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Sup guys. More news from the wiki, we have quite a few volunteers who joined (about 20 of them), I don't expect half of them to stick around but any help is much appreciated.

Started laying down more layouts for more articles :

Don't be afraid to make new articles if you feel it's necessary, this structure is not definitive.


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Start thinking about guides and templates, we're going to need them. Make guides about anything that might come in handy, data protection, growing weed, how to pick a lock, a basic guide to understanding firearms, etc. etc.
Also we need layouts for anarchism, syndicalism, feminism, start writing layouts for the most important countries and entities (China, the USSR, the USA, France, the UK, the EU, etc. etc.)

Why was the classcuck page deleted?

Mate, this whole endeavour is rather embarrassing.
For your own sake, I would recommend just letting this thing die.

Make an article about class alienation if you want but we're going to put up with cuck memes.

This is like music to my ears.

Fuck off Howard

Mate, I'm telling you this from the position of someone that has seen alot of these sorts of projects on this board over the years.

They almost never last any more then a month and are always a source of embarrassment.
For your own sake, I just want you to learn from the mistakes of the past.

What an insightful and worthwhile post.

I don't do this for you guys. I do this for myself first. If you guys don't wanna follow me, I'll change the name and logo, then convince other people. I don't really do this for Holla Forums, not at all really. I'm 100% convinced this is necessary but people who usually embark in these are idiots while I'm the only people I actually trust. So I take matters in my own hand, I'm not begging or anything, I'll eventually probably type 50% of it, it's just a way for me to organize my thought. If it can help other people understand things without the need of a teacher, then great.

Fuck off Howard

Please do.

These are placeholder at the moment, I thought it was obvious for everyone. Same for the favicon, it shows as a spooky marx but I requested it to be changed to a generic red flag. However these requests have to go through actual people so it should be done within the day.

Then please stop making so many threads about this one stupid topic then.

Either let this garbage fade into obscurity or bump one of the several threads you have already created for this idiotic idea.

Would you take down your trip and username if I did?


fuck off


I'm simply attempting to save the op of the same embarrassment that has befallen so many others over the years.
If he wishes to continue with this, fine.
But he should be bumping old threads on this, rather then constantly creating a new one.

enjoy your ban, faggot

Howard's right, these wikis are failures every single time and also a cringeworthy source of autism. The idea of working from a template instead of having knowledgeable people add relevant information is also a terrible idea.

Remember Rationalwiki? It started out (minus the butthurt about Conservapedia) as a general wiki for leftists to parody other leftists and make fun of conservatives, and gradually devolved into "Well AKSHUALLY, communism is far too extreme. We need more black transgender CEOs, that's why you need to vote Hillary!"

The thing is I'm the only handling it and I'm not a liberal. I have read and I'll use it, if only as a nice reference sheet for my studies. What's wrong with that?

For anyone reading this :

Bump. Looks cool! I'll make some articles

This page needs to be made’] leftypol.miraheze.org/wiki/Law_of_Value

Oh god, projects like this make me so hard.


Because we wants the Holla Forums wiki to be a respectable website that he can show his mother or his teacher.

I think we should use it as a leftist primer and as a supplement for information that wikipedia won't host ie my suggestion for a repository of cooperative businesses which would include those that aren't notable enough for wikipedia to consider.

We could even keep track of public figures in a way that wikipedia won't allow, for example there was a hilariously corrupt Conservative MP in the UK who has now retired known as Tony Baldry, his sanitised wikipedia article doesn't do his horrendous record any justice.

Not to mention we could keep track of Blairites and shills trying to subvert the Labour Party, another thing that wikipedia won't allow, as well as members of boards of unions, socialist societies and other power structures under threat from unscrupulous neoliberals.

I never saw the OP I'll volunteer and will definitely stick around and not drop the ball on things that need done.

This could serve as an introduction to leftism for people.

Why have it connected to Holla Forums at all, then? It seems extremely idiotic no matter how I look at it.