What did he mean by this?

What did he mean by this?

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Damn, Ben Garrison really suck.

Ok I get the meme but I literally have no idea what he means by any of this

He is saying that we are in a giant bubble and it's about to pop and the bear market is about to show up again like in 2008.

I thought the woman was Theresa May at first but it's actually Fed chair Janet yellen. He seems to be implying she's overinflating stocks with easy money. Not sure what the werewolf is supposed to mean tho

this is like the first thing hes done in the past 2 years that isnt about trump or triggered SJW libcucks

But isn't BASED, manly, beefy Trump supposed to be fixing the market single handedly? I swear I've seen at least 3 comics by him where Trump "fixed" the market

It's a wolf walking through the markets, and everything offered is for far more than it's worth. One of the better comics.
It's alluding to the crash that is within reach, and how people foolishly think that there can be a boom and no bust. Everything looks good, but it's trash.


if the bubble pops its going to be a catastrophe on the magnitude of the great crash of 29'. Those tech companies keep haemorrhaging money, yet their stock keeps rising and rising. Tesla is worth more than general motors, which is absurd, given that they produce like 1/1000 of the cars GM produces.

it's a starving bear (market). stocks keep going up but the growth is illusory and does not correspond to growth in the real economy which is stagnating.

I just realized it was a bear, and it became massively dumber. Basically the bear is starving and he's going to eat all these premium stocks because he is hungry and probably an ethnic given the fact he is roaming the street.

What did he mean by this?

What did he mean by this?

branco deosn't have the grotesquely effective style of a Ben Garrison.


That Branco wants boipussy orgies to stay


pic related has memetic potential, should combine it with his lovingly-drawn pix of Shrillery's ass


This one is pretty good.

Who's the bitch I'm the comic?
Mays. Clinton, Steward?



How did soc dem gang become the new dank meme?

Well, there was the Tito gang meme made not long ago, and now there appears to be some succdem gang memes being made, so I'm guessing they're making up for the lack of NAZBOL shitposting.
Y'know I actually miss those retarded, pixelated jpgs.

Netflix is the only one that is primarily financed through debt though. The real proble is the collapse of the retail sector, which of course libertards don't care about.


Yes, he spouts both simultaneously. My personal opinion is that his actual beliefs are closer to what this comic states than what the ludicrous macho Trump Kelly comics portray and he's mostly just using the Young Republicans for easy money.

Perhaps Holla Forums isn't so far off in confusing us with easily triggered SJWs. Or maybe it's just you, who fuckin' knows?

QA making the stock market boom

For once tagging is justified since those are shortcut names for stocks.

…that would make sense. Typical libertarian.


lad, just cease

That's wishful thinking.


Why's the dog walking around with a shopping trolley outside the mall?

I think it's a (starving) bear. As in "bear market".

This thread shows most anons lack understanding of the stock market. That's bad. Know your enemy and all.



this gave me autism

It's just a shit drawing that doesn't even make sense from a stock perspective beyond HURRR THE BEAR MARKET THO HURHURHUR

t. marxist matey

It's the edgy lolbertarian zerohedge "AUSTRIAN ECONOMICS CAN'T EXPLAIN THE BULL MARKET" thing

You really aren't helping the 'communists have autism' stereotype m8

needs moar tags

And how he know about Russian memes? Maybe he is sneaky bolshevik?

nazbols and socdems are essentially the same thing, only nazbols are more honest
social fascist gonna social fascist

a skilled memer

this is amazing

got more?


What the fuck is a goog bullish burger


The bear is a symbol of a down market. Notice how literally all of the possessions belong to the bull, and nothing belongs to the bear. It's starving and homeless and its cart is empty because there is nothing for the bear. No stocks for it to feed on, it owns nothing whatsoever. No signs of a bear market, no future, nothing as far as Garrison is concerned.
This is because Garrison is so fucking retarded that he thinks this market will keep going up forever. Don't color it from your own perspective, think of it as the retard would. He thinks big daddy Donald has fixed everything.

Must be honest, even I must admit to having misread this comic the first time.
Read "GOOG - BULLISH" as "GOOG - BULLSHI!", partially on the assumption that since it has the chair on the fed on it, it must be negative in outlook since Garrison hates the fed.

Although Garrison's position in roguecartoonist.blogspot.co.uk/2017/07/the-hungry-bear.html appears to be the quite unusual position of "It's a bublble, but this time it's different, the market won't crash, but that's a terrible thing because this is crony capitalism."