Why I am an Antinatalist


She's right, you know. It really is absurd to continue reproducing. I can't understand how so many so-called "leftists" still think natalism is a good idea.

Human extinction best day of my life.

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Pls quit making this thread over and over again.

Why don't you lead the vanguard and kys then?

Is anti-natalism the next stage of incel?

Start offing yourself then you degeneratto.

Friendly reminder that *you* ain't causing a strain on the planet by having kids, it's Porky and all the toll it takes to power up his means of over-production.

Fuck this Nihilistic attitude.

What inane sophistry

I'm an anti-natalist but this has nothing to do with leftism, it belongs in /leftytrash/ at best.


You have pretty eyes OP, but your negativity is depressing. Natalism under the present circumstances of "there's plenty of children who need parents" and "the world is incredibly shitty right now" is unethical, but I think it's much too far to say life in general is always more negative than positive and that new sentient beings should never be created. There's no reason to believe life must involve more suffering than pleasure, or that suffering is so much worse than pleasure that it's better to have never existed so as to never experience it.

Saying that people shouldn't reproduce isn't the same as people should kill themselves.

You've misunderstood her position.

It seems to me that she's presenting anti-natalist views within the context of a malthusian and eugenicist outlook. To claim that this is ethical is preposterous. Bookchin thoroughly debunked anti-humanist attitudes vis-a-vis overpopulation, and eugenics is itself an ethical evil (i.e. not a virtue).


Nothing wrong with not wanting to have kids.

You should kys immediately tho, or at least stop making these threads every fucking week.

dumb attention whore

Umm… Maybe try watching it again?



lol is she? Her argument is that new life creates the potential for that being to be harmed, and cause harm to others, and says there's no reason for this.
But when you really boil it down, we didn't ask to be here, and we didn't ask to have reproductive capacity. But we do have it, and our genesis was evolution, thus why not instead aim to improve it? Just seems like intense nihilism and nothing more.

Most laughable thing she said was she was against all sentience, including animals. I'm curious what her goals are, to tell animals to stop reproducing? What fucking pseudointellectual posturing. Fucking dumb

Neither of those are automatically true nor is there any reason why they're have to be.
That is assuming that pleasure must come at the expense of some other being's pain. That is also not true.

I think that any philosophy whose only principle is "life sucks and it always will suck" and its only solution is "non-existence" or death is a philosophically bankrupt one with zero worth, and only exists for pessimists and nihilists to jerk themselves off with. Buddhism also has a similar first principle, but it's ultimately an intensely optimistic philosophy because it proposes a meaningful solution.

Why improve it? You gave no reason to do.


Nobody said truth will be some feel-good happy ending like in children's fables.

You gave no reason not to improve it. Simply saying "there is no reason" does not negate my desire to do so

Truth is not inherently meaningful or worthwhile. If it does not bring some kind of benefit to someone's life, then it should not be believed. To put truth over your own happiness is to make truth a spook.

This is what happens when formulaic ideological memes become constitutive to thought. Machine people, robots stuck in a loop like how you can make them explode in video games.

Spoke like someone that never experienced suffering

No, we need children. Children of people who have an Autism Level over 100, to be exact.
Go and watch the movie Idiocracy, it perfectly demonstrates what our future will look like if intelligent people stop having children for some reason while the dumb masses continue to reproduce.

I have experienced a lot, and if all lives were like my own so far, then I'd agree with that statement. But there's no reason to believe that life can't be good, especially once the major things causing suffering, like Capitalism, are destroyed.

God, I love this word filter so much

spoken like a true retard


If all that awaits future generations is oppression and capitalist exploitation, why have children?

Because my genes are the only important aspect of myself, and I want to possess and control a tiny human who looks like me.


comrades we must turn to communism to secure a better future for ….no one

Meaning that you've also experienced something other than this so called "suffering". If so, that's hardly the kind of suffering that's being discussed here; the kind of suffering with which you've been for so long, that you don't know anything else feels. When you get to that,than you can speak of "suffering"

Why is it important to have your genes continue? You're using it as a form of narcissistic, vicarious immortality.

Like all reasons for having children, your reasons for wanting children is inherently selfish as you are only taking into account your wants, and not the new human being you'd be creating.

Stop being so arrogant. You're not the only one who has experienced intense depression. What I meant by "experienced a lot" I meant a lot of suffering, probably more than any meaningful pleasure. My point still remains, lives like mine or yours are not concrete facts of existence, and there's no reason to believe living must involve significantly more suffering than pleasure.

perhaps get a hobby or seek professional help


while you nihilist retards are busy willingly removing yourself from the gene pool subhumans in africa will continue to have 9 kids per woman until the sky rains nuclear fire

this is honestly worse than >tfw to intelligent

Yes, but you better not tells others like me that.

Jesus Christ why is Holla Forums full of so many literal autists who don't understand satire or sarcasm?

The point isn't about me being the only one. The point is that you seemingly didn't, so you have no clout to talk about it

Because I've had this exact conversation where the same exact comments were made seriously. Hard to detect sarcasm or satire when the board is teeming with literal nazis, anprims and other nutters.

Poe's law.

Where do you think you are? You're one click away from people who literally think genocide is a legitimate political action.

Why kind of person would clearly explain their selfish and narcissistic motives that honestly? It's like a Nazi saying they dislike blacks because they make them feel sexually inadequate.

I get what you mean, but you're still on the internet, a place where unless you use emoticons or reaction images, I can't tell the intended meaning of a post. Sarcasm isn't well conveyed over text.

Fascists in general don't admit to personal weakness because it detracts from their want to promote strength, but many nazis on the internet are quite open about their violent intent towards minority ethnic groups and rival political movements.

Nazi worship of muh genes and muh natural hierarchy supports statements like the one you made in jest. They view absurdity like that as natural, if it is selfish or narcissistic is irrelevant to them. Or they would say that it is just part of being and becoming a part of muh heritage or some other such nonsense.
We also get the odd vaguely sane nazi, who is either at some point of the process of resolving their way out of their internally contradictory and impossible ideology, or the true nazi who accepts their ideology as a failure and a mirage, a show and thus accepts the internal contradiction as a part of the ideology itself. All sorts.

damn putting "muh" in front of a word is the ultimate rebuttal to an idea

You first, faggot. Meanwhile, once all the leftists die off, Not Socialism will rise from the grave, and the whole world will know that Hitler did nothing wrong.

Wow, sounds pretty SPOOPY, OP. I will enjoy raising my children in a bright future while you drown in your own piss and meth stained blood. Stay spooked, fucknerd.

anti-natalism should be a part of the official Holla Forums hivemind tbh

sounds good to me

Antinatalism is doomed for failure the same way Gnosticism was, if Antinatalism ever takes hold, a powerful political party will kill them all off and burn their books because anti-natalism will be a threat to their power.


Woman in the vid = Emily Lang of Minneapolis, USA. Daughter of Peter Lang.

Antinatalism is a kind of cancer that involuntary grabs your mind. You don't want to become an antinatalist and you sure as fuck don't want to spread it to others. Antinatalism should die.

t. antinatalist


Earth can support 10,000,000,000,000 people easily

sage for Malthusian nonsense

This is why we must find a way to commit omnicide. We must a way of ending all life on earth all at once.

She's probably barren. Women who don't want children are worth less than a flesh light.

Wow the only """counter-argument""" of natalists is literally racism. What a surprise!

Watch the fucking video you retard, it's just 3 minutes

It's not that I disagree with what she says, but what will she accomplish in being an anti-natalist? Nothing, people will do whatever the fuck they want and rightfully so. This line of thinking will not lead you to anything.
It is better to focus on changing things, in making the world a better place, than to campaign for a lost cause that will only depress you.
To be an anti-natalist is to negate any importance to the human race, that all we have ever done and poured our lives and the lives who came before and will come after is ultimately worthless. If you plan to remotely enjoy your life you should quit this line of thinking.


I disagree

Antinatalists BTFO. This is the fucking discourse right here, all you redditors need to take notes because this is how you make a post on a dying thread.



Anti-natalism summed up in one video.

Thanks for your valuable contribution.


Is it the same reason why mgtow faggots "go their own way"?
No one will have kids with you, you can't provide, thats why you're left wing.

ebin :DDDD

webm related, pretty much a celebration of life