Question for non-ironic Nazbols

What, to you, does National Bolshevism mean? Is it just Socialism with a nationalist character? If I were to hazard a guess, I'd say that the answer might be that you think the way in which we (comms, socs, Anarchist, etc.) tend to sweep nationalism under the rug and say "class interests transcend national boundaries" is naive, that people think chiefly of their race, creed, culture, etc. before their class. Also, are you guys racists, or what? Do you have some beliefs about the superiority or inferiority of different races? Please enlighten me.

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not a nazbol but I'll give it a shot
my understanding is that nazbols are Holla Forumstards who saw the light of socialism but not before overdosing on race and Autism Level studies and crime infographics
iirc the actual nazbols in Russia like Dugin aren't racist, but their vision for the future (Eurasian super state) meshes well with pol's views on race

and I'm sure you've heard this before but 'race realists' believe that whites are asians are on the aggregate more alturistic and smarter, than other groups because of genetics, (with asians being smarter than whites)

*whites and asians

civic/republican virtue is important
individualism is inherently divisive and wasteful
"class collaboration" is fine because the proper response to someone (i.e, a bourgeoisie) being a git isn't to shoot them but to tell them to stop being a git, then actively prevent them from being a git, and only then falling back to shooting them
having a common language is necessary, and having a common culture useful, to form a real community and not "union of egoist" nonsense where everyone is guarded and looks at interactions in a zero-sum way
the democratic state is the embodiment of the will of the people and should be kept for perpetuity
vanguardism is shit, any and all criticism and challenge to the governing party is not only acceptable but necessary
"wars of liberation" don't exist; if you fight a war on another country's land you're doing it for conquest and are the bad guy

basically, it's because I follow quaker morality even though I ain't a christian

Question for nazbols
If have a gf of a different ethnicity do you have ill will?

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There are unironic nazbols!?

leftycucks everyone knows nazbols are on
the only good political board

Most of leftypol (and others for that matter) seem to think that natsbol is just Nazism plus Communism.
But that's actually fucking retarded. I'm not terribly offended by the idea because fascism is a big influence on natsbol ideology and because all the communist projects of the twentieth century, which you still fetishize and want to emulate, were total failures. I don't see myself as a communist anymore and therefore I don't care about being ostracized by communists.

Anyway, long story short, National Bolshevism is a part of an attempt to create what Dugin has predicted as the emerging Fourth Political Theory, which recognizes in its founding character that the obsolete ideologies of Liberalism, Fascism, and Socialism/Communism are all deeply flawed and inadequate for the challenges of the modern world.
I am not a full blown Duginite and I'm not really a NazBol either because I think National Bolshevism itself can only really be a Russian ideology. That said, I appreciate it and want to align with it because I feel totally suffocated sometimes by the fun and insanity of the post-modern west.
What I want is a political project which includes leftist principles but which also offers a fresh start, so to speak. I recognize that the so called left is completely alien and repulsive to the common (aka the WHITE, heterosexual, etc.) man. I want to preserve the posterity of my cultural institutions and way of life, and to arrive back at some real kind of emotional freedom, outside of this hideous post-modern quagmire of meaning. The basic pillar of this ideology is what Heidegger calls Dasein.

Geopolitically I also want to return to a multipolar world, and view the west as spiritually backwards and wicked. Therefore I have nothing against this Eurasianist project to take away American hegemony, although I am an American. If anything I welcome the decline of our power and influence which has spread like a cancer across the globe.

National Bolshevism really has nothing to do with race at its core, and is completely against western imperialism, pro africa, whatever.
That said, I know that we have to preserve the demographic integrity of our homelands because although leftypol will never recognize this, race is extremely real. Genetics is the most important factor for all big political and social projects, and white or asian nations cannot even continue to exist if the people which make them up are replaced. Same goes for any nation anywhere. What we call "white nationalism" and feel guilty about are just considered unquestionable common sense in almost all other countries.

irrelevant shiting should not be allowed to lead to the destruction of the various races. Maybe this sounds outlandish but I believe that irrelevant shiting is being pushed today as a tool of oppression, to create new social "castes," full of people with no roots or coherent identity outside of the ones which are sold to them in the market. Perfect consumers basically.

Anyway I don't have any kind of personal problem with people who date outside their race really. I've done it before but I just want to point out that too much of it could be very detrimental.

Those are all pretty reasonable. I'm wondering though if there's some stuff you might be leaving out. Also, if I'm not mistaken it sounds like the theoretical basis of Nazbol is Nazism. Like, is Nazbol just taking the "good" bits from Nazism, or is it using Nazi terminology?

come to
Come home white man…

One last thing I want to mention is that NazBol in Russia has its roots basically in the doctrine of "partiotic socialism," the legacy of Stalinism, where the radical Marxist and right wing nationalist ideas merged. I would argue that in the Soviet Union and elsewhere, many communists already had proto-fascist tendencies even if they didn't realize it. Certainly throughout the third world, all the so called communists were effectively just nationalists.

Anyway, you should all read up on the modern Neo-Soviet movement called the "Essence of Time," if you want to see just how far to the right the Russian marxists have already gone.

The Achilles' heel of Marxism always was its historical optimism. Unlike what Marx and Engels predicted do the vast majority of people never have the possibility to overcome their structural disadvantages towards the ruling class. Every optimism is only justified when you look at a small part of the world (Western Europe) from around, say, 1400 to 1933. So you have roughly 500, 600 years in a small part of the world.

In some ways, Leninism already was a reaction to the flawed (but, given their time and age, understandable) optimism of Marx. But it didn't go far enough, as can be seen by the fact that this board is full of Christian communists who can easily combine their "we're all God's children" cuckery with the anthropological optimism of leftism.

Cities like Paris and Rome for instance aren't really European cities anymore; they are Oriental and African cities. Capital either wants to go to misery ("outsourcing") or import misery ("Refugees welcome!") in order to drive down wages etc. I don't want Asian and European cities to be full of black people. The world is overpopulated and, let's be honest here, overpopulation is a euphemism for "there are too many black people." We need a global one child policy and NOT a 14/88 birth war. And yet, most white people already have not more than one child. Same can't be said about blacks. Admittedly, as of now, I'm not really sure anymore what my position on race is, but I do not want everything flooded with blacks - I mean the same is pushed in South Korea and even Japan! I don't want to travel the world and see poverty, blacks and hijabs no matter if I'm in Seoul, Berlin or the Sudan.

Anyways, I'm also not as optimistic in regards to sexuality. I don't longer believe that sexuality can be fully "humanized": men want young and feminine girls, women want high-status men. If you let nature run its course you end up with harems. So a culturally enforced monogamy seems like a good thing to me. Not sure, tho. But if leftists prefer to make fun of the fact that many young men are struggling not only struggling to find a job but also struggling to find a girlfriend then right-wingers will pick that topic up.

Other than that: there is only ruling class left: the American mega-capital that is now about to destroy the remainders of every non-American mini-capital like in Russia and in 20, 30 years or so in China. The American mega-capital rules the world and the "mainstream left" wanting to discover a German imperialism because of the EU and some guns they sell or a Chinese imperialism because of Tibet or something are utter fools. We all can either hang together or hang separately, which is why we need a huge anti-American coalition including Iran. Iran doesn't have much to do with more of a secular guy like Assad but they knew, of course, who would be next on the menu of American imperialism. "Nam pirata non est ex perduellium numero definitus, sed communis hostis omnium."

Otherwise I'm not exactly a Nationalist, of course. The nation state was essentially a capitalist invention and once capitalism had turned into monopolism, it attacked and began to destroy the nation state. You only have to divide and conquer out of a position of weakness like the Roman Republic with its proverbial strategy of "divide et impera" but:

So, for me it's more something I use only in a specific context (boards where everyone identifies as a leftist) in order to make clear a distinction. If Holla Forums had flags, I might use a simple commie flag or something, as most "national bolshevists" aren't actually anti capitalists (it's usually just the same old bad "Jewish" capital, good "Aryan" capital crap) but on a board like this here which is more about begging reddit SJW to accept the fact that poor white men also suffer it's something different…

Niekisch said that class consciousness goes hand in hand with a national consciousness. i.e. he was the forefather to many 3rd world national liberation movements you see today. His premise was based on the fact that the bourgeois in Germany at the time were more than willing to abide by and work within the treaty of Versailles. He saw them as selling out Germany to foreign interests and to overthrow the bourgeois was to engage in both class and national revolution.
He also visited the USSR and saw the militarism inherent within the USSR as being very compatible with Prussian militarism/nationalism.
Yes, I can't speak for all of my national bolshevik comrades but you just about hit the nail on the head. NazBols are inherently pragmatists in this regard.
I wouldn't say that's the only concern of the proletariat but I do think it's a concern. The national liberation as a form of class war comes first, however, to dismiss these issues put fourth by the blue collar working men seems anti-pragmatic.
I don't speak for all of us but I'd say the races are different, however I'm not a chauvinist, even if that is the case, everyone should be treated with respect.
I believe different races have different talents, abilities, etc… etc… but I wouldn't say that makes one race "superior" or "inferior". Just different.
I hope that gives you a good idea of the national bolshevik (and the overall social-nationalist) mindset comrade.

And yes, I am an unironic NazBol (if that could even properly describe my position completely). I take a lot of influences from writers such as Marx, Sorel, Asser, Lenin, Nietzsche and a little bit of Proudhon as well.


sound very different from this guy

One of you's all about race, the other isn't. What's the deal? First guy didn't sound so bad, the second guy sounded like a white nationalist.

Not that user but NazBol was an alternative to Nazism developed in Germany before the Nazis came to power.

Nazbol is Eurasianism and nothing else.

first guy here; i have basically no fucking idea what my ideology is so I hop between socdem, tankie, and nazbol flags depending on context

the thing is I don't hold nationalism to be unacceptable so that sort of automatically puts me in the box of "nazbol" around here

You don't need to be forced into an ideology. You develop that by reading theory.
Nationalism is just another barrier to class consciousness and worker solidarity.
It allows burgy politics to interrupt and distract from the true issue of worker control of the means of production.

Well for the actual ideology theorized by Dugin it’s really complex. I just use the flag because I like both Socialism and Nationalism.

It's socdem or capitalism under proletarian dictatorship for spooked faggots. Thankfully they're irrelevant outside of memes.

I get really sick of Dugin being associated with national bolshevism. Even he admits he's not a nazbol and that nazbol only "comes close" to what the 4th political theory is. Read Niekisch comrade. He is the godfather of nazbol. Here is a link, you'll probably find a lot you'll like:

I like this post

The thing is I don't quite want "worker control of the means of production" because a) I want bourgeois and lumpenproles to stay alive because I don't like people dying due to inaction but because of this at least some of the product of the labor of the workers needs to be confiscated to provide for them and b) I want capital to be used to a large degree further enhance production and the state of human knowledge instead of just dumping it into extra luxuries for the workers, again requiring confiscation. What I actually want is state control of the means of production, but then popular control of the state.

Thanks comrade.

the abolition of class does not necessitate the execution of ALL burgs and lumpens. They are to be absorbed into the working class, unless they resist.
Elon Musk can get his ass on a drill press

Nazbol is the realization of socialism in not just a nationalist context, but a CONTINENTAL context. Large companies get nationalized, Medium ones get collectivized, Small ones left alone.
Everything said regarding the petit bourgeois is true. He is confused about war as local wars (Afghanistan, Donbass) are permitted for protecting continental interests. Dissent varies based on topic. I'm more of a Thiriartist, he's a Liminovite I assume. Race is seen from either a spiritual perspective (Spengler, Yockey) or a destiny perspective (Dugin)

Essentialism and idealism. Not leftism by default, thankfully not a real thing

Nazbols should be shot on sight.

Don't forget the Jungerist/Gramcian spiritual Aristocracy.

That's an amazing quote. Saved.

There is no class consciousness.
In fact, more and more today there aren't even any workers. Your labor has become obsolete faster than capital itself.

Leftypol always tells me that nation and race are spooks but the truth is "class consciousness" or the communist project themselves are the ultimate spooks. We are in a massive crisis of capitalism right now and who knows? Maybe it could be the last one. But where are all the communists and class conscious proletariat? I don't see them anywhere.

True class consciousness is pathetically low.
But most people are workers, and thus working class. The destruction of unions is the biggest reason for the lack of class solidarity, and the only real hope we have of any kind of labor movement.
That means service unions, and that means likely getting crushed by the corps and by the govt.

“If high-earning women were marrying low-earning men, the effect of increased female labor-force participation on income inequality might be positive. But that’s not happening. Instead, well-educated, well-paid women marry well-educated, well-paid men, a process sociologists have given the stunningly unromantic label of “assortative mating.” This means that the growing gaps we see in earnings are magnified in terms of household income. My colleague Gary Burtless estimates that between 10 and 16% of income inequality in the US is caused by the “growing correlation of earned incomes received by husbands and wives.”

Female hypergamy is a sociological fact even mainstream news and mainstream academia acknowledges (I even heard about that in college) - only the old-left, mostly consisting out of Americans who have left their parents Christianity to convert to leftism, is still promoting sexual neoliberalism and a "love will trickle down" approach to sexuality.

Maybe get out of your mom's basement and see the workers that produce the commodities we consume.

They are obviously there but they are not class conscious; in Europe, they are increasingly "Islam-conscious" and in the US they religiously support Hillary Clinton and her "We just need more female CEOs and colored banksters to make capitalism work" approach.

He was from 91-96

I never said they were but they did influence the Nazbol thought. Yockey was Left NS but started leaning left after the Prague Trials/Doctors' plot.

Yeah but he's not a nazbol anymore. Why rely on Dugin for information on NazBol when you can go straight to the source and read Niekisch?

I'm saying read both.

You may be projecting a little bit.
All the proles that I work with are Trump supporters, my man.

Well it’s not like they we’re given a better option.