Dude let me destroy your lower/middle classes cars


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Geez, you sure showed them with awareness.

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smashies are fucking idiots.


you're right. CNT-FAI shouldn't have burned churches and expropriated trucks from their fellow "middle classes". property rights comes first, then revolutionary change


Literally create nothing while destroying something. Counterproductive and useless.

Anarchists think people hate them because of direct action, when really we hate them because of mindless, counter-productive direct action like OP's picture.

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Insurrection doesn't come from nowhere. People need to see other people insurrecting or it doesn't happen

Further to this, property under capitalism is stolen commons. Unfortunately, our relationship to the commons is warped and so we must act in a warped manner, destroying what is actually our own, but was never our own, because porky owns it, because porky owns everything.

Burning a middle class (in the contemporary sense, not in the Marxist sense) person's car is not insurrection. It isn't targeted at people or institutions that have any power in society. It's destruction for destruction's sake.

Name me a time of burning cars that wasn't directed at something.

I assume this is example of from the recent Hamburg protests?#

FUCK THE G20. Fuck all twenty of them. You are in support of this big bourgy get together? No. Without those burning cars, that event would have passed by without a whisper, and probably untold damage will be done due to the deals made there.

But that's not why smashie burn cars at large protests, nor why rural lumpens burn cars after police brutalities

and even a school shooter carries a hint of insurrection, its just wildly misplaced. Even a polack does, which is why you see them in their autism helmets, again, its just misplaced, its still insurrection of a horrible post modern kind

Said rural but meant urban

They weren't burning the cars of anyone involved in G20. They literally just went into a relatively high-income parking lot and burned a bunch of random white collar workers' cars for no reason.

I'm not sure I understand your point. Could you rephrase?

How is "insurrection" going to bring about the revolution?

With guns

These are the equivalent of self-harm in individuals. The most oppressed classes turn to chaos since nothing else seems to work in their direction.

The reason insurrectionary anarchists burned cars at the G20 was not to hopefully start an insurrection, it was to highlight the G20 in a negative light. In the past this tactic has led to significant blows to institutions like the G20. The reason youths burn cars in ghettoes after police beating are not to start insurrections either, it's a very basic to highlight issues and demand change, often with the desired effect. But since rioting is effective at accomplishing goals, corporate media have told you that riots accomplish nothing, in order to prevent you from rioting

>It'll spark the revolution this time, comrades, I swear! Once my fellow petty-bourgeois students proletarians see me topple another trashbin they're going to take to arms against the government!

So this is the power of insurrectionary anarchism…

No of course they weren't, because if they burned a member of the G20's car they would be banged up for a long time. Also probably shot before they could get anywhere near it.

If we want to get to a stage where that is possible, we have to start by building a general threat and getting people onto the streets. Right now almmost no leftist group on earth has anywhere near the clout to get away with that, remember its about building your power through membership and institutions, the more of them you have the more you can get away with because the more power you have. The ability to get large amounts of people on the streets in a threatening manner is some level of power, even small.

Not by itself, but basically, the left is nowhere near ready right now to have a revolution, not even close. Therefore, what we should be doing is 1) Building institutions and structures to gather leftists together, educate them, and use them to create as close to communal structures as they can get, in order to provide for the community, while at the same time doing as much as they can to agitate and frustrate the capitalist system. I just so happen to believe that school shooters and aut rightists frustrate the system probably almost as much as we do, even though are basically for the system, but they add the generalised unrest. Generalised unrest is the single ingredient that has been in all revolutions.

Its your standard educate, agitate, organise, agitation can come in the form of a burning car. As well as this, burning cars is fucking awesome, and you would really be surprised how many people would join a movement just to burn some cars. Who cares if they have no theory of whatever, if they are fighting your enemies that is okay for the present, because for the present nobody has any theory and in the end not everybody is every going to know all the theory behind a revolution. Besides that, were the serial car burners going to learn theory before? Probably not, but they might now as part of a big black bloc of them, more likely to than before at least.

Now more than ever the lumpenproletariat as they are so disparagingly called are pretty much the only revolutionary subject in the west, the middle class is pampered to an extent while they live in actual destitution.

These are the people who like to burn cars. If you think what they are doing isn't directed correctly, join them, and give them the correct targets and strategy, mostly they are probably all ears if you actually have good ideas, maybe you should go meet some and see. Have you?

Read this post you retarded nigger

so basically this but I'm talking a general state of insurrection that this adds to rather than a specific insurrection that one group is trying to cause. Like, Spain in the 30's, shitloads of different groups, all militant, thats a state of insurrection, thats good, that overturns capital and the state, being in a rut does not.

I'm sure you'll be happy to provide examples.

and this isn't just a typical anarchist muh spain type of arugment, its a, find me any other revolution that did not begin under conditions of extreme stress to the prevailing order and multiple party descent from all sides type of argument

now that is a new one

Its not true though, I would argue race riots were one of the key tools used by the US black proletariat in the civil rights movement and up to today. These represent some of the worst riots in world history, things are better than in the 60's are they not? Only just, but a little.

Riot is a tool used by the working class to show they have had enough,

listen, please listen, I said in contributes to a state of generalised insurrection. I'm not saying we are there yet, but would you agree we are maybe closer than we were say 2 or 3 years ago? But not as close as say 6 years ago with occupy etc, all that died down, now there is a new thing emerging, a new state of unrest. That is good, thats all im really saying tbh

Of course. Graeber on the victories of the global justice movements(that where portrayed as failures by corporate media):

But we (taking the “we” here as the horizontalist, direct-action oriented wing of the planetary movement against neoliberalism) did arguably deal it a bigger blow in just two years than anyone since, say, the Russian Revolution. Let me take this point by point:


its not really new its a fairly tame accelerationism, i think the Trump presidency kinda proves it true. An agent of unrest does not necessarily have to be from the left for it to be to our advantage

Well congratulations, instead of making the people attending G20 look bad, it made every retarded antifa terrorist look bad. A bunch of thugs with no message walked into town and burned things. You think anyone's going to get on board with that? You think you look like brave revolutionaries that anyone with half a brain is going to follow on their noble insurrection?

Fuck no. The only sane response is to demand that the police use more than just water cannons next time.

Will read, thanks.

No problem glad you'll be reading it