This is the future of human relationships

This is the future of human relationships.

This is the future of human relationships


This is the future of human relationships.

Wtf since when were you back?

It can't come soon enough

the future is fucking hot


It's not her, it's a transperson posing as her and using her name.


It's me. I've been here this whole damn time posting user. How could you not notice the person posting Erté might be Hoochie

Nah, it's the real deal. She was joking about the trans shit in other threads.

It wasn't a joke, I identify as female to male to female

…Shit. Which one is Hoochie then? The Caucasian trans person or the Vietnamese person?

You're stupid as fuck. I'm still Vietnamese

No actually I take it back, I'm trans white

So where you at, bb?

we know

It's interesting to see the slowly creeping panic among feminists over the growing use of sex dolls in this country.

After crying wolf so often and extending patriarchal oppression to every to approaching women in public places and looking at them, it drove the most alienated and vulnerable men into the arms of dolls.

Feminists seem to be struggling to find something sufficiently perverse in a man minding his own business and not hurting anyone.

It's obvious this fear isn't out of any concern for the men but the fear that the less men courting women, the less women can charge for the commodification of their sexuality.

The sexual free market needs to be regulated. We will not settle for robots. Robots are dehumanizing to both sexes.

*extending patriarchal oppression to everything from

There is only one logical conclusion to this.

I think I'm going to have nightmares for life.

And what a future it is. 3DPD btfo


Funny how the left destroyed the organic and socio-cultural mechanisms regulating sexuality and now bemoans the result.


That graphs a product of one of you fags, dipshit. Cuckdem there is aping nogf nazi (or it might even be him since their shtick is exactly the same)

This makes me depressed

>not knowing the effects of destroying villages, collectivization, relocating peasants to anthills commie blocks and having both men and women work in factories, true gender equality.

But I do, user

you nazis are capitalists and you know it.


It's hilarious how well this works with the Anglo.

Guessing you're an import.

Yeah, we're not communist, so we must be capitalist, right? The world didn't even exist before 1776.

Blood and soil is soooooo capitalist. As is cutting off ties with international finance. That's why England and Amerika were so eager to help their capitalist brethren stand against the red menace. Oh wait.

Buy more Che-Guevara t-shirts. I'm sure that'll show your capitalist overlords how much of a threat you are.

you're such a fucking retard lol

Strongly consider suicide

*bread-lines form internally*

Sex vouchers need to be implemented under Socialism so that the means of reproduction isn't hoarded by a select few libidinal bourgeoisie intent on centralizing the supply of pussy.

A preferable alternative to the paradises of India and the vast majority of developing nations.

t. useful idiot

I'd recommend a one way-trip to Venezuela. You don't deserve to live among people who know better.

Germany was never bankrupt. What they were is short on materials, which is expected when the whole frikin world goes to war against you.
It's a miracle they lasted as long as they did. Communism, on the other hand, can't even avoid collapsing in peace-time, if all recorded history is any indication.


Start using this picture instead.

Fucking dialectics, dog.

LADA girls can turn my crank.


Why accelerationism and blind faith in technology will not work. Because of shit like OP.

We must change the consciousness of people before we change their social standing. Otherwise we will be forever trapped in this late capitalist nightmare of extreme dehumanization and alienation.

Isn't it the other way around?
Never saw a 7/10 guy going for a 3/10 girl, but I did saw some pretty girls aiming for rich or powerful guys who were 2/10 at best.
Like Kissinger for example

me on the right