So what do you lads actually do for a living? What's your labor? I'm a farmer. The profession runs in the family...

So what do you lads actually do for a living? What's your labor? I'm a farmer. The profession runs in the family. I got into hydroponics.

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I'm a data miner and I try to profile various internet communities to optimize ad revenue.

I take it you don't actually produce anything then?

housekeeping/maid but my contract just ended so im freelancing for the moment

I work IT in a big city… I hate it.

The area i'm currently growing is pretty urban so I'm enjoying that urban-priced rent. Fun shit.

post maid dress pics

Librarian, the complete lack of movment or sound sending you deeper into insanity is where it's at

Maintenance tech. Its an OK job, I don't mind it. I'll probably be doing it for the rest of my life realistically and it feels stagnant. Anyone feel similarly?

I know one accident or terrible injury and my savings will evaporate. I'll probably never make enough to raise a family and definitely will never make enough to retire.

More than you do, data mining boy.

if you're out here in the bay area, have fun paying high tier rent in a low tier part of the city. I'm just ready to fucking bail, move to the Midwest and go full caveman.

Your paranoia is well-placed but I'm not a fed. Don't post your location please.

That must be an awesome job. If my family owned land I would love to be a farmer.
I'm about to start a course on turbine aircraft maintenance.

I have a buddy who moved out there to be a programmer, lasted a few years before bailing. The rent out there is bullshit. You would think that with the internet more people in tech would be able to work remotely and live rural, pay rural costs of living.

This is commercial data mining you're doing.
It's always demographics that matter.
Age, work, education, etc.
Then that information is sorted into Experian or Claritas geodemographic segments.
Which is what you're attempting to do.

Yeah man, that's totally me. I'm definitely not a few beers in and bored and posting about jobs on a Friday night on a board focused on bettering the state of the worker.

lol IDK man. I know we can all bitch about Capitalism but in all reality, my bitching isn't gonna change shit.

it's just a constant attack on the sense. everything and everyone is moving or running around trying to get somewhere. I've only been out here for a year but I'm exhausted already. I only look forward to getting home and reading or playing guitar where the only active thing in 10 feet is me and myself.

I guess if people are really into that then fuck yeah, more power to you but being overwhelmed is not my cup of tea.

I'm a sucker for the farm life I guess LOL

you know we dont wear that stuff

also OP, I'm jealous of you. Are you bought out by large seed companies? or are you small scale.

Then delete this thread and create another one that isn't as explicitly creepy.

What’s the pay for a farmer?

I'm Amish, so I better get the fuck off this pocket computer before my family finds out abou

The farm life is nice in the sense that it gets you outside (for the most part). It's still hard work an in summers like this one it's hot as fuck. It's all I know though. Been through college but litrally every job I've done is ag related. I just want to feed people tbh.

lol no

I don't want to give specifics but most farmers these days are college educated. I'm started out making a mid-range 5 figures but if I play my cards right in the current system I'll make 6 It all depends on what you grow and where you grow and who you grow for. You can grow on your own but then you need to be a business owner on top of a scientist and a handyman.

He's not asking "a/s/l and what's your job btw comrade", he's just asking what people do. How the fuck could knowing what a dozen random, anonymous Leftists' jobs are be useful for datamining?

Fuck typos sorry

that’s a LOT more then I expected.

So in other words your literally a kulak?

how would you find this post funny
how would anyone find this funny

Same here

I hate it

IT guy wanting to be farmer here. Everything you said is exactly how I view my life.

I want to go organic but I hear that it is so difficult to be profitable.

My dream is just having a 5 acre farm when I don't have to exploit anyone to grow my crops. Maybe I'll just take my stuff to a farmers market or something idk.

my mom has some land in Southwest Iowa. it's gorgeous out there right now.

The average income in my country is 30,000. And the urban areas are higher then the rual so a six figure income for a farer, is well a lot. I’m American btw.

doesn't sound like he's hoarding the grain.

Marketing doesn't care about you as an individual, it cares if you fit in specific segments. By having one thread for jobs, another for age, a third for education, fourth for geographic location you can map which segments are represented here and target your advertising/shilling accordingly. Look up "consumer lifestyle segmentation" if you're interested.

I've been storing grain for a while :^)

But really man yeah, I'm currently at middle manager status. When I started out at 15 I was a bottom-rung harvester and barn floor sweeper. I still make sure to do work and help the guys who were doing the work I had to do. You do what you have to do to get work done. Most of my work these days though is keeping an eye on the nutritional levels of the nutrient film and anticipating pests and diseases.

Ok I'm tispy but I'll try to give some advice lol. 5 acres? Consider hydroponic, because you have a longer window of harvest and you produce more with less acreage. Just keep in mind that it requires more upkeep and more upfront cost. We grow a literal organic, but as a guy who studied this shit for years, I'm telling you right now that organic is a meme. I wont go too into details because it'll derail the thread, but there's no indication in the data to show that organic is healthier. It's just more expensive (they still use organic pesticides) and as a guy raised in the industry I have personally heard retail guys say "organic is a crock of shit but it makes us money." Still, I don't see any reason organic would be bad, it's still wholesome stuff. But you'll be WAY busier. But you being in IT I think you could do well with high-tech stuff like hydro. I knew a lot of comp-sci guys getting into the same field as me. Cool stuff

independent contracting, removal of mold and asbestos mainly but we do other basic labor and demo jobs too

tipsy* god damn it

of all the things that didnt need a correction XD

Keep on shilling in the free world, marketer.


Im studying to become a machinist.

thank you based user! I really appreciate your advice. Just off the top of your head, how much would it cost to get started with about 5 acres if I were to go the hydroponic route.

How do you do, fellow kids?

5 acrers isn’t that much.

I'm only 20 and I barely have any money in savings so anything under 20 grand might as well be a million dollars.

If you go hydro, you'll have to worry about the cost of irrigation materials and of course liquid fertilizer. If you decide to do a greenhouse get ready to take out a fucking loan with a bank (or sell your left nut) because the average 1 acre greenhouse costs like 25 grand usd. It's outrageous and it's the reason that mainly large corporations do this shit. As I understand it the costs are coming down but for the most part it's prohibitively expensive. Try a personal home garden sized hydro setup for like $75. You can make a $20 one with like a fish bubbler and a tupperware container. Learned that trick in college to grow lettuce for my salads.

That's nice. I'll stick with the data and take it all with a grain of salt. In the meantime, wholefoods makes more money annually than fucking monstano. Fuck 'em.

I'm a janitor.

If I had my way, the person who keeps the halls and streets clean would be more celebrated than the fucking actor.

thanks man! I appreciate all the info!


If I had my way, I'd have you all shot!


Someone join me in the chat at Twitch streamer theskeletonboi, he's doing artworks and will prolly take requests

If I had my way everybody would live in favella slums while I live in a luxury property, and still call it "communism", because we adopted soviet aesthetics.

I'm a leninist but like the anarchist aesthetics way better. I just see leninism as a way to it.

I'm working at a fast food restaurant until I'm done with college, after that I'm going to try to get into medical school. Reading the section of Kropotkin's Appeal to the Young ( addressed to future doctors really bummed me out, but there is a lot of family pressure to become a doctor and I honestly don't know what else I would do with my life.

Whole Foods is a cunt. Even more sow now that Amazon bought them and now want’s to replace the cashiers with robots.

Im a student currently and was born a laborer, also

dude weed

You should tbh.


I'm an electrician but I'm very handy at almost everything.
I didn't finished high school and I'm not very confident in my skills but people often say that I'm a perfectionist and I do a really good job.
I would like to learn Electronics and welding.

Financial Advisor. Working on commission kinda sucks cuz its not about how well I help people out, its about how many people I can get to come in. Job is pretty interesting though, meet lots of different people too

Heavy equipment operator
Construction worker basically (dozer,loader, hyex, roller, with some grunt work, etc)
It's okay I guess but the work is hard and this being a right to work state for decades the unions here are very weak and the pay is meh compared to other states
But I'll always appreciate it because getting paid shit starting out made me throw away my libertarianism and working with different ethnicities made me throw away my racism and my Holla Forums mindset.

I loved you in ghostbusters!

Went to school for electrical engineering. Now am software engineer. le stem amirite xD ?? …

heheehe. HehehehEHEhehhe.e hehehehehuheueuuee. Yeah brudder. I know exactly how you feel. I live in a slightly gentrified part of town. Rent is reasonable here. I'm having to move slightly south in my city and all of a sudden the rents are like $400 more. You really get less house for the same amount of money. It is retarded.

I work in a produce department with a sociopathic striver boss

NEET. I need communisam so you guys can pay my bills

Retired telco technician, mechanical geek. hackerspace maker, builder of all things, hater of social justice warriors & feminists

IT support drone.

long gave up on retirement.

Sales and marketing

Same but I work at a pet store, so its like mopping floors but with 50 dogs barking at you all shift.


sorry man, I hear banning imperialists can really take it out of you.

hah. Produce, I hear you man. find something better. you can get paid more moving boxes and parcels around in a post office, and that doesn't require you to spend all of your day in a cooler. There's no good work in a grocery store. you ask around, you learn the highest paid positions outside of management have been working there 5 years and get paid $3 more than entry.


Senior in high school.

I'm in similar position as you, programmer who is thinking how to into farming during weekends.
that's veery little. My uncle is a farmer and he told me that it's quite hard to make profits (and he have fuckton more land than you) and it would be nearly impossible without government subsidies.

I'm personally looking into animals. Cows can be taught how to eat grass even underneath snow, which is greatly reducing costs and time required, but they still need quite a lot of care. My main problem right now is to find a way how to minimize time required for tending for animals during the winter and I'll go for it in the next five year plan. My main problem right now is finding a way to keep water from freezing.