Jesus Christ

Jesus Christ.

Why is both cuckchan and infinity chan pol boards such shitholes?

Is like they can't think of anything else beyond what the board consensus is.

Sure, I used to think about their memes, but I'm as well intelectually curious, so I did my own research and most of what their circlejerk is is BS.

I do think culture is the ultimate decider if a country is violent and shit.

They love to blame blacks over crime, but then I point the fact africans hate nigger culture, africans don't suffer of the same problems afroamericans have, africans don't leave their kids and still form families (hell, afrolatinos and caribeans still form proper families).

Ghana, madagascar and burkina fasso has really low homicide crimes.

They also are unaware of black history and think blacks never invented their own writing system or never developed anything by themselves that wasn't teached by whites or arabs.

Which is pretty stupid to say and takes five minutes to prove that wrong.

Hell, even wikipedia shows that africans have an interesting story, some african buildings are considered marvells and some africans even build stone castles centuries before colonization (Gondar in ethiopia).

But pol rather than listen, they move their goalpost and start doing mental gymnastics like comparing black archievements to whites and other BS.

Is mentally childish and when they lose, they always ban me.

So fuck them.

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What do you expect from the intellectually stunted?







quality post.

keep up the good work.

you can have at least a civil discussion in reddit.
unironical opinion.



















fuck off faggot.

When the fuck did people start complaining about "reddit spacing"

I've typed like this on chans for 7 or 8 years and no one ever said a word until the past four months or so

The past four months or so.

conplaining about "reddit spacing" a kids in their treehouse club thing. insecure newfags red about reddit spacing somewhere and want to be cool yet finally.

basically some fad.

will disappear as quick as it started.

is just anoying, I'm OP and I don't browse reddit.

some people simply like to space their phrases with an enter, nothing else.




Nice broad, vague term for whatever either does-it-for-free or the porkies running that site dislike and delete, ban, shadowban or otherwise hotpocket. Which thus far has meant sfw catgirls, criticism of dogshit vidya, dogshit vidya reviewers and the corrupt dogshit vidya industry (sometimes literally) whoring themselves, police brutality, asking celebs, politicians and other rich shitheads inopportune questions, links to this site, and the words 'microshaft,' 'micro$oft,' 'xbone' and 'wangblows' (at least from what I can tell since they don't often have the class, the courtesy or the balls to actually openly ban people and instead leave them thinking they're paraiahs for openly disliking wiNSA 10 or whatever because nobody responds to their posts) If you like it so well of reddit, maybe you should go back to posting there. If that's civilized just call me Conan.

The real issue is that it makes it hard to screencap if by some miracle you manage to write anything worth hanging on to.

You both write like insufferable fags so it's small wonder you frequently get bullied by a load of Maoist wonton chefs on a Shangxi wholesale distribution forum.

yeah, have you seen pol on cuckchan?

they barelly discuss politics or economics.
It's always interracial sex, shitposting, nigger hate threads, memes, BLACKED shitposting, int flag banter, Holla Forums threads.

cuckchan pol is a circlejerk, you like it because it's simply the opposite of what you see on reddit.

but they ban you if you disagree, so not much of a freedom of expression debating place, but simply a place for memes and shitposting.

I'm being serious.


yeah, I got banned from pol for asking evidence of the average jew being the same as zionist.

Amusingly, before nu-Holla Forums , awowed white supremacists expats loved Kenya because they felt authorities and instutions treated them with the respect they think they deserve.

Some people don't like having to pay for new mice more often because their scrollwheel shits the bed twice as fast because of your faggotry. Some people don't like spending time – the one resource nobody can ever get back or purchase more of once it's spent – scrolling through your intermittent bars of text. It's inconsiderate the same way purple prose is, in that while you may prefer the aesthetic or get caught up in your own eloquence, it makes people waste time and feel their time is ill-spent given the total amount of data absorbed relative to the time taken to read/scroll through. It can also come off as the 'agree or drown in my words' brand of sophistry. Orwell wrote a good essay about it, and makes a good point for beige prose.

It would be interesting to see if it relates to personality.


Post the screencap. Sounds like a lie.

You have to go back.

mice kiddies go to bed

this is a pg up/pg down board

PC virgins pls leave

This is a gamepad only zone


That also sucks, but might suck less if they either were more honest with themselves and others regarding the circlejerk nature of their community (which would allow competitors with blackjack and hookers to emerge that much faster), or allowed dissenting opinions to a greater degree (which might mean they'd get zerg'd by the people sick of every post being 'NIGGER NIGGER NIGGER' eventually). Or they could just ban or anchor spam and zero-effort b8 like a lot of boards on this site do, including this one.

In both 4/pol/ and reddits' case, the problem that I see isn't because of post quality (I have no problem with designated shitting boards acting as a sewer system to move the shitposting away from other boards), but because of the hotpocketing of dissenting posts that have the same or more effort put into them than most posts on the respective sites. It leads to stagnation and circlejerking, and is a tool that Porky has been using more and with greater facility over the last few years.

Correct structure isn't some reddit invention. You ever tried reading a book without any spacing?

man, I'm really frustrated over that.

we're I can discuss in a serious manner politics and economics?

I got banned for trying to talk about capitalism in /lit/ and go told to go to pol.

but I make those same threads and they get overrun by Holla Forums tier shitposting.

I can't even talk about economics on /biz/ because that board is about crypto shilling.


Nice try reddit, the fact that none of you even know what it is speaks volumes about how new you are.

So they genuinely think that ALL of the jews are to blame?

I've tried to ask if they think the average jew is to blame.

and I wasn't even talking about the zionist or the jews at the elite.

just the average jew that maybe poor or some jew farmer in israel.

Of course they are, they get the newsletter and choose not to warn anyone, they're accomplices.

yes, I should use the keys on my laptop, which can be replaced more quickly and cheaply than a mouse :^)

I haven't been to cuck/pol/ but if they don't redditspace like that, it's probably why you got banned so fast.

Former Holla Forumsbeard here. This might shed some insight.

I got banned for asking academic citations, not some memes they downloaded from blogs.

Nice personal blog I really really care about your personal opinions on things. YOU matter. YOUR opinion matters :D

Go back to reddit.


the tripple spacing comes from the ban page, not my original post.

wew lad

Not really. To them all jews are ticks on society. Not all of them carry horrible parasites but even if they don't there is no reason for you to allow a tick to live on your body.

Because if never built a steam engine or some other arbitrary shit, you're not a proper civilization. Nevermind the fact that the average ethno-nationalist hasn't created shit other than a 150 page thesis on why r.acemixing makes god angry.

Have you tried posting about it on this board preferably without the redditspacing?

so am I a faggot for not having a big, unwieldy desktop with fans that sound like a lawnmower, or am I a faggot for not posting from a mobile bugging device with an obtuse, deliberately-fragile touchscreen that takes my fingerprints and biometrics and runs on a turbocucked OS?

So halfchan is pretty much a pro-capitalist safe space then.

You can try and disparage the majesty and obvious superiority of a desk top all you like but at the end of the day you're still doing it from a tiny little cucktop "computer."

ok, I'll stop the reddit spacing.

fkin scrub

Nah, i don't date fat chicks.

Try using two fingers on the trackpad, retard

Welcome (?) OP
Stay awhile, shitpost, and read some Marx! Definitely read some Marx!

I made a thread about it on 4/pol/ to see the response, and there were many who agreed.

It's just that they don't know where else to discuss stuff, as most fora have a strong editorial that would get you banned.


Ignore all the reddit hunter fags in here op as its summer and most of them are kiddies trying to prove they can be hip and apart of the cool Holla Forums community. They will be gone in a few weeks.

Culture is down stream from genes. Blacks have a shitty culture because they're low Autism Level and impulsive. "Culture" doesn't fall from the sky and it didn't just so happen to fall in the highest quality and quantity in Europe.

How do you leftcucks not understand this?

Um doesn't pol regularly ban people who are "off message"? It seems like an enforced circle-jerk to me.


because their eyes glaze over when we start talking about it

Yes, like hell on 8/pol/, I was talking about a thread on 4/pol/
Other Holla Forumss around are much more free, but slow

Europe has multiple cultures you complete fucking autist. Also, cultural superiority is a subjective measure based on nothing.

Kek, that second picture is funny.

They're controlled by rightwingers, user. Can you think of any single thing controlled by rightwingers that's actually any good, other than the world's leaders' global pedophilia ring?

Not to defend Holla Forums's retardation, but academia is full of shills. Anyone who points out the problems with liberal economic or social policies is hounded out of the community. Blogs are just as credible at this point.

It's because of reddit.

whew didn't realize the proof for racism was lying around in entry-level bio textbooks. you guys really cracked the safe on this one