Was plato /ourguy/?

was plato /ourguy/?

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He was an idealist and probably an aristocrat and not my comrade.

I don't like fucking kids.


no, any philosopher, but plato could be our guy.

No, pic related was definitely /ourguy/. Nigga was already aware that the superstructure is defined by the rulers.

in the republic.. in the fifth sixth and seventh books are about communism where is even wives are shared and boys are up to be fucked…

an aristocratic communism

collectivization of Waifu & traps
don't see anything wrong about that.

Idk but I was disappointed after reading Gorgias in high school, so he is not really my guy.
That said, I plan to study his texts more seriously after I get a bit into modern philosophy, as he seems to a source of infinite wisdom for the seasoned smart academics like Badiou, Heidegger and the crazy ass Derrida.

Did the greeks mastered cloning before we discovered it ? I can't pinpoint a difference between those two scluptures tbh fam

I can't read plato, he's extraordinarily boring, and dry.



Plato's poetry you spaz.

hell yeah Diogenes kicks ass

Plato's Republic is hierarchical though

Plato is a faggot.

Diogenes is my comrade.

he owned slaves. you decide.
that being said still have mad respect for him as a philosopher.

It is unfortunate that so much of the roots of Western philosophy, which such grand notions of freedom, justice, and intrinsic human value, were born out of slave societies.

On the other hand, hanging out and developing theory kinda' requires a lot of free time, so it arguably was unlikely to happen any other way.

I'll be taking the opportunity to post the hypertranslation of the Republic here. libgen.io/book/index.php?md5=2882020A778FD24392B22F368756680C

A religion based on the teachings of Diogenes would probably be a lot like Christianity without the god, afterlife, or the magic.

Someone should get on that. The 21st century needs a moral leader we can relate to - and since we'll all be sleeping in barrels (or old vans) anyway it's really quite fitting, I can think of no one better.

No they just didn't fuck monkeys, but race doesn't exist so who knows, probably just wicki wicki space magic ting ting. Amirite fellow leftists? Surely racism didn't breed a line of great philosophers! That would be impossible because it can't be possible, as it goes against my world view.

Is your inferior breeding to blame for you being so pathetic?