game…. I had enough of that at the psych ward they locked me in.

I get why people would say I'm lying about who and what I am and it's not something I'm eager to prove as it entails going through a long history of rises and falls. I was even downplaying my past and people still said I was lying…. I always downplay my past because I know what happens when I do. Oh I could produce my screenplay analysis from Peter Jackson and what would it prove? How about all the patented invention ideas? Who cares? I could show the award I got for hitting #1 as a internet site by topping the worlds most popular webring back when webrings were as big as search engines…(but that would lead people to me so no) - or how about I animate something in 3ds max, Maya, use thinking particles and xsi crowds and every application and plugin you can name for anything….. Nah…. I don't need to stoke my ego anymore, I just hate being called a liar when I never even interact with the world outside of trying to stop child trafficking. That's a noble cause isn't it? I think so…. and then those damn spammers have kept me from it for days in a row..

I'm broken, in a rain man kind of way. I have stacks of thousands of ideas that I write down all the time. I don't even have a say in it because my brain is on autopilot and pro-active in how it handles information. My mind will constantly ingest information and combine concepts from multiple fields into a new one every time it can. Things on every subject you can imagine. Politics as mentioned, and screenplays which ended up becoming novels and all sorts of crap. I have philosophical ideas that I protect cause they are a steps beyond what the papers I've read on quantum theorists currently ascribe as the nature of reality and I'm unsure whether or not I want to even be a part of that world. I have had enough people call me smart and stupid in my life… I'd rather be a real person but that's not possible with my brain as it is.

I can't stop my brain, it obsesses and ingests information and never stops. I know more about some subjects than anyone I've ever heard of. and I can't even tell part of the story of my life without people instantly calling me a liar and then when I give it to them they either chastise me as an egomaniac or attempt to manipulate me for their own ends. Sometimes both. I bet other people are like me, but this nature of the world has made them just as isolated as I and so how would I ever find them?

So at some point i'm going to re-emerge into the world, I can't really play the victim when I'm as competent as I say, but well, I also mentioned not being able to tie my shoes - yea, it's a very broken kind of competence - my brain is half genius and half shit. I don't know what to do with it and I wasn't even aware of Trump before the election. I'm that isolated. Afterwards I decided I liked what he was saying about draining the swamp and became very invested in George Webb's investigation into that swamp which led me in a bizarre path here.

I have no idea how to communicate with people and typing as long as I am now just makes things worse. I thought maybe just saying this out into the ether of the internet would make me feel better but it just makes me remember getting stalked…. well I doubt I've said anything that'll led anyone to me, and chances are nobody will believe any of it anyway. I really don't know what to do with myself, it's amusing to me that I can figure so many things out but not that.

Fuck it, back to work.