I want revolution and I want it now...

I want revolution and I want it now. I know there's a lot of talk about theory on this board but nothing about actual revolutionary strategy. How do we do it?

I'm in the USA and there isn't much domesticated production to seize in the first place except maybe Detroit. Let's talk about how we can actually strap the fuck up and go kill some bourgeois douche bags and their lap dogs in the police and military.

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Decades of cointelpro, competition from the aut-right and Marxist-Snowflakists, apathy, and numbers.

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C'mon lads can anybody throw out a suggestion or something?

I'll start, I was watching a video of those hebrew israelites (ya know the black and hispanic and native guys who think they're the chosen people and say DAASSSS RIIGGGHHTT) and it got the noggin joggin. Why don't we actually hit the fucking streets and hand out information? There's tons of proles walking around who hate the system and don't know how to fix it. Anyone like the idea? Hate it? Please let's try and have constrictive dialogue and maybe accomplish a little something.

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No I'm not. I've never seen groups of Leftists doing something like that. Tell me more

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Considering you are a mutualist you might like this

dual power is a big and important step, for 1.
Issue with hitting the street is ideology man. Burgers have been brainwashed for years to hate socialism/communism. No amount of argument can change that. Why is that significant? Its to the point were people reject fact, like the science behind vaccines and climate change because they think the gubbermint is lying to them. Try breaking through that with facts or pamphlets.
I'm not saying don't try, I'm not being a leftcom. But make sure your stuff is on point.
The reason I mentioned dual power is its a way to empower people through systems that subvert the capitalist system. Fosters community values and educates people. Also represents a great opportunity to educate people on leftism, the philosophy behind what you are doing. Dual power could represent a lot of things, be it community gardens, I think paupers hospitals was another example from a historical context. Anything that gets people off their butts and doing things outside the system.

Technologial development has killed all revolutionary potential. There will be no revolution at best you can hope for grapping onto some underdeveloped country that is in middle of civil war. At least you have to admit that world revolution died with avent of nuclear weapons.

Trots are famous for it, but I suspect it's because leftist orgs have been anemic to nonexistent the past few… decades.

Handing out fliers or such like can be useful, but you've really got to either be in the very right place for it, or else have the dosh to print up thousands. People are so inundated with information at all times of night and day, adding another flier to the pile can be kind of superfluous, but you have a good chance of getting a few people interested. Expect to get turned down a lot though. If someone's trying to hand you a flier on the street, they're trying to sell you something and generally people are pretty jaded to that.

I've kind of been dreaming of starting a bilingual spanish/english flier/newspaper/pamphlet/whatever. If you're lucky you can get a professional laser printer relatively cheap. If I weren't broke and my life a fucking mess I'd be doing that. It's not the fashionable thing here on Holla Forums but I think it can still be effective.

There's lots of discontent right now, especially among young people, so even pointing them in the right direction is useful. Most know what they're angry about and who they're angry at, but they don't have the means of expressing it. Even a simple flier talking about things that they can sympathize with and telling them where to go or who to google to get more information would be helpful.

Just, for Engels's sake, wear something nice. I hate to say it but bourgeois ideology runs deep and you'll have more luck dressing like you're about to walk into church or a job interview than like you crawled out of a hamper.

Hella productive dialogue thanks comrades. I've been thinking about handing out stuff to the workers in like McDonald's and grocery stores and what not ya know?

Dual power is definitely a must I'm a mutualist and we're all about dual power. What about some sort of pan-leftist organization? We address community issues with fundraiser etc.

I think a lot of Americans are susceptible to socialism something like 50% of millennials want socialism. Obviously they're referring to Bernie socialism but I think it's important to note that they're not afraid of the word anymore.

I was talking to a girl I know today about politics and converted her from the Bernie camp to actual anarchism. She's been interested in anarchy for a while and it just kind of clicked today but it felt fucking great to do that and I want to do it more.

You might not want to hand out stuff to them at or around their places of work, because if their boss catches wind of it it could just rain pink slips. That's the right sort of track, though. Plenty of people in low-wage service industries are already primed by stuff like Fight for Fifteen, and just how shitty their jobs are in general. Clothing retail stores are another good choice, because they know they're getting fucked, and hard.

Ain't it, though? Something similar happened to me with a rando. We just started talking and I brought up the elections, how bad things were going for everyone, and Bernie of course. I said that I thought Bernie was good, but that he didn't go far enough. Things went from there and we became really good friends. I'd say he became a pretty strong lay-socialist, too.

Mostly what I do now is talk to people. I wouldn't say I've radicalized anyone, but imo just striking up conversations about it is important too. Leftism, socialism, communism, all have to be made "part of the conversation" again, and talking with people is a good way to go about it. Part of, I don't know what to call it, magic? of socialism is that it's a theory that says "yeah, shit's fucked, but you aren't a victim and you can change things, and the only things won't be fucked is if you unfuck them." For people that have spent their whole miserable lives being told by people they loathe to do things that they hate, that can be really powerful.

But I'm rambling. Just be creative and try lots of different things. People are hurting, and it's up to us to try and help them.

Yes we should build up dual power, a network of co-ops committed to buying outright means of production for the works as well as providing community services free of charge.

It felt fucking amazing, she picked up on things pretty quickly too. We were talking about how working is slavery and she was like "but you're choosing to work" and then before i could type out a long winded text she was like "yeah but I guess if you have a family to feed you can't just quit I mean technically you can but it's like no way to live life or organize a society."

What about an organizational sticky on this forum? Good idea or bad idea?

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From leftist organizations. Starting militias and trying to get vets who say the horror of Western imperialism to join and become leftists would be a good thing to do. Vets as a group have high social honor also in case of a revolution there already trained.

I had an idea a couple months back where we hand out food and literature to lower income neighborhoods and it got shot down.
People in the thread unironically thought that arguing with fascists on the internet was doing more to bring about Communism than actually hitting the pavement and educating and befriending the general population in low income areas.
It reeked of COINTELPRO but I let it go since nobody would go along with me.

Are you in the states? American ghettos are probably prime ground for revolutionaries most of them want to kill cops anyways we just need to time it right.

Yes, I'm in a state that is traditionally very reactionary. That being said, I don't think it would be very hard to convince your average American living in a ghetto that the system is fucked beyond belief.

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Where in the states are you?
I'm in central Florida.

Unionize your work place. When the economy collapses again (which it will) and you get laid off (which you will) then knuck up and fucking seize that shit. Either you'll kickstart the happening, or you'll die. Either way you won't have to deal with capitalism.

How can anyone say the working class should act politically? Surely this goes to the heart of the problem of consciousness and the function of the working class. It is not for the working class to support or oppose nations, fascism, democracy, or any other political form; how could this opposition organise itself? How could the Kosovan proletariat oppose Serbia, or the Serbian proletariat oppose Slobbo, or indeed the proletariat of the West oppose NATO? To live in a European slum is surely better than dying in a concentration camp but how could the proletariat intervene and make a choice in such an alternative? The working class is not a politically constituted body; it cannot make final judgements on political questions by making a bloc intervention. Political strategies are more likely to divide the working class than unify it, which unification is the purpose of democracy. Politics always functions to obscure self-knowledge of self-interest.

Rojava come join Action Front we are planning to do something similar


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Holla Forums's pretty influential for its size, but there's never a good reason to pass up that kind of direct action.

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This thread is good. I wonder if we could make some sort /leftpol/ aproved propaganda / dual power guide or something?

What I would do, is build a party that is focused entirely on building voluntary organisations which provide services for nothing, in order to build power and organisation for the next big crisis in capitalism. This could be anything from a free clinic to a free library. These organisations should be all run along the same lines, directly democratic for those that work in them. In order to provide finances for such institutions, where they cannot be built up on donations from the local community like the BPP did with free breakfast, a network of co-ops should also be built, their profits to be used for the expansion of free services and buying outright means of production. As means of production are bought, production becomes cheaper for the network as a whole, and more profits can be had, thus allowing it to grow exponentially buying more co-ops and providing more services. Alongside this, the network can fund propaganda etc, perhaps even strikes. That would be true dual power, a large network providing essential services for free on directly democratic socialised basis. In this way, all means of production can eventually be consumed by the network.The larger it grows, the more power it will have to provide free services, when it is all powerful, it will have the power to provide all services free of charge, and the value form may be totally abolished

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Mutualists are the first to go in the workers revolution

bombings and assassinations. you have to make leaders/elite afraid to leave their homes, afraid to be leaders in the first place. if you take away their sense of security you'll start to see a degeneration in their level of control over society


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Regardless, the basic question: how to pay for it?

Groups that I'm in usually try to have a presence at lib protests and organized labour events. Usually bring a socialist banner or something

I second this hard as fuck. How do we do it? Who do we tell to make a sticky for organization?



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