Daily News Thread 7/28

North Korea Fires Unusual Nighttime Missile in New Provocation

North Korea test-fired a ballistic missile on Friday, heightening pressure on the U.S. and China after its first successful launch of an intercontinental ballistic missile earlier this month.

North Korea missile launch was ICBM – Pentagon, S. Korea military

North Korea is believed to have launched an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) on Friday, according to the Pentagon and South Korean military, as quoted by local media.

Theresa May Is Hit by Another Resignation as Strategy Chief Quits

Theresa May’s director of strategy has become the latest member of her senior team to quit, leaving the premier without the authors of her Brexit vision at a critical time in negotiations with the European Union.

'The Mooch is loose': Twitter goes nuts over Anthony Scaramucci's foul-mouthed New Yorker interview

White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci's bizarre, profanity-filled phone interview with The New Yorker's Ryan Lizza on Wednesday (26 July) has gone viral on social media with people picking it apart for the juiciest bits. In an extensive interview, Scaramucci ranted about a number of his White House colleagues including White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus whom he described as a "paranoid f**king schizophrenic" as well as Chief Strategist Steve Bannon.

‘Reasonable grounds’ to suspect Grenfell tower fire was corporate manslaughter – London police

Police investigating London’s Grenfell Tower disaster, in which 80 people were killed in rapidly spreading fire, have sent a letter to survivors and families of victims saying there are “reasonable grounds” to suspect it was a case of corporate manslaughter.

GOP splits further as 'skinny' Obamacare repeal may get rewritten in conference

Four Republican senators are threatening an 11th hour vote on the Health Care Freedom Act, or “skinny” Obamacare repeal, ahead of the August recess. They want guarantees that this latest effort won’t be in the final version approved by the House.

U.S. orders family members of Caracas embassy staff to leave Venezuela

The U.S. State Department on Thursday ordered family members of U.S. government employees at the American embassy in Caracas to leave Venezuela ahead of a weekend vote that has sparked violent protests.

Russia orders US to cut embassy staff in tit-for-tat over sanctions

Russia said it will cut American diplomatic staff to 455 and seize the US embassy's Moscow summer house after Congress passed a sanctions bill against the country.

Local politician can’t ban constituents from Facebook page – judge

A federal court in Virginia has ruled that a politician violated a constituent’s free speech rights when she blocked him from her Facebook page. The ruling could impact a similar case involving President Donald Trump banning Twitter users.

Over 400,000 infected in Yemen's deadly, but entirely preventable, cholera outbreak

Yemen is suffering the worst cholera outbreak ever recorded in any country in the space of a single a year, but it has put off a vaccination campaign until 2018.

McDonald's worker fired for tweeting pics of disgusting kitchen including mould and grease

A McDonald's worker from Louisiana said he was sacked after he shared photos of what he described as "disgusting" conditions inside the kitchen where he worked.

Migrant crisis: Italy backs force to police Libya shore

Italy's cabinet has backed sending a mission to Libya to try to stem the influx of migrants.

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Feels good man.


Inside a digital honey pot: How state hackers pose as hot women to steal secrets

Hackers with links to the Iranian government are using honey-pot operations to lure victims into downloading secret-stealing malware, a security firm revealed this week (27 July). Yes, it seems the oldest trick in the book is working better than ever in the digital age.

Healthcare Hypocrisy: How Politicians Hide Behind the 1986 EMTALA Law to Avoid Healthcare Reform

Is the emergency room mandate, EMTALA, responsible for lawmakers failing to devise reasonable legislation to fund health care?

Google rigs searches to block access to World Socialist Web Site

Statistical analysis proves that Google is excluding WSWS content from search requests.

Time for Fast food workers to unionize.

Is anyone surprised at this point?

Its been time for a long while, but it will never happen here in burgerland

This is already dead. McCain, Murkowski, and Collins killed it last night.

Obamacare repeal is officially over.

Soon, communism will established - just as Comrade O'bama wanted.

The Obamacare repeal is not dead lol. It will never be dead. They will keep trying again and again until it's gone. They have nothing else to do.

Every single step of the way every pundit has talked non-stop about about how dead it is. God damn our news is faker than professional wrestling.

Oi see whut ye did there, boyo.

That's fine, I don't mind if they try for 4 years and never get it done, saves us from them fucking up something else like education or more blowjobs for Wall Street.

Two words: tax reform.

Reince Priebus Pushed Out After Rocky Tenure as Trump Chief of Staff


So how soon can we expect Sessions termination?

Don’t give up hope yet.

Not Communism, Obamaism

Jesus, I'm surprised Sessions wasn't first but yeah he's definitely next.

Let me borrow a phrase from our brave democrat defenders: "they can walk and chew gum at the same time".


Fucking christ lol


Trump's waiting until the August recess so he can appoint someone without a confirmation process.

If he manages to pull it off, the Republicans are likely to rebel. If someone as loyal as Sessions isn't free from Trump's wrath, none of them are.

The future is now!

And there I thought the word was immigrant and it was a refugee crisis…


top jej

user, should he build the wall?

I'm not surprised in the slightest. How many secrets do you think this guy has given up?


apparently Scaramucci called him "Reince Penis"

Well the bill that's been holding up his money is going to get passed now that he took care of the issue that was holding it up (transgender reassignment surgery) via executive fiat, so whether he should or not, it will start soon.

Preibus was literally the only link Trump had to the GOP. Now his White House is full of nothing but career military men and wall street goons. Good work, Holla Forums.


Good article on Kelly. He's a real piece of shit.

user, do you think they'll drop the bomb?

I haven't seen his dick pics does any one have them?

No, there's still Sessons. Once he goes, it'll be full on war.

It still has to go to the Senate, where it will likely die a slow death at the hands of the Democrats.

Also, Joint Chiefs aren't having any of that twitter shit. They said yesterday they're not changing their position on trans people in the military until the White House gives them details.

'It's digital colonialism': how Facebook's free internet service has failed its users

Free Basics, Facebook’s free, limited internet service for developing markets, is neither serving local needs nor achieving its objective of bringing people online for the first time.

Better than cucked out GOPErs that think MUH FREE MARKETS are the be-all end-all of political discussion tbh

When I think about it it makes sense. I mean on one hand Trump seems to have enough hubris to do it, on the other does anyone have THAT much hubris to crash a whole party with no survivors. I've never believed Trump was stupid, I thinks that's just a lib meme, but if Trumps in trouble why not just negotiate an exit with the GOP, not like they haven't covered up crimes for Republican presidents in the past.

When was It's Going Down get kicked off Patreon? I just saw the video from Patreon guy, and it's kinda funny. Mostly the part where Lauren Southern flaunts her lack of accountability - poor Lauren only wants to block rescue ships with a little help from givememoney.com.

Why would you want it's going down to get kicked off Pateron? You from pol?

Sorry - I wrote that weird.

Both Lauren Southern and It's Going Down were (afaik) kicked off of Patreon. Lauren for blocking rescue ships and IGD for supposedly doxxing someone. Patreon guy (guy who runs it I guess) made a video explaining both decisions, and included a few clips of Lauren Southern both complaining about getting kicked off and directing the boat she was on to block a search boat.

I'm not cheering for IGD getting kicked off. I just thought it was pretty revealing (if unsurprising) that the alt. right has no sense of responsibility and gets mad at others when their actions inhibit their ability to beg other people for money. But IGD got kicked, too, so it's really shits'n'giggles.

My view about the backlash from the alt-right, that is.