What you guys think of greenpeace?


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Hold still and I'll make you one with nature, lil guy

They're anti-science – anti-gmo and anti-nuclear.

They've done some cool stuff but I don't know much about them. TBH, direct action is generally free, unless you need a really expensive lawyer. In that case, you're probably already fucked.

Better than PETA but not as cool as ALF.

Also, full of spies.


So PragerU is right here?

They're so cool they're right next to PETA and Liberty's Army.

They are not going far enough

That pretty much sums it up for me

They unironically think we dont need GM crops like golden rice, instead poor people in the third world should just learn how to eat better.
He goes into more detail

We really need a non reactionary militant green movement…

There is nothing wrong with sustainable whale hunting.

Go back to 2ch :^)

liberals trying to save the environment and falling miserably

as someone who has a vague idea about ecosystems and ecology i think evolved plants (transgenic organisms) are bad because it's an invasive species which can disrupt the function of an ecosystem. by being immune to disease and more tolerant to let say drought or other extreme weather conditions it can push out the natives species out because it becomes the leading organism Also it leads to using only one type of crops while other, older variations, which aren't as productive disappear, leading to "genetic poverty". And if a disease mutates it can wipe out the entire crop, leading to hunger.
also big agri businesses like monsanto hold the patent, so it will allow them to spread and become even more powerful
there is good documentary Food inc. about what monsanto does to farmers who don't want their seeds.

as for nuclear, we should focus on other types like solar, wind, geothermal and tidal.

Stupid treehuggers making fools of themselves.

I dislike this word, it is true but can easily be misused; not all science is certain.
I'm personally pro-nuclear but not settled on evolved plant, though perhaps we have no choice on that one.

I think Green Peace might work as counter balance of sorts, but do not agree with all of their points

Sure let's call it that, there is nothing wrong so much with the editing, but it is stupid to think that no mistakes will be made
If you delve into the history of medicine many mistakes were being made, I can't remember it well but there was a guy pushing for injecting vitamine C - I think - and he ended up hurting people

While it is not a good argument against 'evolved plants', we should be more considerate about it, it already happens to be the case that fruits cultivated for taste and appearence have lost nutritional value - the same mistakes shouldn't be made

In the hands of capitalism almost everything turns into hedonic bliss


Not as cool as Earth First

i'd argue that we should tolerate nature only as long as it's useful. if a species outlives its usefulness we should let the (kek) nature run its course

In spite of recent fuck ups, I will always respect those people who managed to stop French nuclear testing in the Pacific.

Some of them need to read more books like this. You will never win the war for a sustainable environment as long as capitalism is left standing.

nice arguments fagtron
not that it matters but i'm a yuropoor and i don't want that shit here

by killing/causing extinction of a species we trigger a chain reaction which disrupts inter species connections and has unknown consequences on the ecosystem . By destroying natural ecosystems we also destroy it's functions which are irreplaceable