Why is it bad to oppress workers?

Why is it bad to oppress workers?

Because I am one, and an injury to one is an injury to all.

If ~two years of shitposting on Holla Forums has taught me anything, it's that anyone who lives in a place with a population under 250,000 is a spooked idiot who needs a soyboy male from New York City to dictate his every action

Pure ideology.

Because I'm a worker.

And I'd be willing to bet you're a worker too.


You said "all", now you are saying your co-workers at your firm. Which is not even true, it would make more sense to try and advance individually. If you can't even do that, imagine how hard it would be to overthrow the state & capitalism.

Our argument has never been one of morality, you fucking cuck. We fight capitalist exploitation because it's in our rational interest to do so.

Because it alienates them from they labour as their life is 'directed to work'.
This causes them to feel miserable and don't enjoy their work, as their life really starts when they are not working.
Also because people should be entilted to the hole product of their labour directly or indirectly, explotation is theft.
Also becausethis hinders innovation and scientific progress as the exploited workers don't have the opportunity to decide or participate in how work is organized and developed.
Lastly because as Marx exposed after capitalism develops the economy, exploitation hinders production, as it is uneffective for the hole development of the economy, slowing the intruction of more effective methods of production such as automation.

All as in all workers or all people in vulnerable positions. The bourgeois doesn't fight their own wars or make the surplus value they own now do they.

.You said "all", now you are saying your co-workers at your firm.
Wage-labour is always atomized. The ultimate thing in my material interests is not just reproducing the hell of the firm on others. In this way, I just become slave to the whims of capital and become an abstractly personified capitalist myself. My ultimate real interests lie in not just keeping myself alive properly, but truly in leveraging my power and that of my fellow subjects into a real force that once and for all ends capital and turns us all into purely individual subjects rather than either personified capital or personified labour, shackled to impersonal market forces. Under such a free association of individuals, I can finally exert a truly unbound pressure on others that neither relies on being interpellated to do so or the vital need to world-systemically.

Workers in different industries, firms and countries have competing interests. If I work in a shipyard and the shipyard moves to China, well then fuck those guys.

This sounds to me as metaphysical as the libertarian ideology. We will all be free in communism! In empirically tested environments, freedom has generally emerged through the oppression of others. There can be freedom, but not freedom for everybody. Hence the fully automated communism meme.

It's not bad, it's inevitable under capitalism. That's why we don't hate all capitalists personally, they act in their rational self-interest.

They wouldn't move the jobs to China if there were solidarity among all workers. I.E. not being a scab and demanding labor protections for people over seas not just in America.

>hasn't read Kropotkin's Mutual Aid
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w-why would it be right to oppress workers user?

Ι have actually read that book. Did we move the goalposts to social democracy now?

It seems unrealistic that this would have any effect. Lack of worker's protections is China's comparative advantage. It is why I said that nations do not have common interests. Even from a leftist point of view, China would never make it to an advanced economy without it.

Because it's worked okayish so far. We went from building the pyramids to building quantum computers. Oppression is the essence of growth. I want to oppress the fuck out of you, so that our (my) children will have a better life in 100 years.

It not that its 'bad'. It just isn't in our interest.

creating a society that fosters oppression rather than working towards alleviating it makes it more likely that your children will be oppressed to varying degrees of cruelty or merely exterminated, rendering it pointless though. why are you so attached to your own genetic line anyway? obviously you'll care about your living grandchildren. but why only 100, why not 1000? a million? because it all becomes murky and indistinct at that point?

Literally the opposite, do you even realize how poor productivity was under slavery and feudalism?

Okay, I will reevaluate my positions. Perhaps we need more freedom. Who do I vote for?


The capitalist moves his business to China, it's not the Chinese moving the capitalist to China. He does this because it allows him to lower the cost of production by paying less wages.
Also, it's obviously not just china, but pretty much any shithole on earth that is kept in disarray by imperialist forces to avoid a proper worker's movement arising to fend off porky enterprise.

Because its inefficient, underfed, undereducated, overworked workers do a bad job

Read Kant

Why? What does he say?


Using people as mean to an end is bad
He justifies it pretty well too

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