Salty Pollacks Don't Get Art

Dumb fucking neckbeards are upset about this really well done art piece. Why are they so stupid? What kind of loser would be offended by this?

My home town, big up

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Fuck off, peckerwood. The museum didn't have any African art, bitches should be glad they've been schooled, so now they can fix things.

They are offended because they want to be.

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Name one reason why POC shouldn't get equal representation.

what did i say that was racist?
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Pretty good, funny people are getting so mad when it's just a train of thought rant about paintings from a black guys perspective. As usual, the comments prove it will be a joyous day when Trump builds the great American firewall.

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Fuck you, you're a racist bitch.

It ain't my fault you have trash recessive genes.

Young Fathers are amazing musicians, by the way. One of my favorite groups.

No, more like you can stop talking like a milquetoast liberal faggot if you don't want people to think of you as one.

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self-pitying, grandiose, navel-gazing drivel. fuck off back to tumblr

because that was totally called for

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hey Holla Forums, whatcha doin?

I can respect that Afroplasm is branching out but it's a little obnoxious.

so are you actually going to criticize the piece or….

criticising race-baiting drivel would waste valuable seconds. i just throw it into the trash, where it belongs

so I take that as a no?

this thread is bait you dunce. way to give the troll what he wants


It really, really made me think.