Left-wingers are "too educated"

>The contention is that once young people realise that the bribes will never materialise, they will vote for a party honest about the disastrous long-term state of the public finances. But it is far more likely is that they’ll continue their march Left, unless we address a problem that anyone who believes in aspiration will be squeamish about tackling: too many go to university.

"Too many"? These people are fucking evil.

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They're probably right that too many people go to university but this is just retarded.

what exactly are you angry about, brainlet?

The population needs to remain stup– I mean, if too many people go to university there will be a crisis!



oh nooooo

There is nothing wrong with education.
The real problem with the left is

1. they think their educations make them morally superior

2. they think their educations make them more qualified (george bush went to yale ya know)

3. They always want to be the smartest guy in the room

4. they think that being smart is a replacement for improving material conditions

5. Despite telling people they are smart they keep losing in the most humiliating and stupid ways possible, most recently to a wwe hall of famer whose platform was mexicans are rapists and everyone gets a hat

This is not an argument.


90% of talking about leftists and their educations is the right parading their victim complex around.

Chomsky mentions the same here. The introduction of student debt and the removal of certain courses was done to curb any revolutionary potential, as certain people felt there was an "excess of democracy" in the 60s.


Well , trump is a billionaire that went to the top business school in the world.
Somehow he knew how to talk to and act like a human in front of proles.
I think the bourgeoisie media and politicians really helped him by separating themselves from him so he could point at them as being the elite.

That pussy graber tape, men know thats how men talk when women arent around.

TBH the left (and American society) need to stop using college credentials as a measure of anything. "Less people should go to college" is just a rational statement in the US considering the cost and the fact that you can do better than college graduates with no debt with a trade job.

Stop associating college degrees with intelligence OP.

The days of a college degree being a bragging right are coming to an end.

"Fewer people", not "Less people"
But sure, education doesn't matter.

Your language is getting butchered by every L2 speakers. That's the price of imperialism.


They are though. And another thing, why do you think you get the final say on terminology anyway? Pretty honest question because I have become interested in the political use of language lately, something that you might want to look at as well as it seems to cause a lot of your infighting. ie You extrapolate what you think is the essential characteristic of Marxism to insist it hasn't been tried, for example, globally eliminating commodity production for exchange, while we focus on what we see as its underlying socio-psychology, what's so hard to understand about this?

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definitely not part of the gang

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Most Holla Forumsacks are dumb burgers and most burgers can only think about their own country.

Going to college does not make you smarter, or at least not that much smarter (said as a university student at a fairly prestigious school)

College is stupidly expensive, and a shit ton of people are paying out student loans in their forties. You can learn plenty as long as you have an internet connection, the only reason college attendance continues to rise is because of credentialist hiring practices.


Honestly it just seems like people who go to college are extremely career and social status obsessed. On my campus everyone was just talking about Clinton, there was very little radical stuff going on. And I went to the most left wing school in a left wing state.



Can't let your niggers read books or they might get uppity.

Best philosopher of our era for sure

student detected

uni "education" =/= education
They are mainly brainwashing centres now.

Even so its not as if the UK isn't suffering from the same problems of student debt, credentialism, etc (albeit its less of a problem than in the US).

Also its funny how the universities seem to evade blame by liberals for encouraging and profiting from this shit, though that's probably because of kneejerk anti-conservatism (If conservatives hate it, it must be good)

Also student loans. Don't they have free college in UK?


Not for over a decade, we have the Blairites to thank for that one.

They don't because everyone in liberal media gained his post by old student groups networking.

Harvard is for soft pseudoscience, half of them graduates with soft sciences and the other half hard. Most of the people are fucking snobs in that school too. Could explain why nobody but whities go to that school.

This, they don't realize uni is so, so much cheaper and much less of a risk than in the US.
When I was a student in Ireland there were quite a few Americans for whom the cost of living in Ireland and tuition was still cheaper than tuition in the U.S.

Article is paywalled for me, faggot. Archive.is' copy too.