Wise words from Stefan "That's not capitalism, it's crony capitalism" Molyneux

Wise words from Stefan "That's not capitalism, it's crony capitalism" Molyneux.

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Stefan "If the state taxes you, it's time to Defoo" Molyneux

Stefan "if you oppose monopolies, your wife is no longer your property" Molyneux

If only these fuckers took the time to actually try and understand what socialists mean when they say something like, "China isn't socialist"

But, it really isn't tho.

Honestly just talk to Ismail

Well it's mostly the left's own fault that socialism has come to mean "when the government does stuff".

If communists can say Venezuela isn't communist because the market still exists, why can't libertarians say America isn't capitalism because the state still exists?


Because their definition of capitalism is bs

Because the state is inseparable from capitalism, see based Mark Blyth explaining why: youtu.be/BYaEL0Aw_Pw?t=8m59s.

But he actually calls it crony "capitalism". America and the west are capitalist and capitalists acknowledge that though some want it to have less cronyism. And there are people who say that there was actual capitalism in the US over a century ago. You don't really see them saying "It's not real capitalism".

Capitalism describes a very specific thing, capital itself can function through the state or an individual. It's behaviour defines it, not its ownership hence why worker cooperatives are not a form of socialism and coexist alongside more orthodox private enterprises in our capitalist economies.

Venezuela merely replacing the individual entrepreneur with the state doesn't change how the capital itself behaves.

what did he mean by this???



They say that all the fucking time. They just say "It's not capitalism it's Corporatism."

Communists say we've never had communism. Capitalists say we have had capitalism and we have an imperfect form of capitalism that's still better than communism.

Not really. Most admit it's crony "capitalism" or say we had capitalism. And they still acknowledge than crony capitalism is better than communism.

Did we ever find out why One Dollar Man's got that accent? He's Irish/Canadian, but he sounds like a straight up Kraut.

That really canoodled my noodle.

Find me a definition that involves privatization and a state operating alongside without intrusion.


The state is part of capitalism. Capitalism is defined primarily by labour and property relations (wage labour, private property, commodity production, etc).

The Fabians.

I enjoy telling them "no, that actually was real socialism and it was good" and watching them cry about gulags and Stalin killing 100 gorillion kulaks

ah, that bunch of posh elitists who wanted to sterilise the working class. great people.