Can I lurk at Holla Forums quietly when I don't want to get involved with politics...

Can I lurk at Holla Forums quietly when I don't want to get involved with politics, but I just really dislike the alt-right and think that Holla Forums is a good source for criticism/mockery/analysis/meltdowns of alt-right?

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Read Stirner


Is anything he says relevant today? I have very little time to spare on reading actual books, let alone books that rant and rave about exploited factory workers or some other left wing cliche.

What's the point of this thread? Go lurk all you want. It's free.

Thats why im here too, IDGAF about communism, most of these edgy tankies would rather whine about Americans than discuss theory anyway
Give it 6 months and youll hate this board as much as you hate Holla Forums

READ STIRNER, he's friggin neat.
most intro communist books are not too hard anyway, as long as you don't pursue the advanced economic theory most stuff you could read during lunchbreaks or some shit

that's just plain inaccurate

Really because they sure seem to dominate discussion with their edgy bullshit. Speak up or you wont be counted

Sure but it'd be better if you eventually get interested in leftist politics, they're not the hivemind and deeply triggering and problematic conspiracy Holla Forums claims them to be and there are many different branches, some of which might appeal to you. Making your own ideology out of diverse knowledge rather than dogmatically sticking to one is the true leftist way.

Yes, Stirner is actually a good weapon against Holla Forums as right-wing politics are based around illusions that cripple the individual.

I have started to hate politics in general, i used to browse Holla Forums but they have become a bunch of hypocritical, larping, no fun allowed faggots. It's killing image boards across the internet, i don't care what ideology you believe in, we all may have a different ideas on how to fix this world, but atleast we all agree that its shit. Can't we just laugh at normalfags like the old days?

False. leftypol has a variety when it vomes to quality, good discussions go on hdre despite the tankies


OP here, thank you. I already kind of dislike Holla Forums and took like a week-long break from lurking, but when I came back I found out the drama about RageAfterStorm/MurdochMurdoch and got hooked back on this place for at least a week more now.

If you can give me the easiest, most introductory and a relatively short book by Stirner, I might consider reading it few hours before bed time.

t. Sniff Man

*few hours before bedtime daily, I mean
these are his only major works


Sweetums, is there an audiobook too? I once tried to put a Stirner essay on text-to-speech but those damn things only read aloud few paragraphs at once.
first one i found. as far as i know there's no audio of the Stirner's Critics, but tbqh it's not nearly as important

9 hours gets you only through part one? Damn, I'd need some way to mark it down when I take breaks. Thanks anyway, I actually love long audio formats, something soothing about listening to a human voice reading out loud a long material.

why do we always recommend fucking Stirner of all people

Go to bed, Karl.

because he was the best

It's aight with me. Just don't feed the trolls that we have captured for our amusement.

I actually really don't know

That strawpoll's results are a bit worrying to me.

1.Because it is a quite concise work compared to others.
2. It helps becoming critical toward all kinds of "greater good" notorioulsy idpol.
3.To prevent people from spaming SPOOKSXD when it's irrelevant.


its just full of edgy idiot anarchists anyway i mean ancom isnt a real ideology its a contradiction muh duh

Me too user, me too.

I'm on the same boat.
Politics only makes me angry, and I am just a NEET with social anxiety, anyways.
But Holla Forums fucked up imageboards and big chunks of the internet on unprecedent ways, is not even the right wing politics themselves, but how your average Holla Forumsyp combines the retarded memespouting of a Holla Forumstard or redditor, the need to constantly post your shit and try to derail threads like the horsefuckers, and the blatant hypocrisy and self-rightneousness of SJWs.
Holla Forums seems to be the only place on the internet with some sanity left.

My man

he only wrote like one book lol

Lurk whatever you want. But you should read Bookchin so you understand the situation of the contemporary left.

there's a newer poll too:
Shows market socialism in 4th place

Yeah, and read Bordiga and Cockshott while your at it, hell read posadas

Only reason I'm here op.
Pol has pretty much fucked up every board and lefty pol is the only place that does deal with their crap.

You could make your own board dedicated to autistic screeching about the success of the aut right.

no. let them stay in Holla Forums

Have been there for 3 months and really addict to it.

Underrated response

Do not step back shyly from this image board, but look upon it always as your image board, in which you respect no lurking limits.

Amcoms used to be number 1 back in the day

I don't care about politics and I'm black so day of rope for me.